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2006 Dec 20 - Joe Dewald, Roseville, CA, USA

For Peggy Prentice: I tried sending an email to your Guest Book entry email address, but it bounced. Please contact me at: Dewald@prenticenet.com. Thanks, Joe Dewald, Editor, Prentice Newsletter

2006 Dec 20 - Peggy Prentice, Roseville, ca, USA

I was born in Whittier, California in 1950. Most of my life I lived in Southern California. My father, George Bernard Prentice, died in 1992. He had three siblings -- Ernest, Louis and Margie. I have just recently made contact with two cousins, Leland and Alan, who live in Washington.

2006 Dec 09 - Edward Prentice, Tonbridge, Kent, England

I found and printed off an article about "The Prentices of the Colnes Essex County, England" revised 8 January 2001 which I printed off in August 2001 but have been unable to relocate to see if it has been amended. Please note the updated email address as I see looking at an entry I made in 2001 I supplied an old email. Great stuff, I enjoy reading the different articles.

2006 Nov 08 - Laurie J. (Berryman) White, Tucson, AZ, USA

Grandaughter of John B. Prentice of Coldingham, Scotland (born Mar. 7, 1890); daughter of his daughter Marjorie (Prentice) Berryman (born Nov. 17, 1924). Looking for living relatives in Scotland, England, Canada or the US.

2006 Oct 12 - Steven M. Prentice, Waldorf, Md., USA

I'm the son of Benjamin Harry Prentice who was from the San Francisco area. I was born in 1945 in San Diego. His mothers' name was Minnie, and I believe his fathers' name was Harry. I know I have many relatives in the Frisco area but have never met any. There's an interesting story there somewhere. I was never told anything about my fathers brothers and sisters. I know he had one that was killed in WWII(Jack I think)I came across a trove of old photos taken in the early 20's and 30's of my father and his family on camping trips but don't know who any one is. They were obviously the outdoorsy type. Even photos taken in Hawaii in the 20's surfing at Waikiki. It's a shame I have all this and can't do anything with it.

2006 Oct 09 - stephen prentice, comox, b.c., canada

Hi, Just thought I would ggole my name and came across this site. I am originally from Sarnia Ontario. Steve

2006 Oct 09 - bianca, london, uk, england

i am looking for a michael j prentice who was married to susan paxman and had a son with susan called matthew james prentice he was born in 1980! please could you get in contact with me if anyone has any information as matthew is now wanting to find his father! please help!

2006 Sep 25 - William Prentice, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Can anyone beat our naming lineage??? My son is William Edward Prentice VI....continuous from first settlers I believe, but would love to know more. The family was initially around Ballarat and Geelong, and my grandmother always said that he was a 'free man'from Kent. I reckon he came out with the Second Fleet, he was from Essex and was convict (14 years)..... Maybe however, the lineager goes later to Wm Prentice who came out to Australia as a convict to Tasmania in 1828 on the ship 'Manlius', married Elzabeth Woodland in 1833....any help from Aussie Prentice's???

2006 Sep 22 - june prentice, rr#6 shelburne,, ont, canada

just found the website,i shall return to visit it again

2006 Sep 15 - Michael Vincent Martin Prentice, Leeds, England

Looks like a great site, looking foward reading more.

2006 Sep 06 - lisa prentice, gainesville, fl, US

my grandfather was alexander prentice. my father was john prentice. the prentice family came to the united states from liverpool, england.

2006 Aug 26 - Kelley Denman, Cupertino, CA, USA

Looking for info on Calvin Andrew Prentice, b.1850 in Tolland Ct. m. Rose Strickland in 1875 had 11 children. Calvin was my gg grandfather.

2006 Aug 23 - Phyllis Jackson Janousek, Colby, ks, usa

My great-grandmother was Clara Belle Prentice, (daughter of Joseph Rollin Prentice and his first wife Hester Reynolds Lunham) who married Reid Jonathan Jackson. They lived for the most part of their life in Seffner, Florida. My grandfather was Pryor Reid Jackson.

