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Descendants of Robert Prentice

Preface by L. J. Dewald:

Lee and Scott Prentice have generously provided this website so that we may present this material from our new, 1997 PRENTICE book which is based on Binney's older, 1882, edition, but which contains much new material. Both books are based, in part, on The Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, by James Savage.

1. Robert Prentice of Roxbury, MA.

Binney says that Robert was born in 1635 and relates that the old parish register of Nazing, England has this entry: Elizabeth Prentice, dau. of Robert Prentice, and Elizabeth his wife, was baptized April 20, 1635." Possibly this may be the Robert who came to Roxbury and perhaps his wife, Elizabeth or that child may have died in England the year he came to America.

Comment: Either the date is an error, or James and Thomas, born c. 1629 and c. 1632 cannot be his children nor could he have given a subscription towards a free school in 1645 (see below). It is more likely Robert was born 1600-1610.

Comment: Apart from Binney's speculation, nowhere in Binney's 1883 book does he say Robert was ever married or had any specifically identified wife or children.

Binney also speculates that Robert was probably a relative of Valentine Prentice of Roxbury who immigrated with Eliot of Nazing in 1631 and probably also a relative of Capt. Thomas Prentice of Newton who administered on Robert's estate and perhaps a relative of the planter, Henry Prentice of Cambridge, MA.

Comment: Binney's conjecture that he is a relative of Valentine Prentice appears based solely on their both living in Roxbury, the name, Robert, appearing in a Nazing register, and Eliot also living in Roxbury. As indicated above, his likely birth date of 1600-1610 makes him of Valentine's generation, and recent research shows he is not a brother of Valentine. Binney's statement about his relationship to Thomas is based on a statement by James Savage that Robert's inventory was presented for probate by his brother, Thomas Prentice of Newton, MA. Binney offers no evidence to support his conjecture that Robert is a relative of Henry.

In 1645, Aug. 31, Robert Prentice gave a year's subscription towards a free school in Roxbury, MA according to Ellis' History of Roxbury, MA. Sept 20, 1658, Sergeant John Ruggles' inventory, Roxbury, credits Robert Prentice for work, and William Peacock's inventory of 22 Jan 1660 mentions him (see NEHGR, v. x, pg. 267). On 25 Oct 1664, Robert Prentiss and others signed the Roxbury petition to the General Court about the infringement of their patent. On 7 Feb 1665, Thomas Prentice, of Newton, presented Robert Prentice's inventory to Probate Court, in which on Probate Court records, Boston, is mentioned a house and two acres of land, £50; dwelling house and orchard, £30, and other lands and household utensils, a bull stagge at Capt. Prentices, etc. Total £174 15s, Gd.; debts £29, 4 s, Gd.' Dr. John Alcock of Roxbury was his physician, and on 26 Apr 1665 Capt. Thomas Prentice swore to the inventory. He was a member of the First Roxbury, MA Church, the records of which say he was buried Feb. 12, 1665.'

Comment: As for children, to date there is no documentation that he was married or had children. However, based on James' Savage's speculation that he was the father of brothers James and Thomas Prentice of Newton, they are so-listed below:
  1. James Prentice Sr. of Newton, MA, b. c. 1629 [2]
  2. Thomas Prentice, the second, of Newton, MA, b. c. 1632. [3]

2. James Prentice, Sr. of Cambridge and Newton, MA, b. 1629, probably in England, and brother of Thomas Prentice, the second (and supposed to be sons of Robert of Roxbury); d. 7 Mar 1710, age 81. He married Susanna Johnson about 1655, dau. of Edward Johnson of Woburn, MA, author of the "Wonder-working Providence," who came over in 1630 from Kent in England.

In 1650, James and Thomas bought together of Thomas Parish, of England, through his attorney, Thomas Danforth, 400 acres of land in Cambridge, MA and in 1657 James bought 100 acres in Cambridge Village (Newton, MA). Part of the latter was later the site of the ancient-meeting house and the burial-place in Newton.

In 1652, in a journey made to ascertain the latitude of the northern boundary of the colony of MA during the union of MA and NY is this entry: "Item, James Prentise, for the journey, £3."

Was a freeman 26 Mar 1660. He helped build up the town of Woburn and erect a church there, and was the town clerk from 1640 to his death in Woburn on 23 Apr 1672.

James and Thomas Prentice, the second, built the ancient sharp-roofed house (demolished in 1800) near the burial-place. They occupied it in common many years and bought the farm together. John Prentice, Sr., son of Capt. Thomas Prentice and his wife, Grace, had part of this land. John, dying childless (see pg. 164, #1vii), left by Will in 1689, all of his land, etc. to his wife for life, and at her death half of it and £10 to go to his cousin (nephew?), Rev. John Prentice of Lancaster, MA; and John's wife, Elizabeth (Jackson) had power to devise the other half of the estate; who then, as Mme. Bond, at her deceased, Willed the other half of it to her cousin, her first husband's brother's son, Rev. John Prentice, of Lancaster, MA, and Rev. John Prentice sold the whole to Henry Gibbs, Esq., in 1742.

In James Prentice's inventory he is called "Yeoman"; amount £286 14s. 0d. On 17 Apr 1673, the testimony of James Prentice, age 44, that widow Smith had lands of Joseph Bartlett. Samuel and Elizabeth Eldred, of Wickford, Narragansett, testify "that James Prentice, of Cambridge, was to serve James Bates and wife one year more than he did, as he could get more wages. Bates, being his townsman and countryman, with no kindred in this country, engaged to give Prentiss £20 at his marriage." On 11 Jun 1644, James Prentice's writ vs. goods of John Betts (Bates?) and wife, Elizabeth of Cambridge, deceased, in hands of their executors. (Middlesex Co. records, E. Cambridge, MA.) Children of James and Susanna:

  1. James Prentice Jr., b. 11 Mar 1655 in Newton. He was the last of the male line of James Prentice, Sr. He m. Elizabeth (surname unknown) and where he went after 1711 is not presently known.
  2. Susanna Prentice, b. 29 Jun 1657. She had £2 3s. per her father's inventory in 1710. She and her sister, Hannah, were also legatees of Edward Johnson's property, as mentioned earlier.
  3. Hannah Prentice, b. 24 Apr 1659.
  4. Elizabeth Prentice, b. 25 Aug 1660.
  5. Sarah Prentice, b. 1662. Her Will, "late of Newton, deceased, is dated 14 Aug 1738. Robert Prentice was one of her executors. She left her property to Robert, James and Mary, children of James (#7, following) and Elizabeth (Bartlett) Prentice."
  6. Rose Prentice, b. 1663; has £1 per her father's inventory, 17 Apr 1710.

