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2007 Jul 11 - Michael Leon Prentice, Arequipa, Peru

Hello, I guess I'll try to break up the recent spam attacks. I'm the son of Wayne Mark Prentice and Sherrie Dey. Mark's father is Leon Prentice. I was born in La Mesa, CA. My current US residence is in Kenai, AK. I have a sister Kristi Lorainne Prentice (now Kristi Baum). I'm currently living up in the Andes at 7200 feet. I do make frequent trips to Lima though. I graduated from Tufts University in Medford, MA. I'm currently working as a Software Engineer. I speak both Spanish and English (my French has faded away after 6 years of classes). I haven't figured out my whole family tree yet, but from what my father says we have roots going back to England and Scotland.

2007 Jul 05 - Mack Crim, San Diego, CA, USA

My grandmother was a Prentice- born in New Haven, Conn. and moved to San Diego with her parents, 2 brothers and 1 sister some time in the early 1920s. Her father, George Gordon Prentice, was said to have invented part of the typewriter...

2007 Jul 02 - Amanda Prentice, Lincoln, NE, US

I am related to Roger Prentice and Constance Prentice Is there anyone out there that knows them?

2007 Jun 16 - Laura Prentice, lancaster, lancashire, england

Hey just found this site!cant belive there is so many Prentices i though it wasnt a commen name,How wrong i was!

2007 Jun 14 - cam wallace, winnipeg, mb, canada


2007 Jun 12 - karen, Yorkshire, England

Just found your very interesting web site on Prentice's world wide. Only recently started researching my Prentices that came from Ribston Tockwith & Cowthorpe in Yorkshire England. kind regards Karen......

2007 May 27 - Lucy A .Soper, Montour Falls, NY, USA


2007 May 24 - T. Howard, San Diego, ca, USA

Looking for a summary

2007 May 14 - Louis H Prentice, Seattle, Wa, USA

New site to me. I know alot about Prentiice in Western Washjngton and Wisconsin

2007 May 08 - James Prentice, Belfast, UK, Northern Ireland

Interesting site. I can trace with certainity my direct link to a John Prentice DOB 1795 who lived either in Killinchy or near Comber, Co Down His brother was probably a James Prentice born 1800 and who lived near Saintfield Co Down. It is assumes John and James or their parents came to Ireland as part of the Plantation but we have no ides from what part of scotland. Any comment or help would be greatly appreciated

2007 May 08 - Stephanie Prentice, Peterborough, ON, Canada

Hi, I just found this website and thought that it was really cool! So many different Prentices and with repeating given names too!

2007 May 01 - Richard Carruthers, Astoria, OR, USA

My GF John Andrew Buchanan (1863-1935) traces his ancestry to Andrew Buchanan married to Celia Prentiss c.1795 with sons Nathan and John. I found that marriage also referenced in Prenticenet/Marriage Index in 2003 but now I find a record of an Andrew Buchanan m. Nancy Prosith on 1 Dec 1797 Lincoln C. KY. I think JAB correct but . . . Any confirming information or sources would be appreciated.

2007 May 01 - Steven G. Prentiss, Param, OH, United States

Update to a 1999 entry I made with correct middle name for my grandfather and correct spelling as well. My family goes back to Henry Prentice, cira 1640, Cambridge MA. I am Steven G. Prentiss son of Orren Kenneth Prentiss, is son of Philip Fairfield Prentiss, is son of Alfred W. Prentiss, is son of Alfred Gordon Prentiss, is son of Lowry Prentice, is son of Daniel(6) and Abigail Prentice, is son of Daniel(5) Prentice, is son of Stephen Prentice, is son of Solomon(3) Prentice, is son of Solomon(2) Prentice, is son of Henry Prentice, cira 1640, Cambridge, MA.

2007 Apr 30 - Lisa, Yorktown, VA, US

I am trying to piece together a little of our Prentice background - This is what I can tell you - my mother, Barbara Dianne Prentice, parents Samuel Kenneth Prentice (born 2/3/1897 to Frank W. Prentice and Myrtle Chamberlain) and Ruth Elaine - owned Prentice Aircraft Corp and F. W. Prentice Co. of Adrian, Michigan. Samuel Kenneth Prentice received the Croix De Guerre 1917. Samuel Kenneth Prentice had a nephew Wadsworth Prentice of California. Any information would be appreciated -

2007 Apr 28 - Kirk Bogle, Sun prairie, WI, USA

Hello. I've been trying to sort an apparently lost branch of the Prentice part of the tree. Our records show: 1.Henry (1600)/Joan - 2.Soloman(1646)/Elizabeth - 3.Thomas/Mary(the dates I have don't make sense, but I assume them to be Thomas(1676)and his second wife Mary Batson) - 4.Henry(1706)/Katherine Fitch - 5.Henry(about 1732)/Mary Walker - 6.Thomas(1755)/Alice Parker - 7.John Sherman(179?)/Margaret Fulton - Their daughter, Angela (Angelina?) Prentice was born or married in Kenton, OH in 1822. She is the last of the Prentice surname shown on my tree. She married a Joseph Hoover and had a daughter, Anna Gertrude Hoover, who is my great grandmother. The problem I need help with is that I can find no records showing the linkages after #5. above. That is, I can't find any children of Henry Prentice Jr and Mary Walker. They were both born and married in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. There are no exact dates of birth shown. They were both born about 1732, They were married 16 Oct., 1752. Is there anyone out there who has knowledge or records or relations to the following? - 5.Henry(about 1732)/Mary Walker - 6.Thomas(1755)/Alice Parker - 7.John Sherman(179?)/Margaret Fulton - Their daughter, Angela (Angelina?) Prentice Thanks so very much to anyone who can help and to the people that developed this web site! Kirk Bogle

2007 Apr 20 - Desley Haigh, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

It would appear I am the G G Grandaughter of Henry Hamilton Prentice born at St Kitts, West Indies and Ann Jane McKenzie born in Greenock, Scotland. I have done little research into this side of the family myself, but have my lineage going back through the Hendersons. Any information in relation to my ancestry would be greatly appreciated.

