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2005 Dec 30 - amy prentiss, hattiesburg, MS, US

HELP! I am stuck. I just started working on my geneology and I am back to 1814 when William Alexander Prentiss left NY and came to MS and married Mary Rainey. I found a William Prentice and Lydia Hall who had two sons, one named William Alexander born in the correct year (1814) but that's the end of what I have. Can anyone help??

2005 Dec 07 - Graham Prentice, Burlington, ON, Canada

Hi, I've lived in Burlington, Ontario, Canada since 1969. Before was St.Bruno, Quebec. Born in 1960 Montreal General. My grandmother on my father's side was from Scotland (Ellen) and died with a heavy Scotish accent. Interesting site.

2005 Dec 01 - Loreen Akamine, Honolulu, HI, USA

i am the daughter of steven akamine whose releated to lady godiva from england. our surnames go all the way back to ackerman, akkerman......

2005 Nov 25 - Darren Prentice, Limerick, Ireland

I am Darren Prentice, son of Christopher Richard Prentice originally from Rickenhall near Bury St Edmunds in England. My fathers family had a lot of relations in this area, and I would be interested to hear from any 'Prentices' in that area.

2005 Nov 22 - Chris Prentice, Kent, England

Son of Dennis Prentice Believed originally from Essex UK Now in Kent UK

2005 Nov 18 - James Clifford Prentice, Brandon, MB, Canada

Son of Robert Wilson Prentice and Edith Prentice (nee Hill) Born Fort Erie Ont. 1942, living near Brandon, Manitoba.

2005 Nov 14 - scott prentice, harlow, England

son of norman and anne brothers gary & jason have a beautiful wife called nikkie & A daughter called charlotte who is the apple of my eye

2005 Nov 14 - Gary Prentice, herts, England

I was born in Ealing, Son to Anne and Norman, From Acton origionally. I have two brothers, Jason and Scott, We all Grew up in Harlow i have Five Children, George, Harry, Jake, Charlie and Mollie-Anne.

2005 Nov 05 - paul prentiss, templeton, MA, US

my father is Dana Prentiss also of templeton. his mother is Helen Prentiss also from Templeton

2005 Nov 01 - Jamie Prentice, Orillia, ON, Canada

Jamie Susan Prentice b.Toronto m.Robert P Charles Nagy,1980 Sons: Kyle Robert Prentice Nagy,b. Toronto 1982 Iain Kerrsland Prentice b. Toronto 1988 Father: Robert Fergus Prentice, b.Toronto G'father: Robert Fergus Prentice (RAF)b. Paisley G'mother: Mary Prentice b.Paisley (nee Graham) Mother: Nancy Ruth Prentice (nee Sutherland)b.Toronto G'parents: Julie Sutherland(nee Weaver) b. Vankoughnet, Roy Hector Sutherland, b. Brantford Brother: Richard Robert Scott Sutherland Prentice b.Toronto

2005 Nov 01 - Samuel Prentice, Oshawa, ON, Canada

Im from Oshawa, ON, Canada and its really interesting to find out where all the Prentices live in the world! :)

2005 Oct 22 - Judith (Prentice) Crociati, Plymouth, Ma, U.S.A.

My grandfather, Thomas Weir Prentice came from Scotland in the early 1900's. I beleive he was from the area near Dumfries and Galloway. He married Mary Cook who was here from Ireland. They had three children, John F. Prentice,(my father) Mary Prentice and Thomas W. Prentice Jr. We have 2nd cousins there who we have visited. Grandfather lived to be 100! Judy

2005 Oct 22 - Jan Prentice, Franklin, MA, U.S.A.

Interesting material. Wondering if I would be able to have access with only webtv?

2005 Oct 13 - J. Prentice, Portland, OR, U.S.

You are a good site.

2005 Oct 13 - louise prentice, exeter, england

hello to all you prentice people! i live in the little city of exeter, devon. Im currently studying childrens book illustration in cambridge. Anyway it's quite weird seeing Prentice's i'm not related to....send me an email if you want to chat non related stuff....

2005 Sep 13 - Hope Prentice, Round Pone, ME, USA

It's really fun to see where all the Prentices are throughout the World! There are only a handful of us left in Maine.

2005 Sep 07 - Jordan Prentice, lindsay, ON, canada

my fathers loran, grandpa is frank and great grandfather is arthur

2005 Sep 06 - William Edward (Peter) Prentice, Tweed Heads, 2486, Australia

I wrote in about 4 years ago. My lineage not really known but since in Australia, we have had 6 (yes six!!) contigual-lineage naming of William Edward Prentice...some think we are snobs but I think its fun and my eldest son intends on maintaining the tradition. I'd like to know if ANYONE can beat the 6 generation of naming the eldest son?? My grandmother said we came from Kent as 'freemen'.. :-)

2005 Aug 25 - Mary Prentiss, Orlando, FL, USA

My Prentiss lineage is as follows: Henry, Solomon, Henry, Caleb, William, William Henry, Charles Appleton, William Clark, William Clark II, William Clark III, Mary Elizabeth.

2005 Aug 10 - Dr.Eze Mgbada, London, Kara, Uk

Would anyone knowing the whereabouts of Matthew Prentice,Son of John Gerald Prentice late of Perth Western Australia born Dauphin Canada on 31/7/1953,please contact Paul at the above e-mail address. Regards. Dr.Eze Mgbada

2005 Aug 09 - Rose Adams, Brentwood, CA, USA

I descend from: Joseph and Hannah Joseph and Mary Wheeler Priscila and Peter Bundy Ephriam Bundy and Peter Bartlett Sophia Bundy and Noah Packard Orrin Packard and Matilda Stowell Wiliam Henry Packard and Cynthia Ernestine Perry Alice May Packard and Laurence George Kent Brandon E. Kent and Stella Simmons Me Roselle MArie Kent Adams

2005 Jul 31 - Lawrence John Prentice, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Descendant from a William Prentice, convict sentenced in Aberdeen scotland and transported to Tasmania (Van Diemans land) in 1828. Scottish Archives have records of his sentencing etc, but are costly to get copies.

