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If you're looking for that elusive Prentice/ss/s individual, feel free to post your question here. All queries posted to this page are also posted to the PrenticeNet mailing list!

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44 queries in 1997 ..
This is an addition to the query of William PRENTICE. The information that I listed came from an Obit. Also, I left off my great-grandmother, Margaret Prentice Smith. She was born in 1892 and died March 1, 1945. She married Solomon Lewis Smith in 1910.

» William Prentice Smith, Jr.  [added: 1997-12-26]
Does anyone know what the pattern is for the Prentice tartan? Please send me a description. Thanks, Will Smith Albany, OR

» William Prentice Smith, Jr.  [added: 1997-12-23]
I am looking for information on my great-grandfather, William Prentice. He was born in Scotland 1862, and came to America with his wife Mary Kennedy and two children Thomas D. and Alex in 1885. He settled in Latrobe, PA. Other children are John, William and Kathrine (Mrs. W.P. McGrane) of Greensburg. William died December 31, 1947 He worked in the coal mines as a fire boss near Latrobe. He was a member of the United Brethren Church, Latrobe and LOOM.

» William Prentice Smith, Jr.  [added: 1997-12-23]
WILLIAM OTIS PRENTISS, South Carolina: William Otis Prentiss, son of Dr. James Otis Prentice, was b. 30 Sep 1814 and in 1883 lived in Charleston, SC. He had 22 children: Christopher Jenkins, Wm. Fripp, Otis Dunkin, Robert J., Charles Brewster, Matilda, Mary Harriet, Owen, Leighton, Catherine Jenkin, Maria, Augustine, James Henry, Annie, Stephen, Thomas Davis, Helen Trenholm, Annabella Keith, Keith, Elizabeth, Paul Trapier, and Lucy. Information about them and their descendants would be greatly appreciated.

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-12-05]
George Dennison Prentice b - December 18, 1802 in Preston, New London, CT. Father - Rufus Prentice Mother - Sarah Stanton d - January 22, 1870 in of pnumonia He was a writer of Several Books including "The Poems of George D. Prentice" and "Prenticeana" "Prenticeana seems to be a book of strange & whitty quotes. It make me wonder if he is a relative of Joe DeWald.(J/K Joe)If you have any information on this writer. Please send it to me.

» William B Williams II  [added: 1997-11-16]
Prentiss, Benjamin Mayberry Major General Benjamin Mayberry Prentiss was sometimes called the "Hero of the Hornet's Nest" in commemoration of the splendid manner in which he bravely and determinedly held his assigned position at the Battle of Shiloh, near Pittsburg Landing, in Tennessee, on April 5th & 6th, 1862. This battle was oftened described as the "Hornet's Nest". Prentiss, Brigadier General at the time, was finally captured, together with most of his command, on the second day of the battle. Benjamin Mayberyy Prentiss was born at Bellville, in what is now the state of West Virginia, on November 23, 1819 and died at Bethany, MO., on Febuary *, 1901. If anyone has any other information on this person, or how they are related, if they are, to me, I would appreciate it. I got this material from "American Nicknames" and "Reminiscenses of the Civil War"

» Bill Williams II  [added: 1997-11-06]
Henry Hamilton Prentice, my great-great-grandfather, was born on St Kitts, West Indies, in April 1807. He was a ship's steward and his Seaman's ticket of 1846 describes him as "a man of colour". He married Ann Jane McKenzie of Greenock, Scotland and emigrated to Brisbane, Australia in about 1849. He disappeared in about 1863. We believe his paternal line to have been Scottish. Another clue may be the prevalence of "Henry" and "Clement Philip" as names in the family. Can anyone offer any assistance or advice?

» Malcolm Prentis  [added: 1997-11-03]
HORATIO NELSON PRENTICE marr'd MARTHA MOTT in 1839 at Lockport, NY. Does anyone have information on this Mott family?

