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50 queries in 1999 ..
Note: Email address change. I am looking for any information about the Prentice's of Shelby County, Alabama. I am the gggrandson of Isabella Jane Prentice (b. 6/17/1827) who was the second wife of Amariah Garrett (b. 12/28/1802, m. 3/11/1853). Isabella was the daughter of James and Margaret Prentice. Isabella's siblings are Martha D., John, and James H. Any info would be appreciated.

» Barkley Garrett  [added: 1999-12-29]
AMANDA JANE PRENTICE, MARRIAGE 1866 - BEAVER Co., PA I have an original marriage certificate from 1866 Showing the marriage of AMANDA JANE PRENTICE to John Alexander in Independence Twp., Beaver Co., PA. The back lists seven Alexander children and their birthdates. I am interested in the Prentice side of this marriage. Amanda was my great grandmother. My mother - Age 98 and still quite lucid has memories of her. I can supply some information. Both Amanda and John are buried at New Bethlehem United Presbyterian Church Cem. Ind.,Tw

» James Campbell  [added: 1999-12-17]
Looking for info on Maria Prentice b. (1812)NY. married Henry Hull b.(1808) cir 1830. In 1850 census at Granby Twsp, Oswego, NY. Anyone have any more information on her??? Theron...

» Theron Rogers  [added: 1999-12-05]
My true name is Prentice Hartley Jr. John Dodd's Hartley web page has Prentices' intermarried with Hartleys'. Would any one have any information on the back ground of the Prentice name. Or if there is some connection to the Hartley name? Unfortunately, the first sentence tells every thing I know. Any information would be helpful. Thank you

» William Pfeffer  [added: 1999-12-03]
I am looking for information on great grandfather Daniel Prentice born in Scotland. Family settled in Seattle, Washington. Daniel came to Canada in 1867 and worked for the railroad in Campbellton, New Brunswick. He married Margaret MacDavid born in 1815 in Matapedia Valley, Que.

» Audrey Prentice Roy  [added: 1999-11-01]
Mary Prentis: Seeking info on Mary Prentis, married to Peter Harris. Born around 1730, possibly lived in New London CT.

» Tom Pemberton  [added: 1999-10-31]
My people in this blood line were in coal mining, generally in the lowlands. My father, William Prentice, emigrated to play a significant part in establishing the West Virginia coal fields, in the late 1900's. He was born Jan13,1883 in Red Row, Dalsert, Ashgill, Lanarkshire, Scotland. His parents were Thomas Prentice and Euphemia Neilson. My mother, Allison M. Prentice nee Rutherford was born in McQueen's Land, Overton, Scotland, Reg.No. J40820. Her father was Alexander Rutherford and her mother was Joan Neilson. My parents brothers and sisters (Prentice's and Rutherford's) were generally distributed in the geographical area bounded by Welch, Bluefield, and Beckley, West Virginia.

» William Hamilton Prentice (Bill)  [added: 1999-10-26]
I wish to find the birthplace in New York State for my great grandfather Michael Prentice,born about 1811, Roman Catholic. He crossed into Canada about 1832 at Ogdensburg,NY with a travelling show. I do not know who his parents were. Thank you.

» Eileen Campbell  [added: 1999-10-23]
My husband is Curtis P. Thompson, great great grandson of a Cynthia Jane Prentice who was the daughter of John Prentice born about 1813. Cynthia's mother was Rachel born about 1820. Both of her parents, John and Rachel died in Denton TX before May 18699?? Can you help me lick into your Prentice lines?

» Melinda Thompson  [added: 1999-09-29]
Binney (1883) states that Jonathan Prentiss of St Albans (later Milton), VT married Hannah Sparhawk. The birth records of her first two children name her only as Hannah. Can anyone prove the identity of her parents?

» Tom Young  [added: 1999-09-19]
My great-grandfather Fred Henry Prentice was born on March 23, 1888 in Iowa. The little information I have is that his parents, Joseph Prentice and Mary Lee died before his 12th birthday. His father died in an accident and his mother died a year later. Fred had 2 brothers, Joseph and Charles, and 2 sisters, Clara and Nellie. Fred was placed in an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska - possibly with his 2 sisters but Fred was later placed with a family from Nebraska. This is all I have to go on, I would like to be able to find our "missing link" before Fred's 2 remaining children are gone. Does this story sound familiar to anyone?

