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James Prentice of Paglesham, Essex, England

James Prentice of Paglesham, Essex, England
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 1999 and Revised: 27 Aug 2011

Introduction: Ian Prentice, Mark Roberts, Karen (Wallace) Rocks and others have been helping John Henley with research on his James Prentice of Paglesham, Essex, England. Paglesham lies about 15 miles southeast of Chelmsford and about 6 miles north of the mouth of the River Thames.

John cautions that he still has some work to do in verifying some of the older ones against the parish records and censuses for Maldon, Mundon, Paglesham and the Wakerings. He also invites anyone having additional information to contact him. John's information is as follows:

1. James Prentice was born c. 1770-1785. His occupation was that of a carpenter. He married, in 1803 at Paglesham, Mary (surname unknown).   Children of James and Mary:

  1. James Prentice of Wakering, bap. 3 Feb 1805, Paglesham, Essex. . . . . . . . [2]
  2. William Prentice, bap. 13 Sep 1807, Paglesham. He may be the same person as William Prentice of Canewdon who appears in our Spring 2003 issue and who later lived in Paglesham. Canewdon lies only a short distance east of Paglesham.
  3. Joseph Prentice, bap. 24 Dec 1809, Paglesham, Essex. Not in 1881 census. By email of 20 Jun 2001, Ian Prentice advises that Joseph had 3 children:
    1. Joseph Prentice, b. 1826.
    2. Frederick Prentice, b. 1832 and d. before 1881.
    3. Susan Prentice, b. 1835.
  4. Mary Prentice, bap. 17 Mar 1811, Paglesham.
  5. Eliza Prentice, b. c. 1813(?). (Date from 1851 census).
  6. Jeremiah Prentice, b. 10 Oct 1815 and bap. 21 Jan 1821. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [3]

2. James Prentice of Wakering, bap. 3 Feb 1805, Paglesham. Buried 11 May 1845, Gt. Wakering. He was a labourer.

He m. Sarah Wade on 25 Dec 1826 at Little Wakering, per Frank Szendzielarz, email, 25 Aug 2011. Son:

  1. Golding Prentice (aka Golden Prentice), b. 2 May 1839, Great Wakering (per Frank Szendzielarz, email, 25 Aug 2011) and d. 17 Jun 1894. Golden appears in the 1851 census for Great Wakering, Essex. His parents are not shown; instead,he appears in the home of John and Susanna Cunningham. The census calls Golden a "son-in-law", but he is too young for that; the census probably should have said "step-son". If that is correct, then he would be Susanna's son by a prior marriage.

      Update of 14 Dec 2006: The 1841 Great Wakering census appears to identify Golding's parents as James Prentis, b. c. 1811, Essex, and Susan, b. c. 1816, Essex. Also shown is an apparent sister of Golding, Eliza Prentis, b. c. 1832, Essex. James and Susan do not appear in the 1851 and later census records.

      References Note: By email of 26 Aug 2011, Frank J. Szendzielarz has forwarded to us copies of the following documents in his possession. A copy can be obtained by emailing the Prentice Newsletter:

      • Marriage of G-Prentice to S S Wade, 6 Nov 1870.
      • Birth of G-Prentice, 2 May 1839.
      • Death of G-Prentice, 17 June 1894.
      • Death of James Golden Prentice (son) 17 June 1894.
      • Birth of John Prentice (son) 17 May 1873.
      • Death of John Wade (Sarah Susannah's father), 30 June 1847.
      • Death of Lilian May Prentice (twin daugh), 20 Nov 1899.
      • Death of Louisa Annie Prentice (twin daugh), 5 May 1883.
      • Marriage of Maud Agnes Prentice (Golding's daugh) to Frederick Charles Brown, 17 Nov 1907.
      • Birth of Norman Arthur Prentice (presumed illegitmate) sone of Maud Agnes Prentice.
      • Birth of Sarah Susannah Wade (Golding's wife) 30 May 1846.
      • Death of Sarah Susannah Prentice, nee Wade, 12 Dec 1897.
      • Photo of Sarah Susannah Prentice, nee Wade.

      Golding is shown in the 1881 census as an Agricultural labourer living on Station Rd., Benfleet, Essex, with his wife and family.

