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1997 Dec 30 - Donald E Black, St. Peters, Mo, USA

I'm trying to find some things about my family. My grandfather er Harry O. Black 1-15-1899 2-18-64 . I ran into the name Black on your web site thru yahoo. I'm not having much luck finding his ancesters. Thought you might have some ideas? Thank You Don Black

1997 Dec 20 - Elizabeth Eve Messmer, Cupertino, CA, USA

Hoooray for this fine site! I have info on Valentine, John, Jonathan, John, John,John, Edward, Charles, Hugh. Actually, I should have reversed the order, since the farther back it goes, the less I have!

1997 Dec 19 - John Walker Prentiss, Jr., Hendersonville, TN, USA

After going through other cities phone books for years, I am surprised to find there are so many of us. Anybody got a handle on the Mississippi Prentiss clan. My knowledge stops at my grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Prentiss, Prentiss County Mississippi.

1997 Nov 25 - Laura Owen, Albion, In, USA

hi scott, just dropped by and find your site to be most informative and well done, will be back often. as you know, i am researching the Kibbe side of the family, but found great info here. thank you, laura

1997 Nov 16 - Charles Prentice, Cobleskill, NY, USA

Son of charles, son of clifford, Father of payton & bronwyn prentice . I was delighted to find you all. our Prentice reunion is held in sept in whitney point NY

1997 Nov 08 - Barbara Rose Prentice, Centerville, Ma., USA

Very interesting site. I fell upon it by chance. My grandfather, Thomas Weir Prentice, immigrated from Scotland in 1899. He was a farmer, and eventually settled in Plymouth, Ma. He married Mary Cook. I'm trying to trace my Scottish roots.

1997 Oct 25 - Vandy Lenz, painesville, oh, usa

Hay! Scott your web page looks great!

1997 Oct 16 - Brian Prentice, Grand Forks AFB, ND, USA

you have a wonderful site and thanks for helping me trace my roots

1997 Oct 15 - Kitty Prentice,

What a wonderful find! I've just visited cemeteries all over South Louisiana trying to find more information on Nathaniel Prentice and his family who settled there. This will be very helpful. Thanks, Scott.

1997 Sep 30 - Gregory Leonard Prentice, London Ontario, Canada

My daughter Jennifer Lynn and myself are just being to explore our family tree and comments or assistance would be appreciated.

1997 Sep 28 - William B. Williams II, Grayson, Ky, USA

I am William B Williams II. I am the son of Cheryl Prentice and William Williams. I am the Grandson of Jack Charles Prentice and Patricia Heath. If you have any knowledge of this branch of the family please contact me. We are also related to the Spanglers and the Fetterolfs

1997 Sep 08 - Lewis G. Murray, Stone Mountain, Ga., U.S.A.

My g.f. was Lloyd Greenleaf Prentice, son of Edwin I. Prentice, son of Horatio Nelson Prentice, descended from Henry.

1997 Sep 07 - Prentince Robert Balcu, Carrollton, Tx, U.S.A.

I did not understand which is the use of your list names with that common name,yet a very rare one.However I thought my nane should be inclouded among the rest.Congratulations on your various colection,I founded as an interesting reasearch.

1997 Sep 04 - Scott Leland Prentice, Great Place

I will be back with some stuff later...

1997 Aug 31 - Walter C. Prentice, Austin, Tx, United States

My daughter and I were just looking around on the web and found this site. My father, Wilfred James Prentice, was born in Pennfield, NY in 1914. I understand his father Walter C. Prentice was born in Canada and worked on the Canadian Pacific Railroad before migrating to the Rochester NY area. If anyone knows anything about this branch of the family we'd be really interested. Thanks ya'll.

1997 Aug 15 - E. Lloyd Prentice, Rochester, NY 14606, USA

Caroline Alderman Prentice is my wife. Today is our 38th wedding anniversary. We have three wonderful children and nine grandchildren, including one in heaven. Our John Henry Prentice 71st annual reunion was held near Jasper, NY on July 26, 1997. We are descendants of Henry (the Planter) Prentice who came from England in the early 1600's, He apparently was with Thomas and Valentine. I'm glad to find out about this home page. We'll check it again in a few days or sooner, and will pass on the address. Thanks, Lee and Scott, for providing this service to us all.

1997 Aug 09 - Gloria (Prentice) Peterson, Victoria, BC, Canada

Hi....just looking around and was happily surprised to find all you Prentice's......Originally from Ontario, daughter of Cecil Henry Prentice and Jean (Kaake) Prentice. Love to learn more of the history, how does one go about it? Glo

1997 Aug 06 - Roberta Joan Prentice Winston, Mentor, OH, USA

Hello Cousins, I am related through Valentine Prentice. This is a great site. Scott, heard that you contacted Vandy Lenz. I am Vandy's father's first cousin. Our Prentice Reunion is Sunday, August 17, 1997, at Concord Woods, Concord Township, Ohio -- Lake County on Lake Erie.