3. Thomas Prentice, the second that part of Cambridge, south side of the river, later Newton, MA, brother of James Prentice Sr. (#2) and perhaps the son of Robert Prentice (#1) of Roxbury, MA and nephew of Thomas Prentice, the trooper, of Newton, MA, was b. in England in 1632 or 1633. He, with his brother James, bought their farm together in Newton in 1657 and were among the first settlers there. He m. Rebecca Jackson, dau. of Edward Jackson Sr. of Newton, MA (who was b. 1612 and came from Whitechapel Parish London about 1640 and d. at Newton in 1681) and his first wife, Elizabeth.

Rebecca Jackson was b. in England c. 1632-3 and bapt. in London at Whitechapel Parish on 10 Oct 1633 (per its register). She was a sister of Elizabeth Jackson, the first wife of John, son of Capt. Thomas Prentice, the trooper, of Newton, MA.

Thomas Prentice, the second, d. in Newton at age 90-91 in 1722. The date of Rebecca's death is unknown. Thomas was selectman in Newton in 1686, 1690, 1699 and 1700. There is no record of him in Newton's births, death or marriages, nor on probate records. There is the following:

    "On the first day of the first month, called March, 1650, Thomas Danforth, attorney for Thomas Parish and wife, Mary...deeds to James and Thomas Prentice, Jr., both of Cambridge, MA, 400 acres of land in Cambridge....Also in 1657, same to same, 100 acres of land, that farm that James Prentice now dwells on..."

In the affidavit of Thomas Prentice, the second, in 1713 he says: "About 60 years ago (1653) I held the end of a chain to lay out a highway in Newton"; which would make him about 91 at his death in 1722. On 13 May 1713, Thomas Prentice (then called Senior), made a gift-deed to his son, Thomas of "Burnt Hill, in Newton, adjoining the new dwelling-house of said Thomas Prentice, except what I have allowed to my son-in-law, John Hyde, and reserving 2/3d of the ceder swamp to my sons, John and Edward Prentice"; acknowledged 4 May 1714, and recorded 24 Jan 1724. Children of Thomas and Rebecca:

  1. Frances Prentice, the eldest according to Jackson's History of Newton; m. Joseph Palmer of Stonington, CT on 13 Nov 1687. For her descendants, see Wheeler's History of Stonington, Ct, pg. 512, #20.
  2. Thomas Prentice Jr., b. c. 1669 in Newton. [4]
  3. John Prentice. [5]
  4. Edward Prentice. [6]
  5. James Prentice. [7]
  6. Sarah Prentice; m. John Hyde of Newton on 15 May 1707. He was the son of John and grandson of Dea. Samuel Hyde.
  7. Rebecca Prentice.
  8. Hannah Prentice; m. John Hyde.
  9. Enos Prentice; m. Lydia (surname unknown) and probably died before 1713. Son: 1. Ebenezer Prentice, b. 4 or 10 Nov 1710.
  10. Ebenezer Prentice; a constable of Newton, MA in 1687. [8]

4. Thomas Prentice, Jr. son of Thomas and Rebecca; m. Elizabeth (Bond?) c. 1690 and d. 11 Dec 1721; his widow, Elizabeth, was his administratrix on 9 Jan 1725. Children:

  1. John Prentice, b. 6 Mar 1691; settled in Preston, CT. [9]
  2. Rebecca Prentice, b. 22 Dec 1693.
  3. Ebenezer Prentice, b. 1706; blacksmith in Newton in 1728; married Elizabeth (surname unknown).
  4. Thomas Prentice; selectman in Newton, 1753-4. William Ward was guardian to Ebenezer Prentice, 12 Jun 1728. "An Ebenezer Prentice of Newton, MA, blacksmith, and John Prentice of Preston, CT, husbandman, heirs of the late Thomas Prentice; convey house and land in Newton..." etc.

5. Dr. John Prentice,cordwainer," afterwards "physician," son of Thomas and Rebecca; d. 4 Jan 1720-1; m., 1st, Hannah Osland in 1696, who d. May 1704; he m., 2nd, Bethia (surname unknown) who d. before 1754. In his father's deed of gift in 1714, he is called "cordwainer," as he was in a deed of 18 acres of land from John Parker in 1703 in Newton. In 1718, John Prentice of Newton, "physician," and wife, Bethia, convey part of the same 18 acres to Nathaniel Longley, John Prentice having between 1703 and 1718 dropped the "last and lapstone," and taken physic. On 3 Dec 1710, Dr. John Prentice of Newton petitioned the General Court "for payment of his services in the war at the Eastward when impressed in Capt. Willis' company, several years before, in the public service (probably as surgeon in the army); was wounded in the thigh and both arms, and incapable of husbandry work, and indigent. The court granted him £6. His Will says his wife, Bethia, to have her thirds and names his six daughters. Inventory, 29 Jan 1721-2, total £321 2s. 6d. After his widow Bethia died, his property in 1754 was divided among his children. Among his effects were "30 acres of land, some books, surgeon's instruments," etc. Children of Dr. John and Hannah:

  1. Hannah Prentice, b. 25 Oct 1697; m. Thomas Soden on 19 Mar 1723-4, of Cambridge; she d. 19 Feb 1761, age 66, and he d. 23 Feb 1770, age 71.
  2. Experience Prentice, b. 26 Sep 1700.
  3. Rebecca Prentice, b. 27 Mar 1704.

Children of Dr. John and Bethia:

  1. Elizabeth Prentice; m. John Knapp in 1727.
  2. Bethia Prentice, b. 16 Aug 1713.
  3. Anna Prentice, b. 17 Nov 1717; m. Nathan or Nathaniel Hyde in 1740.

6. Edward Prentice, son of Thomas and Rebecca; m. Sarah Osland, sister to Dr. John Prentice's first wife, Hannah. Edward d. 16 Sep 1724. On 9 Oct 1724 his widow, Sarah, was administratrix of his estate of £619 person. He was constable of Newton at his death. An ancient pear-tree marked the spot in Newton where Edward's house stood, a few rods west of Ebenezer W. White's house. Widow Sarah, with her grandchildren, Edward, John and Abigail Prentice, conveyed this homestead and 50 acres to Ebenezer Davis in 1764. "West by Robert Prentice." An autograph of Edward Prentice is on g. 618 of MA records, State House, Boston. One son:

  1. Edward Prentice Jr., b. 19 Nov 1706. [10]

7. James Prentice, son of Thomas and Rebecca; m. Elizabeth Bartlett on 9 Dec 1710, dau. of Henry and Mary Bartlett of Marlboro, MA. She was b. 27 Feb 1686. Hudson's "History of Marlboro" says "She m. Dec. 9 or March 8, 1709 or 1710, John (?) Prentice"; and L. Bigelow, town clerk of Marlboro, says "John Prentice m. Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Bartlett, of Marlboro, and both of Newton." This is probably a repetition of the error of John for James Prentice. James Prentice d. 1719; and she d. 1724, at her father's house. Widow Elizabeth and Capt. Thomas Prentice administered James Prentice' estate, 1 Apr 1719. Inventory, £129, of 22 Dec 1789; estate settled by grant to the widow of £12 15s. 11d.; and to the three children (Robert, James and Mary Prentice), £65 12s. 0d., "paid to S. Prentice, H. Prentice, and Edw. Prentice."