      He m. Sarah Susannah Wade on 6 Nov 1870. She was b. 30 May 1846, Rochford, Essex, and d. 12 Dec 1897, Hadleigh, Rural District of Rayleigh, Rochford, Essex, age 51. In South Beenfleet in the 1891 census. Not in 1901 census. She was the dau. of John Wade, a Mariner (d. 30 Jun 1847), and Sarah Daniels. Children:

      1. Alice Clara Prentice, b. c. 1872, South Benfleet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [4]
      2. John Prentice, b. 17 May 1873, South Benfleet. At home there in 1881 census. Not in 1891 census.
      3. William Prentice, b. c. 1876, South Benfleet. At home there in 1891 census. Living with the family of his siser, Alice, above, in the 1901 census.
      4. Maud Agnes Prentice, b. c. 1878, South Benfleet. In 1891 census a Servant in South Benfleet. She apparently had an illegitamate son, Norman Arthur Prentice, b. 28 Jul 1907. She later m. Frederick Charles Brown on 17 Nov 1907.
      5. Amey/Amy Prentice, b. c. 1880, South Benfleet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [5]
      6. Lillian Prentice, twin, b. c. 1883, South Benfleet, Essex, and d. 20 Nov 1899. At home in the 1891 census.
      7. Louisa Annie Prentice, twin, b. c. 1883, South Benfleet, Essex, and d. 5 May 1883.
      8. James Golden Prentice, b. c. 1886, South Benfleet, Essex and d. 17 Jun 1894. At home in the 1891 census.

    • (maybe) Susanna Prentice, b. 1852. She appears in the 1851 census for Great Wakering, Essex, in the same home of John and Susanna Cunningham as Golden Prentice, above. The census calls her a "dau-in-law", but she is too young for that; the census probably should have said "step-dau". If that is correct, then she may be Susanna's daughter by a prior marriage.

    • (maybe) James Prentis, b c. 1848, Rochford, Essex. He appears appears as a "Lodger" in the home of Mary Hile which is next door to that of John and Susanna Cunningham, above. The term, Lodger, is usually used for adults. It might be that James Prentis may be related to Golding and Susanna, above, and that Mary Hile is also related to them in some manner.

3. Jeremiah Prentice was b. 10 Oct 1815, bap. 21 Jan 1821, Paglesham (per Mark Roberts, Paglesham Historian, email of 5 Dec 2002 citing parish records). He was a Wheelwright & Shipwright in Mundon & Maldon,

He m. Mary Elizabeth Durden on 13 Mar.1843 at Mundon. Mary was b. 12 Jan 1820, bap. 2 Feb 1820 in St. Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, Kent, and was the daughter of Joseph Durden, shipwright (and niece of Thomas Durden, 1778-1836) and his wife, Mary Howlett. Mary died in Maldon and was deceased in the 1861 census were Jeremiah is described as a Widower.

Jeremiah and Mary, with their family appear to have moved from Mundon to the nearby town of Maldon, living in the parish of St. Peter about 1848. The family appear in 1851 and 1861 living in the road called simply Wants. The Durdens, other than Thomas, appear to have been in Woolwich, Kent (now part of Greater London). In the 1861 census (mistranscribed by Ancestry as PRESTON) Jeremiah is a Wheelwright living in Maldon and it says he was born in Rochford.

Mary's father, Joseph Durden was a Shipwright and boatbuilder, and one of Mary's brothers was a carpenter. Children of Jeremiah and Mary:

  1. Herbert Prentice, b. 1 May 1843. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [6]

  2. Walter Prentice, Turner (Eng.) of West Ham, b. 13 Dec 1845, bap. 1 Feb 1846, Mundon. In 1861 he is still at home with father. In 1872 he married, in St. Pancras, Emily Norman, dau. of Henry Norman, a coachman.

