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2001 Dec 30 - William Edward Prentice, Teewd Heads NSW, AUSTRALIA

Can anyone beat our naming lineage??? My son is William Edward Prentice VI....continuous from first settlers I believe, but would love to know more. The family was initially around Ballarat and Geelong, and my grandmother always said that he was a 'free man'from Kent. I reckon not. But what fun it all is.

2001 Dec 13 - Prentice Abraham Zinn, Dorchester, MA, USA

You think having a rare surname is tough. God only knows what my parents were smoking, when they thought to name me Prentice. Hey, I'll trade you your surname for my first name if you throw in one of those cool mugs!

2001 Dec 03 - Thomas Prentice, Fort Bragg, NC, U.S.A.

I have traced my family back to my 5th great grandfather. James Prentice born 30 oct 1755 in Preston, New London County, Conneticutt. I know the 6th is Nathaniel Prentice but no other info for him. Any info you might have will be helpful.

2001 Dec 02 - E. Lloyd Prentice, Scottsville, NY, US

Henry the Planter is my ancestor. I enjoy this PrenticeNet.com website. If we change email, I'll post it here and in WhoWhere. The phone # is 716-538-9385.

2001 Nov 26 - Alexandra (Alex) Prentice, Frankfurt, -, Germany

Although my family currently live in Germany we are Scottish and only moved here last year. I saw that a lot of people in the States and in Australia wanted to make contact with relatives that have stayed in Scotland. I am 15 years old and i would like to hear from similarly aged Prentices from over the seas!

2001 Nov 19 - Maureen Crothall nee Prentis, Hanmer, ON, Canada

I am trying to connect with a long lost cousin, Brenda Prentis. (I don't know her married name, she re-married since I last heard of her.) I have been told she found an old entry of mine, maybe here on this page, and tried to reach me but it was an older email address. I would LOVE to hear from her and hope she looks here again and finds me.

2001 Nov 08 - Rose Marie Prentis/Oberle/Greenlaw, Clearwater, B.C., Canada

I was born in Mission, BC, Canada to William Prentis and Eva Irene (Turncliff) Prentis in 1959, Grandparents on Dads side were William Prentis and Evangeline (Jones)Prentis. On moms side were William Durl Turncliff and Edith Mae (Wesley) Turncliff. If anyone can help me find any of these names please e-mail me. Thanks.

2001 Oct 18 - Linda Fowler, Tucson, AZ, USA

I am looking for a connection to Zacharia Prentiss from Akron, Ohio. His daughter Clara Minerva married my ancester Robert Hutchinson. I found information stating that Minerva was related to a General Prentiss. It is also said in the article I have that Clara Minerva's parents were direct descendants of the Puritans. Can anyone help me? Thanks

2001 Oct 13 - hilary prentice, San Antonio, tx, United States of america

hello i just feel like saying hey

2001 Oct 10 - Kim Prentice, Sask, Canada

It is pretty exciting finding a whole site full of Prentices, however it seems as though the majority is from the states and this does not help me much. I am doing a university paper on why our family came to Canada and I cannot even figure out who my family is. Unfortunately my knowledge of my family lines ends at my gradfather who is deceased. I wish I had some lineage to share with all of you. I am glad however that I stumbled across this site, it gave me a little bubbly feeling inside. Take Care

2001 Oct 10 - Mary Ann McIff, Tucson, AZ, USA

My ancestor is Sophronia Prentice. Her parents were Thomas Prentice and Elizabeth Spafford, She married John Adams Wheelock ,on some records Adams John, anyway, would you want any of the data e-mailed or sent by pony express?

2001 Oct 01 - Frances Emeny, ?, England

Is there anyone who knows about my family tree? It might help to know that i am Stewart Emenys great grandaughter. Thanks!

2001 Sep 21 - Amanda Prentice, Bundaberg, QLD, Australia

This is a great site. I am the daughter of Richard Grant Prentice, who is the son of Richard Granville Prentice of Australia. I am getting some info. together to update your list for this area.

2001 Sep 14 - Sr. Betty Rogers, ronkonkoma, NY, usa


2001 Sep 02 - Heidi, MO, USA

I am looking for any information on J.I. Prentiss & Company. I believe it is Jerome Prentiss. I am interested in anything about this business during the 1893-1897 time period. I think we may have found a great great grandfather involved with this company. Please email me if you have any information. Thank you.