2006 Aug 04 - wayne prentice, Naracoorte, S.A, Australia

Looking for a few leads as to if im related in some way to Frank Prentice, survivor from the Titanic!

2006 Jul 22 - Daniel Prentice, berea, oh, usa

Daniel Clyde Prentice son of Clyde Paul Prentice, Clyde Esmond Prentice, Arthur Prentice, Cyrus Lord Prentice, Ebenezer Tompkins Prentice, Salmon Prentice. Any info about any names you might recognise please email me and tell a story.

2006 Jul 22 - Lydia Prentice, Williams Lake, BC, Canada

I have 4 siblings, Ina, Robert, John and myself Lydia am hoping someone will recognize the names as chosen. Please help me I know nothing of my father.

2006 Jul 22 - Lydia Prentice, Williams Lake, BC, Canada

Looking for decendants of Thomas Prentice born in Glasgow. Has a family in Vancouver BC and an extra marital family. Am in need of any info that can be identified.

2006 Jul 19 - David Prentice, Hesperia, ca, united states

hello I never meet another prentice never new there were so many I was born 1957 in San Diego Ca my dad is Clyde Prentice born 1912 in ohio he is still alive my mother Peggy Prentice Born 1923 in Michigan died 1995 in ca. anyone that might be connected send me a e-mail

2006 Jul 16 - Dave Prentice, Danville, virginia, United States

Hello, son of Richard Dale Prentice, Mother Janet Ann Prentice...Charleroi Pennsylvania, anyone having knowledge of the Prentice history from my fathers side please email.

2006 Jul 13 - Douglas Caves, Fitchburg, MA, USA

I am the great grandson of John Prentice b c 1862 of Glascow, Lanark Scotland

2006 Jun 22 - Lane Kenneth Prentice, RR1 Little Brirain, On., Canada

Hello out there! I'm also a member of this dreaded Prentice gang ,sometimes reluctantly. My father is Ken, granfather Merton, G-G David GGG Levi GGGG Jacob GGGGG Oliver who married? Lydia Delong, and I need help from thereon back. I have lots of speculation , but no proof. We know about Oliver from about i803 to 1817in Ontario ,Canada, but before and after those dates, I would welcome any input.

2006 Jun 18 - Don Mitchell, Redlands, CA, USA

I'm interested in the post-1912 life of Frank Prentice b. 1890 Southbourne, UK and a Titanic survivor. I have reason to believe I'm a descendant. Thanks for any help.

2006 Jun 07 - Joe Dewald, Roseville, CA, USA

To: James M. Prentice - St. Louis, MO., USA Your Guest Book entry, below said your great grandfather was James Brash Prenticeand that he came to the USA from Australia around 1880. You asked if anybody know anything about them? Yes, I can help you. Please contact me directly at dewald@prenticenet.comn

2006 Jun 07 - James M. Prentice, St. Louis, MO., USA

My great grandfather was James Brash Prentice. Came from australia around 1880. His father came from Scotland. Anybody know anything about them? Nice web sight.

2006 Jun 01 - Irene Prentice, London, on, Canada

Does anyone know what Clan the Prentices were loyal to? I heard it was Mac Farlene but I checked a few sites and didn't find the Prentice name under that clan.

2006 Jun 01 - Irene Prentice, London, ON, Canada

It is obvious that Prentices like to travel ......we're spread out all around the world!!! I am from the James/ Robert Prentices of Delserf , Lanarkshire Scotland. See family group 2. I was born and rasied in Canada my parents immigrated in 1968.

2006 May 18 - Sam Prentice,


2006 May 07 - Leslie Prentice III, Springfield, MA, USA

Recently visited the Titanic Historical Society Museum and learned that F. W. Prentice of 71 Denzil Ave., Southampton, England was a storekeeper in the Victullary Department on the ill-fated maiden voyage. He was among the 705 survivors. (April 15, 1912)

2006 Apr 28 - Heather Holland, Madoc, ON, Canada

I am looking for any further updates to Alexander Prentice of Carluke, Scotland. The last I had was Feb 2002. My Father is Frank Prentice and has recently had a stroke and gone blind. I would love to read him any history related to the family if more is out there. He mentioned Some of the relatives in the USA in the 1800's.

