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Joe Dewald Cartoons

Joe Dewald Cartoons

Cartoons by Linus Joseph Dewald Jr.

Editor of the Prentice Newsletter
Prepared 2017 and Revised 22 Sep 2018

A few years ago our Editor, Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., decided to try his hand in drawing cartoons with a genealogy theme. Set out below are some of what we think are his best. If you like them, please let him know. If you don't like them, bite your tongue.



Oliver: Spell Checking
Oliver: Green Cards
Oliver: Bull Fighter
Oliver: Halloween
Oliver: Pumpkin
Oliver: Hanged
Oliver: Robot
Oliver: New Design Chart
Oliver: IGI Mistake
Oliver: Fine Line
Oliver: Quitting
Oliver: No Friends
Oliver: Carbon footprint
Oliver: Life is good
Oliver: Ring tone
Oliver: Free Range Ancestors
Oliver: Slot Machine
Oliver: World W/O Prentices
Oliver: Unemployed
Oliver: Bad Chart Day
Oliver: Leaders
Oliver: Mistakes
Oliver: New Tricks
Oliver: Obituaries
Oliver: Vegetarian
Oliver: Algebra
Oliver: Nitrogen Oxide
Oliver: Football
Oliver: Quiz
Oliver: Getting Along
Oliver: GM's Trainer
Oliver: Abolished
Oliver: Fine Line
Oliver: Hipper Ances.
Oliver: Profit Sharing
Oliver: Quitting
Oliver: Hanged
Oliver: Image Infomercial
Oliver: Anabolic Steroids
Oliver: Cereal Cards
Oliver: Child Memories
Oliver: If Loved Me
Oliver: Photo ID
Oliver: Research Stress
Oliver: Spring Thaw
Swimsuit Contest
Halloween Costumes
Ted: Oliver Tailgate
Ted: Oliver Chestnut
Ted: Oliver TV
Oliver: More to Life
Oliver: Mayflower
Oliver: Chastity
Oliver: Charlemagne Roots
Oliver: Speller
Oliver: Fireman
Oliver: Waiver
Oliver: Computer Chips
Oliver: Safety Glasses
Oliver: Drones
Oliver: South
Oliver: Hunter
Oliver: Moat
Oliver: Over The River
Oliver: Fake Names
Oliver: Stress
Oliver: Zip Code
Oliver: Obituaries
Oliver: Marshmallows
Oliver: Snowmen
Oliver: Sanctuary
Oliver: Beeps
Oliver: Teeth
Oliver: Wrong Time
Oliver: Senior Discount
Oliver: Worse
Oliver: Tattoos
Oliver: Living
Oliver: Solar Panels
Oliver: Parallel Parking

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Ted: Theology Disputes
Ted: Crashes
Ted: Ocean
Ted: Facebook Friend
Ted: Police Check
Ted: Grampa's Car
Ted: First Class Newsletter
Ted: True-False Test
Ted: Fireworks
Ted: Season Holidays
Ted: Blood Pressure
Ted: Genealogy Tools
Ted: GGF William Weather
Ted: Lotto
Ted: Bad Breath
Ted: Cell Phone
Ted: Bankruptcy
Ted: Coin Flip
Ted: Shrink Wrap
Ted: Chart Spam
Ted: grampa Repossessed
Ted: Homeland Security
Ted: Legal Opinion
Ted: Life Transmitted
Ted: Mistakes
Ted: Release of Liability
Ted: Faith Based Genealogy
Ted: Chart Interesting Boring
Ted: Virtual Family Trees
Ted: Reincarnation
Ted: GPS Receiver
Ted: Telemarketers
Ted: Beach Bottle
Ted: 2.0
Ted: Take A Number
Ted: Etch A Sketch
Ted: Chart Dropout
Ted: Prentice Roots
Ted: Made Up Name
Ted: Noah
Ted: Horse Whisperer
Ted: Senior Discounts
Ted: Stepfather
Ted: Gluten-Free
Ted: Life
Ted: Air Bags
Ted: Air Bags
Ted: Ancestor Diet
Ted: Ancestors Neighborhood Watch
Ted: Past, Future, Present
Ted: U. N. Database.
Ted: Chart Seamen.
Ted: Genealogy
Ted: Sell By
Ted: Overbooking
Ted: Ancestor Charts
Ted: Atlas
Ted: Obituaries
Ted: Credit Card
Ted: What happens on his ancestor charts
Ted: Fantasy Game: Microchips
Ted: Hieroglyphics
Ted: All People Created Equal
Ted: Generic Ancestors
Ted: Ancestor Maze
Ted: Password
Ted: Chief
Ted: Sneeze
Ted: Maze