2001 Aug 17 - Allen Keith Prentice, Wellington, New Zealand

Researching Scottish Ancestry in Lanarkshire

2001 Aug 11 - Erica Lori Prentice, Coleman, AB, Canada

Looking forward to learning more about PrenticeNet

2001 Aug 08 - Nathan Prentice, Canberra, Australia

"Australia" is a much better spelling

2001 Aug 08 - Nathan Prentice, Canberra, A.C.T, Austalia

I didn't see any Aussies so i thought i better say hi.

2001 Aug 04 - Edward Prentice, Tonbridge, Kent, England

This is the first time I have seen this site, having been told about it by Sandra Prentice-Roberson in CA. I am the grandson of Dr Reginald Wickham Prentice, who was the son of Rev. Henry Prentice, Vicar of Langley, Kent, d 1901, who appear in the Prentices of Colnes, Essex, England. I have some material on family history and photos from the Rev. Henry onwards. I would like to hear from anyone around the world who may be in the same branch.

2001 Jul 30 - Timothy Prentice Johnson, Duarte, CA, USA

Hi everyone, cousin Timothy here again. In talking to my aunt Ione Prentice, she mentioned that we have the geneology information all the way back to Valentine. You can get some of his info at http://www.prenticenet.com/news/97.3/portrait.htm. We are trying to link Valentine to family in England to further our link to such a wonderful heritage. Any and all information will be appreciated. Thanks! Cousin Timothy.

2001 Jul 29 - Barry Prentice, Dunnville, Ontario, Canada, N1A-2W6, Canada

My roots are from Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada. Just starting to get into my family tree.

2001 Jul 27 - James A &Edith M.Foster., Chorley., England

Edith is a relative of Eliza prentice 1867.

2001 Jul 23 - Carole M. Prentice, Sanderson, TX, USA

Still looking for relatives...have little info however - strong info - just want to maybe connect somewhere. I cannot yet go back to the 1600's or 1700's - - maybe an oldtimer-searcher could give me some clues on how to go about that search! Thanks to the SITE and to those of you that have helped me thus far. CMP

2001 Jul 23 - Patty Atterberry, Anacortes, WA, US

I'm fascinated to learn that one of my ancestors is Lady Godiva. Thank you Joe DeWald, for all your hard work. You're fun, too!

2001 Jul 19 - John Lory Prentiss, Sonora, Ca, USA

Thanks to you all for your efforts to collect and preserve the Prentiss genealogy, and especially thanks to Joe Dewald for all your help.

2001 Jul 15 - Gregory Horn, Seattle, WA, USA

Decendant of Capt. Thomas Prentice. My mom has some information on this lineage, although I believe you already have most of the information. I will try to get it to you, or have her send it. Wonderful website, thank you for making it available.

2001 Jul 12 - James A.Foster., Chorley., U.K.

I'm looking for Zachariah Prentice 1700 ??

2001 Jul 03 - Chad Prentice, Bowmanville, On, Canada

Just saying hey to everbody. Good job on building this site. My grandparents Gord and Myrtle are well known Prentice's from Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. I am related to Ken and Pat registered in 1997 section of guest book. Am 29 yrs old running own contracting business in Durham Region. Have a great day!

2001 Jun 26 - Michael V. Prentice, Cape Coral, Fl, US of A

I am from Rockford IL. (born 1945) and raised there. I come from a long line of Prentices in the Ilinois area and moved to Florida 23 years ago. I like you site and it has been a lot of help for me and my family. Thankx

2001 Jun 23 - hendrikus meerman van der horst, bassendean, w.a, australia

going to try and visit your web page and see what it is all about .willlet you know what I think about it ;as i am not familiar with this web page.

2001 Jun 06 - Carole Marie Prentice, Sanderson, TX, USA

I enjoyed your site (for the first time visiting). I am a Prentice, obviously, & am starting my 'search' - - found your site & I may have relatives already here!!!! Am quizing older relatives now in search or more info. Hope to be back to help others - especially my "KIN". TY and good luck to all!!! cmp

2001 Jun 05 - Sarah Papageorge, wa,

Great job. I am the sixth great granddaughter of Nathaniel Prentice and Hannah Wyeth through their daughter Tabitha who married Eleazor Russell. I'd like to hear from any other descendants especially those who come down through Nathaniel Prentice Russell.