2006 Apr 15 - kevin cassidy, northport, ny, USA

Hello. I am the son of the late Elizabeth Prentice Cassidy. both originally from Rochester,NY. My mother was a sibling of Albert Duane Prentice, Cameron Prentice, Adria P. Monsky, then Stevenson, Alberta P. Poppe, Truman and ? (forgive the senior moment here). Her father was Albert Duane Prentice who was a nephew of Levi Wells Prentice, a famous painter of idyllic country scenes, mostly of upper NY State in the mid 1800's. I have a few other items to share if anyone wants to contact me.

2006 Apr 10 - Willie Lambie, Falkirk, Scotland

My GGG-p's were William Lambie and Margaret Orr. Your spelling of Margaret's m.s. is 'Oar'. Is this simply a typing mistake? Orr is a fairly common Scottish name and I've never heard of 'Oar'as a surname. Do you have any information on their parents William Orr and Janet Hamilton?

2006 Apr 08 - Glenn Prentice, Whorouly, Vic, Australia

Hello fellow Prentices i did not know there was so many of us

2006 Apr 03 - Stephanie, pembroke, ON, canada

hi i had no idea that there were so many prentices around the world! i feel so special... my family has its own website!!! by the way im 12 if there are any girls or guys out there wanting to meet another prentice their age!

2006 Mar 24 - Katie Prentice, Utica, NY, USA

My father grew up in Gloversville, NY (Glenn Prentice) and my Prentice relatives now live in West Edmeston, NY and the Utica, NY area. I am so happy to have googled this site today ! hope to hear from FAMILY out there!!

2006 Mar 20 - David A. Prentice, Fresno, CA, U.S.

How come I never meet another Prentice. Good to see there are others. My grandparents resided in Gloversville New York.

2006 Mar 09 - Gonzalo Tumay Sotp, Lima, 33, PERU

Hola soy Gonzalo Tumay, vivo en Lima-Peru, mi abuela es bisnieta de Alexander Prentice Reid, quien nació en Escocia en 1826, vino al Peru a construir una vía ferrea pero de ahi la historia es algo confusa quien sepa algo de el, porfavor aviseme.

2006 Mar 09 - Gonzalo Tumay Sotp, Lima, 33, PERU

Hola soy mi abuela es bisnieta de Alexander Prentice Reid, quien nacio en Escocia en 1826, vino al Peru a construir una via ferrea pero de ahi la historia es algo confusa quien sepa algo de el, porfavor aviseme.

2006 Mar 05 - Esther Prentice, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Hello to all the Prentice people out there!! Didn't realise there was so many of us all over the world!!

2006 Mar 03 - Selen Prentice, Rosario, 2000, Argentina

I was born in Peru (South America), but i life in Argentina. Mi bisabuelo nació en Escocia en 1826 y se llamaba Alexander Prentice Reid, viajo al Perú para construir una via ferroviaria y formó su familia alli. Si alguien sabe mas acerca de mi familia escribanme. Gracias

2006 Feb 13 - douglas clayton prentice, mobile, al, united states

i am currently living and taking care of my grandad cecil prentice sr. from upper alabama. he turned 92 on january 1, 2006

2006 Feb 11 - Gerry Prentice, Guelph, On, Canada

Born, raised, and likely will die in Southern Ontario. Son of Gerry Prentice Sr, have brother Jason. My wife Lea and I have no children yet. Places I've lived: St Catharines, Wellandport, Wainfleet, Lowbanks (Dunnville), Guelph

2006 Jan 29 - Cameron Wells Prentice, Canoga Park, CA,

You dont have much on the Albert Dwain Prentice branch. Albert D. the first is my G-Grandfather. I have a grandson, David Prentice, 12TH generation if my math is correct----Cameron

2006 Jan 16 - Neil Guerin, Blackpool, England

Hello i believe my great great great great granfather was John Prentice born in 1804 in scotland more than likely in Carluke, my mum KAren Guerin is interested in finding her family history her maiden name was Scoular

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