2007 Apr 18 - Dave Prentice, St. Thomas, VI, USA

Hi I was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and my father was Wentworth Nathaniel Prentice. I'm not really sure when he was born, but he most likely migrated from St. Kitts.

2007 Mar 31 - Heidi Whybra, North Port, FL, USA

Hi my mother was Mildred Jean Prentice (deceased 1996) the youngest of 12 children. Her parents were Newton and Myrtle Prentice from Warren, Ohio. Any family out there I would love to hear from.

2007 Mar 27 - Anne Prentice, Mackay, qld, Australia

Patricia Anne Prentice. Daughter of William Wadham (deceased)& Phyllis Prentice (deceased. My brothers - Ross Wadham, David Anthony (deceased) & John William Francis.

2007 Mar 27 - Shelyn Prentice, Massena, NY, USA

I am Shelyn Prentice, born to James Jasn Prentice, son of Richard Wilfred Prentice. I do not know anything of my grandfather's family. He was an only child. I do not believe he knew his father so have no knowledge of anything beyond my own father's birth in Massena. My father has three brothers, Gerald, John, and Peter, and had a sister, Eileen (passed.) Just stumbled across this site.

2007 Mar 16 - Thomas Brownlie Prentice, tamworth, England

hi was born in Motherwell Scotland 1951 Dad Daniel Mother Alice three sisters four brothers

2007 Feb 15 - David Scott Prentice, Hesperia, ca, United States

Hi I was born in San Deigo Ca 1957 my father Clyde nelson Prentice born in Ohio 1912

2007 Feb 06 - Bruce L. Prentice, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hello there. here is a brief history of our family born here in Toronto. Parents: Mary (Graham)and Robert F. Prentice, both born in Scotland. Sons: DAVID GRAHAM; WW11 vet; creator of the Junior World Curling Championships. WILLIAM BLACK; world ranked croquet player. ROBERT FERGUS JR.; professional baseball player, 10 years, Cleveland Indians organization; scout Detroit Tigers 17 years; Director Canadian Scouting Toronto Blue Jays. ALAEXANDER POLLOCK; softball, football player and curler. BRUCE LESLIE; baseball player; founder Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Ontario Sport Legends Hall of Fame;Chairman World Sports Hall of Fame. JEAN FERGUS (GREIG;) only girl; aslo good athlete.

2007 Feb 04 - Tim Prentice, Lincoln, England

Hi I'm Tim, I am the son of Charles Prentice D.O.B 1944 Grandson of Vaughn Prentice D.O.B 1904 G/Grandson of Charles E Prentice D.O.B 1877 GG/Grandson of Sarah Prentice D.O.B 1850 & GGG/grandson of William Prentice D.O.B I guess at around 1810 to 1830 We think William descended from Scotland to Notts/Lincs area and put Sarah into Lincoln Union workhouse when she fell pregnant in 1874 with George Prentice ,Sarah then had 4 more illegitamate children the 2nd being Charles E prentice in 1877, James 1880, Elizabeth 1881, Harriet 1885, Sarah then married James Temple at Nettlham 1893 the 3 youngest children took the name of Temple,if this rings any bells please get in touch cheers for now Tim

2007 Jan 23 - Terry Allan Prentice, Las Vegas, Nv, USA

My Dad was Phil H Prentice born 1940 My grandad was Leonard H Prentice My Dads brother is Bruce Prentice My sons are James Robert Prentice and Terry Allan Prentice II

2007 Jan 21 - Judith Woodson Martin, Lakewood, CO, USA

Sarah Prentis was born in 1749 and married William Waters of Williamsburg. After his death she married David Meade in 1768. David Meade was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, who had been born in 1744. In 1744 the Meades built "Maycox" in Prince George County, Virginia. In 1795 they moved to a newly constructed estate, "La Chaumiere du Prairie" near Lexington, Kentucky. David Meade died in 1830.18 Was this Sarah Waters the wife of William Waters, Sarah Prentice, or the daughter of William Waters and Sarah Prentice. My information is that she was the daughter of William Waters. Thank you

2007 Jan 07 - John Scott Prentice, Greensville, On, Canada

29 Apr 98 - John Scott Prentice <Hamilton (Greensville), Ontario, Canada I was born Nov. 2/55 in Hamilton. My father John Anderson Prentice, (deceased) was born in Berwick-upon Tweed in Northern England in 1928. His parents were Harry and Mary Prentice (both deceased). They had emigrated to Canada prior to my fathers birth but my Grandmother returned to Englan d so that my father would be a British citizen. I have an Aunt Greta Andrews and an Uncle Leslie Prentice both stll alive. Further than that I have no knowledge. Interested in hearing from anyone in the Berwick-upon-Tweed area that may be a distant relative. Regards John Please note that this message was originally posted in 1998 and I now have a new e-mail address.

2007 Jan 06 - Peter W. Johnson, Frankford, ON, Canada

Letting you know that I am a descendant of Oliver PRENTICE c1772 who moved to Canada in 1801, and to Ohio c1815. Most descendants in Canada. His origins still murky.

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