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Norfolk and Suffolk Marriages

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Norfolk and Suffolk Marriages
Revised 16 Jul 2002

Norfolk register of Marriages  1552-1837   GRIMSTON

	John Prentice & Ann Herringe  16 Jul 1620 
	John Prentice & Susan Bush, by John Maye, J.P.  27 Feb 1653 
	Witnesses--Saml. Docking, John Prentice.

SUFFOLK Sudbury Marriage Licenses  1684 - 1754

	Geo. Prentice, of Preston St. Mary, husbandman, & Hannah Scarfe, at Brent Eleigh.  19 Jan 1690.
	John Prentice, of Melford, s. m., & Hannah Coulston, w., of same, at Melford.  21 Apr 1722.
	Stephen Honeywood, s. m., of Bishop Stortford, co. Herts., & Sarah Prentice, of same, at St. Peter's, Sudbury.  19 Aug 1744.
	John Prentice, s. m., 26 years, of Botesdale, jun., gent., & Sarah Moody, of Bury St. Edmunds, s. w., 21 years, at Gt. Barton.  02 Jul 1745.
	Robt Prentice, of Walsham le Willows, & Elizh Gleed, of same, at Redgrave, Bn.: John Prentice, jun., of Walsham le Willows.  08 Aug 1749.

SUFFOLK Sudbury Marriage Licenses  1755-1781

	Jas. Gibson, of Cockfield, s. m., & Clarke Prentice, of Cockfield, 18 years, s. w., at Cockfield. Bn.: Jn. Prentice, of Ipswich, deal Merchant, father.  05 Mar 1760.
	Jn. Ling, of St. Mary, Bury St. Edmunds, w., & Sarah Prentice, of same, w., at same.  12 May 1764.
	Wm. Prentice, of Long Melford, 23 years, s. m., & Sophia Slipper, of same, s. w., at same.  06 Sep 1764
	Saml Dennis, s. m., of Wilbraham, Cambs., 30 years, & Elizh Prentice, of Walsham le Willows, s. w., 23 years, at same. Bn.: Robt Prentice.  04 Apr 1774.
	Saml Prentice, of Walsham le Willows, s. m., & Maria Green Mallyn, of Bury St. Edmunds, s. w., at same. Bn.: Robt Prentice.  22 Feb 1780.

SUFFOLK Sudbury Marriage Licenses  1782-1814

	Jn. Prentice, of Gazeley, s. m., & Sarah Ruffell, of Dalham, s. w., at same.  19 Feb 1789.
	Jn. Deal, of Boxford, s. m., & Ann Prentice, of Hawkedon, s. w., at same.  25 Jan 1796.
	Saml Golding, of Hawkedon, s. m., & Elizh Prentice, of same, s. w., at same.  14 Jan 1811.
	Wm. Lorimer Fison, of Stowmarket, s. m., & Deborah Prentice, of same, s. w., at same.  19 Sep 1814.

SUFFOLK Sudbury Marriage Licenses  1815-1839

	Thos. Prentice, of Stowmarket, merchant, s. m., & Mary Langley, of Lavenham, s. w., at same (father, Zephaniah Langley, of Lavenham, draper).  17 May 1819.
	Thos. Dains, of Creeting All SS., s. m., & Sarah Prentice, of Stowmarket, s. w., at same.  28 Aug 1821.
	Golding Boggis, of Bures St. Mary, s. m., & Sarah Prentice, of same, s. w., at same. Surety: Geo. Boggis, of same.  10 Jul 1823.
	Israel Prentice, of Buxhall, s. m., & Frances Ungless, of Stowmarket, s. w., at Buxhall.  15 Jan 1827.
	Wm. Wright, of Stowupland, w., & Mary Ann Prentice, of Stowmarket, s. w., at same.  13 Jul 1827.
	Joseph Battley, of St. Mary, Bury St. Edmunds, w., & Ann Prentice, of same, s. w., 40 years, at same. [no date]  Oct 1827.
	Jn. Silverston, of Gt. Saxham, s. m., & Rosetta Prentice, of Barrow, s. w., at Barrow.  11 Jun 1828.
	Abraham Spencer, of Clare, w., & Ann Prentice, of Hartest, s. w., at same.  17 Feb 1836.
SUFFOLK  Bury St Edmunds, St James Register of Marriages  1562-1800

	14 Dec 1778 Matthew Prentice & Esther Revens both single of this parish. B. Witnesses Sarah Revens, John Mann.
	29 Feb 1780 Samuel Prentice single of Walsham in le Willows & Maria Green Maling spinster of this parish. L. Witnesses Abraham Maling, Frances Prentice.

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