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2003 Dec 15 - Richard & Jeannie Prentice, Lachine, Mi, USA

Nice to see Prentice on the map

2003 Dec 03 - Joan Marshall, Wanganui North Island, New Zealand

Amazing to find so many Prentices all over the world. Our ancestors were certainly a brave lot travelling all over the world in search of a better life perhaps. They must have made it or we wouldn't be here! Regards to all. Joan Prentice Marshall

2003 Nov 27 - Susan E. Eliason, Middletown, IN, USA

I'm a Prentice. What a dead end family. No one in my Dad's family knows anything about us. My Dad thinks his Grandma and Grandpa's names were Grandma and Grandpa. Can someone please help? My Dad's name is Jimmie, his Dad was James Elmer, his Dad was Charles and his Dad was Alvin. They were from the Walnut Ridge Arkansas area. James Elmer moved to Alexandria, IN (Madison County) in the 1940's. He also served in WWI. His wife's name was Armina (Mina) Carter.

2003 Nov 19 - Louise Prentice, Yorkshire, uk, United Kingdom

Born: Louise Prentice, 17th November 1974.

2003 Oct 28 - stephanie despin, auburn, ma, United States of America

i still never found any information

2003 Oct 21 - Joe Prentice, Worcester ( ex Glasgow ), UK

Born in Glasgow, 1954, Father Archibald, Mother Peggy, 3 brothers 4 sisters AKA Prentice MaccCarrick Photo-Artist

2003 Oct 19 - Susan Prentice, Simsbury, CT, usa

The earlilest Prentice we have a record for is Adam F Prentice, born in Pennsylvania, married in 1866 to Sarah (Birch) Prentice. He died in 1906 and she in 1914. They moved to North Dekota in 1881

2003 Oct 14 - Marilyn Prentice, St-Joseph de Sorel, QC, Canada

I just discovered this site - wonderful - I had the impression that Prentice was a rare family name - it sure was where I come from in Saskatchewan. And now I find all these people looking for Prentice's - how wonderful.

2003 Oct 10 - Donna Prentice, West Edmeston, NY, Untied States

I am the daughter of Glenn William Prentice who died in 1998. He was the son of Glenn Royal Prentice.

2003 Oct 09 - John Russell Prentice, Vancouver, WA, USA

Great site! I am John Russell Prentice, only son of Russell James Prentice of Jamestown, ND. He was a Presbyterian pastor in Alhambra, CA. His brothers included Charles, Robert, Gale and sister Marie. Robert [Bob] Prentice was a pastor in Long Beach Calif, and wrote a collection of stories from his childhood in ND that has not to my knowlege been published yet. Manuscript is with his son, my cousin Dan Prentice a Prof. of communications with the Calif State Univ system [unsure which campus]. Cousin Keith, son of Charles, both of Jamestown ND endowed Prentice Hall, a residence at Jamestown College. My daughter is Asha Prentice [Riley] also of Vancouver.

2003 Sep 19 - Ronald Joseph GRAY, Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand

A very interesting website. I will be able to add some information about Stephen Filgate (Felgate) Prentice who married Hannah DOWN. her father was George DOWN ....the remittance man mentioned in the text. George DOWN is my great,great,grandfather. I am assembling the genealogy of George's ancestors and descendants. Can any one HELP??? ESPECIALLY, George DOWN's origins.

2003 Sep 16 - Shawna Prentice Grayer, Bakersfield, CA, USA

I am the oldest daughter of Delton Lowell Prentice who is the son of Arthur Lowell Prentice. Nice web site!

2003 Sep 09 - john prentice, Haddington, Scotland

hi folks nice to see that we the Prentice family are in good in numbers. hope to meet one or all of you some day.

2003 Sep 05 - Johni Levene, Santa Monica, CA, USA

Family roots are in Minnesota

2003 Sep 03 - lauren mckirdy, lanarkshire, scotland

show me pictures

2003 Jul 15 - Francis de Clonie Mac Lennan, Leiden, ZH, The Netherlands

Thanks for the information on your website about Jane de Clonie Mac Lennan. if you have more info about out famillie Mac Lennan then please let us now. Many thanks. Francis de Clonie Mac Lennan (famillie Duncan de Clonie Mac Lennan ±1870 Pasuruan Tretes Lali Djiwa) Indonesian Gift Shop Lali Djiwa Kuiperssteeg 10 2312 HN LEIDEN The Netherlands lalidjiwa@zonnet.nl

2003 Jun 19 - Dick Bolt, Bowie, MD, USA

I expected to se a reference to the Reed-Prentice screwdriver out of Worcester MA. I am not sure of Prentice, but Mr. Reed was real & big in Worcester politics. I am a decendant of Solomon Prentice of Grafton. More info on my Prentice genealogy via: www.his.com/~dickbolt/genealogy.html Our large Grafton History site is at: http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~history/grafton/ Dick

2003 May 22 - Dawn Tate, Orting, WA, U.S.A.

Good site I like the pictures... I wish there was more though...

2003 May 21 - Ryan James Prentice, London, on, Canada

just saw thi website thouht i'd put my name incase it helps anyone.I'm 24,grandson of the late Henry James and son of Les Prentice. feel free to e-mail

2003 May 11 - Barbara Hewitt (Prentice), Lincoln, United Kingdom

Have traced my roots back to Archibald Prentice married in 1682 to Jeane Waddell,in Cambusnethan Lanarkshire.Any one else out there doing research in this area?

