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Mathias "Martin" Dewald

#8, Mathias "Martin" Dewald is the son of Johann "Joannis" Dewald and Anna Maria Klein.

Born 7 Apr 1828 in Niederlosheim, Germany, which was located some miles south of Trier and a few miles southeast of Luxembourg, near the French border. He died 3 Aug 1896 in Hebron, Thayer Co., NE at the age of 69.

Martin was about 15 when his family immigrated to America about 1843 and settled at St. John, Lake Co., IN where he bought a farm. In the Spring of 1855, when he was 27, he moved to Waterville, MN with his father, brothers, and possibly his mother. Three years later, in 1858, he married his 1st wife who bore him 2 sons and a daughter. After her death, and at the age of 43, he remarried and had another son and daughter. About 1880, martin and his family moved to Thayer Co.,NE.

He married, first, Barbara Dusbabek in 1858 in Waterville, MN. She was born 26 May 1839 and died 26 May 1871 at the young age of 32 and leaving her husband a widower with three young children to rear. Children:

  • Paul Dewald.

  • John Peter Dewald.

  • Amelia Dewald

    He married, second, Amelia Gregor, daughter of Joseph Gregor and Rosalie "Rose" Hiller. She was born 29 Nov 1848 in Michelsdorf, Bohemia (now a part of the Czech Republic) lying about 100 miles north of Vienna, Austria. A granddaughter remembers visits to her home in her later years; she was described as a non-smiling, no-nonsense person who always spoke German at home.

  • Christina Dewald.

  • Adolph Joseph Dewald

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