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    1. John1 Eyanson Sr. Born c. 1725 (?), in Dublin?, Ireland and d. after 1765 (?). Immigration: 1742, in Baltimore, MD1. By email of 21 July 2002, Joe Downey relates that his mother(Walburga Eyanson) always said the Eyansons came to America with Lord Baltimore. Such a reference is rather vague since there were several men known as Lord Baltimore, and none appear to have come in 1742 which is said to be John's date of emigration to America.


    It has been said that the name, "Eyanson," is English and was originally spelled "I'anson."

    According to family tradition, John came to America from Dublin, Ireland. Another family source says that he came from "near Dublin," Ireland. Although the name does not sound Irish, a 1988 search of some of the records for Dublin disclosed another Eyanson family, but the relationship to John Eyanson's family is not known.

    We don't yet know the identity of his parents, but the IGI shows that a Jacob Eyanson and his wife, Mary, had a son, John Eyanson, born 22 Aug 1744 at Dublin, St. Peter and St. Kevin. That date is much too late to be this John, but Jacob and his wife, Mary, may be related to him; the name Eyanson appears to be quite unusual at that time and place in Dublin.

    Immigration to America

    After immigrating, John and his family initially settled in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland. John and his family moved a few miles to the northeast to Cecil County, MD sometime before the birth of their eldest son, John Jr., in January of 1750. They later moved to New Jersey before the American Revolution, settling below Philadelphia near Salem, NJ. One account, by an as yet unidentified source, says that they lived in "an old brick house on Salem Creek, 6 miles northeast of town...The home was built in 1745, and here (John's children) were baptized by Father Farman, a Jesuit from Philadelphia," citing the "Record at St. Joseph's Church, Philadelphia."

    According to "Catholic Trails West, The Founding Catholic Families of Pennsylvania" by Edmund Adams and Barbara Brady O'Keefe, Salem County was a part of the land embraced in Fenwick's Colony which extended from Oldman's Creek to Cohansey Creek. It was the site of the Glass Works of Casper Wistar who, in 1738, sent to Germany for experts in Glassmaking.

    &Mathew and Adam Geiger's home, located near the Wister Glass House, was a very important Catholic Mission Station in New Jersey. Mass was celebrated at Geiger's home as early as 1744 and the Baptism records began there on 15 March 1749. A sketch of the home appears on the cover of the Baptismal records. John Gilmary Shea located the house after an extensive search when he was writing "The Catholic Church in Colonial Days."

          They lived near Salem for a number of years, possibly until September 1762 when their fourth child, their daughter Mary, was born.

    We don't know when John died; it would have been after the 1765 birth of his fifth child, his daughter, Louise. Neither is John's place of death known, but it may have been near Salem, NJ. From the fact that John's son, John Jr., enlisted in 1776 in a New Jersey military unit, one might infer that John Sr., or at least his family, still lived at or near Salem, NJ.

    Information about his family comes from the record of the Rev. Father Farmer S.J., published in the American Historial Society of Philadelphia, Vol. 1, pp. 255, 269, 290, 293.

    He married Elizabeth Premm, circa 1749 (?).

    According to family tradition, Elizabeth was Welsh. It is not clear whether she married John before or after they immigrated to America. Children:

    1. John2 Eyanson Jr., b. 23 Jan 1749/0, in Cecil Co., MD. . . . . . . . . [2]
    2. Esther Eyanson, b. 23 Jan 1749/0, in Cecil Co., MD. . . . . . . . . . . [3]
    3. Sarah Eyanson, b. 7 Apr 1759, in Salem?, NJ2.
    4. Mary Eyanson. Born, 26 Sep 1762, in Salem?, NJ.
    5. Louisa Eyanson. Born, 1 May 1764 3. Sponsors at Louisa's baptism were Thomas and Esther Eyanson. Thomas could be Louise's father's brother, father, or cousin. Additional investigation is needed to determine the relationship. Esther Eyanson might be Thomas' wife, or she might be a sister to Louisa's father; additional investigation is needed.
    6. Simon Peter Eyanson. Born, 18 Oct 1767. Sponsors at Simon's baptism were Patrick Magill and Esther Eyanson. She could be the same Esther Eyanson who sponsored Louisa's baptism.

    2. John2 Eyanson Jr. (John Sr., 1). Born, 23 Jan 1749/0, in Cecil Co., MD4. Died, 31 May 1831, in Lebanon, Lebanon, PA, age 81 years, 4 months and 8 days. Death(2): 5 May 1831 5.

    John's parents immigrated some time before 1749 and settled initially in Cecil Co., MD. The family moved to NJ before the American Revolution, settling below Philadelphia, near Salem, NJ. From their home, an old brick house on Salem Creek, 6 miles northeast of town, the family attended church services. The home was built in 1745. It is said to be here that his sisters and brothers were baptised by Father Farman, a Jesuit from Philadelphia.

    A grandson wrote that, as a young man, John worked for an uncle who owned a nail factory near Salem, NJ.       Who is this uncle? A Thomas and Esther Eyanson were sponsors at his sister Louise's 1765 baptism. Thomas might be the uncle, brother of John Eyanson Sr., for whom John Jr. worked. If it was a brother of Elizabeth Premm, we don't yet have a clue as to what his name is.

    The manufacturing of nails in the colonies being against the law, the factory was suppressed and the usiness disbanded.

    When the American Revolution occurred in 1776, and at the age of 26, John enlisted in the Continental Line of New Jersey, 3rd Battallion, first established under Colonel Dayton, 2nd Company under Captain Thomas Patterson. An enlistment in a NJ military unit suggests that John Jr. and his parents and siblings might still have been living at or near Salem, NJ.

    Four companies of men were stationed at Staten Island, NY and another four at Amboy, NJ. They were joined 28 Apr 1776 at Elizabethtown and left for NY the following day. On 2 May 1776, the Battallion was reviewed by the Quarter-Master General, and on 3 May 1776, with the 1st Battallion, sailed by ship to Albany. There, Colonel Dayton reported to Brig. Gen. John Sullivan of NH. During the remainder of 1776, they were stationed at Johnstown, German Flats, Ft. Dayton, Fort Schuyler, Ticonderoga, and Mt. Independence. They were chiefly engaged in preventing incursions of the Indians.

    John was stationed at Ft. Ticonderoga and was on guard the day the Declaration of Independence was received at the Fort. Hearing a great cheering, he soon learned from a Corporal who, besides bearing the news, also bore a canteen of liquor. Together, they drank to the success of the new nation.

    John Truax, of Capt. Thomas Patterson's 2nd Company, 3rd Batillion, 1st Establishment, was John Eyanson's mess mate in the New Jersey Continentals. There seems to be no records of the privates of Capt. Patterson's Company.

    The Battallion left Albany on 7 Mar 1777 and was discharged at Morristown on 23 Mar 1777. After discharge from the Continental Army, John returned to Salem County, NJ moving later to nearby Chester, PA near Philadelphia. At Chester he enlisted in Capt. William Price's Company, PA Militia, 13 Jun 1777 as a Private under the name of "John Ireson." (Source: PA Archives, Vol. 14, pg. 80)

    John was at the Battle of Brandywine and under arms for 13 hours in the famous Apple Orchard with nothing to eat, but came out without a wound. He served the balance of the war in PA near Philadelphia.