1997 Aug 06 - Stephen Prentice, New Zealand

I would be very interested in doing some serious research to trace my family ancestory. I was born in England, and now live in New Zealand with my wife Aris and daughter Christine. My father's name is Neville Herbert Prentice, his father was Harold Prentice (Harold had about 7 brothers) ... the oldest record we have found of a Prentice is William Le Prentiz back in the 1300s. He lived in Colchester, within a mile of where my father grew up.

1997 Aug 05 - Bill MacDONALD, Edmonton, AB, CANADA

Margaret Prentice of Wandell and Leamington, Lanark, SCT, married William SINCLAIR son of John SINCLAIR and Agnes McKECHNIE on 28 Dec 1832. I have not yet determined who Margaret's parents were.

1997 Aug 02 - Edward Peter Prentice, Dearborn Heights, MI, USA

Related to Newton Prentice(Great Grandfather) of Warren, Ohio. Also Carl (Grandfather) of California and Richard of Dearborn, Mich.

1997 Jul 29 - Mr. Vonnie Ronald Prentice, Joplin, Mo, USA

My son, Ronald (Dek) Prentice has been in contact with you. I am retiring July 31, 1997 and will be doing a lot of geneology work. You will most likely hear more from me in the coming months.

1997 Jul 19 - Vandy P. Lenz, Painesville, OH, USA

Am daughter of Charles Ray Prentice, desendent of Peleg Prentice. Would like to hear from any reletives. Am starting a Prentice/Gleason Newsletter. The Ohio Prentices are having a Family reunion August 17th, Concord Woods, Concord Ohio at 12:00 am. This is our 64th reunion. Intrested? Contact me at my E-mail address. My dad Charles Prentice has written a book listing all the known decendents of Peleg Prentice. If you are interested please contact me and I will put you in touch with him. The cost of the book is $23.

1997 Jul 15 - Linda G. Hayes, Brownsville, TN, USA

I am interested in the Garland surname. I located it on your 'In Search of Carole Prentice' page but was unable to get the buttons on the left to work. Is this info available anywhere else? Thanks

1997 Jul 14 - William R. Broughton, Jr., San Diego, CA, USA

I'm glad to find some help in my quest for ancestors and relatives.

1997 Jul 03 - Richard Robert Prentice, Pickering, On, Canada

Father: Robert Fergus Prentice Mother: Nancy Ruth (Sutherland) Prentice Sister: Jamie Susan Prentice-Nagy Uncles: Alexander, Bruce, David, William Aunt: Jean

1997 Jul 02 - Bev Schrieber, Laurel, NE, US

Descendant of Capt. Thomas Prentice

1997 Jun 29 - Carol A. Novak, Port Alberni, BC, Canada

Heard about you through another Prentice. Am excited about this connection, and hope that I can contribute needed information for others!

1997 Jun 27 - Carolyn B. Daley, Lexington, Ky, USA

I need to obtain a copy of the will of Samuel Coleman, who was a revolutionary soldier and married to either Sarah Coleman or Sarah Lyons. He was probably born either in Va or NC. I need proof that their daughter was named Janett(Jane) Coleman. She married John Allen, who was also a revolutionary war soldier. John died in Orange Co, NC in 1812. Thank you for your help.

1997 Jun 18 - James Prentice, Dorchester, England

I didn't realise there are so many Prentice's. I thought they were just in England as well. This could be just the start of finding out my long-lost relations. I'm 17 yo from Dorset, England. I love to find out more about the Prentice's.

1997 Jun 16 - Sandy Smutnick, Pomfret Center, CT, USA

Daughter of Betty Prentice Guile. Will be attending the Prentice Reunion in Connecticut mentioned by Leonard Prentice.

1997 Jun 08 - Pamela Munro, , Connecticut, USA

daughter of Lorraine Elizabeth Prentice Reed descendant of Valentine Prentice

1997 Jun 07 - Don Prentice, Birmingham, AL, USA

Do you have any information on Prentice's that lived in Mississippi?

1997 May 29 - David Walsh, Santa Fe, NM, USA

In Santa Fe, there is one Prentiss family, no others (in the phone book at least), and no thers in Northern New Mexico! Cool site!

1997 May 28 - Leonard Charles Prentice, Jr., Murphy, NC, USA

First visit to this Prentice site. Am a decendant of Valentine Prentice, who arrived in the USA (Boston Common) in 1631. Our Prentice reunion #36 will be held in Connecticut on August 17, 1997. I am a Connecticut native, retired in NC see below see below, s b I need help !! My da's da's da's da was called Albert Prentice. When he was a small boy he ran away to join the circus. He had 2 sisters, when he was about 7 one was 16 and other was 10 Approx. Rich family, about 3 brothers. When he ran away, the family disowned him. So I am relatd to oodles of Prentices I don't know. ANY PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT PrentFam@msn.com In retun I will send you more stories etc. Thanks, ROSIE.

1997 May 24 - Rosie Prentice (Richards Daughter), Mansfield, England

Phillip John of course you are'nt the only Prentice in England, there are 4 generations of us.

1997 May 23 - Richard Prentice, Mansfield, England NG19 8AB

How would a world Prentice Convention sound to you? Why not organise one?..... -->

1997 May 21 - K. Prentice Schlotterbeck, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

looking for info on grandfather, Percy Paul Prentice, history, life, death, anything. Born in New Zealand, lived in California for part of his life. Born 1890"s ?

