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Missing Roots: Schedule of Names, Dates and Places

Missing Roots: Schedule of Names, Dates and Places

By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Revised: 22 Oct 2003

Name Place Date Spouse Comments
Abram Noble Co., IN m 1849 Toledo OH Catherine Fisher Born 6 Dec 1821, VT. Sought by Al Goode. Update: His parents have now been identified. See Abraham Prentice
Alanson Hannibal, NY 1830 NY census   Hannibel's about 30 mi. WSW of Mexico, & either Oswego or Cayuga Co.
Alexander Nova Scotia b. c. 1842 Anna Reid Sought by Linda Prentiss, ragdoll4@earthlink.net
Alvin S. (1813-1870) Canastota, Madison, NY res. c. 1840-50 Minerva Laughton Sought by Cherie Star. See Alvin S. Prentice
Amos Suffolk Co., NY 1800-1820 NY census Unknown Born 1755-75, probably c. 1775 give/take 2-3 years.
Amy M. Needham, MA b. c. 1830-60 Chrles W. Stickney Sought by Norman Stickney III/
Benajah Lansing, Thompkins Co., NY 1830 NY census    
Bridget New London, CT mar. 5 Sep 1786 Benjamin Barber Born 5 Sep 1786, N.L., CT. Sought by Donald Barber, 23 Aug 1996
Charles Anita, Cass, IA     Son of L. Prentice
Charles Bigelow       See Winter '97 Article
Christopher Penfield,Monroe, NY 1840 NY census   See '97 Prentice book, pg. 453
Christopher Quincy, Gadsden, FL Died 1939 Elia Graham Love Sought by Lamar Auman
David Utica, Oneida, NY cen 1820   Kin to Emily?
Deborah Pavilion, Genesee, NY mar 1850 Albert Coe Sought by Jeff Trembath.
Update: She is the dau. of Southwick Prentice, 234/9v5a.
Dorothy Windham, CT mar 1743 Isaac Shephard Born c 1720-5. See Nathaniel below. See also Dorothy Prentice in our Winter '97 Issue.
E. Troy, Rensselaer, NY cen 1840   Bro. to TROY, same pg.? See Spring '98 article.
Ebenezer T. Perrysburg, Cattar., NY cen. 1845   Update: He is the son of Solomon Prentice and Edna Sweet.
Ebenezer A. (to do) (to do) (to do) (to do)
Elizabeth A. Pavilion, Genesee, NY cen 1850   Kin of Deborah, above?
Update: Yes, she is a dau. of Southwick Prentice, 234/9v5a.
Elsie Colesville, Broome, NY   Thomas Mott Daughter of Nathan
Emily A. Utica, Oneida, NY mar 1851 Seldon Collins Kin of David? Esther 1840 census?
Ephraim Grafton, Renss., NY 1816   Will witness. May be 262/6ix or 269/29 in 1997 Prentice book
Eunice (unknown) marr. aft. 1867 Alfred Palmer From Newsgroup posting. 2nd w. is Frances
Everett D. Binghamton, Broome, NY     Son of William A.
Frances (unknown) marr. 1851 Alfred Palmer From Newsgroup posting. 2nd w. is Eunice
Garret A. Red Hook, Dutchess, NY 1830 & 1840 NY census Diana Born 1797. Ch: Homer, Mary, Emeline.
George Bennington, Ben., VT res. 1820 Althea VT IGI. May be kin to James Prentice of Shaftsbury, VT.
George England b. 1857 Sarah Also seeking kin of his son, Percy Paul Prentice, b. 1890, New Zealand.
George Edward (unknown) 1868-1943 Edith Chaloner Sought by Edw. Greeley Prentice, www.familytreemaker.com
Update:See now Fall 2003 article on George Prentice of Coggeshall, England.
George Washington TN b. 1863   Sought by Debbie Chalfant
Harriet Albany, Wyoming, NY     Daughter of William R.
Henry Preston, N.L.,CT bor 1787 Phebe Smith Brother to Nathan/Nathaniel
Henry F. NY   Susan Farr Son of Zuba Prentice
Isaac VT born 1803 Mary Martin Per Lenwood Prentice
Ira Burlington, VT Res. 1829 (unknown) Sought by Susen Budensiek. Had dau., Orpha Jane, who m. Geo Wm. Eldridge
Jackson Born TN or KY Born c. 1820 Rachel Kelley Wight be desc. of Wm. Prentis of Williamsburg, VA
James Scotland Born 4 Jul 1820 Mary Ann Sought by Bill Cannon. James d. 1906, Lanark, Ontario, Can.
James Monroe Prentice (unknown) b. c. 1851 Martha A. For more information, contact dewald@prenticenet.com
James Monroe Prentice Buffalo Valley, TN b. 14 Apr 1884 (unknown) For more information, contact dewald@prenticenet.com
Jared Augusta, Oneida NY res 1825 Patience Born c. 1765-80
John res. 1827-50 Adair Co., KY born 1800, NC per 1850 census Dicy Janes For more information, contact dewald@prenticenet.com
John Willington, Bedford., Eng b, c, 1720-25 Ann Grendige Sought by John Taylor
John b. c. 1829, MA 1850 Mobile Co., AL census Unknown  
John Owen. Mt. Zion, Macon, IL mar 1882 Janette Fry Pierce See Newsletter Article