    John lived at Chester, PA at least until 1784 when his third child, John, was born. In 1821 he filed an application with the Open Court of Common Pleas, Chester County, PA for a pension. In it, he related that:

      . . . he was then living in the township of Brackrack in the county of Berks, PA His application related that he was "in reduced circumstances and stands in need of the assistance of this County for support..."

    The petition also added that:

      "I am by occupation a labourer, but of reason of old age and infirmity am not able to do any work as I am now a (illeg.) cripple and have been for the last 6 years. I have a wife who is about sixty years old who is also infirm and debilitated (illeg.). I have no family with me but my wife. I have several children none of whom are able to render me any support. I have been since last April (1820) supported as a pauper of the township County in which I live as is also my wife, neither being able to support ourselves. I continued to support myself as long as I had the strength and means, but when both had failed, I was certified to become charitable on the township."

    He died in 1831 at Lebanon, PA, about 70 miles WNW of Philadelphia, at the age of 81 years, 4 mos. and 8 days.

    He married Anna Eddy, circa 1779. Anna was b. Sep 1757, in East Natmeal Twp., formerly part of Vincent Twp., Chester, PA. Died, Dec 1836, in Lebanon, PA, age 79 years and 3 months.. Christened, 1 Sep 1783 6. Burial in Cath. Cem., Lebanon, PA7. Anna was the daughter of Joseph Eddy and (Mary Philips?), A grandson of Anna wore that Joseph Eddy "came from a manufacturing town in England called France, and was noted in Chester County for his honesty.

    Apparently Anna was born a Baptist. She converted to Catholicism at the age of 26 and approximately four years after her marriage and after the birth of her first two children, Mary and William. Anna was baptized 1 Sep 1783 at Pikeland, Chester Co., PA. (Source: Reg., St. Joseph Ch., Philadelphia, pub. Am. Cath. Hist. Coc., V. 4, pg. 52)

    Anna had eleven children and over a period of 24 years from 1780 to 1804. Anna's youngest child, her son Thomas, was born in 1804 when Anna was 47 years old.

    Anna's husband, John Eyanson Jr., died in 1831 at Lebanon, PA. Anna was 74 at that time, and it might be reasonable to assume that she thereafter went to live with one of her children's families. Since she died at Lebanon in 1836, it might also be reasonable to assume that at least one we do not presently know.

    Anna died at Lebanon, PA in 1836 at the age of 79 years of age. Children:

       4       i.  Mary3 Eyanson.
              ii.  William Eyanson. Born, 30 Nov 1782, in Pikeland, Chester,
                   PA8. Died, circa 1798. The PA IGI has an entry for a
                   William Eyenson, son of John Eyenson and Hannah, christened
                   15 Jun 1783 at St. Joseph's Church in Philadelphia. It is
                   probably the same person.
       5     iii.  John B. Eyanson.
       6      iv.  David Eyanson.
       7       v.  Jeremiah Eyanson.
       8      vi.  George Eyanson Jr.
       9     vii.  Joseph Eyanson.
      10    viii.  Sarah Eyanson.
      11      ix.  Anna Eyanson.
      12       x.  Samuel A. Eyanson.
      13      xi.  Thomas Eyanson.

    Esther2 Eyanson (John Sr., 1). Born, 23 Jan 1749/0, in Cecil Co., MD.

    She married John Doyle, 3 Nov 1776. Children:

    1. Joseph3 Doyle. Born, 3 Dec 1777. Baptism: 4 May 1777.
    2. JamesDoyle. Born, 2 May 17799. Baptism: 7 May 1779.

    4. Mary Eyanson (John Jr., 2), b. 3 Jun 1780, in Pikeland, Chester Co., and d. 1798. Baptism: 29 Jul 1780, in Pikeland, Chester, PA. According to Am. Hist. Soc., Vol. 2, pg. 273, Mary had no children.

    She married William Thorndyke. Born,circa 1780 (?). No children.

    5. John B. Eyanson (John Jr., 2), b. 23 Nov 1784, in Pikeland, Chester, PA. Baptism: 29 May 1785. The IGI for PA lists a John Eyenson born to John Eyenson and Ann who was christened 29 May 1785 in Philadelphia at St. Josephs. This is quite probably the same John Eyanson.

    He married Unknown, circa 1824. Children:

    1. Elizabeth Eyanson. Born, 27 Dec 1825 11.
    2. John Eyanson. Born, 15 Mar 1829 11.

    6. David Eyanson (John Jr., 2). Born, 13 Feb 178611. Birth(2): 23 Feb

    He married Unknown. Children:

               i.  (names unknown) 4.

    7. Jeremiah Eyanson (John Jr., 2). Born, 1788. Died, after 1816 (?). It is said that Jeremiah died young, but he might have m. Unknown c. 1813 in Pittsburg, Alleghany Co., PA and had:

    1. Joseph4 Eyanson. Born, circa 1814 (?).
    2. James Eyanson. Born, circa 1816 (?).

    8. George Eyanson (John Jr., 2). Born, 1791, in PA. Died, 12 Jul 1841, in Decatur, Adams, IN. Burial in Decatur, Adams, IN. George Eyanson was the sixth of the eleven children of John Eyanson Jr. and his wife, Anna Eddy. We don't yet know where George was born, other than that it was apparently in Pennsylvania. His parents lived in Pikesland, Chester Co., PA at least until 1784 when their third child, John, was born. Unfortunately we do not presently know the birth places of the fourth and fifth children so we are unable to trace the family's movement.

    Neither do we know his place of marriage in 1813 when he was 22 years old, except that his eldest son, Joseph, is said to have been born in 1814 in PA; from that it might be inferred that George was married in PA. We can infer that some time before 1818 George and his family moved to Des Moines, Polk, Iowa where his daughter, Eliza, was born in 1818.

    Sometime between 1818 and 1841 he moved to Decatur, Adams Co., IN, where he died in 1841 at the age of only 51 years.

    He married Barbara Eckenrode, daughter of Henry Eckroth and Mary Elizabeth Schimpfessel, 23 Aug 1813, in Bucks, PA. Born, 25 Mar 1792, in PA 12. Died, 12 Jul 184113. Death(2): 4 Sep 1854 14.

    The Eckenrode Family Book, pub. 1988, by Wm. E. Kirkpatrick contains the following information about Barbara:

    Barbara4 Eckenrod (sic) (Henry3, Peter2, John1) married before a lay judge, George Eyan/Eyerson/Eirenzen. On 10 October 1813 George, son of John and Anna Eyanson and Barbara, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Eckenrod (sic) renewed their consent before John Allgayer and Elizabeth Riltner (GR, page 211; Records, Volume II, page 203). To be validly married in the Catholic Church Barbara had to have been at least 14 years old. Therefore she was born not later than 9 October 1799.

    A 1945 letter to the Gen. Soc. of Utah cites a family Bible in the possession of Mrs. Clara Hughes of Ft. Wayne, IN, then deceased, as recording that Barbare died 4 Feb 1854 at the age of 62 years. That date corresponds with the 1792 birth date given, but is at odds with the other 1841 death date for which no reference is cited on the Group Sheet on which it appears. Children:

      14       i.  Joseph L(ewis?).4 Eyanson.
                ii.  Mary Anna Eyanson. Born, 23 Apr 181715.
      15     iii.  Eliza Eyanson.