» Michelle Setlik  [added: 1999-09-04]
Hello, My grandfather was Harold C. Prentiss b. Feb. 29, 1908 Hubbardston, MA - his father was Frank Elmer Prentiss b.Feb. 23, 1887 Hubbardston, he was married to Sylvia Spaulding of Townsend - his father was Charles G. Prentiss b.Sept. 12, 1855 of Hubbardston he was married to Mary L. Hoyle - His father was Spencer Prentiss b.Feb. 6, 1818, he was married to Sarah Stone (he is listed on this sight for marriages in massachusetts) and his father was Henry Prentiss of Princeton, MA b. ABT 1767 d.3-6-1843(Hubbardston, MA)he married Elizabeth Gill in 1801. The only record I can find of Henry is of his marriage which took place in Princeton, MA. If anyone has any information to help me on my quest to find Henry's parents I would be forever greatful. Melinda

» Melinda Vosburg  [added: 1999-09-02]
I discovered a web page that included a Prentice family from northeastern Ohio--based in Ashtabula and Lake counties during the mid-to-late 1800's. The difficulty is that I cannot now relocate it. One of the contact persons on this web site was James Everett Prentice, but that is all the information I have beyond some of the Prentice names included on the web site: Philander; Albert Henry; Herman Edwin; Austin Herman and Donald Austin, among others. Is anyone familiar with this site, or with the James Everett Prentice mentioned above?

» Bill Prokasy  [added: 1999-08-16]
I am trying to make a connection between two Prentiss men from IL. William Prentiss was Secretary of the Board of Public Works in Illinois in 1840. His name appears on paper money certificates from that time. I am curious to know if he is related to Benjamin Mayberry Prentiss, born 1819 in VA, who moved to Quincy, IL, in his teens and served in the Civil War from that state. Any information you can provide as to a family connection between these two will be greatly appreciated. (-:%

» M. A. Pickett  [added: 1999-08-08]
I am looking for any information about the ancestors of my great-grandfather David Ebenezer Prentice - born around 1873-1875 in Scotland. Moved to New York City around the age of seven - migrated to Eighty Four, PA and then bought a farm near Valley Inn, PA - died in 1929. Married Nora ? - had son David Leroy Prentice of Monongahela, PA. Wanted to find out info about David Ebenezer's father & mother - what part of Scotland they were from? occupations? anything at all about my ancestors. Thank you!

» Heather Prentice  [added: 1999-08-03]
Am looking for relatives and information concerning my grandfather THOMAS FRASER PRENTICE, born 2/6/1887 in Toronto, Ontario, and died 1/17/1948 in Vancouver, BC. Served in Canadian Army 1916-1918. Name of wife was Lillian Marjorie Hutton, father was William Prentice and mother was Julia Doyle. Death certificate lists burial at the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in New Westminster, BC. Anything would be most appreciated. Thank you

» Allen R. Briem  [added: 1999-07-25]
Searching for William A. Prentiss. He was born in New York in 1814. He moved to Vicksburg, Miss. and then to Hinds County, Miss. He married Mary Rainey in Raymond, Miss. They were married November 9, 1938. He left Hinds Co. and moved to Green County, near Leakesville. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information.

» Robert Cassibry  [added: 1999-07-22]
I am trying to connect Mary Kilcup of Boston who married Edward Prentice son of Edward and Abigail. Does anyone have information this MARY KILCUP. Also what was Edward Prentice occupation? They had 5 children; Robert,Nathaniel, Edward, Mary, Abigail and may have had 5 more children names not known.

» elizabeth ann kilcup  [added: 1999-07-17]
I am looking for Caroline Prentice of North Carolina,who married William P. Gilmore.Her son John Gilmore lived in Geneva,Alabama.

» Lynn Flomer  [added: 1999-07-15]
My aunt, Mary DOBSON, was married to Archibald PRENTICE, son of Thomas and Norah PRENTICE on 14th July 1903 at the home of her father, William DOBSON, of Island Cliff, North Otago, New Zealand. Any information on the above Archibald PRENTICE would be most gratefully recieved.