In 1719, Capt. Thomas Prentice of Newton, "gentleman," was guardian to Robert, age 11 years, and James, 6 years; and Widow Elizabeth was guardian to Mary, 4 years, till her mother's death, in 1724, when Jeremiah Willard, "bloomer," of Newton, was appointed Mary's guardian.

On Capt. Thomas Prentice's death in 1729, James Prentice, then 18, chose Ebenezer Ward as his guardian, whose account, 1 Aug 1736, of £39 3s. 5d., charges 5s, for putting James out to apprentice. On Mrs. Elizabeth Prentice's death in 1724, the settlement of her estate was committed to capt. Thomas Prentice of Newtown, her husband's administrator, by consent of her father, Henry Bartlett, of Marlboro, at whose house she died. Her inventory, 29 Jan 1724, was £60 personal; real estate, house, buildings, and £145, and 5 acres of Great Bald Pate meadow, £40. See also bequest of Sarah Prentice, #2v on pg. 229, each receiving £100 and to Robert her real estate; total inventory, £900, including a "tailor's goose." Children of James and Elizabeth:

  1. Robert Prentice. [11]
  2. James Prentice Jr., b. 1 Mar 1715.
  3. Mary Prentice, b. 7 Nov 1716.

8. Ebenezer Prentice. No certain record of him.

9. John Prentice, son of Thomas and Elizabeth; m. Elizabeth (surname unknown) 29 Sep 1715 in Newton, MA and moved to Preston, CT where he had children, and perhaps moved also to Canterbury, CT and may have had a second wife. Children:

  1. Mary Prentice, b. 1716. Could she be the Mary Prentice who d. in York, ME., 20 Nov 1792, age 77, agreeing with her birth? But T. B. Wyman, of Charlestown, MA, had about her, "Mary, widow of Thomas Prentice, d. in York, ME about 1791."
  2. Elizabeth Prentice, b. 29 Jun 1719, Preston, CT. She may be the Elizabeth who. m. Joseph Aldrich in Uxbridge, MA on 2 Jan 1740 where her brother, Jonah/Jonas, #v below, lived.
  3. Samuel Prentice, b. 3 Nov 1721, Preston, CT. [12]
  4. John Prentice, b. c. 1723, Preston or Canterbury, CT. [13]
  5. Jonah/Jonas Prentice, b. c. 1726 at Preston or Canterbury. Binney identified him as an itinerant blacksmith in Uxbridge, MA, 1753 or 1759. The IGI says Jonah married Abigail Cummings on 25 Nov 1760 at Uxbridge and had the following children, all born at Uxbridge:
    1. William Prentice, b. 1762.
    2. Hannah Prentice, b. 1763.
    3. Ellepir Prentice, b. 1765.
    4. Samuel Prentice, b. 1767.
    5. Thaddeus Prentice, b. 1772, who m. Keziah Southwick on 27 Sep 1795 at Menden, Worc., MA. Moved to Wyoming Co., PA and had:
      1. Southwick Prentice, who appears in the 1840 and 1850 census at Middlebury, Wyoming Co., NY. He m. Betsey Ann Smith and had 3 sons and 7 daughters, including Elizabeth (c. 1827), Mary (c. 1843) and Sarah (c. 1845).
      2. Joseph Prentice
      3. Maria Prentice
      4. Eunice Prentice.
    6. Javan Prentice, b. 1775.
  6. William Prentice, b. c. 1730 at Canterbury, CT, m. Trial Darling of Uxbridge, MA. In 1755 he went to "Chestnut Hill", Mendon, later Blackstone, MA, and was alive in 1785 and perhaps in 1806. [13a]
  7. Rufus Prentice, b. 1762 in "Douglas".
  8. Dilly Prentice, b. aft. 1715, m. Mr. Brown. She lived to nearly 100.
  9. Ebenezer Prentice (?), b. aft. 1715, and perhaps died unmarried.

"John Prentis, of Preston County, of New London, Colony of Ct., Husbandman, and Ebenezer Prentis, of Newton, Blacksmith, deed to Timo. Whitney, of Newton, Husbandman, Land and dwelling-house in Newton, S. E. by Edw. Prentice, etc., Elizabeth Prentice, our mother, also joins, and Edward Prentice to have a way through the land." (Middlesex Co., MA records)

Luke Prentice of Northbridge, MA had a bond of Daniel Elliot's (of Sutton) to John Prentice, of Canterbury, Windham Co., CT, dated 9 Oct 1737; and Luke Prentice thinks John Prentice may have removed from Preston to Canterbury, CT and had his last five children in Canterbury;

"and Luke Prentice also said when he was a young man that Ebenezer Prentice (above) was of Uxbridge, from 1724 to 1730, and from Walpole, and was brother to Samuel, and that his father James also told Luke that Ebenezer, brother of John and Samuel, was a bachelor, and of or from Roxbury or Newton, and died at great age."

10. Edward Prentice Jr., son of Edward and Sarah. He was born 19 Nov 1706, married Abigail Burridge on 8 Jan 1729. Children:

  1. Samuel Prentice, b. 28 Nov 1729.; m. Sarah Cook. [14]
  2. Sarah Prentice; d. 1743.
  3. Thomas Prentice, b. 30 Oct 1732; m. Esther Muzzey of Lexington, MA on 4 May 1758. Moved to Lexington and was admitted to the church there by letters from Newton Church on 24 Jun 1759. Owned 40 acres in Lancaster; appears to have been a trader. He d. 7 Apr 1760. Inventory, £495 15s. His widow m. a Whittemore.
  4. Abigail Prentice, b. 16 Dec 1733 or 1734; m. George Adams of Lexington on 18 Jul 1758.
  5. John Prentice, b. 6 Jun 1736; settled in Southboro', MA.
  6. Edward Prentice, b. 14 Oct 1738. [15]
  7. Ruth Prentice, b. 3 or 30 Sep 1741; m. Mr. Haven of Hopkinton and "died at great age."
  8. William Prentice, b. 9 Mar 1744; settled in KY.