    9. Joseph Eyanson (John Jr., 2). Born, 28 Feb 1794.

    He m. Mary Catharine "Polly" Eckenrode c. 1819 16. Born, 1 Mar 1789, in Goshenhoppen, Bally, PA17. Baptism: 10 May 1789, in Goshenhoppen, Bally, PA. Polly is a sister to Barbara Eckenrode who married George Eyanson Children:

      16       i.  Mary Elizabeth4 Eyanson.
      17      ii.  Anna Eyanson.
      18     iii.  Mary Eyanson.
      19      iv.  Samuel Eyanson.
      20       v.  Salome/Sarah Eyanson.

    10. Sarah3 Eyanson (John Jr., 2). Born, 1796. Died, 4 Sep 1866. Burial in Cath. Cem., 6th St., Burlington, IA.

    She married, first, John A. Tolland 18. Born, circa 1796 (?). Died, 1 Sep 1866 (?). Burial in N. 6th St Cem. The only date on John's tombstone is Sept. 1, 1866; that apparently is when he died. John was a Colonel and killed in the Civil War. He was shot from his horse while passing through Wythesville, VA with his Regiment in 1864. He is buried at the N. 6th St. Cem. Children:

      21       i.  Mary A.4 Tolland.
              ii.  Jalm/John T. Tolland19. Born, circa 1821 (?)20.
      22     iii.  Rebecca Tolland.

          She married, second, Steve Clement.

    11. Anna Eyanson (John Jr., 2) 21, Born, 8 Aug 1798, in E. Nantmeal Twp., Chester, PA22. Died, 8 Jan 1876. The PA IGI lists an Anna Eyanson baptised 1 Sep 1783 in St. Joseph's Church in Philadelphia to a John Eyenson. Because of the date discrepency, that Anna may not be the same person, but might be a previously unidentified child who may have died in childhood. Two lines further down in the IGI is John Eyenson who is probably Anna's brother; he was christened at St. Joseph's Church in Philadelphia.

    DAR Lineage Book, PG. 299, lists #118923, a Clara Wales McMahon as a descendant of Anna's. Another descendant is a Mrs. Anna Leach Stevens Crocker, born in Snohomish, WA. \

    Anna and her husband lived near Lancaster, OH. In 1850, after her husband had died, Anna packed her belongings into a large walnut bureau and traveled down the Ohio river to Cairo, IL, and then up the Mississippi River to Burlington. She brought her seven youngest children with her. Several of the older children had married and remained in Lancaster, OH.

    Perhaps she went to Burlington at the suggestion of her older brother, Sanuel Eyanson, who was living there at the time. Samuel and his wife had no children, and since there was an age difference of only two years between Samuel and Anna, they may have been especially close.

    Anna lived in a log cabin at the corner of 3rd and High streets where the north wing of Burlington Hospital now stands. For some years this spot was filled by a small bungalow owned by the Goodspeeds. When it was razed to make room for the hospital, it was found that a part of the original log cabin was still within the structure of the Goodspeed bungalow. There were 2 fireplaces, one at each end of the cabin. It was in that log cabin that Anna raised her family, her means of support a bording house, It was in that home that Katherine Helen Wetzler married Samuel Shannon Wales. It is located at 6th and Washington at the foot of Snake Alley.

    Although some of the Eyanson children had been baptised by a Jesuit priest in the earlier days, it seems that at this time they were not Catholic. Thomas Wales, a grandson of Anna's, said their conversion perhaps came about in this way: There was no parish house for the priest at St. Paul's Church , so he boarded at the Wetzler home. They had been a family who had "shopped around" for their religion, but had never been quite satisfied with any faith they had been identified with. During the time the priest stayed with them, they became converts to Catholicism.

    She married Daniel Wetzler, 1817, in PA. Born, 179823. Died, 1839, in PA. It is said that the Wetzlers were of Pennsylvania Dutch extraction, and were among the early settlers of Pennsylvania. (Comment: the name sounds German; perhaps the source meant "Deutch" or German.) Family tradition relates that during a noon wrestling match, Daniel was thrown by his opponent, struck a tree stump, and died from a broken neck. Children:

      23       i.  Elizabeth4 Wetzler.
      24      ii.  Mary C. Wetzler.
             iii.  Matthias Wetzler. Born, 1821. Died, 1839.
      25      iv.  Jane Wetzler.
               v.  Thomas Wetzler. Born, 1825. He married Anna/Laura Engleson.
              vi.  John Wetzler. Born, 1827. Died, circa 1828 (?), in infancy.
             vii.  Samuel A. Wetzler. Born, 1829, in PA. Died, 5 Apr 187424.
      26    viii.  Katherine "Kate" Helen Wetzler.
      27      ix.  Anna Maria Wetzler.
               x.  Sarah Wetzler. Born, 1835. Died, circa 1836 (?), in
              xi.  Stephen Wetzler. Born, 1837, in OH. Died, 28 Aug 1863.
                   Occupation: Printer.
             xii.  George Wetzler. Born, 1837, in OH. Occupation: Carpenter.
                   He married Mary Best.

    12. Samuel A. Eyanson (John Jr., 2).  Born, 1 Apr 1800. Died, 1880. Apparently he had no children.

    He married Esther Ball. Born, circa 1800.

    13. Thomas3 Eyanson (John Jr., 2). Born, 10 Apr 1804. Died, 3 Jul 1876, in Monroeville, IN.

    He married Mary McClosky, 11 Jul 1830, in Lebanon, Lebanon, PA. Born, 1 Nov 1804, in Little Washingtn, PA. Died, 6 Dec 1869, in Philadelphia, PA. Children:

               i.  Paul4 Eyanson. Born, circa 1831. Died in (scarlet fever).
                   Burial in Tamagua, PA. Died of Scarlet Fever.
              ii.  Augustine Eyanson. Born, circa 1833. Died in (scarlet
                   fever). Burial in Tamagua, PA. Died of Scarlet Fever.
             iii.  John Eddy Eyanson. Born, 16 Dec 1834, PA, and d. 14 Jun 1903. He m. Annie Knife, b. c. 1836, MD. 1880 census in Camden, Camden Co., NJ.

    1. John E. Eyanson, b. c. 1864, MD. 1880 in Camden, NJ.
    2. Bessie Eyanson, b. c. 1867, NJ. 1880 in Camden, NJ.
    3. George F/T Eyanson, b. c. 1873, NJ. 1880 in Camden, NJ. 1900 in Philadelphia, PA. He m. Adele Martel, b. Oct 1872, PA. Daughter:
      1. Elizabeth Eyanson, b. 25 Aug 1899 and bap. 24 Sep 1899, Our Lady of the Rosaary, Philadelphia. She m. Ralph Trempe, b. c. 1902, VT. Daughter:
        1. Lois Ann Trempe, b. 30 Sep 1927, Philadelphia, PA. . . . . . . . . 13.1
      2. Charles Eyanson, b. c. 1876, NJ. 1880 in Camden, NJ.

      28      iv.  Thomas E. Eyanson.
      29       v.  Charles Joseph Eyanson.
              vi.  Julia Eyanson. Born, 19 Sep 1842, in Danbury, Clark, IN.
                   She married Mahlon Heller, 5 Aug 1871, in Allen Co., IN25.
             vii.  Margaret Eyanson. Born, 22 Feb 1844, in Philadelphia, PA.
                   Died, 23 Oct 1893, in Monroeville, IN.
            viii.  George Eyanson. Born, 22 Feb 1844, in Philadelphia, PA.
                   Died, 22 Feb 1844, in Philadelphia, PA.
    ix.  Julia Eyanson, b. 19 Sep 1841 and d. May 1928
    x.  Sallie T. Eyanson, b. 22 Mar 1845 and d. Dec 1915.