» W. Ray Dobson  [added: 1999-07-14]
Looking for anyone related to Charlie Prentis of New Castle (Craig County), Virginia. Charlie was born between 1880 and 1884 in New Castle. He married Ellen Fuqua, also of New Castle, VA in 1900. His mother's name was Mary Hawkins. They both lived in New Castle with his aunt Martha Hawkins who was married to David Prentis and then to Joseph Newsome. Martha Hawkins has four children with David Prentis (see previous query). Charlie and Ellen moved to Columbus, Ohio and had one child together, James Prentis. Charlie died in Columbus in 1948 and has many descendants in residing in the city. If you are related to David Prentis or if you knew Charlie Prentis, please contact me.

» Richard Prentiss  [added: 1999-07-11]
New Castle (Craig County), VA Prentis'. Looking for descendents of David Prentis (or Prentice) born in Bedford County, VA appx. 1850. Married Martha Hawkins in Craig County on Sept. 25, 1878. David and Martha had four children together: Maggie, Lee R., Ossie A. and Henry B. Prentice. David's parents were Ned and Maria Prentis.

» Richard Prentiss  [added: 1999-07-10]
I am looking for any information about Dorothea Prentice b. around the 1830-40's in Scotland. She married James Neilson in 1863. They had two children that I know of..Janet b.1867 and Alexander b. 1864. I would appreciate any information about her parents or her birth particulars. Thanks, Rachelle

» Rachelle Gilbert  [added: 1999-07-02]
want information and phone and address of the hezibah house for troubled teens it is a christion based school and home please need infor for troubled teen Thanks

» Carol Beeman  [added: 1999-07-01]
I'm looking for information on THOMAS W. PRENTICE, allegedly an Archbishop of the Church of England early to mid 1700's. He had one sister SARAH, born in 1726 in England, emigrated to New York, NY USA 1948. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Suzan Rowe Atlanta, GA USA

» Suzan Rowe  [added: 1999-05-30]
Seeking any info on Dorothea PRENTICE born c1838 m James NEILSON 15 December, 1863. Dorothea may also have been known as Dorothy. Usual residence Braehead, Parish of Carnwath, Scotland. Daughter of Thomas Prentice, farmer and Agnes Prentice m/s McColl.

» Wayne Neilson  [added: 1999-05-29]
Am working on a Lee family. George W. Lee married Laura Prentiss in 1857 in Grand Rapids Michigan. In the 1860 census, they had no children and a Susan Prentiss was also living with them. Both Prentiss women were born in Ohio. Laura was about 29. George Lee was in the Civil War and died about 1867 while in the regular Army. Laura filed a widows pension application. Have requested records from the national archives. Does anyone know if this couple had issue? john weis

» John Weis  [added: 1999-05-22]
Sorry,I placed my original query in your guest book area. I am wondering if anyone has any information about my connections prior to my great-grandfather, Levi Prentice. He was b.03/14/1855 d.01/08/1929, in Ontario, Canada. He married Eliza Prentice (formerly Wheeler)who was b.11/19/1863 and d.1937. Levi's mother's maiden name was Eliza Miller. He was one of 10 children. My grandfather, Elias Prentice, was the youngest of eight children. They grew up on a farm in Collingwood, Ontario. Elias moved to the Toronto area and became a teacher. In 1937 Elias, b.01/29/1902 and d.1972, married Jean (Wilma) Malloy,b.09/08/1907 and d.08/1990. They had 3 children, the eldest was my father William Kenton Prentice, b. 04/06/39 and d.08/19/88. Do you have information on this part of the Prentice line i.e. a connection to Levi Prentice?

» Shelley Prentice  [added: 1999-05-14]
Looking for any information on Jean Prentice who Married William Waddell around 1735 or so. They had 4 children all born in Hindshaw (?) and baptized in Carluke. Agnes b. May 13, 1739 Robert b. Feb. 27, 1743 my 5th GreatGrandfather Marion b. Sep. 11, 1745 Jean b. Aug. 5, 1747 I have been unable to check the Carluke OPRs much beyond 1739 and so am really not sure where Jean or William were from originally. Any help appreciated.

» Mike Bleackley  [added: 1999-05-12]
Iwould like to contact any relations who are descended from John Prentice who went to Vancouver BC some 50 odd years ago. He was my father's brother. He also had a brother George. The family lived in Tring Hertfordshire, UK. Salutations to all Prentice's everywhere!