11. Robert Prentice, son of James Prentice and Elizabeth Bartlett; m. 1st Rebecca Smith of Needham; she d. 1746. Children:

  1. Mary Prentice, b. 3 Sep 1733, Needham, MA.
  2. Robert Prentice, b. 9 Oct 1735, Needham, MA; d. 1744.
  3. Beulah Prentice, b. 1 Sep 1736, Newton, MA.
  4. James Prentice, b. 4 Jun 1710. [16]
  5. Sarah Prentice, b. 15 Dec 1745; m. Daniel Morse in 1767.

Robert; m., 2nd, Widow Eunice Hammond in 1746. He d. 1783, age 69. Children by Eunice:

  1. Robert Prentice, b. 6 Apr 1747; m. Mary Mason, 1775. [17]
  2. Elizabeth Prentice, b. 29 Dec 1748; m. Luke Bartlett, 1771.

12.Samuel Prentice, son of John (#9); b. 29 Jun 1719; m., 1st, Phoebe Rist of Uxbridge, MA who d. of consumption; He m., 2nd, Abigail Leland in Sutton, dau. of Amariah Leland of Providence, RI. In 1801 he gave to his son, James, his farm, and to his grandsons, sons of Lt. James Prentice, Calvin and Neham, each land and a house, and part of his estate to his son-in-law, Erasmus Clark of Sturbridge, MA, and moved to their house and d. there at his dau. Rhoda Clark's home in Jul 1804, age 83. He lived in Sutton, MA and in is called "Housewright" and "Husbandman." Constable and collector of taxes in Sutton from 1769 to 1772. Children:

  1. James Prentice, b. 23 Jul 1746. [18]
  2. Rhoda Prentice, b. 1797; m. Erasmus Clark of Sturbridge, MA. Children:
    1. Erasmus Clark, b. 1826.
    2. Abigail Clark, b. 1828.
    3. Merrick Clark, b. 1830.
    4. Esther Clark, b. 1832.

13. John Prentice, b. c. 1723, perhaps Preston or Canterbury, CT, son of John and Elizabeth, m. Mary McLellan on 29 Jul 1756 at Uxbridge, MA. She was dau. of James and Elizabeth (Hall) McLellan, was b. 17 Jan 1730 at Sutton, MA and d. 12 Feb 1771. John resided in Sutton; was in the Revolutionary Army under Col. Reed from Uxbridge, and was drowned in crossing a river in that town. Children:

  1. Elkanah Prentice, b. c. 1761 at Uxbridge. [13.1]
  2. Shubael Prentice, b. c. 1760 in Uxbridge, and m. c. 1780 Susannah Tamerlain.
  3. Thaddeus Prentice, b. aft. 1756 at Uxbridge.
  4. (Unk.) Prentice, b. aft. 1756 at Uxbridge.
  5. (Unk.) Prentice, b. aft. 1756 at Uxbridge.
  6. (Unk.) Prentice, b. aft. 1756 at Uxbridge.

Said to have several daughters, names not known, who settled in Vermont.

13.1 Elkanah Prentice, b. c. 1761 at Uxbridge, d. 1839, Guilford, VT, and m. Peggy Tamerlain 25 Mar 1784 at Holliston, MA. Also m. Annth Tubb. Peggy was. b. 25 Dec 1758, Holliston, MA, dau. of Seth & Susannah (Thompson) Tamerlain. Children:

  1. Silas Prentice, b. 11 Jan 1790 at Dummerston, VT, m. Lydia Bump, and d. 3 Dec 1867 at Canastota, NY. Ch: (1) Sylvia m. Martin Terwilliger, (2) Sanford m. Minerva, (3) Martin m. Rosanna, and (4) Susannah m. Harrison Faulkner.
  2. Lyman Prentice, b. 28 Dec 1791, Dummerston, d. 9 Jul 1864. Canastota, NY.
  3. Molly Prentice, b. 22 May 1794 at Dummerston, and d. after 1850.
  4. Nathan Prentice, b. 21 Aug 1799 & d. 28 Aug 1799 at Dummerston.
  5. Silence Prentice, b. 18 Jul 1785, Marlboro Vt & d. next day.
  6. Susannah Prentice, b. 9 Nov 1787 at Marlboro, d. there 26 Jun 1793.
  7. Eleanor Prentice, b. 13 Dec. 1796, at Dummerston.

13a. William Prentice, clothier, b. c. 1730 at Canterbury, CT and res. Blackstone, MA. He m. Trial Darling. Children:

  1. Roena Prentice, b. 9 Jan 1785, Sutton, and m. John Southwick.
  2. Alpha Prentice, b. 6 Feb 1788, Sutton, m Phillip Handel.
  3. Peleg Prentice, b. 1 Jun 1790, Sutton.
  4. Thaddeus Prentice, b. 17 Mar 1793, Sutton. [13b]
  5. Sophia Prentice, b. 22 Oct 1797, Sutton.
  6. William Prentice, b. 8 Feb 1802, Sutton.

13b. Thaddeus Prentice, blacksmith, m. 1817, Almira Gordon and d. 14 Feb 1855, Willimantic, CT. He joined the Baptist Church when 30. Children:

  1. George Prentice, m. Hannah Hawkins, and had Sarah, George W., & Daniel.
  2. James Prentice, b. 1821, d. in infancy.
  3. James Reed Prentice, m. Mary Sawyer & was merchant in Troy, NY.
  4. Thaddeus Prentice Jr., b. 17 Mar 1823 & d. 12 Jun 1868. [13c]
  5. Almira Prentice, b. 1825, m Israel C. Peck of Unionville, Ct.
  6. Phoebe Prentice, m. Peer Clark and had one child.
  7. Julia B. Prentice, d. in infancy.
  8. William H. Prentice m. Rebecca Haite. Merchant in Troy, NY.
  9. Julia Prentice, d. in infancy.
  10. Ann Prentice

13c. Thaddeus Prentice Jr., son of Thaddeus Prentice of Sutton, MA and Almira; m. Anna Louisa Ayer of Buffalo, NY. He was a civil officer for some years. Moved to Lawrence, KS in Mar 1856 and was one of the first settlers in KS. He took an active part in the early political struggles there, and endeared himself to the free-state settlers by his firmness in the true interests of the growing Commonwealth; was a civil officer most of his life, and in KS was city marshal of Lawrence, sheriff of Douglas County, and held other positions until his death on 12 Jun 1868 of bronchial affection and disease of the lungs. Children:

  1. Charles Thaddeus Kosiosko Prentice [13d]
  2. James Kirkland Prentice. [13e]
  3. Addie L. Prentice.
  4. Celia A. C. Prentice.
  5. William H. Prentice.