    13.1 Lois Ann Trempe 30 Sep 1927, Philadelphia, PA, and d. 18 Jul 2011, Devon, PA. Her obituary reads as follows:

    Lois Ann "Timmy" (nee Trempe) on July 18, 2011. She was the beloved wife for 58 years of the late James P. Connor. Born in Overbrook, PA, September 30, 1927, she had resided in Devon, PA, for over 50 years.

    She was a 1945 graduate of Mater Misericordia Academy (now Merion Mercy Academy) and Moore College of Art and Fashion Design.

    Until recent years Timmy and her husband traveled the world extensively and loved the shore in Ocean City, NJ.

    She was a long time member of St. Monica's Parish in Berwyn, PA, and had been active in the Women's Club of Merion Mercy Academy.

    She will be missed by her brother, Mel Trempe; her brother-in-law, William J. Cassidy; her sister-in-law, Jeanne Connor; her nieces, Susan Cassidy and Nancy Grill; nephews , William Cassidy, Michael Cassidy and Robert Connor; her godchild, Edward Costa, and her many friends whose lives she touched with her kindness sense of humpr and quick wit. . ."

    She m. James P. Connor on 24 May 1952, Philadelphia. He d. before 2011.

    14.   Joseph L(ewis?).4  Eyanson (George, 8). Born, 22 Feb 1814, in PA14.
    Died, 16 Feb 1867. Burial in Cath. Cem., Decatur, Adams, IN. Joseph
    drowned in St.Mary's River in Decatur, IN on 16 Feb 1867. A bridge gave
    way during a flood, apparently while holding a team of horses and wagon.
    Two men drowned.

          He married Mary L. Smith, daughter of Mr. Smith and Elizabeth, 29
    Jun 1837. Born, 182126. Died, 16 Jun 1867. Burial in Cath. Cem., Decatur,
    Adams, IN27.
          Mary is believed to be a sister to John Paul Smith, the man who
    married Eliza Eyanson. Children:

      31       i.  Catherine Elizabeth5 Eyanson.
              ii.  Mary Ann Eyanson. Born, 8 Apr 184014. Died, 9 May 1840.
             iii.  George N. Eyanson. Born, 3 May 184128. Died, 10 Sep 1844.
              iv.  John R./W. Eyanson29. Born, 19 Sep 184314. Died, 8 Nov 1868. Burial in Cath. Cem., Decatur, Adams, IN. He married Margaret Axe, May 1867. By email of 22 Jul 2002, Doug Halsema of Pensacola, FL says he thinks they had a son named Joseph 1868-1886, and that John must have died prior to 1870 because Margaret Axe was m. on 13 Sep 1870 St. Mary's, OH, to Lambertus Halsema 1838-1916. Then she d. on 17 Jun 1883 at St. Mary's, OH.
      32       v.  Barbara Ceclia Eyanson.
      33      vi.  Melissa/Melecea Jane Eyanson.
      34     vii.  Nancy Ann Eyanson.
      35    viii.  Margaretta Theresa Eyanson.
      36      ix.  Clara Agnes Eyanson.
      37       x.  Joseph Augustine Eyanson.
      38      xi.  James Edward Eyanson.
             xii.  Thomas G. Eyanson. Born, 16 Jun 186014. Died, 25 Feb 1864.
                   Burial in Cath. Cem., Decatur, Adams, IN30.
            xiii.  Mary Frances Eyanson. Born, 20 Jul 186214. Died, 14 Aug
                   1862. Burial in Cath. Cem., Decatur, Adams, IN.

    15.   Eliza4 Eyanson (George, 8)31. Born, 18 Apr 1819, in Des Moines,
    Polk, IA. Died, circa 1873 (?), in MO. Baptism in St. Peter's Ch.,
    Reading, PA32. Burial in Cath. Cem., Decatur, Adams, IN.
          Eliza was the youngest of the three children of George Eyanson
    (John1, John2) and his wife, Barbara Eckenrode. She is also a sister to
    Joseph Eyanson who married Mary Catharine Eckenrode.
          There is some confusion where Eliza was born. Church records show
    her baptism at St. Peter's Cath. Church in Reading, PA. That record is
    probably should prevail over a Group Sheet showing her birth at Des
    Moines, Polk, IA which does not cite specific documentation. Of course,
    her family might have moved between her birth and baptism, or she might
    have been born other than at her family's city of residence.
          Eliza married her first husband, John Roland Prentice in 1837 when
    she was 19. She and John had four children, Joseph, Elizabeth, George and
    Margaret over the next seven years. Sometime after the birth of her fourth
    child, John abandoned Eliza and the children. John subsequently remarried
    twice more without the benefit of divorce and had additional children by
    each of his two later wives. Additional information about the descendants
    of the four children may be found in the book,
    "Ancestors and Descendants of Valentine Prentice" by L. J. Dewald,
    a descendant of Eliza and John.
    His mailing address is 9190 Oak Leaf Way, Granite Bay, CA 95746; also
          Eliza died in Missouri at the home of a daughter about 1873 at the
    age of approximately 55. Her remains were returned to Decatur, IN for

          She married, first, John Roland Prentice, 16 Nov 1837, in Lancaster,
    Fairfield, OH33. For children, see
    "Ancestors and Descendants of Valentine Prentice" by L. J. Dewald,
    mentioned above.

          She married, second, John Paul Smith (nee Schmidt), son of Mr
    Schmidt/Smith and Unknown, 6 Apr 1848, in Decatur, Adams, IN. Born, circa
    1800 (?), in Saxony, Ger. Died, circa 1872 (?)34.

    John Paul is believed to be a brother to, Mary L. Smith, the girl who
    married Joseph Eyanson, Elizabeth's only brother.

    John Paul was an emigrant from Saxony, Germany. He Americanized his name
    from Schmidt to Smith. He had been hired by Eliza's son to work on the
    farm after Eliza's husband, John, abandoned her and her four children. In
    due course, John and Eliza were married in 1848 and had a family of their
    own. Children:

              ii.  Emily "Emma" M. Smith. Born, circa 1849, in Preble, Adams,
                   IN. She married Ruben Brown.
             iii.  Rebecca Alice "Alice" Smith. Born, circa 1852, in Preble,
                   Adams, IN. She married Mr. Ashley.
              iv.  Isabella "Belle" Smith. Born, circa 1853, in Preble, Adams,
      39       v.  Mary Louise "Mollie" Smith.

    16.   Mary Elizabeth4 Eyanson (Joseph, 9). Born, 10 Mar 1818, in Reading,
    PA17. Baptism: 13 Sep 1818, in Reading, PA.

          She married Mr. Eckenrode. Children:

               i.  Mary5 Eckenrode.
              ii.  Philip A. Eckenrode.
             iii.  Henry Eckenrode.

    17.   Anna4 Eyanson (Joseph, 9)35. Born, 1820, in Reading, PA36. Died, 10
    Jul 1895, in Dallas City, IL.

          She married William Knobbs, 1835, in OH. Born, 1814. Children:

               i.  George5 Knobbs. Born, 19 Jan 1842.
              ii.  Charles Knobbs. Born, 13 Feb 1844.
             iii.  Zera W."Doc." Knobbs. Born, 9 Nov 1846.
              iv.  Emma S. Knobbs. Born, 24 Aug 1848.
               v.  Josephus Knobbs. Born, 22 Mar 1850.
              vi.  Rebecca Knobbs. Born, 1851.
             vii.  Agnes Knobbs. Born, 23 Aug 1859.
            viii.  Phillip Knobbs. Born, 1860.
              ix.  (5 ch.) Knobbs. Died in (in infancy).