» Roger Prentice  [added: 1999-05-11]
PRENTICE/FRINK/STEVENS Hannah PRENTICE (Valentine-1, John-2) married (Feb 1693/4) John FRINK, son of John FRINK and Grace STEVENS. Inaccurate information has been propagated freely that Grace STEVENS is in some way related to Henry STEVENS and Elizabeth GALLUP (from whom I am sescended). Can anyone give me more information on who Grace might be - with references to some sources? Margaret Olson descended from Hannah's brother John and sister Esther - and from Henry Stevens, who probably is NOT related to Grace .... but who knows?

» Margaret Olson  [added: 1999-05-01]
Looking for descendents of Thomas Prentice of Uniontown, Fayette County PA. Married Isabelle Laisk ? Born in Kilidzow Scotland and moved to Phila PA and in 1819 to Fayette County. related families are Crossland and Cooper

» Anthony W. Keefer  [added: 1999-04-15]
Does anyone know the English ancestry of Henry ("the planter") Prentice?

» Nathaniel Sartell Prentice  [added: 1999-04-03]
I am looking for William, George or Jack Prentice. They were the brothers of James Henry born 1868, Charles and Frances. They were the sons of Henry Prentice and Frances Scarfe-Prentice. They were probably in England, possibly Norwich and it is thought that they settled in western Canada. If you have information, please reply. This section of my family is a mystery I would like to solve. Karen Linkie

» Karen Linkie-Prentice  [added: 1999-03-28]
I am looking for information about my great grandfather, William Prentice. The 1870 Shelby County, Alabama census lists William, age 29, born in Alabama; wife Dolly, age 30, born in Mississippi. I do not know Dolly's maiden name. There is one daughter, Laura, age 11 listed who was born in Mississippi. William was living in Montevallo, Alabama in 1870. I am trying to find out who his parents were, where they lived, if they were slaves or free. If slaves, who owned them? Were they born in Alabama or brought there from another state, another country, or Africa? This is as far back I am able to trace the Prentice's in Shelby County, Alabama through my grandfather (Isaac Prentice,b. 8/21/1876) of Montevallo (Shelby County), Alabama. Any assistance to aid me in moving ahead with this project would be appreciated.

» Isaac L. Prentice  [added: 1999-03-25]
I am looking into information about Sarah Prentice born in England 1726. She is the sister of Thomas W. Prentice Archbishop Church of England. Any information will be very helpful! Thank you

» Keith S. Wiley  [added: 1999-03-16]
I am looking for any information on VERNETTE E PRENTICE (lived around Pierre, SD in 1880) m. ELLA WINTERS BROOKING. They had a son named HARVEY VERN PRENTICE (b. july 7, 1888 d.Oct 6, 1960 and a daughter ZEVELIA (who married Dr. Raymond C Choburn and resided in Del Ray Beach. Fla.)

» Mary Ruth Prentice  [added: 1999-03-07]
I am the great granddaughter of Samuel Paul Prentice who was born on July 11, 1877 in Alabama and died on August 13, 1963 in Littlefield, Texas. He married Ada Ratliff. Their daughter who is my grandmother is Mary Jane Prentice, who was born in Mangum, Oklahoma on January 27, 1901. I need information on who Samuel Paul Prentice parents are and any other information about them.

» Sherron Price  [added: 1999-03-05]
Seeking information on John C. Prentiss/ice, residing in Toledo, OH abt 1904.

» kathryn  [added: 1999-03-01]
requesting any and all information on a George D. Prentice, possibly of philidelphia, pa or louisville, ky. I believe he married a lady with the last name of Powe. any information would be appreciated.

» ernest pattillo  [added: 1999-02-25]
My sister and I are looking for information on Edward and Mary Ball. They are our ggrandparents. My grandfather, their son, was Ezekiel E. Prentice born 8/23/11, born in Frederickstown, PA, who married Ethel Evangeline Dibble and they lived in Logansport, Indiana. He had 2 brothers - Bill and Emmet and a sister Eleanor Furnbach of Goodwill, Oklahoma. There was also an Aunt Tillie Prentice of Milwaukee, Wisconsi. Any information would be great. We are just starting the search.

