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Ezra Parmelee Prentice and Alta Rockefeller Family and Descendants

The following information was gathered from various sources.

Note: The spelling of "Parmelee" is sometimes seen as "Parmalee." Ezra Parmelee Prentice's gravestone (this Ezra's grandfather) clearly shows "Parmelee," also the Boston Globe, Jan. 18, 1901 spells it "Parmelee," so that's what I'll use here.

Ezra Parmelee Prentice (1863-1955), eldest son of Sartell and Mary Isham Prentice; m., Jan. 18, 1901, Alta Rockefeller (1871-1962), dau. of John D. Rockefeller. [-1-]

Children of Ezra and Alta:

  1. John Rockefeller Prentice (1902-1972)
  2. Mary Adeline Prentice (1907-1981), m. 1937, Benjamin Davis Gilbert (1907-1992)
  3. Spelman Prentice (1911-2000)

John Rockefeller Prentice (1902-1972), son of Ezra and Alta Rockefeller Prentice, m. 1941, Abra Blanche Cantrill (1912-1972). [-2-]

Children of John and Abra:

  1. Abra Prentice (b.1942), m. Jon S. Anderson, m. Jim Wilkin.
    1. Ashley Prentice Anderson, m. Alexander Taylor Norton.
      (info from Town & Country, Sept. 2012)
      1. Alexander (ae. 10 in 2012)
      2. Vanessa (ae. 8 in 2012)
      3. Camilla (ae. 5 in 2012)
    2. Anthony
    3. Abra


Spelman Prentice (1911-2000), son of Ezra and Alta Rockefeller Prentice. He married 1st, on 1 May 1937, at St. Stephen's Church, Coconut Grove, Florida, to Dorothy Jean Ryan (dau. of Stephen Andrew Ryan and Geneve Gilbert, b. 14 May 1915, in Illinois; d. 21 May 2009, France). [-3-] [-4-] [-5-] He married 2nd, in 1953, to Lola Pierce Noyes, and 3rd, in 1972, to Mimi Walters. [-6-]

Children of Spelman and Dorothy:

  1. Pamela Prentice, b. 1938, in Kentucky; m. 1st. 1960, Frans H. ten Bos.
    1. Helena ten Bos, b. 1962; m. 1987, Count Frederic de Belloy de Saint-Lienard.
    2. Joanna ten Bos, b. 1964; m. 1989, Christopher Booth.
  2. Peter Spelman Prentice, b. 1940.
  3. Alta Rockefeller Prentice, b. 1942.
  4. Michael Sartell Prentice, b. 1944.

Peter Spelman Prentice, son of Spelman Prentice and Dorothy Jean Ryan; m. ? ______.

Children of Peter and ______:

  1. Alexandra Sartell Prentice, b. 1962, m. _____ Bens.
    1. Peter Parmalee Bens, b. 1987.
    2. Erik Carl Bens, b. 1996.
    3. Sarah Prentice Bens, b. 1997.
  2. Michael Andrew Prentice, b. 1964.


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