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Ted: Fantasy Football
Ted: Fantasy Game: How Played
Ted: Fantasy Thumb Drives
Ted: Fantasy Gap
Ted: Fantasy Tattoos
Ted: Fantasy Holiday
Ted: Fantasy Drone
Ted: Fantasy Future
Ted: Fantasy Lottery
Ted: Fantasy Streaking
Ted: Fantasy Generations
Ted: Fantasy Term Limits
Ted: Teachable Moment
Ted: Fantasy Black Belts
Ted: Fantasy Bathe
Ted: Fantasy Low Calorie
Ted: Fantasy Smart Phones
Ted: Fantasy 100 Year Test
Ted: Fantasy Equal Women
Ted: Fantasy Racing Stripes
Ted: Fantasy Training Wheels
Ted: Fantasy Violence
Ted: Fantasy Paper Charts
Ted: Fantasy Replaced Team
Ted: Fantasy Advisory Warning
Ted: Fantasy Game 1
Ted: Fantasy Game 2
Ted: Fantasy Game 3
Ted: Fantasy Game 4
Ted: Fantasy Game 5
Ted: Fantasy Game 6
Ted: Fantasy Fire Extinguishers
Ted: Fantasy Drones
Ted: Fantasy Day Late, Dollar Short
Ted: Fantasy Marathon
Ted: Fantasy Air Bag
Ted: Fantasy Old Ancestors
Ted: Fantasy UPS
Ted: Fantasy Squabbling
Ted: Fantasy Coffee Breaks and Overtime
Ted: Fantasy Electrolyte Drinks
Ted: Fantasy Nobel Prize
Ted: Fantasy Expiration Date
Ted: Fantasy Coach
Ted: Fantasy Cargo Pants
Ted: Fantasy Game 7
Ted: Fantasy Game 8
Ted: Fantasy Game 9
Ted: Fantasy New Bus
Ted: Fantasy Game Good News, Bad News
Ted: Fantasy Game Feeding the Hungary
Ted: Fantasy Game Team Coach
Ted: Fantasy Assumed Name
Ted: Fantasy Game: Loss as blip
Ted: Fantasy Game: Tipping
Ted: Fantasy Game: Assumed Name
Ted: Fantasy Game: Pepper Spray
Ted: Fantasy Game: Selfies
Ted: Fantasy Game: Penalty Box
Ted: Fantasy Game: Name Tags
Ted: Fantasy Game: Strike
Ted: Fantasy Game: Computer Losing
Ted: Fantasy Game: Banners
Ted: Fantasy Game: TV
Ted: Fantasy Game: TV Blackout
Ted: Fantasy Game: Union
Ted: Fantasy Game: Banquet
Ted: Fantasy Game: Hacked
Ted: Fantasy Game: Team Log
Ted: Fantasy Game: Microchips
Ted: Fantasy Game: Abominable Snowman
Ted: Fantasy Game: Text Messages
Ted: Fantasy Game: Cheer Leaders
Ted: Fantasy Game: Amazing Grace
Ted: Fantasy Game: Losses
Ted: Fantasy Game: Awake Solution
Ted: Fantasy Game: Old Spice
Ted: Fantasy Game: Validate Parking
Ted: Fantasy Game: Pizza Toppings
Ted: Fantasy Game: Toilet Paper
Ted: Fantasy Game: Grand Jury
Ted: Fantasy Game 10
Ted: Fantasy Game 11
Ted: Fantasy Game 12
Ted: Fantasy Game 13
Ted: Fantasy Game 14
Ted: Fantasy Game 15
Ted: Fantasy Game 16
Ted: Fantasy Game 17
Ted: Fantasy Game 18
Ted: Fantasy Game 19
Ted: Fantasy Game 20
Ted: Fantasy Game 21
Ted: Fantasy Game 22
Ted: Fantasy Game 23
Ted: Fantasy Game 24
Ted: Fantasy Game 24
Ted: Fantasy Game 25
Ted: Fantasy Game 26
Ted: Fantasy Game 27
Ted: Fantasy Game 28
Ted: Fantasy Game 29
Ted: Fantasy Game 30
Ted: Fantasy Game 32
Ted: Fantasy Default 33
Ted: Fantasy Game 34
Ted: Fantasy Game 35