    In 1881 Walter is lodging in 63, Colgrove Road, West Ham, while his wife, Emily, is with her father Henry in High Street, Epping. Nothing is yet known of any possible children. In 1891 Walter is shown as married, Lodger (Head) at 49 Colgrove Road, West Ham. There is nobody else shown in the home and it is unclear where his wife and possible children might have been. Walter and his wife, Emily, appear inthe 1901 census in West Ham, Essex. No children are shown, but in 1911 he appears as a widower in 37, Idmiston Road, Stratford, [Essex] and rather sadly describes himself as "Head of Family" and also records the marriage to have produced one child no longer living. Walter appears to die in 1916 [GRO ref March 1916 W.Ham 4a 56 aged 70] and Emily in 1907 [GRO ref: Jun 1907 W. Ham 4a 78 aged 61]

  3. Elizabeth Mary Prentice, of St. Pancras, b. 17 Apr 1848, Maldon. . . . . . . . . . . [7]

  4. Catherine Sophia Prentice, of S. Pancras, b. 2 Aug 1850, Maldon (per 1861 census), bap. 14 Jun 1854, Woolwich. She married William Bosworth, Carpenter, b. 1850. In 1881 they were living at 11 Cosgrove Road, St. Pancras. In 1891 at 8, Stonebridge Road Tottenham, and 1901 at 38, Cale Street, Chelsea. Children:
    1. William H. Bosworth, b. c. 1872/3, S. Luke, Old St.
    2. Herbert C. Bosworth, b. c. 1874/5, S. Pancras.
    3. Alice Kate Bosworth, b.1877/78, S. Pancras. She m. Alfred Stokes. and had children.
    4. Albert C. Bosworth, b. May 1880, Gospel Oak, St. Pancras. Tailor.
    5. Doris C. Bosworth, b. 1898, Tottenham.

  5. Joseph Prentice, b. 5 Jul 1852 in Maldon, St. Peter and bap. 12 Sep 1852 at Maldon, All Saints. At home in the 1861 census. Not in 1881 census.

  6. (perhaps) James George Prentice, born June quarter 1853, Maldon, d. 5 Jan 1855 and bur. Maldon. Parentage needs to be confirmed. Parentage needs to be confirmed.

  7. Robert Prentice, b. Sep Quarter, 1854 and d. 21 Oct 1856. Buried at Maldon.

  8. (possibly) Annie Prentice, b. c. 1855 at Maldon.

In September quarter 1863 Jeremiah married Emily Ann ROE [GRO ref: Sep1863 Ware 3a 251). Emily was from Eastwick, Herts, which may account for the Hertfordshire marriage. She was the daughter of John E Roe, a wheelwright, born about 1806, and his wife Mary A. In 1841 the Roe family are still in Eastwick, but in 1851 (mistranscribed by Ancestry as ROSE) and 1861 in Sawbridgeworth, Herts.. Among Emily’s siblings in 1851 is a sister, Arabella, which will account for the name of her first daughter with Jeremiah Prentice.

In the 1871 census the family is in Mulberry Green, a street in Harlow, Essex, with only Herbert from Jeremiah’s first marriage still at home. Jeremiah is described as a wheelwright employing 1 Man & 1 Apprentice. Jeremiah appears in Kelly’s Directories of Essex as a wheelwright in 1871, 1874 and 1878, and the following year he died [GRO ref: Mar1879 Epping 4a 99) with an age of 55 on his death certificate. Children of Jeremiah and Emily Ann. Children (per John Henley, email, 27 Jul 2006):

  1. Arabella Prentice, , b. 1866, Epping, Essex, and d. 1889 [GRO ref: Bishops Stortford 3a 239]
  2. Mary Hannah S.Prentice, b. 1869, Harlow, Essex.
  3. Eliza A. Prentice, b. 1870, Harlow, Essex.

4. Alice Clara Prentice, b. c. 1872, South Benflee, and d. in the sub-district of Bury, Manchester on the 23 July 1963 at the age of 92. She died of cerebral hemorrhage and arterial sclerosis (according to the death certificate).She appears in the 1901 census in Walthamstow, Essex with her husband, Arthur Sydney Seaborne, b. c. 1859, Islington, London, son of Robert Seabourne. Living with them is Alice's brother, William, below. Frank J. Szendzielarz's email of 29 Nov 2010 contains the folowing recollections of Alice:

    My Great-Gran (Alice Clara, nee Prentice) was a terribly stern woman. My Mother and her sisters hated her for her cruelty to them during their formative years. Even during my own young years, Great-Gran would think nothing of rapping the backs of our knuckles with a dinner knife if we sat with anything more than our wrists showing on the edge of the table.

