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2015 Aug 08 - Charles Prentice, Santa Cruz, Ca, USA

Hi everyone! I'm Charles Thomas Prentice, son of Thomas Richard Prentice and Grandson of Charles Francis Prentice. I'm so super stoked to find a website dedicated to the family legacy, especially since my immediate family is tragically dropping like flies. It sure is super nice to have access to distant relatives and familial history, I can't wait to learn all I can about my familys exploits through out the generation. My grandmother Helen Prentice (maiden name Halbert) was quite the accomplished geneologist and managed to trace her family line back to 1702 Ireland, but when asked how far she was able to trace Grandpas line back she was only able to trace back about six generations or so. She joked saying "there must have been a horse thief back there" LOL. Any way, lots of love, and I look forward to learning more about us from everyone!

2015 Jul 23 - Gloria Zielinski (Kern), New Bern NC

Just found your site. I am Marvin Prentice's niece. My father was Arthur Kern - Marvin's half brother - Alta Stark & George Kern's younger son. I am definitely interested in assisting you and getting more information on my grandmother, Alta.

2015 Jun 21 - John Hensley prentice , Wv

Glad to see the fam on line

2015 Jun 10 - Jerry Hoehle, Des Moines, Iowa

Thank You

2015 May 17 - catherine everson, Folsom, ,

Hi about 3 yrs ago i was going though a very difficult time..i found myself looking for answers..i had always loved graveyards .history..i was lost from the lord..i would visit folsom of natomas Catholic one found myself sitting and talking josephine..i opened the Bible and returned to church..my life has changed for the better in many ways..yes i still visit Josephine. Just came from church.. Something told me to google her..i got more of her history i will share at Bible study Probverbs31.10-31

2015 Apr 25 - Paul Prentice, Woods Point, South Australia, Australia

Not too many Prentice's listed here in Australia. Interesting reading so far though.

2015 Mar 12 - Kathie Gallaher, Herbert, Saskatchewan, Canada

I have also researched Prentice family as my husband was adopted. He was originally born to Rosemary Diamond and Donald Insley, which are two more lines I fully researched. Great site.

2015 Feb 14 - Laura Prentice , Huntley, IL

Melissa Louise, my father was also named Robert Prentice and passed away 5 years ago. Coincidence?

2015 Feb 14 - Laura Prentice , Huntley, Illinois

I had no idea there was so many of us! My grandfather is Alfred Prentice born January 17, 1912 in Valpo, In. I'd love to learn more about my family!

2015 Jan 27 - Barbara Dianne Prentice Jordan, Box 36, Gloucester Point, VA

I have the Binney Book, an interesting and comprehensive genaeology of the Prentice family. It's online, if you're interested. It was printed in the mid-19th century. It is a very gossipy book, and more fun than most gen. books. I am the daughter of Samuel Kenneth Wadsworth Prentice, born 1897, and the granddaughter of Franklin Wadsworth Prentice, both from Adrian, MI.

2015 Jan 01 - Jeffrey Smith, Santa Ana, California, USA

My mother was a Prentice, Lorna Doris and was born in Lithgow NSW, Australia. She is 86 years old. I just discovered this website and will be looking at it more closely. Thank you.

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