13d. Charles Thaddeus Kosiosko Prentice, b. 28 Mar 1847 in Willimantic, CT; was of Washington, D.C. and Lawrence, KS. He m. Emma Thecker of Fredericksburg, VA. When 12, had a position in the State Legislature; afterwards declined appointment as a page in the House of Rep. in Washington, D.C. Private in the 17th KS Volunteers until the close of the Civil War when he went to NM; returned and was appointed deputy sheriff of Douglas Co., KS; afterwards, deputy city marshal of Lawrence. In Mar 1867 appointed one of the officers of the Capitol police for 5 years in charge of the Senate and House of Representatives in Wash., D.C. until Mar 1872. On 27 Mar 1873 chosen chief of a force raised to suppress outrages. In Washington 1 May 1875. Later lived in Lawrence as a coal merchant. A photo of him exists, but its whereabouts is not known. Children:

  1. Sidney C. Prentice.
  2. Millard Thecker Prentice.
  3. Mary Mable Prentice, b. 1874.

13e. James Kirkland Prentice; moved to KS from NY in 1859 and lived in Douglas Co. until his death in 1874. After his father's death in 1863, he was the main support of his mother and sisters. In 1864 offered to enlist, but was rejected for health reasons. In 1865 he went across the plains to NM. His health began to fail in 1872.; in 1873 went to CO for health. After his return he began to fail and he d. at 1 a.m. on 28 Nov 1874, age 25 in Lawrence, KS. The Kansas Tribune and Evening Standard reported that his genial nature, fidelity to duty, and friendship were remembered by all, and that he was buried from his mother's residence on Connecticut St. in the presence of a large concourse of people.

14. Samuel Prentice, son of Edward (#10) and Abigail; m. Elizabeth Cook on 23 Dec 1739 and moved from Newton to Hopkinton, MA where he owned a large farm. Children, all born in Hopkinton:

  1. Lydia Prentice, b. 29 Apr 1765; m. Jeremiah Batchelder of Grafton, MA and lived in East Douglas, MA where she d. 20 May 1843. Nine children.
  2. Samuel Prentice, b. 8 Mar 1767. [19]
  3. Abner Prentice, b. 10 Jul 1772. [20]
  4. Abigail Prentice, b. 28 Sep 1774; m. Mr. Poole, a merchant in Boston who soon died. She did not remarry and spent her last years with her brother, John, in Hopkinton where she d. 7 Jan 1872, age 97. She knew much about her ancestors, but her information died with her.

15. Edward Prentice, b. 14 Oct 1738, son of Edward and Abigail; m. Mary Kilcup of Boston and lived in Newton, MA. Children:

  1. Robert Prentice, b. c. 1760, a soldier in the Rev. War and in the War of 1812.
  2. Nathaniel Prentice, b. c. 1760-63. [21]
  3. Edward Prentice; went to India; not heard from since.
  4. Mary Prentice, m. Benjamin Gilmore of NY; had a dau. who m. William Allison of NY City.
  5. Abigail Prentice. When the Rev. War began, she was then 13 and visiting Judge William Sewall, an English gentleman. She could not return home and lived with Judge Sewall in London where, in 1779, she m. Nathaniel Smith at St. John's Church, Westminster, London. He was a perfumer to the King. They moved to NY in 1785 where he carried on his business at the corner of Broadway and Liberty. No children.

One account says Edward may have had five more children, names unknown.

16. James Prentice, son of Robert and Rebecca; m. Sarah Seger or Sayer in 1778. Children:

  1. Ebenezer Prentice, b. 18 Aug 1779; d. 1816.
  2. Elizabeth Prentice, b. 12 Aug 1780.
  3. Amasa Prentice, b. 7 Jun 1781.
  4. Artemas Prentice, b. 8 Mar 1783. [22]
  5. Sarah Prentice, b. 19 Jan 1787.

17. Robert Prentice, son of Robert and Widow Eunice; m. Mary Mason on 23 Nov 1775, dau. of Samuel Mason of Watertown, MA, b. 22 Oct 1748 in Newton. In 1798 a Robert Prentice was taxed as a resident of Newton, MA for house, $105, and 44 acres of land $1,333. Children:

  1. Samuel Prentice, b. 5 Nov 1777. [23]
  2. Mary Prentice, twin, b. 30 Mar 1779.
  3. Polly Prentice, twin, b. 30 Mar 1779.
  4. Joshua Prentice, b. 14 Feb 1781; d. 1815.
  5. Esther Prentice, b. 23 Mar 1786.
  6. Caty Prentice, b. 18 Jul 1788.

18. Lt. James Prentice of Sutton, MA, son of Samuel and Phoebe; b. 23 Jul 1746; d. 20 May 1837, age 90, at the home of his dau., Sarah. He m. Widow Sarah (Draper) Whiting, dau. of Nathaniel Draper; she d. 8 Dec 1831 at the home of her son, Luke, age 85 per her gravestone in Northbridge, MA. James was Lt. in Capt. Mark Chase's Co. of Sutton in the Rev. War, and was at Roxbury, MA, and Providence and Newport, RI. Children:

  1. Calvin Prentice, b. 17 Jan 1772. [24]
  2. Luther Prentice, b. 24 Jul 1774; d. 8 Feb 1777.
  3. Dorcas Prentice, b. 2 Feb 1777; m. Silas Batchelder and settled in Cornish (formerly Corydon) NH where she d. 26 Aug 1850. She had 13 children, including:
    1. Dorcas Batchelder, b. 1794.
    2. Sarah Batchelder, b. 1797.
    3. Olive Batchelder, b. 1802.
    4. Diana Batchelder, b. 1810.
    5. Calesta Batchelder.
    6. Abigail Batchelder.
    7. Harriet Batchelder.
    8. James Munroe Batchelder.
  4. Luke Prentice, b. 11 Feb 1779. [25]
  5. Levi Prentice, b. 6 Dec 1780; m. Rachel Darling who d. 11 Mar 1846 and he d. 10 Jul 1818.
  6. Nahum Prentice, b. 8 May 1783. [26]
  7. Sarah Prentice, b. 8 Sep 1786; m. Joel Wright. Children:
    1. Emily Wright.
    2. Lucretia Wright.
    3. Emily Wright who m. Samuel B. Greene.
    4. Sarah Wright.
    5. Abigail Wright who m. Mr. Marsh.
    6. (dau.) Wright who m. Mr. Snow.
  8. Mary Prentice, b. 7 Dec 1790; m. Joseph Martin. She was living in Charlton, MA in 1882, age 92. Children:
    1. Mary Martin.
    2. Luther Martin.
    3. Sarah Martin; m. John Shaft.
    4. Joseph Martin.
    5. Levi Martin, doctor in Worcester, MA, 1882.
    6. Amory Martin.
    7. Emily Martin.
    8. Mary Martin.