    My Mother and her two sisters often told me of their own experiences, the most common being that Great-Gran would lock them in a small cupboard if they 'misbehaved'. And there they would stay unless and until released by their Mother, my Gran. She (Maude Victoria) was quite the opposite, being a gentile and kindly woman. I was always told that Great-Gran was the way she was due to the experiences of her own, terrible childhood. I never learned what those terrible things were, Joe, but by all accounts, she must not have enjoyed a happy or loving childhood.

    She spent much of her final life living in the attic rooms of great Uncle Jim (Seaborne) in Weaste, Manchester. I recall her trying to keep warm over a small, paraffin heater, the dark room heavy with its fumes. She was a small, squat woman by that time; always extremely tidy and with long, grey hair wrapped in tight plaits around the top of her head. I have to say for my own part, that I never really experienced any real cruelty at her hands. I was brought up to respect her background and I think I felt sympathy more than love, like or dislike. Even then, she was not a kindly person, but was not unkind to me, if that makes sense. She died after escaping from a nursing home, was knocked down and subsequently died; I don't know all of the circumstances. Children shown in the 1901 census.

She m. Arthur Sydney Seaborne, Assurance Company Clerk. He was b. c. 1851 and d. 11 Jan 1929 at 10 Kingsley Avenue, Broughton, North Salford. He was aged 78. Certified cause of death: Senile, without post-mortem. Alice Clara Seaborne was present.Children of Alice and Arthur:

  1. Hadleigh Sydney Seaborne, b. 1897, Hadleigh, Essex, and d. 26 Aug 1961, age 64. In attendance was Donald Walker, a step-son. At home in Walthamstow in 1901 census.
  2. Ivy Alice Seaborne, b. 1898, Hadleigh, Essex. At home in Walthamstow in 1901 census.
  3. Maud Victoria Seaborne, b. c. 1900, Walthamstow, Essex. At home in Walthamstow in 1901 census. She m. Alfred Goodier, b. 1901. They had 1 or more children, including:
    1. Ivy Alice Goodier. She m. Mr. Szendzielarz. Children per Victor Szendzielarz, email, 21 Dec 2010:
      1. Frank J. Szendzielarz per his email of 28 and 29 Nov 2010.
      2. Victor Bernard Szendzielarz. He has 1 or more children, including:
        1. Nathan Szendzielarz.
      3. Paul Alfred Szendzielarz.
      4. Angela Hazel Szendzielarz. She m. Mr. Heys.
      5. Janina Hazel Szendzielarz. She m. Mr. Wilson.
  4. Jack Prentice Seaborne, b. 1 Jan 1903, North Leyton, West Ham, Essex.
  5. James Arthur Seaborne,
  6. Frederick Osborne Seaborne, b. 1905.

5. Amey/Amy Prentice, b. c. 1880, South Benfleet. By email of 6 Jun 2004, Karen Rocks provides us with additional information about her ancestory, Amy. Amy m. Frederick E. Wallace at an unknown date. Frederick d. in 1926. Known children:

  1. (perhaps) Eric Wallace, b. c. 1905. However, Erick might not be Frederick's son as he was born some 10 years before the other children. Erick d. of TB in 1926 at the same time as Amy's husband, Frederick.
  2. Alice Wallace, b. c. 1916 and d. before 2004. She m. L. Bridge and had 2 children:
    1. Michelle Bridge.
    2. Ian Bridge.
  3. Frederick Wallace, b. Jan 1917 and living in 2004. He m. Marg Bridge (no relation to L. Bridge) and had:
    1. Frederick Wallace.
    2. Pauline Wallace.
    3. Eric Wallace. Eric was in the RAF and died in a flying accident in the 1970's.
    4. Kim Wallace.
  4. Victor Wallace, b. 18 Sep 1920 and d. 31 Mar 2001. He m. Mathilda J. Andriessen in Antwerp on 19 May 1944. Children:
    1. Karen Wallace, b. 28 Feb 1962. She m. John Rocks on 6 Jul 1996 and have sons:
      1. Johnny Rocks, b. 26 Dec 1997.
      2. Edmund Rocks, b. 4 Jun 2001.
    2. Victor Wallace, b. 13 Jan 1965.
  5. Eric Wallace. Died before 2004. He married and had 3 daughters.