    18.   Mary4 Eyanson (Joseph, 9). Born, 1821, in Reading, PA37.

          She married Mr. McLaughlin. Children:

               i.  John5 McLaughlin.
              ii.  Edward McLaughlin.
             iii.  George McLaughlin.

    19.   Samuel4 Eyanson (Joseph, 9). Born, 1824, in Reading, PA37.

          He married Unknown. Children:

               i.  Anna5 Eyanson. Born, 1850.
              ii.  Mary Eyanson. Born, 1857.
             iii.  Charles Eyanson. Born, 1857.

    20.   Salome/Sarah4 Eyanson (Joseph, 9).  Born, 1826, in Reading, PA37.

          She married Mr. Kochenberger. Children:

               i.  Harry5 Kochenberger.
              ii.  William Kochenberger.
             iii.  Frances Kochenberger.

    21.   Mary A.4 Tolland. Born, 30 Aug 1820, in Lancaster Co., PA38. Died,
    19 Jun 1890, in Edina, MO. Burial in Old St. Joseph, Edina, Knox, MO39.
    Mary is the eldest child of Sarah Eyanson (John1, John2, Sarah3) and John
    Tolland. While a Pedigree Chart from Edward Shirley indicates her birth
    place as Lancaster Co., PA, another source identifies it as Pikeland,
    Chester Co., PA.

          She married, first, George Gooch/Gouch, 9 Sep 184039. Born, circa
    1795 (?)40. Children:

               i.  (5 ch., names unknown) 5.
          She married, second, Clement A. Steve, 15 Jul 1853, in Keosauqua,
    Van Buren, IO39. Born, 19 Jun 1819, in Borgentreich, Prussia41. Died, 3
    May 1879, in Edina, MO. Burial in Old St. Joseph, Edina, Knox, MO41.

      40      ii.  Caroline F. Steve.
             iii.  Anna Marie (Sophia) Steve. Born, 28 May 185639. She married
                   Anthony Gibbons, 24 Sep 1877.
              iv.  George Francis Steve. Born, 15 Jan 185839. Died, 20 Apr
                   1890. He married Mary A. Ryan (Broderick), 20 Apr 1890.
               v.  Clement Henry Steve. Born, 19 Apr 186039. Died, 19 Feb
                   1892. He married Mary Baker, 22 Jan 1883.
              vi.  Veronica Agnes Steve. Born, 1 Feb 186339. She married
                   Patrick C. Gibbons, 23 Feb 1884.

    22.   Rebecca4 Tolland. Born, circa 1822 (?). Burial in N. 6th St. Cem.,
    Burlington, IA. Rebecca is the second child of Sarah Eyanson (John1,
    John2, Sarah3) and John Tolland.

          She married Dr. Cyrus Fitch. Children:

               i.  Ada5 Fitch. She married Mr. Spire/Spore.
              ii.  John Fitch.
             iii.  Byron Fitch.

    23.   Elizabeth4 Wetzler. Born, 1817, in PA. Died, 26 Feb 1881.

          She married James Thomas. Born, circa 1817 (?).
          Marguerite Wales writes: "There is a small plot of ground along the
    highway near Danville, a few miles from Burlington, with a marker that
    calls the spot JIMTOWN. It is named for the James Thomas (ours) who drove
    the stage coach between Burlington and Iowa City; a sort of rest-spot for
    horses and travelers of that day. I suppose it was also the place where
    persons could board or disembark from the stagecoach also." Children:

      41       i.  Cecelia Dorcas5 Thomas.
      42      ii.  Edward Thomas.
      43     iii.  James Thomas.
      44      iv.  Elizabeth Thomas.
               v.  Sarah Thomas. Died, 1929. Occupation: Nunn.
              vi.  Walter Thomas42.
      45     vii.  William Thomas.
            viii.  Mark Thomas.

    24.   Mary C.4 Wetzler. Born, 1819, in PA. Died, 1895, in OH?. Occupation:
    Dressmaker. After her marriage, Mary converted to the Catholic faith.

          She married Thomas Lilly. Born, circa 1819 (?). The Lillys had come
    to America with Lord Baltimore. Children:

               i.  Louise5 Lilly. Born, 8 Jan 1847, in Lancaster, OH5. Died,
                   25 May 1935. Occupation: Nun. Louise became Mother
                   Ascension Mother General of the Order of the Blessed Virgin
                   Mary for three years. She taught in Chicago IL, Lincoln NE
                   and elsewhere. She lived to be very old Marguerite Wales
                   says that Louise "looked very much like her cousin, my
                   father-in-law. So he must have looked like the Wetzlers.
                   Fine looking old gentleman."
              ii.  Francis "Fanny" Lilly. Born, circa 1849 (?). She married
                   Professor John O'Neill, 22 Nov 186943. Moved to the State
                   of NY. Died young.

    25.   Jane4 Wetzler. Born, 182344. Died, 1868. Jane is the fourth of the
    twelve children of Anna Eyanson (John1, John2, Anna3) and Daniel Wetzler.

          She married Patrick Boyle, 1848. Born, 1826, in Ireland5. Died, 9
    Jun 1897. Children:

      46       i.  Mary5 Boyle.
      47      ii.  Thomas Boyle.
      48     iii.  Louis Paul Boyle.
      49      iv.  Elizabeth Boyle.
      50       v.  Edward Boyle.
              vi.  Anna Boyle. Born, 18545. Died, 19 Nov 1925. Anna became
                   Sister Maria Avelina. She suffered from arthritis. Her
                   hands were very crippled and her body stiffened in a
                   sitting position.
      51     vii.  Philip/Philomen Boyle.
      52    viii.  Harry Boyle.
      53      ix.  Catherine Boyle.
               x.  Eugenia Boyle. Born, 18655. Died, 9 Feb 1932. Became Sister
                   Maria Fredelina. She entered Mt. Carmel, Dubuque, IA on 8
                   Sep 1883. She professed 15 Aug 1886.
      54      xi.  John Arthur Boyle.
      55     xii.  James Boyle.
            xiii.  Albert Boyle. Died in infancy.

    26.   Katherine "Kate" Helen4 Wetzler. Born, 1831, in PA or OH. Died, 1
    May 1896, in Burlington, IA. Burial in N. 6th St. Cem., Burlington, IA.
    Occupation: Seamstress.

    Katherine is the eighth of the twelve children of Anna Eyanson (John1,
    John2, Anna3) and her husband Daniel Wetzler. She was a member of a
    Sanitary Commission during the Civil War and may have helped to care for
    the wounded at the military hospital at Keokuk. She was well-known for her
    ability as a nurse. When she lived on Agency Street, she was always called
    upon where was illness in the neighborhood. Kate kept a little black
    satchel packed with the necessities of her profession, as she was called
    upon so often.