19. Samuel Prentiss (changed from Prentice), son of Samuel and Elizabeth; m. 1st Elinor Shedd; she d. and he m., 2nd, Polly Twitchell. He d. 19 May 1844, age 77. Children:

  1. Charles Prentiss, b. 30 Nov. 1797; d. 1804.
  2. Alfred Prentiss, b. 1807; d. 1809.
  3. Elinor Prentiss; m. Dana Flagg in Apr 1833, carpenter of Southboro', MA; she d. Oct 1834 leaving a daughter.
  4. Mary Prentiss; m. Austin Heyward or Haywood on 17 Jan 1848; lived on her father's farm in Hopkinton; after the death of her mother they moved to Sutton, MA where she d. Nov. 1875. No children.

20. Abner Prentiss (change from Prentice), son of Samuel and Elizabeth; m., 1st, Charlotte Thayer in 1801, dau. of Col. Thayer of Milford, MA. She d. 28 Feb 1808 and he m., 2nd, Hannah Commce of Hopkinton, MA in 1810; she d. 21 Oct 1844, age 60. Abner was an extensive landowner in Hopkinton, and one of the Epis. Church, and d. 9 Nov 1847. Children by Charlotte:

  1. Charles Prentiss, b. 1803; died young.
  2. Mary Prentiss, b. 1808; died young.
  3. Hopestill C. Prentiss, b. 16 Feb 1807; m. Col. Peter Corbett, farmer, in 1829, son of John and Lydia Corbett of Milford, MA. Children:
    1. Charles P. Corbett, b. 2 Mar 1830; lived with his
    2. Otis Corbett, b. 11 Nov 1831; d. 29 Mar 1834.
    3. Charlotte P. Corbett, b. 7 Oct 1833; m. Perley P. Field on 15 Aug 18545; d. 17 Sep 1865.
    4. Lydia Ann Corbett, b. 20 Aug 1836; m. Zibeon C. Field on 5 Mar 1858; d. 21 Mar 1872.

    Col. Corbett lived on part of his great-grandfather's estate. He rose from a private of artillery to be colonel of an infantry regiment to which artillery was attached. He also held several municipal offices. He died from a kick of a horse 28 Nov 1858. His widow strangled herself 22 Aug 1880.

Children of Abner Prentiss and Hannah Commce:

  1. Charlotte T. Prentiss, b. 22 Jan 1811; m. Earl Ames of Hopkinton 12 Nov 1844. Left two children.
  2. Hannah F. Prentiss, b. 1 Mar 1812; m. Franklin Sayer 28 Sep 1833, carpenter of Shrewsbury, MA; she d. 29 Sep 1849 and left three children.
  3. James M. Prentiss, b. 12 Nov 1814; single; railroad contractor. In 1858 moved to Cleveland, OH. Was a sutler in the Northern army in the civil war, taken prison, released on parole, visited his sister in NY; returned, expecting to be discharged in a few days. That was the last heard of him.
  4. Andrew J. Prentiss, b. 29 Sep 1816; d. 21 Jul 1833; single.
  5. Nelopee C. Prentiss, b. 6 Nov 1817; m. John Rickey 24 Nov 1843, merchant tailer of Flushing, L.I., NY. Ten children.
  6. Benjamin Franklin Prentiss, b. 25 Jul 1820. [27]
  7. Thomas B. Prentiss, b. 7 May 1822; d. 5 Oct 1835, single.
  8. Emeline C. Prentiss, b. 1 Jun 1825; m. Benjamin Fowler of Flushing, L.I., NY on 2 Sep 1851; head clerk in a store. Two children.
  9. Abner C. Prentiss, b. 22 Feb 1827; mill owner and grain dealer in Westboro', MA. Single.

21. Nathaniel Prentice, son of Edward and Mary; m. Elizabeth Gordon of Philadelphia, PA; married, 2nd, Miss Todd, at the age of sixteen. He was a soldier in the Rev. War with his brother, Robert. Also in the War of 1812. Moved to NY as a perfumer at 28 John Street.

Before her marriage, his wife made him promise to go to KY, and about 1796 his wife was infatuated with frontier life, and they in a few years moved to Lexington, KY, then a small village. She succumbed to the hardships and privations of the new country and died a few years after their arrival. She was from one of the first families of Lexington, KY.

Nathaniel remained in KY until 1825, filling several offices, highly respected as an old-line Whig. Moved in 1825 to NY City to his old place, 28 John St., and d. there in 1832 of apoplexy, partly caused by his dread of cholera.

He was a "Christian Universalist or Murrayite" in belief. His descendants changed the name to Prentiss. Children:

  1. Nathaniel Smith Prentice, b. 26 Feb 1790 in Philadelphia, PA; in KY with his father when young. Moved to Philadelphia and m. his cousin, Sarah F. Gordon on 9 May 1816. The 1883 Ed. relates his successes and failures in business. He died in 1853 of apoplexy while in his chair for an afternoon. A man of large heart, warm sympathies, and loved by all as a truthful and honest man. Both are buries in Greenwood, Cem. They had an adopted daughter, Angie Prentiss of LaGrange, MO and in 1882 living in Angola, Lewis Co., MO.
  2. Edward Prentice, b. 26 Mar 1792, Philadelphia [27a]
  3. Harried Prentice, b. 1794; m. Nathaniel Long of Lexington, KY on 28 Feb 1839.
  4. Robert Prentice, b. 1796; d. in childhood.

Children of Nathaniel by his second wife, Miss Todd:

  1. William Prentice; m. Miss. Brown of Washington, D.C. Lived several years in Springfield, IL and d. in California. Son:
    1. George Brown Prentice of Shelbyville, IL.
  2. Mary Prentice. Died in Shelbyville, IL.
  3. Elizabeth Prentice; m. Mr. Jones and d. in Shelbyville, IL.
  4. Angeline Prentice; m. Richard Parker; lived in NY and d. in NJ. Children:
    1. Elizabeth Abigail Parker, b. 1832.
    2. Nathaniel Prentiss Parker, b. 1834.
    3. Angelina Hannah Parker, b. 1836.
    4. Abigail Smith Parker.