» Lewis Murray  [added: 1997-11-03]
Re: JOHN PRENTICE The Prenticenet DAR Patriot Index shows John Prentice who marr'd Dorothy SEXTON as RS from Connecticutt. Request for records by NATF form yields 3 John Prentices from CT. They served in following units (1)Latimer's Regt. Conn. Militia (2) McClellan's Regt. Conn. Militia (3) 13th Regt. Conn. Militia Does anyone know which is the John marr'd to Dorothy Sexton? Thanks, Lewis Murray

» Lewis Murray  [added: 1997-11-03]
Does anyone have info on family of one "EDWIN PRENTICE" listed as member of Co. K, SIXTH OHIO CAVALRY during Civil War? Trying to determine if this was my great-gf Edwin I. Prentice whose obit stated he enlisted in Union Army in Ohio (but no unit mentioned).

» Lewis Murray  [added: 1997-10-28]
I am looking for the names of the parents of Nathaniel Prentice, who died Nov. 6, 1911 at age 88yrs, 8mos, 8 days, and is buried in Welsh, Louisiana. He came through Iowa, we believe, and originally from Vermont or New Hampshire.

» Kitty Prentice  [added: 1997-10-15]
I any looking for any info on the Prentice Family which lived in Hamilton Ontario Canada from approx 1918 until the mid 1980's Thank in advance for any assistance

» Gregory Leonard Prentice  [added: 1997-09-30]
Looking for the parents of Sanford Prentice (birth and death dates unknown) who married a Hannah -?-. Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Joseph Aldrich (1718-1789) in Uxbridge, Worcester, MA in 1740.

» Barbara C Hamilton  [added: 1997-09-21]
Hi Folks, Three weeks ago i asked about a Nicholas PRENTICE whose will was dated 1686 Essex, Eng. No response to my query as yet. I neglected to provide the location in Essex. Rivenhall, Essex, Eng. was the parish. I've been told it is located about 12 miles from Chelmsford. Regards Tom

» tom dunn  [added: 1997-09-15]
Searching for anc./information on JAMES PRENTISS m. EUNICE _____, res. Somers. Conn. c. 1740-after 1758. Children were JAMES JR. b.c. 1738 (not in Somers) and m. Hannah KIBBE 1760 in Somer; ELIZABEH b. 1740 may have m. Hezekiah REED of Willamsburg Mass. in Belchertown, Mass., 1776; MOSES b. 1744 and m. Abigail TAPPAN in Belchertown, Mass. 1768; AARON b. 1746; EUNICE b. 1749; ABIEL b. 1752; HANNAH b. 1755 m. Eliphalet GREEN in Belchertown, Mass., SARAH b. and d. 1758. Citations available for above information, additional GREEN info also. Thank you.

» Cindy Brown  [added: 1997-09-14]
Does anyone have any information on Nicholas Prentice and his wife Grace. Nicholas wrote a will at Essex, Eng. in 1686. He mentions sons Nicholas and John, also grandson Nicholas. Regards Tom

» Tom Dunn  [added: 1997-09-01]
Searching for Eben Prentis married to Elizabeth Shapley. Wife's F is John Shapley, Mother is Elizabeth Harris. They had 2 children: Elizabeth Prentis and Elizabeth Shapley Prentis married to Edward Pratt from New London, Ct. Need info on Eben Prentis.

» Angela Beller  [added: 1997-08-21]
I'm looking for the ancestors of Cheever James Prentice, possibly born in MA (Nantucket?) c. 1880s. Married Addie Gilbert and they had a son, James Cheever Prentice, (possibly Cheever James, Jr.) born on Nantucket Is., MA about 1920. Family settled in New Harbor, ME (Boothbay Harbor Region). Cheever's ancestors owned the Prentice Wharf on Boston Harbor which was destroyed in the Great Boston Fire of 1870 (?) I don't know any more about Cheever--or Addie, for that matter and am anxious to start tracing them back from the 1880s. Tickled to find you all here!