2005 Jul 29 - Amanda, Scotland

I am researching the Prentice name in Lanarkshire, and thanks to your site have managed to find 2 more names to add to my ever growing list. Really excellent site. I am also running a scottish genealogy research forum shuold anyone be interested in taking a look. Hope to meet some fellow researchers and help one another along a little. Most enjoyable site, and is bookmarked in my favourites!

2005 Jul 27 - Ryan Prentice, Broomfield, CO, United States

My name is Ryan Prentice, and I was curious to know if anyone knew the origin or the last name Prentice.

2005 Jul 24 - patricia routham, Wakefield, england

I am a great great grandaughter of THomas Theophilus Prentice and Mary Ann. I am stuck with tracing Mary Ann - can anyone out there help. Please contact me I would love to hear from you. Patricia

2005 Jul 21 - James Prentice, East Sussex, England

Hi Candice,and any other Prentice's is Prentice an American name???? as alot of people are from america can ne1 help?

2005 Jul 21 - cANDICE PRENTICE, toronto, Canada

Do u have the same name as me? This is crazy! I thoght for sure I was the only Candice Prentice

2005 Jul 20 - Gary Prentice, East Sussex, England

I am 25 years old i have a brother of 16 years old called James and a Sister of 23 called Hayley i also have a brother Called Terry who is 30. We r orginally from Gravesend and Darftord area, My Grandfather was Called John Vic Prentice who went by the name of Vic and My nan is called Joan they had 1 son called Paul(my father). All i know is that my grandfather had a big family with lots of brothers and sisters.My grandfather orginated from the Greenhithe area in Kent.

2005 Jul 20 - James Prentice, South - east Uk, UK

Hi i was just wondering does the Prentice family have a moto or a saying and if anyof them live in the uk? im 16 and the youngest prentice in my family and i would like to find a family tree of some sort can any 1 help?

2005 Jul 13 - Priscilla Laybolt, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

Have been trying to e-mail Louise Prentice from Goole but having difficulty. Please help Priscilla Laybolt

2005 Jul 13 - Priscilla Laybolt, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

Dear Louise Prentice from Goole, I tried e-mailing you but got an error message, can you please e-mail me personally, would like to make contact. laybolt@hotmail.com Sincerely, Pat Laybolt

2005 Jul 09 - Louise Prentice, Goole, Yorkshire, UK

I am Louise - daughter of Norman Prentice (who married Brenda Birkitt, both of Goole) who was son of Leslie and Chrissie Prentice - Yorkshire born and bred! I have married Paul Brodigan (of Goole) and have a daughter named Isabel.

2005 Jul 02 - Kory Melissa Prentice, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Granddaughter of Gord and Myrtle Prentice of Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. Daughter of Richard Prentice and the late S. Diane Prentice (nee Watt). Sister of Chad and Leah Prentice. New mother of Koen Patrick McGrath. I studied Funeral Services Education in Toronto and Book and Magazine Editing and Publishing in Toronto and Vancouver.

2005 Jul 02 - Leah Prentice, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hello, I am the granddaughter of Gordon and Myrtle Prentice from Port Perry Ontario, Canada. Just want to let you all know where a fellow Prentice is at in her life! I am currently researching breast cancer for my PhD thesis at the University of British Columbia. If you are interested in my work and a current photo, you can look me up at www.msfhr.org and look under my name under 2005 Trainees. You can also Google me, I believe it is the first link that comes up. You will also get a link to the Weekend to End Breast Cancer for which I am walking. Since this horrible disease runs in our family, please feel free to donate! Thank you!

2005 Jun 29 - Priscilla M. Laybolt (nee' Shadwell, Dartmouth, N.S., Canada

I am looking for someone in Goole Yorkshire to communicate with. I originated from there .Came to Canada in 1946. It would be nice to find a female senior from that time period. Will be happy with any contact however. Please help if you can Thankyou.

2005 Jun 21 - Owen Charles Prentice, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Looking for a Charles Prentice 92 Highland Regiment?, who emigrated to Ausrtralia around 1750-1800.

2005 Jun 13 - William Prentice Dalgleish, Ayr, Scotland

Thomas Black Prentice / Isabella Prentice in Jamaica. Seeking information on my Greatgrandfather and his work with the missionary around the 1900`s. Had a son William in 1904 Blooming Dale Westmorland. He was a presbyterian Minister and belonged to st.thomas lodge No.4338

2005 Jun 13 - Personal Funerals, Perth, WA, Australia

Would anyone knowing the whereabouts of Matthew Prentice,Son of John Gerald Prentice late of Perth Western Australia born Dauphin Canada on 31/7/1953,please contact Paul at the above e-mail address.

2005 Apr 30 - dorothy cooper, newcastle, nsw, australia

seeking information about John Prentice b. 1702 Carluke who married Marrion Hastie 1726 Carluke.

2005 Apr 27 - dorothy cooper, Newcastle, nsw, Australia

An excellent site which I have just disovered. My Prentice interest is in Janet Prentice b. 1747 Braehead, Camabusnethan who married William Weir 1767 at Shotts. Janet was the daughter of John and Marrion Hastie.- there seems to be an extensive amount of data in the list. regards to all Dorothy

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