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Thomas Prentice of Stonington, CT

Thomas Prentice of Stonington, CT

By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 1997 and Revised 28 Feb 2004

Thomas Prentice Sr. is identified in Binney's 1883 edition, at page 334 (see now our eBook on "No Emigrant Ancestor") , as "of Stonington, CT" but does not give a birth date or birth place. Working backward from the 1786 birth of his son, Thomas Jr., this Thomas Sr. was probably born between 1736 and 1760.

It seems likely, therefore, that Thomas Sr. is the same person as the Thomas Prentice who is #8v, pg 171, born 7 Apr 1743 at Stonington, CT. However, additional investigation is needed for confirmation.

Thomas Sr. may have married Martha E. Stanton and died about 1786-9 (see the Denison genealogy, pg. 344) but that has not yet been confirmed.

He may also be the Thomas Prentice shown in the 1790 Middletown, Ulster Co., NY census with a wife, 2 sons under 16, 2 sons over 16, and 4 daughters. He might also be be the Thomas Prentice shown in the 1800 Oneida Co., NY census with a wife, 2 sons born 1774-84, a daughter born 1774-84, and a daughter born 1784-90.

If he did marry Martha E. Stanton, above, then he might be the father of Stanton Prentice also discussed in this issue, and perhaps Henry and Nathan/Nathaniel Prentice of Burlington Flats, NY.

Thomas Prentice Jr., his son, was born 25 Nov 1786. He was adopted and brought up by Rev. Jedediah Randall and wife (his uncle and his aunt who was probably Thomas Sr.'s sister, Esther). Thomas Jr. moved to Norwich, Chenango Co., NY and settled on a farm near Norwich. On 15 Mar 1810 he married Sally York of Brookfield, NY, born 29 Oct 1787.

The Randalls moved to Norwich about 1812 and had a farm adjoining that of Thomas Jr. until 1837 when Thomas Jr. took the the Rev. and his wife into his own home and cared for them till they died. Randall died 22 Feb 1844, age 86, and his wife died 29 Oct 1848, age 88.

Thomas Jr. was deacon of the Baptist Church in Norwich about forty years, and its clerk about thirty years. Thomas Jr. died in Norwich, Chenango Co., NY 22 Nov 1865. His wife died 24 Jul 1874.

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