» D.M. Prentice  [added: 1997-07-23]
Looking for information that validates Binney's claim that John Prentice (b. 27 Aug. 1734) is the son of Rev. Nathaniel Prentice (Henry, Henry). The Dunstable records show only Mary, William Henry, and two Nathaniels.

» Scott Prentice  [added: 1997-07-17]

» MARK PRENTICE  [added: 1997-07-07]
I am looking for information on Mannasseh Prentice b 1827 married Weltha Barnes, the son of Levi Prentice son of Mannasseh Prentice of Preston, CT son of Joseph Prentice, son of Samuel Prentice son of Thomas Prentice son of Thomas Prentice.

» Bev Schrieber  [added: 1997-07-02]
Looking for descendants of Prentices from Carstairs/Carluke LKS of Scotland. Descendants of James Prentice & Isabell Forrest, William Prentice & Katherine Wallace, William Prentice & Grizzel Alexander, James Prentice & Margaret Stark, George Prentice & Caroline Alexander, Annetta Maria Prentice & John A. Platt.

» Carol A. Novak  [added: 1997-06-29]
Impressive family page! I am looking for more information on Hester Ann (Hobaugh) who married Alfred James Prentice in 1847 in New Buffalo, Michigan. They had two children: John Andrew and James Alfred. If you have information on this family and their descendents please contact me. I have additional information to share. Thanks!

» Carla Smith  [added: 1997-06-25]
Does anyone have info on a Hezekiah Prentice who lived (and possibly born and died in) in Massachusetts, around late 1800's. Apologize for vague information; I am just beginning my genealogical research. Hezekiah was my great-grandfather's (Louis Prentice b.1900? lived in CT) father.

» Susan Prentice  [added: 1997-06-18]
VIRGINIA PRENTICES: The "Marriages of Some Virginia Residents" says William Prentis m. Mary Geddy on 5 Mar 1789 in Petersburg, VA. Who are their parents and their descendants?

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-06-03]
VIRGINIA PRENTICES: The "Genealogy of Virginia Families" says Jno. Prentis, b. c. 1740-60, and son of Capt. William Prentis, m. Mary Harrison Peterson and had sons Thomas Augustine Prentis, John Peterson Prentis and Maria Prentis. Who are their descendants? Who are the parents of Capt. William Prentis?

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-06-03]
VIRGINIA PRENTICES: The "Early Virginia Emigrants" book contains the following entry: "Prentice, Val., 1654, by Major Miles Carey, Westmoreland Co." What are his roots? What does the entry signify about his status? Who are his descendants?

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-06-03]
VIRGINIA PRENTICES: A book of early Virginia Wills contains a 1646 Will by John Scarlett of Norwich, VA mentioning his sister, Anne (Scarlett) Prentice, apparently the wife of a John Prentice, son of John Prentice then deceased in 1646. The Will also mentions Prudence Prentice, sister of John Prentice, and Thomas Prentice, son of Henry Prentice. Who are their ancestors and descendants?

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-06-03]
Albert Prentiss (middle name may have been McVeedy) is my grandfather. He was born 1900 - 1910 in Toledo, OH. He was in Montana in the mid-1920s. We are looking for any information. Thanks.

» Sadowski  [added: 1997-06-01]
JACKSON PRENTICE: Earline Prentice Sloan has traced her roots back to Jackson Prentice, b. 1820 in TN. His father may be Robert Prentice, and Robert's father may be James Prentice. If you have information, about them, about their roots, or about Prentice families in TN in the 1700s and early 1800s, please contact me.

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-05-28]
CONNIE WILSON was a Valentine Prentice researcher who died on 21 Feb 1996. If you know any of her kin, or have corresponded with her, and can provide us with information she had about PRENTICES, we surely would like to hear from you.