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Chart: IRS Genealogist
Chart: Antiques Roadshow
Chart: Lawyer's Idea
Chart: Glass Ceiling
Chart: IRS Genealogist
Chart: Better Roots Chart
Oliver: Begin Again
Oliver: Computer Crash
Oliver: Computer Crashed
Oliver: Fire Marshal
Oliver: Chart: Free Range
Oliver: Chart: Venture Capital
Oliver: Chart: Yoyo
Oliver: Grandma TV
Oliver: Chart: IRS
Oliver: Chart: Lift Lines
Oliver: Chart: Technology
Oliver: Chart: DNA
Oliver: Chart: DSL Link
Oliver: Chart Victrola
Oliver: Chart Similarity
Oliver: Plastic Surgeon
Oliver: Chart Rotation
Oliver: Dumbed Down
Oliver: Spring Thaw
Ted: Ancestor Chart: Separations & Divorces
Chart: Save Money
Oliver: Butlers
Oliver: Fireman
Chart: Spray

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BC: Eviction Notice
BC: Bird Appreciation
BC: Dinner Chart
BC: Never Ask
BC: Visit
Genealogy BC: Tracking
Genealogy BC: Mergers
Genealogy BC: User Name
BC: Kumquat Zip Line
BC: Prentice Women
BC: Grammar
BC: Red Stone
BC: Plural
BC: 100 Bill
BC: Chart Copyright
BC: Microchips
BC: Book Binney
BC: Chart Puzzle
BC: Chart Rest Stops
BC: X Generation
BC: Prenticenet
BC: Fantasy Game
BC: Occupations
BC: Dinosaur Tricks
BC: Long Distance
BC: Small World
BC: Man Cave
BC: Drive Through
BC: Drive Through Menu
BC: Swiss Army
BC: Shaman
BC: Border Collie
BC: Tattoo
BC: Selfie
BC: Pinata
BC: Ear Rock
BC: Hunters
BC: Adam and Eve
BC: Email
BC: Millionaire
BC: Puzzles
BC: Student Loan
BC: Cave updating
BC: Life Saver
BC: Trail
BC: Class
BC: Watch List
BC: Drums
BC: Margin of Error

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Last Cemetery Visit
Prentice Family Conference
Prentice Family Conference
Angels: Cloud 9
Funeral Flowers
Angels: Cell Phone Camera
Bookstore: Some Assembly Required
Bookstore: Offensive to Sensitive Descendants
Check Group Sheets
IGI Mistake
Prentice Pretender
Window: Generic Charts
Alians Eat First
PrenticeNet Unavailable
Bookstore: Virgin Mary
Ted: Chart Rent Slots.
Ted: Chart Retire
Ted: Chart Overtime

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