2003 May 09 - Ray Prentice, Hill City, KS, USA

I am Ray Prentice, son of Gail D. and Regina R.(Ivins)Prentice. My grandparents are Gerald and Elvina Prentice of Colorado. Geralds siblings that I can think of are Keith, and Elmo. There are more but I can't think of them at the moment. The extent of my knowledge of my family history takes the line back to New Jersey area. If you know any of these names get in touch with me, I would like to talk.

2003 Apr 30 - craig steven prentice, havertown, pa, u s a

born in pennsylvania august 24 1952 . father is thomas prentice , jr. born june 24 1914 ... died may 30 1995

2003 Apr 08 - APRIL GREEN, rex, Ga, U.S.

Related through Tatlocks Nelson and Arms.

2003 Apr 06 - Irene Prentice, St Thomas, On, Canada

What a wonderful surprize to stubble upon.... just found this site by "accident" and now I have found links to long lost family , amazing !!!

2003 Apr 05 - Sean Prentice, Brighton, UK

I am Sean Joseph Prentice born 22/06/66 in Kettering, Northamptonshire England, of Russell Keith Prentice Born weekly, Northamptonshire, England 1929 of Ernest Prentice DOB not known. Looking for any decendents of his brother or sisters in Eastern Canada...

2003 Mar 26 - Shirley (SK) Sartell, silverton, or, usa

Trying to find the first sartells who came from europe. Does anyone have the geneology of Nathanial Prentice Sartell?

2003 Mar 12 - Janet Brooks, Quesnel, BC, Canada

Hi I am the great grand daughter of Lois m. Rose Prentice 1878-1971 and Lloyd Isaac Prentice 1881-1966 both from Breton ALberta Canada. I have just started to research my family tree and have no idea where to start or go....any help greatly appreciated....great site to find so early in my search thank you to everyone who has spent the many years and hours to build this site.

2003 Mar 03 - lani crawford fremaux, washington,, dc, usa

great grandaughter of joseph r prentice, grandaughter of lucy ellen prentice crawford, daughter of joseph r crawford-greetings and salutations to all kith and kin

2003 Mar 03 - lani crawford fremaux, washington, dc, usa

grandaughter of lucy ellen prenitce, daughter of joseph rollin crawford, great grandaughter of joseph prentice-interested in finding information on j.r. prentice's civil war. greetings to all related!

2003 Mar 01 - Karen Patricia PRENTICE, Chichester, United Kingdom

Hi my name's Karen Prentice and I am trying to trace any relatives of my Aunt MARY PRENTICE born in Suffolk, England UK in 1920's. My Father is Fredrick Ernest PRENTICE (& Mother Daphne Joyce Nee IRELAND. Mary (we think) may have moved to USA shortly after WWII and lost touch. My Dad, her only brother, would love to know of her whereabouts or that of any family. I live in Chichester, Southern England

2003 Feb 03 - Wendell Prentice, Pascagoula, MS, USA

Born in Hobart, Ok, 1960; son of Edward D. Prentice, born in Mountain View, Ok, 1937; son of Ed Prentice dob unknown. Have heard family name come thru Texas, from Tenn./Kentucky area. Did not know grandparents. Welcome any info. or if I can answer questions. New to this research.

2003 Jan 19 - Kevin George Prentice, Orillia, ON, Canada

I am Prentice looking for my roots.

2003 Jan 17 - Thomas Prentice, Sunderland, England

No relation to my namesake from the 17th Century. However I have called my daughter Grace.

2003 Jan 12 - Fran Rose, Kirtland Hills, OH, USA

Descendants of Willard Corwin Prentiss, Luther Richard Prentiss, John Hogg, Robert Hogg, James Hogg. Have many letters from a variety of Prentisses and would love to share as well as obtain more data. So happy to be able to join this group!

2003 Jan 11 - Nicola Prentice-Sabatier, Sutton, Surrey, ENGLAND

Hello, fellow PRENTICE'S... I am from originallly from Hamilton, New Zealand. My father is Mitchell Lawrence Prentice, son of Lawrence & Enid Prentice. My father was born in Invercargil, NZ. My Grandfather had only one brother named, Robert (Bob) Prentice. I know that their fathers name was George Mitchell Prentice, he and his brother immigrated from Scotland (in the early 1900's). They possibly came from the Motherwell area. I would appreciate any information about them...

2003 Jan 09 - Russell James Prentice, Lynden, WA, USA

I am Russell James Prentice born 12/14/59 in Kettering, Northamptonshire England, of Russell Keith Prentice Born weekly, Northamptonshire, England 1939 of Ernest Prentice DOB not known.

2003 Jan 05 - Teresa(Prentice)Neale, Ontario, Canada

Hi, I'm researching my Prentice family tree and stumbled across your site. I am a descendant of George Prentice, b 1833 Fermanagh cty, N Ireland, immigrated to Ontario Canada( Tweed), relations all over the globe, but eventually Honeywood Ontario Canada. Any links, feel free to contact me!

2003 Jan 05 - Joan Gaskin, Leeds, England

I am researching Master Mariner William PRENTICE who raised a family in Goole, Yorkshire, in the late 1800s.

2003 Jan 03 - Su Prentice, Aberdeen, Scotland

Su Prentice married to Simon Prentice son of Alfred Prentice 1942 Belfast Ireland, who's mother is Annabella Prentice daughter and granddaughter and James Prentice going back to the Boer War. Would love to hear from anyone who as knowledge of the Prentice's from Saintfield, Ireland or with knowledge of Annabella Prentice and Alfred Krangle, loved the site by the way.

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