    Kate and her husbvand were married at the home of Senator Dodge at the
    corner of 6th and Washington streets. She died of breast cancer in 1896 at
    the age of 65.
          She married Samuel Shannon Wales, son of George Carter Wales and
    Jane C?, 13 Sep 1866. Born, 15 Dec 1828, in Prairie du Chien, WI. Died, 6
    Mar 1907, in Burlington, IA. Marguerite Wales writes: "S. S. Wales was a
    Sergeant in the Civil War, Fifth Wisconsin Reg't; Sixth Corps. Esther
    Wales Japsen said her father used to have his old Civil War hat somewhere
    at home with a bullet-hole through it. Never knew what became of it.
    Nowadays they would have it hanging on a wall!" Children:

               i.  Augustus Dodge5 Wales. Born, circa 1868 (?)45. Marguerite
                   Wales writes: Augustus once went to Peoria to visit, got
                   caught in a rain, contracted pneumonia, and died within a
                   few days at about the age of 22. He was the oldest son.
      56      ii.  Clara Foote Wales.
      57     iii.  Thomas Francis Wales I.
              iv.  George Albert Wales. Born, circa 1875 (?)45.

    27.   Anna Maria4 Wetzler. Born, 1833, in PA or OH. Died, 1898.

          She married John Norton. Born, circa 1833 (?). Children:

               i.  Albert5 Norton. Born, 186046. Died, circa 1861.
      58      ii.  Helen Louise Wetzler Norton.

    28. Thomas E. Eyanson (Thomas, 13). Born, 26 Oct 1836, in Chestnut Beach, Philadelphia, PA 47. Died, 17 Dec 1908, in Seattle, WA. A letter of Dec 1980, unsigned and addressed to "Dear Lois and Jim" reads, in part, as follows:

    Tom Eyanson, his brother and Charles J. Eyanson [#29, below] came to Columbia City in horse and buggy and stopped to have the horse shod. They liked it so well they set up a clothing store business. Tom Eyanson got tired of the business and decided to go into the Woolen Mill business. He left and went to the State of Washing and made blankets for the Klondike. He made a lot of money, then lost it all in another venture. Charles J. Eyanson stayed in the clothing bsiness for 80 years. I don't know if that is true about the horse stopping Columbia City or not.

    He m. Amanda Brennan. Born, circa 1836. Children:

               i.  Julia5 Eyanson.
              ii.  Jennie Eyanson.
             iii.  Edward Eyanson.
              iv.  Irene Eyanson.
               v.  Augustine Eyanson.

    29. Charles Joseph Eyanson (Thomas, 13). Born, 20 Sep 1839, in Versaille, Ripley, IN. Died, 4Jan1903, in Columbia City, Whitley, IN 48. (See also #28 Thomas, above, for biographical information.)

    He married Magdaline Zimmerman, 22 Nov 1866, in Columbia City, Whitley, IN. Born, 6 Jan 1846, in Blumenfeld, Baden, Germany. Died,4 Nov 1920, in Columbia City, Whitley, IN. Children:

                   i.  Charles Joseph Eyanson Jr.  He m. Margaret Cecelia Kanaley and had:

          • Charles Louis Eyanson, b. 15 Sep 1892, Spokane, WA. . . . . . . . . . [29.1
          • Robert Eyanson
      59       ii.  Lewis C. Eyanson.
      60      iii.  Stephen Thomas Eyanson.
                iv.  Frank Eyanson. Resided, 1937, in Brooklyn, NY. Occupation:
      61      v.  Walburga Eyanson.
                iv.  John Eyanson, b. c. 1875 and d. fefore 1930.

    29.1 Charles Louis Eyanson, b. 15 Sep 1892, Spokane, WA, and d. 20 Nov 1959, Boston, Suffolk, MA. He m. Mary Clugston Harrison on 6 Apr 192-, Columbia City, Whitley Co., IN. Children:

    1. Mary Lou Eyanson, b. 24 Jun 1922, Philadelphia, PA. She m. Robert Reid Jr. on 25 Jul 1942, W. Hartford, CT. Children:
      1. William Robert Reid III, b. 21 Oct 1943. He m. Barbara Park on 8 Oct 1966. Children:
        1. Durinda Harrison Reid, b. 22 Apr 1969.
        2. William Robert Reid IV, b. 8 May 1971.
      2. Charles Louis Reid b. 21 Oct 1943 and d. 23 Oct 1943.
      3. Charles Louis Reid b. 21 Oct 1943 and d. 23 Oct 1943.
      4. Jane Harrison Reid, b. 1 Oct 1945, W. Hartford, CT. She married, 1st, Brian Reed Schick. Children:
        1. Brandon Reed Schick. He m. Roberta Jean Miklon. Children:
          1. Serena Marie Schick.
          2. Reed Nathaniel Schick.
        2. Kyle Charles Schick. He m. Susan Westerberg. Children"
          1. Emma Jane Schick.
          2. Kenyon Schick
        3. Trevor CallS Schick.
        Jane Harrison Reid married, 2nd, William David Dobbins Jr. on 23 Apr 1994 in Litchfield, Litchfield Co., CT. He was b. 25 Sep 1956, Litchfield, CT.

    30.   Sallie T.4 Eyanson (Thomas, 13). Born, 22 Mar 1845, in Philadelphia,

    Sallie and her husband lived in Monroeville, Monroe Twp., Allen Co., PA.
          She married John Bernard Neizer, 28 Apr 1868, in Allen Co, IN49.
    Born, circa 1845 (?)49. He was Catholic. Children:

               i.  Marguerite5 Neizer. Residence in Chicago, IL. She married
                   Mr. Andrews.

    31.   Catherine Elizabeth5 Eyanson (Joseph L(ewis?)., 14). Born, 29 Jul
    1838, in OH14. Died, 15 Apr 1913, in Paragould, AR (apoplexy)50. Burial in
    Paragould, AR.

          She married, first, John King, 19 Nov 1860, in Decatur, Adama, IN51.
    Marriage(2): 20 Nov 186014. Born, circa 1840. Died in Decatur, Adams, IN.
    Occupation: Blacksmith. Children:

               i.  Arthur F.6 King. Born, 12 Feb 186214. Died, 5 Feb 1863.
              ii.  Mary Ellen King. Born, 4 Jun 1863. Died, 29 Dec 187014.
             iii.  Charles Thomas King. Born, 6 Jun 187114. Died, circa 1899,
                   in Chicago, IL52.

          She married, second, Mr. Rodgers. Children:

              iv.  Bertha Rodgers (adopted). Resided, 1913, in St. Louis,
                   MO52. She married Mr. Bremer.

    32.   Barbara Ceclia5 Eyanson (Joseph L(ewis?)., 14). Born, 22 Apr 184614.
    Resided, 1913, in Decatur, Adams, IN53.

          She married, first, John A. Evans, 29 Nov 1866, in Decatur, Adams,
    IN. Born, circa 1846 (?). Children:

               i.  Samuel6 Evans.
              ii.  Harriet Evans.
             iii.  John Evans.
              iv.  Daniel Evans.

          She married, second, James Ball. Children:

               v.  Chauncey Ball.

    33.   Melissa/Melecea Jane5 Eyanson (Joseph L(ewis?)., 14). Born, 5 Jun
    184854. Resided, 1913, in Paragould, AR53.

          She married Thomas Woodruff, 24 Feb 1870, in Decatur, Adams, IN.
    Born, circa 184555. Died, 12 Oct 1912. Children:

               i.  (none) 6.

    34.   Nancy Ann5 Eyanson (Joseph L(ewis?)., 14). Born, 23 Feb 185014.
    Resided, 1913, in Portland, (OR?)53.

          She married George Kelley. Born, circa 1850 (?). Children:

      62       i.  Harriet6 Kelley.
              ii.  William Kelley. Residence in KS.
             iii.  Fred\James Kelley. Residence in KS.