22. Artemus Prentiss, son of James and Sarah; m. Eunice Small on 28 Feb 1810, dau. of Dea. William Small of Limington, ME. Lived in Portland, ME and d. l Oct 1828. Children:

  1. James Prentiss, b. 14 Aug 1810. [28]
  2. Robert B. Prentiss, b. 6 Sep 1812.
  3. Mary S. Prentiss, b. 1814; d. 26 Sep 1836.
  4. William Prentiss, b. 16 Jan 1817; d. 24 Mar 1836.
  5. George M. Prentiss, b. 31 Mar 1819; m. Sarah A. Richardson of Monmouth, ME on 9 Sep 1852. She was b. 4 Feb 1830. Barber; lived in Portland, ME.
  6. Sarah S. Prentiss, b. 12 Feb 182`1; m. Pearce B. Noyes of Portland on 25 Nov 1847. Children:
    1. Mary E. Prentiss, b. 19 Sep 1848.
    2. Ella F. Prentiss, b. 18 Aug 1853; m. George Hill of Portland on 15 Dec 1870.
    3. George A. Prentiss, b. 27 Jul 1850.
    4. Mattie C. Prentiss, b. 23 Mar 1859.
  7. Eliza Ann Prentiss, b. 10 May 1825; d. 11 Sep 1839.

23. Samuel Prentice, son of Robert and Mary; m. Sarah King in 1809. He d. 14 Jan 1826. Children:

  1. Mary Ann Prentice, b. 6 May 1826.
  2. Robert Prentice, b. 12 Aug 1811.
  3. Joshua Prentice, b.

24. Calvin Prentice of Northbridge, MA, son of Lt. James and Sarah; m. Jemima Bundy about 1795; he d. 20 Jun 1831. Children, all b. in Northbridge:

  1. Samuel Bundy Prentice, b. 6 Jan 1796, m. Polly Thayer of Rehoboth (per Ballou's History of Milford, MA). [29]
  2. Mary Prentice, b. 1 Oct 1802; m. Alpheus Rawson and had children. He was b. 1797, lived in, and d. at, Uxbridge, MA on 8 Jul 1837. Mary m., 2nd, Peter Goldthwaite and had children by him.

25. Luke Prentice, son of Lt. James and Sarah; m. Azuba Adams in 1805, Northbridge, MA where he kept the school two years when young, then one at May River, St. Luke's Parish, SC, and after marriage taught a year in Worcester, MA. In 1806 was in business two years with Charles Prentice (later Grafton town clerk). Learned the watch-making business; traded in savannah in 1803 and 1826. Owned a farm of 150 acres in Northbridge. In 1852 petitioned the MA Legislature for the $10,000 reward offered for discovery of a remedy for the potato rot, and which he thought he had made. It is not known if he received the money. In 1852 he had 24 grandchildren, 8 of whom had died. His house was at "Prentice's Corner" about a mile w. of Whitinsville. In 1882 owned and occupied by his son, Marvel Prentice. Children:

  1. James Adams Prentice, b. 1 Nov 1806. [30]
  2. Minerva Prentice, b. 17 Apr 1810. Unmarried, 1882.
  3. Luke Prentice, b. 28 Mar 1812. [31]
  4. Marvel Prentice, b. 14 Mar 1814. [32]
  5. Mellen Prentice, b. 1 Nov 1816. [33]
  6. Abigail Baylies Prentice, b. 24 May 1824. [34]

26. Nahum Prentice, son of Lt. James and Sarah; b. Sutton, MA; m., 1st, Nancy Whipple, and 2nd, Asenath Thayer, and 3rd, a Jones. He resided at Cottage Hill, IN as a farmer in 1882. Children:

  1. Caroline M. Prentice, b. Mar 1807; m. Elan Rogers and in 1852 lived near Balston, Spa.
  2. Corrydon Prentice, b. Mar 1810; m. Sarah P. Palmer; he was an axe-maker living in East Douglas. Children:
    1. George E. Prentice, b. 21 Oct 1836.
  3. Nancy Prentice, b. Oct 1812.

27. Benjamin Franklin Prentiss, son of Abner and his second wife, Hannah; m. Susan S. Johnson of Southboro', MA on 4 Jul 1852. Carpenter living in Southboro' and after 1853 a lumber dealer, contractor and builder. Children:

  1. Roza B. Prentiss, b. 5 Dec 1853.
  2. Benjamin Franklin Prentiss Jr., b. 6 Apr 1855; d. 29 Jun 1855.
  3. Clara L. Prentiss, b. 4 Sep 1857.
  4. Lizzie/Elizabeth E. Prentiss, b. 23 Sep 1858.
  5. Benjamin Franklin Prentiss III, b. 20 May 1963; d. 25 Dec 1865.

27a. Edward Prentiss, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth; m. Elizabeth Pullen of Florence, Boone Co., KY in 1820. In 1825 moved to NY where he remained until 1837 and then moved to KY and later to Shelbyville, IL. Finally settled in La Grange, MO where he d. in 1863. "A warm Republican and a staunch supporter of the government in the Civil War." Children:

  1. Sarah F. Prentiss, twin, b. Apr 1821; m. John H. Ruckle of Kansas City, MO. Children:
    1. Henry Ruckle.
    2. Elizabeth M. Ruckle.
    3. Annie Ruckle.
    4. Edward Ruckle.
  2. Nannie Prentiss, twin, b. Apr 1821; m. L. P. Young of Lexington, KY. Children:
    1. Joseph Hay Young; Meth. Epis. minister.
  3. Elizabeth Prentiss, b. 25 Oct 1823; m. Joseph Addison Hay; was an assessor of the third district, MO. Four of their eight children:
    1. Julia C. Hay, b. 26 Mar 1849.
    2. Nathaniel Hay, b. 20 Nov 1855.
    3. Elma Hay, b. 19 Nov 1860.
    4. Addison D. Hay, b. 12 Dec 1866.
  4. Angeline Prentiss, b. 12 Feb 1820. In 1882 was single living in Angolo, Lewis, MO.
  5. Nathaniel Smith Prentiss, Rev., b. 29 Oct 1827. [35]
  6. James Pullen Prentiss, b. 1831. [36]
  7. Abigail Smith Prentiss, b. 8 May 1834; d. 1848.
  8. Edward Prentiss Jr., b. May 1837; d. 1838.
  9. Hattie Prentiss, b. 3 Mar 1839; teacher in the public schools of Kansas City, MO.
  10. Annie Letitia Prentiss, b. 8 Oct 1842; m. James E. Bates of La Grange, MO. Children:
    1. Edward Prentiss Bates.