2001 May 29 - Florence Prentice, Saint Clair, Mi., USA

Hi, Like your website.

2001 May 28 - Kathy Farrell, Phoenix, AZ,

My great-great grandmother is Margaret Warren Prentiss, daughter of Robert Prentiss and Priscilla Warren. Married Benona Freel and eventually died in Gage County, NE. Would like to share what information I have on that line and learn more about Margaret.

2001 May 17 - George Glenn, Cedar Falls, IA, USA

I'm a descendant of Valentine Prentice through my mother's mother's family.

2001 Apr 25 - Thomas E. Prentice, Palm Bay, FL, Brevard

curiosity got the better of me hello family?

2001 Apr 13 - Suzanne Mack Cornwell, Wallingford, CT, USA

I am a direct descendant of Amasa Prentice, his son Greenleaf, and his daughter Camilla. I have lots and lots of detailed information on the descendants of both Camilla and her sister Jesse. Glad I found you! and hope you will be able to help me find some of the data I have been searching for!

2001 Apr 11 - Barry Prentice, Steinbach, MB, Canada

For a name that, in my experience is relatively uncommon, there certainly seems to be a lot of us out there. I have very little knowledge of the family except that my grand father immigrated to Canada from England in the early 1900's and came to Manitoba. He worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway as did my father. Dad had one brother and four sisters all now deceased. I have one sister, a son Michael and a daughter Susan. So far all our grandchildren are girls so this line my just run out with Michael. This is an excellant site and I hope to use it to find out more family information. Regards to all.

2001 Apr 10 - Paul Prentiss, San Antonio, TX, USA

Hey folks, I am Paul Prentiss son of Olin Prentiss of California. Grandfather, James Claude Prentiss of Oklahoma. Looking for cousins.

2001 Apr 07 - Charles Eston Prentice III, Islamorada, FL, U.S.A.

This is a really great site. My father and grandfather are from Birmingham AL.that is about as far back in my family tree as I know.I am looking forward exploring this site much more.I am glad I found this site. THANKS Charles(Chuck)Eston Prentice III

2001 Mar 24 - Carol Page Tilson, Omaha, NE, USA

Howdy, cousins and half-cousins. I'm just a John2 Nichols descendant (via John3) passing through. cpt

2001 Mar 15 - David Dwight Prentice, St. Catharines, ONT, Canada

Hello, my grandfather, Robert Prentice was born in Dundee,Scotland and arrived in Toronto in the early 1920's. My uncle (also David) has quite and extensive family history which dates to early 1600's in Scotland. I did not know their were so may Prentice's out there looking for each other. Any Prentice's with ties to Dundee feel free to contact me at kiltclover@aol.com. P.S. I also own a Scottish/Irish pub you can visit at www.kiltandclover.com

2001 Mar 14 - Derek Prentice, Toronto, on, Canada

My name is Derek Prentice, Son of Dave Prentice, brothers to Robb and Jay Prentice. I am trying to search my family history. At this point I know very little. I know that my direct descendants originated from Scotland (Edinburgh is what my Grandmother thinks). Daniel Prentice was the child of Agnes Walker and (Blank) Prentice. (Blank) left the picture while my Grandfather was very young. Apparently he too moved to North America (Michigan) however, they had very little or no contact. Daniel was a chef in the Scottish air force. That is about all that I know about this side of my family. Any help figuring out my tree would be appreciated. Derek Prentice derek@voodooshack.com Toronto, On Canada

2001 Mar 14 - Derek Prentice, Toronto, On, Canada

This is pretty cool. I really don't know very much about my family history. So hey... We could all be related! I am 28 years old living in Canada, my father's name is Dave. His father's name is Daniel and was born in Scotland. I believe that his family relocated at a young age. I don't know much more then that. Oh I also have 2 brothers here in Canada Robb and Jay. (free plug) My web site is www.voodooshack.com have a look.

