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If you're looking for that elusive Prentice/ss/s individual, feel free to post your question here. All queries posted to this page are also posted to the PrenticeNet mailing list!

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9 queries in 2013 ..
Hi im looking for Information on how Henry "the planter" prentice came to america from Stewkley, Buckinghamshire to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

» sarah prentice  [added: 2013-10-09]
Hi Joe: am looking at your new web page and am not sure how to tell you I have a new computer: w/ Windows 7, and Office 2013. Also, I wanted to update "Eliza Ann Wilber Prentiss" and I am not sure how to "search" the newsletter for a name.. :)

» Frederick H Printiss Snr  [added: 2013-09-09]
Edward Prentice of Hornton, Nr Banbury, Oxfordshire 1790/91 I have searched many Parish Registers for Oxfordshire for the birth/baptism of Edward Prentice without success; however I do have a copy of a will written by an Edward Prentis of Drayton, he died in 1808 In the list of items left to his family he leaves his second watch to Edward Prentis (no relation given to him) and to John Prentis his brother the lease of his farm. One theory I have and this brings me to Edward 1791-- at the beginning of the will he bequeaths unto Edward Simpkins natural son of Mary Simpkins of the Parish of Ratley the sum of 100 pounds, In the parish register of 1791 on the 3rd April, Edw Prince Simpkins was christened son of Mary. There is no further knowledge of this Edw (death, marriage, 1841 census). Was 'Prince' (an unusual name) meant to be written as Prentice/s? So could this be the Edward that eludes us. Unfortunately there is no proof. Drayton, Ratley, and Hornton are villages only a few miles within distance and crop up quite frequently in the research I have done prior to my family moving to Birmingham. I am going to check with my details and see if there is other dates.census etc: I can send, in the meantime I am sending conformation of my immediate family. Horace George Prentice m Ethel Ruth Hope 1 June 1935, Sparkhill, Birmingham David George Prentice b 4 July 1936, Solihull, Warwickshire.m Dinah White 16 July 1958 Coleshill, Warwickshire Dinah b 9 Sept 1935 Sheila Margaret Prentice b 4 June 1941 Solihull, Warwickshire m John Dunlop Dunn ! Sept 1962, Acocks Green, Birmingham. John b 12 June 1939, Glasgow, Scotland. David is a well known artist and has had many major exhibitions, you can find his details on the web site if you Google his name. Sheila Dunn (nee Prentice) 2013 08 13

» Sheila Dunn  [added: 2013-08-13]
I am Johan Willem Van den Bosch, born 18 January1931 is the son of Squire Johan Willem van den Bosch and mrs. Soepinah in Semampir , Kediri, I want know the relationship between my mother mrs. Soepinah and wife of Opa Adam Prentice. The reason is that in the beginning my father did not want to recoqnise me as his son, and my mother has told it to Oma Prentice that she was pregnant from my father. The first years of my life up to 3 years I had been lived together with my mother and Opa and Oma Prentice, but at last I got born of certificate of mine that I was indeed recoqnize by my father as his natural son and about 1934 I was taken away from my mother by a brother of my father and put me at the family De Vos in Mritjan Kediri. Please hopefully you can find out more detail information about my above story. Thank you. J.W.van den Bosch

» Johan Willem van den Bosch  [added: 2013-06-20]
Hi, I think my head is about to explode with Prentices! My GG Grandfather was John Atwater Prentice 1851, son of John A. Prentice, 1809/10 of Ashtabula, OH (you have an article on them here). I have yet to find a definitive source for John A. I believed I had found it in Peleg Prentice, 1773 (son of Nathaniel, son of Elihu, son of Joseph, son of John, son of John, son of Valentine), of New London CT, who moved to NY then to Ashtabula OH. He had a son Jonathan, 1804 who was born in NY and moved to Ashtabula. So, possibly my John A. could be a brother. Also there is a David Henry (Hendry) Prentice who married John A's wife (Ameransa Hawes) sister Alamanda. Could Jonathan, John A. and David be brothers? Could Noyes B. be a brother too? David Henry's wife, John A's wife and children, Noyes B,'s child are all buried in the Harper Cemetery in Harpersfield, OH. Or all just coincidental... Also my G grandmother Mina Prentice Bloedel was listed in the Colonial Dames registry connected to Thomas Prentice, but with auxiliary names such as George Denison (who appears in the Valentine Prentice line, via his daughter Hannah.) I have traced the Peleg line back to Valentine. My mother did mention something that she had heard as a kid about Connecticut. thank you!!!

» Adria Weatherbee  [added: 2013-04-27]
Hi, My paternal grandmother was Alice Prentiss, daughter of Arthur and Nellie Prentiss. I am trying to contact my second cousin Barbara Vaughn, grandaughter of Jim Prentiss, son of Arthur and Nellie Prentiss. Anyone who knows how to reach Barbara please give her my contact information. home phone: 925-254-7346 I was so excited to find this website today! I have lost sof inforamtion on Ancestry.com if anyone wants to be able to see my family tree just give me your ancestry contact information.

» Lark Morris Hilliard  [added: 2013-04-07]
Hi . J. Young here . I have Daniel Prentice UEL in my tree . He was with Sir John Johnson's KRRNY during USA Rev. War . Came to Glengarry Canada with fellow soldiers abt. 1783 . Married Mary Hamilton . Their daughter Mary Prentice married John Clark . Their son David Ellis Clark married Catherine Gallinger . Their daughter Massey Mercy Ann Clark married Donald A. Grant etc. Any info on Daniel Prentice and subsequent family would be appreciated . THANKS IN ADVANCE.

» J. Young  [added: 2013-04-07]
I'm trying to find the Irish roots and parents of JAMES PRENTICE, b. 1805 Co. Fermanagh, N.Ireland, who married ELIZABETH RUTLEDGE b. 1814 Co. Fermanagh. It seems that they both had emigrated to Canada with their families and they married in Ontario. This couple are my husband's great-great-grandparents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

» Diana Prentice  [added: 2013-04-06]
Amelia Ethel Prentice (b. 26/11/1879) is my G.Grandmother. I really appreciate the additional information I have found on your site for her, and have updated my records. Her record states that she married Lance Johansen (actual name Louritz) in 1915. Five of her six children were born before that date. Where would I find confirmation that the date is correct? Is it more likely that the date of marriage was 1895. Update: A check of the Marriage records at the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs shows that the marriage date was 7th March 1897. The record on Prenticenet needs to be updated.

» Peter Scott  [added: 2013-03-05]
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