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Samuel Prentice of Millville, MA

Samuel Prentice of Millville, MA

By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 1997 and Revised 7 Jul 2008

Update of 7 Jul 2008: See now our eBook entitled "No Immigrant Ancestor: Samuel Prentice of Millville, MA." That eBook now replaces this article.

1. Samuel Prentice of Millville, MA was b. c. 1775.

He married Mirriam Southwick. Samuel went from Rehoboth or vicinity to Millville (Blackstone), MA and was a mason by trade. He bought a farm in Millville which he improved until his death.

In a footnote on page 342 in Binney's 1883 edition, he reports the following: Census return, 13 Feb 1846, Blackstone, MA. Samuel Prentice, at the bottom of the last page, may be a descendant of:

. . 1. Robert Prentice of Roxbury through Lt. James Prentice, #18, pg. 239, above (pg. 260 of the 1883 edition),

. . 2. Calvin Prentice, #24, pg. 244 (however that cannot be since Calvin was born 17 Jan 1773), or

. . 3. William Prentice #13 on pg. 236 and Mirriam (however, that William's wife is given as Trial Darling).

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