    35.   Margaretta Theresa5 Eyanson (Joseph L(ewis?)., 14). Born, 9 Jun
    185214. Resided, 1913, in Muncie, IN.

          She married Samuel A. Durbin, 16 Apr 1869, in Decatur, Adams, IN.
    Born, circa 1852 (?). Children:

               i.  (12 ch.)6 Durbin. For their names, see Feltman Genealogy

    36.   Clara Agnes5 Eyanson (Joseph L(ewis?)., 14). Born, 23 Apr 185514.
    Died, 28 Oct 1934, in Ft. Wayne?, IN56.

          She married Winfield Scott Hughes, 9 Jun 1874, in Decatur, Adams,
    IN57. Marriage(2): 9 Jun 187514. Born, circa 184758. Died, 9 Dec 191814.

               i.  (May or Margaretta)6 Hughes. She married Mr. Moses.
              ii.  (May or Margaretta) Hughes.
             iii.  Laurence Hughes.
              iv.  (infant) Hughes.
               v.  (infant) Hughes.
              vi.  (infant) Hughes.
             vii.  (infant) Hughes.

    37.   Joseph Augustine5 Eyanson (Joseph L(ewis?)., 14). Born, 14 Aug
    185614. Died, 6 Mar 1929, in Decatur, Adams, IN. Burial in Cath. Cem.,
    Decatur, Adams, IN.

          He married Maryette (or Marietta) Agnes Maples, 20 May 1876, in
    Allen Co., IN59. Born, circa 1856. Died, 1942. Burial in Cath. Cem.,
    Decatur, Adams, IN. Children:

      63       i.  Henry Louis/Lewis6 Eyanson.
      64      ii.  Cecelia Eyanson.
      65     iii.  Jesse/Jessica Verdeenya Eyanson.
              iv.  Lois May Eyanson. Born, 12 Aug 1882. Died, 25 Jun 1947, in
                   Salem, OH. She married Eddie (unknown).
               v.  Pearl Eyanson. Born, 6 Aug 1884.
              vi.  Benjamin Franklin Eyanson. Born, 6 Sep 1886. Residence in
                   Decatur, Adams, IN.
      66     vii.  Donald/Don Eyanson.
            viii.  Joseph Eyanson. Born, 25 May 1896. Died, 15 Mar 1947, in
                   Nevada, IA.
              ix.  Earl Eyanson. Born, 27 Mar 1898. Died, 20 Nov 1911.
      67       x.  Charles Dallas Eyanson.
              xi.  Goldie Eyanson. Died, 25 Jan 1911, in (childbirth). She
                   married James Slusser?, 20 Jun 1910.
      68     xii.  Raymond Theodore Eyanson.

    38.   James Edward5 Eyanson (Joseph L(ewis?)., 14). Born, 25 Jun 185814.
    Resided, 1913, in Chicago, IL53.

          He married Emma Evans, 30 Dec 1899. Born, circa 1858 (?). Children:

               i.  Lamonte6 Eyanson.

    39.   Mary Louise "Mollie"5 Smith. Born, 18 Aug 1858, in Decatur, Adams,
    IN. Died, 9 Sep 1915, in Gilead, Thayer, NE. Burial in Cath. Cem.,
    Alexandria, Thayer, NE.

          She married Hugh James Deaver, 21 Jul 1875, in Senica, Nemaha, KS.
    Born, 3 Oct 1852, in Deavertown, OH. Died, 2 Sep 1929. Burial in Cath.
    Cem., Alexandria, Thayer, NE. Children:

               i.  James "Jim" Warren6 Deaver. Born, 18 Aug 187660. Died, 23
                   Jan 1918. He married Hester V. McGregor, 23 Jan 1900.
              ii.  Ruben L. Deaver. Born, 24 Feb 1878. Died, circa 1888 (?).
      69     iii.  Jessee Leo Deaver.
              iv.  Mildred A. Deaver. Born, 3 Jun 1881. Died, Apr 1953. She
                   married Stephen N. Gibson, 9 Nov 1898.
               v.  William H. Deaver. Born, 26 Dec 1883. Died, Jun 1956. He
                   married Viola Bevington.
              vi.  Mary "May" I. Deaver. Born, 28 May 1885. Died, Dec 1942.
                   She married Humphrey P. Cortney, 15 Jan 1907.
             vii.  Ellen A. Deaver. Born, 28 Mar 1888. She married John B.
                   Cortney, 25 Nov 1908.
            viii.  George C. Deaver. Born, 26 Mar 1890. Died, Jul 1969. He
                   married Leone Korhumel, 1912.
              ix.  Stephen Francis Deaver. Born, 13 Nov 1891. He married Rose
                   Willy, circa 1916 (?).
               x.  Charles "Charley" N. Deaver. Born, 30 Oct 1893. He married
                   Anna Novotny, circa 1919 (?).

    40.   Caroline F.5 Steve. Born, 13 Jul 1854, in Harrisburgh, Van Buren,
    IO38. Died, 17 May 1894, in Conception, MO.

          She married John Patrick Blessington, 7 Apr 187439. Born, 1848, in
    OH. Died, 25 Apr 1894, in Conception, MO. Children:
      70       i.  Alice Caroline6 Blessington.

    41.   Cecelia Dorcas5 Thomas. Born, 11 Mar 1843. Died in Rome, IA.

          She married Andrew Smith, 4 Oct 1864, in Burlington, IA. Born in OH.
    Died, 27 Aug 1866, in Burlington, IA. Children:

               i.  Jimmie6 Smith.
      71      ii.  Francis Isabell "Fannie" Smith.

    42.   Edward5 Thomas.

          He married Frank Littlejohn61. Children:

               i.  Helen6 Thomas.
              ii.  Alice Thomas.
             iii.  Ethel Thomas.
              iv.  Albert Thomas.
               v.  Florence Thomas.
              vi.  Edward Thomas.

    43.   James5 Thomas.

          He married Mary Dolan. Children:

               i.  William6 Thomas.
              ii.  Frank Thomas.
             iii.  May Thomas.

    44.   Elizabeth5 Thomas.

          She married Charles Ronalson. Children:

               i.  Jessie6 Ronalson.
              ii.  Fanny Ronalson.

    45.   William5 Thomas.

          He married Louise Huffman. Children:

               i.  Cecelia6 Thomas.
              ii.  Fred Thomas.
             iii.  (2 more children) Thomas.

    46.   Mary5 Boyle. Born, 18495. Died, 1926.

          She married John Slingluff. Born, 18415. Died, 1907. Children:

               i.  Edward6 Slingluff.
              ii.  Clara Slingluff. Born, 18 Aug 18715. Died, 29 Apr 1964. She
                   married Adolph Lietsch. Dorothy Walz says Clara "rased
                   Lillian's children," apparently indicating that she married
                   Lillian's husband.
             iii.  Hattie Slingluff. Born, 18735. Died, 1949. She married
                   Henry Schultz.
      72      iv.  Lillian Slingluff.
               v.  John Slingluff.

    47.   Thomas5 Boyle. Born, 18515. Died, 11 Mar 1931.

          He married Elizabeth Ginther/Guenther, 18 Dec 1878. Born, 18545.
    Died, 21 Apr 1926. Children:

      73       i.  Gertrude6 Boyle.