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-05-23]
CHRISTOPHER PRENTICE: He was b. 9 Oct 1779 in CT and m. DEBORAH MATILDA DUNHAM on 3 Oct 1804. They eventually settled in Penfield, Ontario Co., NY. Who are his parents, siblings and descendants?

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-05-19]
I am trying to establish a link between my ancestor, Oliver PRENTICE who came to Etobicoke (Toronto) in 1801 with his wife Lydia DELONG and Oliver PRENTICE b 1776 Nova Scotia. The latter was the grandson of Rev Oliver PRENTICE of Stonington CT. They were descendants of Capt. Thomas PRENTICE from England. Any help gratefully received.

» CarolAnne Prentice Chepurny (Holland Landing, ON, Canada)  [added: 1997-05-18]
PEREZ PRENTICE: Seeking information about ancestors, siblings and descendants. He was b. c. 1750-73, perhaps in or near Stonington, CT. May have had a brother named Stanton Prentice.

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-05-17]
Seeking information about ancestors, siblings and descendants of ROBERT PRENTICE, b. 13 Oct 1770 in Winchester, NH. His father was said to be a captain in the army and born in Boston c. 1720-45.

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-05-17]
Seeking information about descendants of Thomas Prentice, son of Jonas Prentice and Lucy Denison, b. 7 Apr 1743. May have moved to NY by 1790.

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-05-17]
Seeking information about parents and siblings of Stanton Prentice, b. c. 1760-75 and who was living in Greene, Chenango Co., NY near his son, John P. Prentice, at the time of the 1820 census.

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-05-17]
I would like to know of anyone related to my father Robert Earl Prentice or his father Percy Paul Prentice. We know of no other family members and do not know what ever happened to Percy Paul after he left my father's mother over 70 years ago! A genetic terminal genetic disease runs in our family and we are trying to trace it back. Thanks for any info.

» Kim Prentice Schlotterbeck (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)  [added: 1997-05-14]
I'm looking for the father and mother of Virgil C. Prentice the husband of Evelyn Campbell. He was my grandfather born about 1910

» Raymond A. Prentice (Fort Worth, TX, USA)  [added: 1997-05-14]
Seeking researchers of the Prentice, Prentis and Prentiss surnames who are living in England and who would like to help build our PrenticeNet database.

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-05-14]
I am looking for George Prentice he was born in Monipelier Vermont in 1881. His fathers name was Isaac Prentice his mother was Emily Proctor. Goerge had six children three sons and three daughters. His sons were Robert, Harold, Clayton and his daughters were Evelina, Alice, Glady. In the 1920 census they were living in Chittenden county Vermont. Geogre's wife was born in plattsburgh New York in 1890.

» Roger A Fleming (No. Attleboro, Ma., U.s.a.)  [added: 1997-05-13]
Henry and Nathan (or Nathaniel) Prentice, said to be twins, were born c. 1787 in the Preston-Plainfield area of CT. They, and their widowed mother, moved to Burlington Flats, Otsego Co., NY c. 1790-1810. Who were their parents?

» Joe Dewald  [added: 1997-05-13]
Came upon your site from AOL! Looking for a Mable Prentice who m. Henry Fowler. Their daughter Estella Grace m. George Colcord or George Herron?? Estella died 11/16/1957 age 79 So....Mable Prentice age? 1860's?? Manchester NH area or Webster Mass before NH. Any help would be appreciated.

» Char Herron (Sonoma, CA, USA)  [added: 1997-04-26]
The earliest Prentices I can find that are related were William, Joseph and Frederick in Toledo, Ohio - around 1820. They came from the east after the war of 1812 & founded Toledo. My branch went to Jackson, Michigan - GGGrandfather - Frederick, had Bearl O. Prentice (My Grandrather) and Edwin W. Prentice (my father)....Any information about the Toledo branch of the Prentices would be really helpful....

» Patricia Prentice (Muskegon, MI, USA)  [added: 1997-04-18]
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