2001 Mar 13 - Kelly Prentiss, Nanticoke, PA, USA


2001 Mar 06 - Hank Greenwald, Naples, FL, U.S.

I'm looking for the date of birth of Richard Prentice Ettinger co-founder of Prentice Hall Publishing

2001 Mar 02 - Colin W. Prentice, Beetley, Norfolk, England

LDS Genealogist Armsmonger Married with 7 children Author of 'Monino' a guide to the Russian Air Force Museum published by Airlife. Ex Producer of Discovery Channel WINGS CDROM series Family come from Essex back to 1600 (Bobbingworth, Moreton, Epping)

2001 Feb 24 - Becky Smith, mattoon, il, united states

Hi. I am the great great grandaughter of Mary Prentice daughter of James Prentice and Jane Thompson. I have enjoyed the site.. Thank you all.

2001 Feb 19 - BKelly, Milton, Vvt, usa

First time to see your Prentice Net. very interesting. We have been looking up the Prentiss family, which originally was named Hogg, but 4 of the brothers changed to Prentiss. We also found the cemetary in Plainfield, Vt. where part of this family is buried, and Ayers family who were related. Still looking up family and finding lots of new families to add. Thank you for your site.

2001 Feb 18 - Anson Ashley Prentiss, Antelope, CA, USA

Interesting web cite.

2001 Feb 17 - Sandra Emeny (REID), London Ontario, Canada

Any one who could possibly help me find any relations it would not be forgotten.Father and Mother James J.Reid Jane Reid(McMeeken) both came to Canada aprox.1950? children Colin.Linda,Donna,Sandra.John.Barbara.feel free to write.The only cousin i know of is son of May McMeeken(Terance).Maybe more it would be nice to find them. HOPFUL!

2001 Feb 13 - John Parsons, Corby, Northants, United Kingdom

My mothers maiden name was Eileen Prentice, who married Thomas Parsons, my grand fathers name was William Prentice from Wheatley Hill, County Durham, United Kingdom. Any relatives out there Regards John

2001 Feb 08 - Mary (Prentiss) Rasmussen, Interlochen, Mi, U.S.A.

I'm looking for relitives of Ransom Prentiss b.1837 in Mich. He had 6 children.Josephine,John,Oliver,William: my grandfather,Olive,& an infant name unknown. Ransom also had at least 2 brothers: Nelson b.jul1835 in N.Y., James b.1839 in N.Y. If you have any info. Contact me at froglady5798@aol.com

2001 Feb 01 - Terry Prentice, Redhill, England

I have often wondered about the background of the name.Until now I have only been told that it originated in france & then to England.But now I have found this site I can find out more about it.Keep up the good work,anybody wanting to email me please do.I have also been told that anybody with the name Prentice is related one way or another no matter how it is spelt.

2001 Jan 26 - Jennifer Prentice, Port Huron, MI, United States

Hi, I am trying to find some family history and my grandfather has passed away. His name was William George Prentice. No one else seems to know anything about his past. I know he married my grandmother in Ohio, her name was Florence Visga. He is from New York, but I think he went to New York in the military. I really need some help!

2001 Jan 24 - Don Fillebrown, Tenants Harbor, ME, USA

Nice work. Thanks.

2001 Jan 18 - Joanthan Prentice, Daws-Heath, England

Can anyone help with my family tree?

2001 Jan 15 - Matt Prentice, Auburn, NY, USA

My dads name is Mark and his father (deceased) was Fred. We live in Auburn, New York. I am 17 and am just looking for possible relatives. My grandmother Betty, Freds wife, still resides in Auburn. I am unsure now of her maiden name, but i will get back on here soon!!

2001 Jan 02 - Curtis M. Kline, Medford, OR, USA

My aunt Mary (Kline) was married to a John Prentice, he was a retired ? colonel and taught school in the Bend, Oregon area. He died at least 20 years ago and she now lives in Sheridan, Wyo. near one of her twin daughters. I am tracing my family and ran across your wonderful site. Keep up the good work !!!!!!

2001 Jan 01 - Harry Stewart and My wife June (Robertson, Donnachaidh) Stewart, Phenix City, AL, USA

We are on the ner and both Scoth, and we would like to ,com with other of our name

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