    48.   Louis Paul5 Boyle62. Born, 14 Jul 18515. Died, 21 Dec 1916.

          He married Maria Johanna Mulstay. Born, 2 Nov 18575. Died, 1943.

      74       i.  William6 Boyle.
      75      ii.  Bernard Boyle.
      76     iii.  James Alfred/Albert Boyle.
              iv.  George Boyle.
               v.  Samuel Boyle.
              vi.  John Frederick Boyle.
             vii.  Ann Boyle.
      77    viii.  Francis Phillip Boyle.
      78      ix.  Mary Boyle.
      79       x.  Henry Edwin Boyle.
              xi.  Edna Boyle.
             xii.  Florence Boyle.
            xiii.  (2 others) Boyle.

    49.   Elizabeth5 Boyle.

          She married Richard Dunbar. Children:

               i.  Arthur6 Dunbar.
              ii.  Richard Dunbar.
             iii.  Margery/Marjorie Dunbar.
              iv.  Lillian Dunbar.
               v.  John Dunbar.

    50.   Edward5 Boyle.

          He married Mary. Children:

               i.  John Burchard6 Boyle.

    51.   Philip/Philomen5 Boyle. Born, 18605. Died, 1945.
          He married Ella. Children:

               i.  none 6.

    52.   Harry5 Boyle. Born, 3 Feb 18625. Died, 3 Jul 1948.

          He married Elizabeth Slaven. Born, 2 Sep 18625. Died, 11 Nov 1901.

               i.  Clara6 Boyle.
              ii.  Mayme Boyle.
             iii.  Anna Boyle. Died at age 5.

    53.   Catherine5 Boyle.

          She married Will Roche. Children:

               i.  Edward6 Roche.
              ii.  Philip Roche.
             iii.  Cecile Roche. She married E. M. Kennedy III.
    54.   John Arthur5 Boyle.

          He married Phinnie. Children:

               i.  John Arthur6 Boyle Jr.

    55.   James5 Boyle.

          He married Annabelle. Children:

               i.  John6 Boyle.
              ii.  Kathleen Boyle.

    56.   Clara Foote5 Wales. Born, 9 Dec 187063.

          She married Martin J. McMahon. Born, circa 1870 (?). Children:

      80       i.  Francis Augustus "Gussie"6 McMahon.
              ii.  Leonard Martin McMahon. Born, 14 Mar 190163. Died, 15 Aug
      81     iii.  George Adelbert McMahon.

    57.   Thomas Francis5 Wales I. Born, circa 1873 (?)45. Died, 31 Mar 1934,
    in Burlington, IA.

          He married Katherine Cecelia Warren, daughter of Joseph Warren and
    Delia Brennan, 28 Oct 1897. Born, 10 Jan 1867, in Burlington, IA. Died, 28
    Aug 1928, in Burlington, IA. Children:

      82       i.  Warren Francis6 Wales.
      83      ii.  George Carter Wales.
      84     iii.  Esther Katherine Wales.
      85      iv.  Philip Joseph Wales.
      86       v.  Clara Lucille Wales.
      87      vi.  Virginia Theresa Wales.

    58.   Helen Louise Wetzler5 Norton. Born, 186446.

          She married Frank C. Stevens, 22 Oct 188846. Born, circa 1864 (?).

      88       i.  Dwight Norton6 Stevens.
      89      ii.  Robert Wetzler Stevens.
      90     iii.  Anna Leach Stevens.

    59.   Lewis C. Eyanson (Charles Joseph, 29).

          He married Rose Nolan. Children:

               i.  Arthur Marshall6 Eyanson. Resided, 1959, in 1519 Royal Rd.,
                   Glendale, CA64.
               ii.  Louis Eyanson Jr., resided, 1934, Ft. Wayne, IN.
               iii.  Marcella Eyanson, resided, 1934, Los Angeles, CA.
               iv.  Rosemary Eyanson.

    60.   Stephen Thomas5 Eyanson (Charles Joseph, 29). Born, 23 Dec 1868, in
    Columbia City, Whitley, IN48. Died, 11 Jun 1937, in Columbia City,
    Whitley, IN (heart). Occupation: Clothier.

          He married Anna Rose Kanaley65, 18 Oct 1898. Born, 29 Jan 1870, in
    Columbia City, Whitley, IN. Died, 1 Jun 1933, in Columbia City, Whitley,
    IN (stroke). Children:

               i.  Katherine6 Eyanson66. Born, 30 Sep 1902, in Columbia City,
                   Whitley, IN48. Died, 21 May 198967.
              ii.  Frank Eyanson. Died, before 1991.
      91     iii.  Walberga Eyanson.
      92      iv.  John Thomas Eyanson.
               v.  Elizabeth Eyanson66. Died, before 1991.
              vi.  Martha Eyanson68. Born, 27 Jul 1907, in Columbia City,
                   Whitley, IN67. Died, 8 Jul 1991, in Whitley Mem Hosp,
                   Columbia City, Whitley, IN. Burial in Cath. Cem., Columbia
                         She always lived in Columbia City, graduating from
                   Butler Univ., and teaching in elementary schools in Gary,
                   Tipton and Whitley County. She was a member of St. Paul of
                   the Cross Cath. Ch. and DAR.

    61. Walburga5 Eyanson (Charles Joseph, 29). Died, circa 1959. Prob of Est: 14 Jul 1959, in Columbia City, Whitley, IN (Circuit Ct.). Buried in Catholic Cemetery, Columbia City, IN (per Joe Downey, email, 20 Jul 2002). She married Mr. Campbell. Children:

               i.  (maybe) Helen6 Campbell. Resided, 1959, in 407 W. 5th St.,
                   Rushville, IN.
              ii.  (maybe) Leland Campbell. Resided, 1959, in APO, San
                   Francisco, S.F., CA.

    62.   Harriet6 Kelley. Residence in Lebanon, IN.

          She married John E. Horney. Children:

               i.  Gertrude7 Horney.
      93      ii.  Ruth Horney.

    63.   Henry Louis/Lewis6 Eyanson (Joseph Augustine, 37). Born, 21 Jul
    1876. Died in CA?.

          He married Julie Brittingham, circa 1901. Children:

               i.  Jennie7 Eyanson. Born, 30 Sep 1902.
              ii.  Florence Eyanson. Born, 30 Sep 1904.
             iii.  Paul Eyanson. Born, 14 Mar 1906.
              iv.  Ralph Eyanson. Born, 10 Jan 1909.
               v.  Roland Eyanson. Born, 15 Dec 1911.

    64.   Cecelia6 Eyanson (Joseph Augustine, 37). Born, 17 Dec 1878.
    Residence in Decatur, Adams, IN.

          She married Charles Fetters, 22 Feb 1895. Children:

               i.  William Jennings7 Fetters. Born, 30 Sep 1897.
              ii.  Mary Alice Fetters. Born, 9 Mar 1899.
             iii.  Opal Katherine Fetters. Born, 1902.
              iv.  Anna Lucille Fetters. Born, 3 Jul 1904. Died, 28 Dec 1934.
               v.  Vincent Leo Fetters. Born, 10 Apr 1906.
              vi.  Richard Fetters. Born, 20 Jan 1908. Died, 5 Nov 1963.
             vii.  Isabel Dorothy Fetters. Born, 14 Aug 1920.

    65.   Jesse/Jessica Verdeenya6 Eyanson (Joseph Augustine, 37)

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