1997 May 18 - Daniel &Linda Prentice, Spring Hill, Fl, USA

any cousins down here in Florida? Looking forward to hearing from anyone.

1997 May 04 - Roger Walker Marble, Ravenna, OH, USA

I connect to PRENTICE through Henry P. who was b 17 Nov 1742 and his dau Lydia who m Joshua CHASE. Lydia would be my 3g-grandmother.

1997 May 03 - Joe Dewald, Roseville, CA, USA

To Philip John Prentice in England: No, you're not the only Prentice in England, but I'd sure like to join with you in researching Prentices in England. Please contact me.

1997 Apr 30 - Cyndi Prentice Naig, milford, ia, us

I am having a family reunion in August for the Prentice side of my family,I am looking for a Coat of Arms to put on a book for each family. Any Help out there?

1997 Apr 30 - Philip John Prentice, Birmingham, England. UK.

Surely I am not the only Prentice in the UK?

1997 Apr 20 - Kim Philllips, Portage, MI, USA

I am looking for a woman named Doris Prentice. I'm guessing that she is around 60 years old. I believe that she lived in South Haven, MI as a young girl. She has a daughter named Karen that she has not seen in many years. I am her granddaughter, and would like very much to finally meet her, and give her the opportunity to meet her great-granddaughter. PLEASE let me know if you have any information. Thank you.

1997 Apr 17 - Wanda L. Cart, Hot Springs, Ar, USA

I am interested in families with names "Fryman", "Cart", "Leavitt" and "Wright". Please E-mail with information.

1997 Apr 16 - Ken and Pat Prentice, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Hi peoples... Just looking around and found this neet stuff.. My twin brother is doing a chart on the Prentice end of our family and just hope'n that we might cross paths with some of u's.. drop a line anytime..

1997 Apr 13 - Leslie M. Huybert, Norfolk, VA, USA

I am looking for a MISS AUDREY E. PRENTICE She was an exchange school teacher in Norfolk, VA USA way back in 1956. My name is Leslie Huybert. Miss Prentice was my teacher in the 8th grade - she was an exchange student teacher. I had corresponded with her for 3 years after Miss Prentice went back to England and then, as all things happen, we stopped corresponding and lost touch. The last address I have for Miss Prentice was Staff house #4, The Village College, Comberton, Cambridge, England Of course, I have written there with no luck. She may have lived 11 Wardcliffe Road, Weymouth, Dorset, England in 1958. She more than likely moved, but we don't have any idea where. I know that she had a brother who lived in London, Eng. but she never mentioned him by name. This is really a long shot, because Miss Prentice may not be a 'Miss' and would have changed her name or she may have passed on. But then, if I don't ask, I know I won't get any answer. Maybe she is a relative of some of you, Prentice's, listed here. I would appreciate any information any of you may have on Audry Prentice.

1997 Apr 12 - George Prentice Brown, Fort Worth, TX, USA

I've just started tracing my Prentice history (Gfather George Lee and GGfather Thomas Jefferson Prentice) and was amazed to find PrenticeNet. So far I haven't made a connection to anyone I've seen on the site but I'm still hopeful.

1997 Apr 11 - Bill Semeyn, Shelbyville, MI, USA

Hey, JOE!, I finally got NETified. I must say, your's is one of the best "surname" WEB pages I've seen.

1997 Apr 11 - Wendy Moohin, Mackay, Qld, Australia

I am looking for decendants of Moohin(Russian), Bitcon, Evetts, Henkel, Ladley, Staap, Hallenbach and numerous others but this will do for a start.

1997 Apr 11 - Bill Cannon, Murillo,, Ont, Canada P0T2G0

Son of Eva Closs; who is a daughter of Julia Ann Prentice of Lanark, Ontario. Julia Ann Prentice is the daughter of James Prentice Lanark, Ontario

1997 Apr 10 - Lawrence E. Guest, Broken Bow, OK, USA

Agnes Prentice who married Capt. T. M. Dick was my GGgrandmother.

1997 Apr 10 - Ronald Prentice, Seattle, WA,

Son of Mayo who was son of Paul

1997 Apr 09 - Michael Prentice, Ithaca, NY, United States

I think my grandfather has a chart that goes all the way back to before my Prentice ancestors arrived on the Mayflower. If you're interested, let me know.

1997 Apr 07 - Traci Almeida, Fort ST John, B.C., Canada

I am looking for the surname Retallick

1997 Apr 06 - Cecil Thomas Prater (Tom), Quinton, OK, USA

Howdy cuz - - - - - I'm son of Edwin G.C. Prater and Helen Myrtle Hill son of George Coleman Prater and Ella Earl Bensen son of William Prater and Martha Ann Pettijohn son of George W. Prater and Melinda J. Salyer

1997 Apr 05 - Scott Prentice, San Rafael, CA, USA

Well .. the Guest Book is finally ready! Sorry it took so long. Thanks for all the nice emails you've sent!

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