» Paula Prentice  [added: 1999-02-22]
Sarah PRENTICE-Need information on Sarah PRENTICE and her ancestors. Sarah PRENTICE m. John HYDE on May 15, 1707. They probably lived in or near Cambridge, Ma. They had a dau.(my line) named Relief HYDE. They had another dau. named Sarah and a son named Jonathon.

» Terry Casto  [added: 1999-02-20]
Looking for information on the ancestry of Dolly PRENTICE who married Charles H. SOLE on 11 Nov 1792 in New London, CT. Dolly and Charles are reputed to be my GGGGGG Grandparents. They had three daughters: Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Susannah. Dolly's first marriage record describes her as "the daughter of John Prentice." She second married Frederick ROBERTS on 29 Jun 1806 in New London, CT. They had three daughters: Emilia, Mary Ann, and Rebecca. Thanks in advance for any assistance, and congratulations on a wonderful web site. -- Bill Merklee

» Bill Merklee  [added: 1999-02-16]
Does anyone have data on JAMES PRENTICE b. December 18, 1787 in New London, Connecticut? This JAMES m. JERUSHA. Did they have a son named ALFRED JAMES PRENTICE b. October 19, 1817 in NEW YORK state?

» Bonny R. Prentiss  [added: 1999-02-03]
Looking for others searching the Prentices of Fayette County, PA. The earliest immigrant is a Thomas Prentice who married an Isabellla Laisk? in Philadelphia.

» Tony Keefer  [added: 1999-01-23]
I've been helping Pat Shipman in tracing the ancestry of Adam Prentice in the Dutch East Indies. Following is her latest E-mail: "I am making a little progress on tracking down my Prentice in the Dutch East Indies; maybe you could post an update for me. If you remember, I was looking for information about Adam Prentice, born ca. 1857, in Java in the 1890's as a planter. I now know he married Jane (de) Clonie MacLennan on Jan. 16 1890 in Pasoerean, East Java; on May 21, 1892, they had a son, Gerard (or Gerardus) Alexander Prentice-MacLennan. I still have no info about Adam's parents, which I would dearly love to find. I have a suspicion that Jane is the sister of Th. C. MacLennan (also spelled Mac.lennan, with a period in the middle!) , who was the second husband of Isabella Mary Boyd. Th. (Theo?) and Isabella married on June 12 1889 in Toeloeng Agoeng (now spelled Tulungagung) East Java. Isabella is the daughter of Robert Boyd, who I was also searching for and who is now "found." Robert Boyd was born Feb. 2, 1828 in Batavia (Jakarta) Java; Isabella was his fifth child & second daughter. Robert himself was the son of a Robert Boyd from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, born ca. 1795, died Dec. 11, 1865, emigrated to Soerabaya, Java. Further speculations: Clonie, de Clonie, Cluny, Cloony, MacCluny etc. etc. are all variants of Scots names. There is even a Cluny Parish in Aberdeenshire. I know that the Boyds came to Java from Aberdeenshire early in the 1800s, probably when Java was under British control; it may be that the Clonie MacLennans and the Prentices did too. So if you or anyone else has a Prentice in Aberdeenshire who disappears" in the early 1800s and/or with family names of Adam, Alexander, Gerald/Gerard, I'd be interested! Thanks, Pat Shipman.

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1999-01-20]
I'm interested in finding info on Christian Peyton Prentice. He was the father of Elijah Andrew and the Father-In-Law of Nancy Jane Maryfield. Thanks

» Alex  [added: 1999-01-14]

» cheryl yatchmanoff  [added: 1999-01-11]
Looking for parents of Thomas Prentice born circa 1784 in Kilinzow ?? Scotland. Came to the Us via Philadelphia pre 1815. Married Isabella LAISK of Chestnut Street, Phila. He died in 9 June 1869, Uniiontown, PA Fayette County. Have not been able to locate the syrname LAISK anywhere and cannot find Kilinzow anywhere in Scotland. Any help appreciated

» Anthony Keefer  [added: 1999-01-09]
I am looking for any information about the Prentice's of Shelby County, Alabama. I am the gggrandson of Isabella Jane Prentice (b. 6/17/1827) who was the second wife of Amariah Garrett (b. 12/28/1802, m. 3/11/1853). Isabella was the daughter of James and Margaret Prentice. Isabella's siblings are Martha D., John, and James H. Any info would be appreciated.

» Barkley Garrett  [added: 1999-01-04]
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