John P. Greene, Chenango, NY cen 1820 Anna Acorn Per Floyd Kelling. Stanton's son?
Joseph Hinsdale, Cheshire, NH res 1776 Sarah Born c. 1740
Joseph Lucas Co., OH res 1845 Eleanor Nichols Born 6 May 1782
Joseph Shelby Co., TN cen 1860 Margaret Born c. 1792, TN & has dau., Martha, b. c. 1833.
Joseph Toledo, OH early 1800s Unknown Sought by Patricia Prentice. Early Toledo settler. May be from NY via PA.
Julia Shelby Co., AL Census 1850 Elsy Veasy Born c. 1822, AL. Ch: Andrew Jackson, Mary F. & John W.
L. (Leonard?) Anita, Cass, IA res 1889 Lucy Ellen Lees SLC Group Sheet. See Winter '97 article
Lorena C. Binghamton, Broome, NY     Daughter of John
Lucy A. Stonington, CT b. c. 1820-25 George H. Webb Sought by Sr. Betty Rogers
Lucy M. Binghamton, Broome, NY     Daughter of William A.
Lydia Cayuga &Onon. Cos., NY born c 1780 Abram Skeel  
Mary Windham, CT mar 1735 Nathaniel Luce See also Mary Prentice in our Winter '97 Issue. 
Mary Windham, CT mar 1742 Asa Peabody Daughter of Nathaniel. See also Mary Prentice in our Winter '97 Issue. 
Mary/Molly Sodus, Wayne, NY bor c. 1776 Elisha Granger Died Macomb Co., MI, 1839
Miles S. Pectonia, Winnebago, IL mar 1845 Mary A. Norton Born c. 1819, NY. 1850 census, Rockton, Winn., IL. Dau., Clara, b. c. 1848 in IL. Kin to Samuel of Vernon?
Minnie M. Binghamton, Broome, NY     Daughter of William A.
Nathan Burlington, Otsego, NY cen 1850 Hannah B. 1803. Son of Nathan of Burl.?
Nathan Louisville, Jefferson, KY cen 1850 Rebecca B. 1812. Ch: Martha b. 1837, Wm. b. 1839, Mary b. 1840, Amanda b. 1847
Nathan Colesville, Broome, NY bor 1801 Clarissa Heath Kin to Ozias?
Nathan Lodi, Seneca , NY cen 1810 & 30   Born c. 1789-90
Nathan } Preston, N.L.,CT bor 1787   Resided Burlington, NY 1820, 1830
Nathan'l } Preston, N.L., CT bor 1787    
Nathaniel Windham, CT b. c. 1690-1705   See dau., Mary, above. See also Nathaniel Prentice of Preston, CT in our Winter '97 Issue.
Norman Troy, Rensselaer, NY cen 1840   Bro. to E. PRENTISS, same pg.?
Oliver Albany, Albany, NY res 1800 Lydia DeLong Maybe res. in Pittstown, Ren. Co. See also Oliver Prentice in our Fall '97 Issue.
Ozias Colesville, Broome, NY cen 1850 Lawry/Lorrie? Kin to Nathan? See also Binney, 286
Philo Colesville, Broome, NY bor 1845   So of Nathan
Pierce Washington Co., NY cen 1800   10100-00100. See Reuben & Zloties. See also Pierce Prentis in the Summer '97 Issue
Ransom Colesville, Broome, NY     Son of Ozias
Raymond F. Binghamton, Broome, NY     Son of John
Rebecca TN b. c. 1818 Hugh R. Poston Res. 1850 Shelby Co., TN. Ch: John W., Eliz. A., Eliza A., Benj. F., Wm. R.
Reuben Washington Co., NY cen1800   b. c. 1755-75. See Pierce & Zloties. See also Reuben Prentis in the Summer '97 Issue
Roxana Colesville, Broome, NY     Daughter of Ozias
S. D. Steuben Co., NY 1860 census Eunice Sought by Judy Cwiklinski. B. c. 1806. Ch: Daniel C., Emma C. & Geo. C.
Salmon M. Hanover, Chautau., NY cen 1855   See VPN, Fall 96
Samuel (unknown) (unknown) Anna Willard Anna was b. c. 1720. See 1998 Prentice bk., 194/47
Samuel Vernon, Oneida, NY cen 1840   Son to Miles S. Prentice?
Stanton Greene, Chenango NY cen 1820   Per Floyd Kelling. See also John P. See also Fall '97 Issue
Thomas Middletown, Orange, NY cen 1790   Has wife, 4 sons & 4 daughters.
Thomas Oneida Co., NY cen 1800   Has wife, 2 sons & 2 daughters. See also Fall '97 Issue
Tabitha Dorcas VT bor 1791 Obadiah Champlin Sought by Kathryn Forrest 
Valentine       See article in Winter '97 Newletter
William Albany, Albany, NY cen 1850 Emma Cole  
William Shelby Co., AL b. c. 1817, TN Elizabeth (Martin?) In 1850 census with w. and ch. Martha J., John H. & Wm. J.
William Scottsville, Bibb, AL cen 1870 Jane Born c. 1830, NY. Has son, James, b. c. 1858, AL
William A/M.. Binghamton, Broome, NY mar 1850 Lucy M. Born c. 1827
William H. (unk.), Brown, OH bor 1846   Orphaned as child.
William R. Albany, Albany, NY cen 1850 Mary  
Zachariah TN b. TN c. 1797 Nancy Muse (m. 1841 1850 Shelby Co., AL census & marr. index
Zilpah Perrysburg, Cattara., NY res c. 1840 Hosea Throop May be sister of Salmon
Zloties Washington Co., NY cen 1810   b.c 1765-85. See Pierce & Reuben. See also Zelotus Prentice in the Summer '97 Issue

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