28. James Prenticen of Artemus and Eunice; m. Annie E. Jenkins of Portland, ME on 30 Oct 1847. She was. b. 1822, Portland, ME where they were later living. Children:

  1. Julia A. Prentice, b. 27 Apr 1849.
  2. Mary C. Prentice, b. 21 Sep 1851.
  3. Elizabeth F. Prentice, b. 3 Apr 1854; d. 13 Jul 1855.
  4. Lillie A. Prentice, b. 20 Nov 1856.

29. Samuel Bundy Prenticen of Calvin and Jemima; m. Polly Thayer of Rehoboth on 19 Nov 1818. He d. 22 Aug 1875. Children, all born in Northbridge:

  1. Harriet Prentice, b. 2 Sep 1819.
  2. Mary Thayer Prentice, b. 4 Dec 1821.
  3. Elinor Prentice, b. 26 Apr 1824; m. Charles Spring 15 Feb 1844 in Uxbridge, MA. He was b. 24 Mar 1824 and was of Worcester. Children:
    1. Charles A. Spring, b. 1845.
    2. Ellen A. Spring, b. 1847.
    3. Edgar F. Spring, b. 1848.
    4. Alice E. Spring, b. 1853.
  4. Adson Prentice, b. 31 Mar 1826.
  5. Edward Jackson Prentice, b. 10 Jun 1828; m. Almira M. Mowry on 28 Nov 1850, b. 12 Jan 1829 and dau. of Israel and Phila Wood Mowry. Moved to Milford, MA before 1858 and one of the oldest flour traders there. Children of Edward Jackson Prentice:
    1. Ella F. Prentice, b. 22 Sep 1854.
    2. Emma Prentice, b. 15 Jan 1855, Milford; d. 9 Oct 1858.
    3. Charles O. Prentice, b. 20 Mar 1858, Milford, MA; m. Carrie W. Mead on 25 Sep 1878.
  6. Nancy Emeline Prentice, b. 12 Jul 1833.
  7. Charles Prentice, b. 4 Apr 1834.
  8. Charlotte Prentice, b. 10 Dec 1835.
  9. Byron O. Prentice, b. 9 Oct 1836.

30. James Adams Prentice, son of Luke and Azuba; m. Mercy Wallis on 4 Apr 1832 in Northbridge, MA; machinist. In 1878, James and his sons, George and Luther, were of the firm of "James A. Prentice & Co.", box makers and living at Milford, MA. Children:

  1. Lusatia Prentice, b. 21 May 1837; d. Jan 1838.
  2. George Wallis Prentice, b. 29 Jan 1839.
  3. Mariettta Prentice, b. Oct 1841, Northbridge; d. there 19 Aug 1843.
  4. Alithea L. (or S.) Prentice, b. Dec 1844; d. 1 Feb 1845.
  5. Elton Adams Prentice, b. 22 Dec 1847, Northbridge; d. Sep 1849.
  6. Luther Quincy Prentice, b. 27 Jul 1850, Northbridge.

31. Luke Prentice Jr., son of Luke and Azuba; m. Amy Joscelyn in Mar 1836; lived in Northbridge. Children:

  1. Mendrick A. Prentice, b. 27 Dec 1836; d. 11 Oct 1851.
  2. Lydia Lefalia Prentice, b. 4 Jun 1838.
  3. Arthusia M. Prentice; b. 8 Sep 1839; d. 15 Oct 1843.
  4. Lyman Joscelyn Prentice, b. 17 Aug 1841.
  5. Ann V. Prentice, b. May 1844.
  6. John M. Prentice, b. 27 Mar 1846; d. 10 or 12 Mar 1847.
  7. Lucius Prentice, b. 22 Feb 1848.
  8. Jerome V. Prentice, b. 19 Nov 1850; d. same day.

32. Marvel Prentice, son of Luke and Azuba; m. Phoebe Wallis in Jan 1841. Lived in Northbridge. Children:

  1. Mary Deline Prentice, b. 11 Aug 1842.
  2. Willard W. Prentice, b. 21 Aug 1845 in Douglas.
  3. Newton Prentice, b. Oct 1847; d. Aug 1849.

33. Mellen Prentice, son of Luke and Azuba; m., 1st, Julia Ann Elliot in Mar 1838; she d. in Northbridge on 19 Mar 1843; he m. 2nd, Julia Ann Fuller on 22 Apr 1844. Lived in Northbridge. Children:

  1. Merril Prentice, b. 24 Mar 1839; m. Augusta A. Potter of Leyden, MA on 1 Sep 1867; she was. b. 21 Dec 1842 and d. 11 Nov 1868.
  2. Pleuma Elliot Prentice, b. 9 Jun 1841.
  3. Adrastus P. Prentice, b. 4 May 1845; lived in Allston, MA in 1882 and employed by Smith's organ factory, Boston.
  4. Amos W. Prentice, b. 2 Jul 1851.

34. Abigail Baylies Prentice, dau. of Luke and Azuba; m. John Dexter Mowry of Smithfield, RI on 25 Sep 1845; he d. 4 Apr 1851, age 30. In 1863 she and her family moved to Providence, RI. Children born in Northbridge:

  1. Azuba Prentice Mowry, b. 24 Jun 1846. School teacher in Providence, RI.
  2. Ella Dexter Mowry, b. 17 Jan 1848; m. Rev. D. W. Hoyt on 21 Oct 1874; he was b. in Amherst, MA 11 Aug 1845. Pastor of the Baptist Church in Millbury, MA in Oct. 1880. Children:
    1. Mabel Hoyt, b. 26 Jul 1875.
    2. Abbie Louise Hoyt, b. 10 Sep 1837.
    3. Ella Christine Hoyt, b. 10 May 1875.
    4. John Irving Hoyt, b. 8 Sep 1880, in Providence, RI.
  3. Irving Mowry; m. Marietta Green on 19 Oct 1881; she was b. 2 Feb 1859 in Gardiner, ME. In lumber business, 12 Brownell St., Providence, RI.

35.Rev. Nathaniel Smith Prentiss, son of Edward and Elizabeth; m. Roxana V. Bradford of Huntsville, AL on 29 oct 1856. Baptist minister of Liberty, MO and in 1882 of Maryville, Nottaway Co., MO. Children:

  1. Joseph Hay Prentiss, b. Oct. 1859.
  2. Charles Prentiss .

36. James Pullen Prentiss, son of Edward and Elizabeth; m. Amanda A. Seavey. Lived in Shelbyville, IL. Children:

  1. Edward Prentiss, b. Sep 1857.
  2. Earnest/Ernest S. Prentiss, b. 1859.
  3. James Prentiss, b. 1862.
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