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The Prentice Newsletter

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... A NOTE FROM OUR EDITOR: If you are interested in the Prentice, Prentis or Prentiss surname,
...you will find helpful information here. Over the past few years, we have gathered more than
...35,000 Prentices and their spouses in our database, ranging from the 1300s to the present time,
...and we would be pleased to use our resources to help you trace your family roots.

...A disclaimer: much of our information comes from our correspondents and is reasonably accurate.
...However, its accuracy rests on many factors, including legibility of handwriting and memory.
...Our Newsletter is updated frequently, please check with us from time to time, and please tell us
...about any errors, omissions or new information.

...We invite your thoughts about our Newsletter. (1) The "Subject" line of your email must contain the full name of
...the PRENTICE you are writing about, otherwise there is a serious risk that your email will be deleted,
...unread, as spam by our email filter, and (2) Where is he or she in our Newsletter or on the Internet?
...Email me at the at the following link: Prentice Newsletter.

...For allied lines, see: Rooney Family, Levings Family, Eyanson Family, Eddy Family, Dewald Family, Gregor Family, Williamson Family,

...You are a visitor in excess of 27,000. . .If you are a first time visitor (or even if you're not), please take our Guided Tour

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