6 Herbert Prentice, b. 1 May 1843 and bap. 4 Jun 1843 at Mundon, Kent. (Note: Birth [as Herbit!] GRO ref: June 1843 Maldon 12 150.) He was at home in the 1851 and 1861 census. Herbert was a Coach & Cart Wheelwright in Epping, Essex, where they appear in the 1881 census. After 1881, and before 1891, Herbert disappears. He has not yet been found in any English census or death index. .

He married Sarah A.. By email of 3 May 2009, John Henley advises that she is almost certainly Sarah Ann Edmonds/Edmunds per ref: June 1874 Poplar 1c 1160, birth ref: Dec 1850 Epping 12 108. She was b. c. 1850-51 at Roydon, Essex. Herbert and Sarah are found in Epping High Street in the 1881 census. In 1891, the family are split up with Sarah working as a servant in a Dressmakers in Chelmsford, and for the boys see below. Sarah is still alive in 1901 when she is re-united with her sons in Wanstead. There are a number of possible deaths for Sarah, but strong favourites would be: March 1905 Prentice, Sarah Ann Islington 1b 174 aged 55 or September 1905 Strand 1b 316 aged 56

Children of Herbert and Sarah:

  1. Herbert Victor Prentice, b. 1880 at Epping, Essex and alive in 1901 in Epping, a visitor in the household of Henry Norman, father of his uncle Walter's wife Emily. He was a Book Keeper (i.e. accountant). At home in 1891 and 1901 census in Wanstead, Essex. He does not appear in the 1911 census, and may be the H. V. Prentice who travels to Sydney, Australia, on 14th March 1907 aboard the S.S.India, who marries Violet B Moppett in Sydney in 1913, and who dies in Sydney in 1965 [parents's names Herbert & Sarah Ann]. He also appears on the Sydney Electoral registers 1930-1936, and in 1936 as a manager of 9/13 Queen Street Sydney holding 25 shares in the Lamson Store Service Co.Ltd.

  2. Claude Stanley Prentice, b. 1884, Epping, Essex. He was a Shorthand Typist. In 1891 he is boarding wiith the Nokes family in Epping High Street. At home in 1901 census in Wanstead. Nothing further is presently known about him.

7. Elizabeth Mary Prentice of St. Pancras, b. 17 Apr 1848, Maldon, bap. 14 Jun 1854 Woolwich. She d. 9 Oct 1922, S. Pancras. In 1861 she has left home and is a servant in Maldon.

She married John Henley on , 3 Jun 1868 at Holy Trin., Grays Inn Rd. John was an R. N. & Coach Painter He was in the Royal Navy and then a Coach Painter having been pensioned off following loss of left leg. He was b. 20 Mar 1840, Linslade, bap. L'ton Buzzard All Saints, and d. 5 Dec 1879, Kentish Town. Children:

  1. Ernest Henry John Henley, b.13 Aug 1868, St.Pancras, and d. Mar Q, 1872 St.Pancras (GRO Ref: 1b 2)
  2. Walter Joseph Henley, , b. 10 Apr 1870 at 10 Castle Place, Kentish Town, St. Pancras and d. 1961. He m. in 1894 Alice Moy. They lived in Willesden, and later in Kenton. They children, who later had many descendants:
    1. Walter Francis Prentice Henley, b. 1895 and d. 1933.
    2. Gladys Henley, b. 1902 and d. 1975.
  3. Jane Mary Edith Henley, b. 1872 and d. 19??. She m. George Green. Children:
    1. Leslie Green.
    2. Gladys Green.
  4. John Frederick Jeremiah Henley, b. 1875 and d. 191?. He m., in 1901, Emily Winifred Parker, (1875-1949). They lived in Ilford, Essex. Children:
    1. Maurice Henley, b. 1902 and d. 1990.
    2. Allan Joseph Henley, b. 1906 and d. 1966. They hada son:
      1. John Henley.
    3. Francis Andrew Benedict Henley, b. 1910 and d. young.

Who are James Prentice's Parents?

By email of 21 Jun 2004, Ian Prentice suggests that James Prentice, #1 above, may be the James Prentis was who was b. 1796 and d. Dec 1848 in Halstead. That James Prentis in #17(x)(d) in our Fall 1999 article entitled Prentices of the Colnes, Essex Co., England .

Correspondence:   If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

Caution: If you don't use the above email link, your email to us may be deleted as spam by our email filter.

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