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Prentice Obituaries

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Edith Prentiss - b.1931-03-22; d.2020-02-20; Keene, NH, US; SentinelSource.com [ID:267; 2020-02-29]

Dean Sutherland Prentice - b.1932-10-05; d.2019-11-02; Cambridge, ON, CAN; Corbett Funeral Home [ID:266; 2019-11-06]

Sarah 'Sally' Benjamin Anderson Prentice - b.1918-07-04; d.2019-06-04; Charlotte, NC, US; The Putnam County News and Recorder [ID:265; 2019-06-12]

Kelley Louise (Prentice) McAloon - b.1967-12-30; d.2019-04-20; Bristol, NH, US; The Laconia Daily Sun [ID:261; 2019-04-30]

Margarita (López) Prentice - b.1931-02-22; d.2019-04-02; Bryn Mawr, WA, US; Seattle Times [ID:262; 2019-04-30]

(Douglas) Bruce Prentice - b.1924-01-22; d.2019-03-18; Surrey, BC, Canada; Chilliwack Progress [ID:263; 2019-04-30]

Lorraine Prentiss - b.?; d.2019-03-03; Ellington, CT, US; Hartford Courant [ID:259; 2019-03-19]

Wilbert George "Gus" Prentice - b.1920-11-06; d.2019-01-21; Springhill, Nova Scotia, CANADA; The Chronicle Herald [ID:257; 2019-02-02]

Nancy Lee Prentice - b.1955-11-10; d.2019-01-16; Jerome, ID, US; MagicValley.com [ID:256; 2019-01-21]

William "Bill" Dudley Prentice - b.1929-06-17; d.2018-11-21; St. Johns, AZ, US; White Mountain Independent [ID:258; 2019-02-02]

Helen I. (Prentice) Stern - b.1922-05-19; d.2018-11-19; IL, US; Modell Funeral Home & Cremation Services [ID:253; 2018-11-24]

Joan M. Prentice - b.1936-03-31; d.2018-11-18; Winchester, NH, US; SentinelSource.com [ID:252; 2018-11-24]

Joseph P. Prentiss - b.?; d.2018-11-08; Shrewsbury, MA, US; Community Advocate [ID:251; 2018-11-19]

Carolyn George Prentice Higby - b.?; d.2018-10-28; Mobile, AL, US; Mobile Register and Baldwin County [ID:250; 2018-11-04]

Lucy Evelyn Sheffer Spiceland - b.?; d.2018-10-25; Muscle Shoals, AL, US; Owasso Reporter [ID:248; 2018-11-01]

Frank A. Prentice - b.1941-02-11; d.2018-10-17; Traverse City, MI, US; The Review [ID:247; 2018-10-28]

Dorothy Prentice Ziegler - b.1942-10-03; d.2018-10-11; Rutland, VT, US; Rutland Herald [ID:246; 2018-10-17]

Gale Gilbert Prentice - b.1923-08-07; d.2018-09-12; Phoenix, AZ, US; Omaha World-Herald [ID:249; 2018-11-04]

Theodore C. Prentice, M.D. - b.?; d.2018-09-06; Buffalo (?), New York, US; The Buffalo News [ID:245; 2018-09-17]

Joan A. Prentiss - b.1932-02-04; d.2018-07-07; McKinleyville, CA, US; SentinelSource.com [ID:243; 2018-07-13]

Jean E. Prentice - b.?; d.2018-05-27; West Hempfield Twp., PA, US; LancasterOnline.com [ID:239; 2018-06-04]

William H. Prentiss - b.1929-07-02; d.2018-05-12; West Chesterfield, NH, US; SentinelSource.com [ID:240; 2018-06-04]

Nancy Prentice - b.1929-10-13; d.2018-04-13; Gering, Nebraska; Scottsbluf Star Herald [ID:232; 2018-04-23]

James Prentice - b.1947-08-29; d.2018-04-11; Illiopolis, IL; The News-Gazette [ID:231; 2018-04-23]

Joseph Linehan - b.1937-12-16; d.2018-04-03; Ipswich, Massachusetts; The Local Ne.ws [ID:233; 2018-04-23]

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