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Joseph Gregor

#184, Joseph Gregor is the son Franz Gregor and Anna Anderle.

Born 21 Aug 1813 in Michelsdorf, Bohemia, now a part of the Czech Republic and lying about 100 miles north of Vienna, Austria. Died 20 Jun 1891, Hebron, Thayer Co., NE.

The name "Gregor" is a common one in Waterville, MN where a number of families named GREGOR immigrated in the middle 1800's from Michelsdorf, Bohemia. The area is now Czechoslovakia and Michelsdorf, now known by the name Ustrov, is some 40 miles or so due east of Prague. It seems likely he is related to the other Gregors.

Information provided by Wolfgang Morascher, a descendant living in Vienna, indicates that Joseph's children were born in Michelsdorf up until his son, Frank, was born in Vienna in 1860. That would indicated Joseph moved to Vienna shortly before 1860.

We don't know when Joseph came to America, but it was after the birth of his last child, his son Emil born in 1867 in Vienna, Austria and prior to his 8 Dec 1883 official declaration of his intention to become a citizen. A Centennial History of the Sacred Heart Church of Hebron, NE reelates, at page 13, that "the Gregors first settled in Nebraska near Powell and Gladstone (about 20 miles east of Hebron); however, a 1992 review by Sister Eva Fritz of church records at Powell and Gladstone did not reveal any information about the family.

A photo of Joseph and his third wife, Victoria Klekar, taken around in the late 1800s, show him at about the age 65-70, of average weight and height, with an oval face and a prominent, and somewhat sharp, nose. He had a receding hairline and a small moustache. He had on a long, dark, suit coat of about knee length and was holding a billed hat similar to a military type.

The Centennial History relates that they attended church at Fairbury (about 15 miles east of Hebron). A review of Fairbury church records is needed to determine if it contains any information about them.

In the late 1880's and 1890's they all migrated to near Hebron and joined Sacred Heart Parish"

Joseph received his citizenship about 18 Sep 1890, the year before he died at the age of 77. Curiously, there seems to be no newspaper obituary.

He married Rosalie "Rose" Hiller, widow of Mr. Zeipelt.

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