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Robert Prentice of Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH

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Robert Prentice of Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 1998 and Revised 9 Oct 2008

1. Robert Prentiss was born in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH, near Northfield, MA on 13 Oct 1770. A grandson, T. B. Prentiss, says Robert's father was a captain in the army and born in Boston.

    Note: Since his first son is named Henry, Robert might be a son of Henry Prentiss, #47 on pg. 44 who likely had more children; some of Henry's children did serve in the Rev. War and at least two of his children (Thomas and Jerusha) move to the province of Quebec, Canada.

Robert married Susannah Wright on 30 Jan 1792 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. She was born in Winchester, NH on 27 Feb 1774. She died 11 May 1818 at Chelsea. She was the dau. of Samuel Wright and Mary Coburn. An Ancestor Chart for Susannah can be found at Ancestry.com .

Children of Robert and Susannah, all born at Chelsea, VT:

  1. Horace Prentiss per Ancestry.com
  2. Mary Prentiss, b. 14 Jul 1792.
  3. Henry Prentiss, b. 27 Feb 1794; died young.
  4. Ezra Prentiss, b. 19 Jul 1796. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[2]
  5. Olive Prentiss, b. 3 Oct 1798. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [3]
  6. Emery Prentiss, b. 23 Aug 1801. Died young.
  7. Seaver N. (or Nathaniel Seaver) Prentiss, b. 16 Feb 1804. . . . . . . . . [4]
  8. Thomas Brigham Prentiss, b. 29 Aug 1804. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[5]

2. Ezra Prentiss, b. 19 Jul 1796, Chelsea, VT. He was a Blacksmith.

He m. Julia Kilbourn, dau of William Kilbourn and Sarah Sage of Berlin, CT, where she was b. 1 Nov 1791 per Binney's 1883 edition. An Ancestor Chart for Julia can be found at Aestry.com .

Children of Ezra and Julia:

  1. William Prentiss.
  2. Albert Prentiss, b. Aug 1820, VT; a merchant in Worthington, Franklin, OH in the 1850 census. 1870 and 1900 census in Bay City, Bay, MI. Children:
    1. Sarah Prentiss, b. Oct 1852, IL. 1900 census living with parents.
    2. Frances Prentiss, b. c. 1857, IL
  3. George Prentiss.

The 1850 Chelsea, Orange, VT census and Chelsea "Old Cemetery" records show Ezra with wife Mary W. (Perkins?), age 44. Mary died 17 Aug 1868. The census and cemetery records show a daughter:

  1. Mary Anette Prentiss, b. c. 1846, VT. She d. 19 Apr 1860 at the age of 14 years.

3. Olive Prentiss, b. 3 Oct 1798 in Chelsea, Orange Co., VT, and d. probably in Bois Blanc Twp., Mackinac Co., MI (see below).

She m. Willard Church, b. 21 Feb 1799 in Chelsea, Orange Co., VT, and d. after the 1870 census in Richmond, Macomb Co., MI. He was the son of Asa Church Jr. and Juliaette Humphreys. An Ancestor Chart for him can be found at Ancestry.com .

By email of 26 Feb 2007, Mike White advises that Willard Church was a light keeper who brought Olive with him to Bois Blanc Island, MI, in 1843. He adds that it appears that Willard left in 1845 without her, because there is an unmarked grave in back of the old light house that is believed to be her grave. (Ref: Mimackin Cemetery ).

Williard appears with his children, but without his wife, as a farmer in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census in Richmond, Macomb Co., MI. Not in the 1880 census and probably deceased. Children:

  1. Mary E. Church, b. c. 1825, NY. At home in Richmond in the 1850, 1860 census and 1870 census. She may be the dau. who a Mr. Rice and lived in Michigan. She might be the Mary Rice who appears in the 1880 census in Medina, Lenawee Co., MI, as b. cl 1824,NY, with her husband, John Rice, b. c. 1821, MA; no children shown.
  2. Adelade Church, b. c. 1846, MI. At home in Richmond in the 1850, 1860 (indexed 1860 as Addella), and 1870 (indexed as Adell C.) census.
  3. Byron W. Church, b. c. 1848, MI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [6]
  4. Uncertain Church, b. c. 1850, MI. At home in Richmond in the 1850 census. Not home in 1860 census.
  5. Henry Church, a merchant on the Lake Shore, east side of Lake Michigan. No home in the 1850 and later census.
  6. Christiana Church. Not home in the 1850 and later census.

4. Seaver N. (or Nathaniel Seaver) Prentiss, b. 16 Feb 1804. Cabinet-maker, inventor of a patent grist-mill, by which he made a fortune. Lived in New York City with his son, James Henry. Children:

  1. James Henry Prentiss, b. c. 1835. He m. Ellen Yarple on 20 May 1857, Delaware Co., NY (per Marriage Index). She was b. c. 1834, NY (per 1870 census). He appears as "Jas. N. Prentiss" with his wife and family in the 1870 census in New York Ward 22, New York Co., NY. Not in 1880 census. Children (per IGI):
    1. George Washington Prentiss, b. 22 Mar 1858, New York City. At home in 1870. Not in NY in 1880.
    2. Franklin Seaver Prentiss, b. 3 Jn 1860, New York City. Not home in 1870 and likely deceased..
    3. Eugene Drew Prentiss, b. 16 Jan 1864, New York City. Not home in 1870 and likely deceased.
    4. James Henry Prentiss, b. 5 Sep 1868, New York City. Not in 1880 census. Not in 1930 census

  2. Sarah Prentiss. Married with a family.

5. Thomas Brigham Prentiss, b. 29 Aug 1804.

He m. 1st Saloma Brigham in Chelsea on 27 Aug 1835.Moved to Canada in Winter of 1830 and went into the hardware and leather business, first in Hull City and in 1834 in Chelsea. In 1854 he moved to Aylmer, Ottawa where he was Mayor from Feb 1878 to Feb 1879, and where he was living in 1883. His maternal grandmother was named Coburn and was of Scotch origin. Children by his first wife:

  1. Howard Brigham Prentiss, b. 3 Dec 1837 in Chelsea, Lower Canada; merchant and telegraph operator for the Montreal Telegraph Company and also postmaster. He appears in the 1881 Hull, Ottawa, Montreal census as a Trader with his wife, Alice, b. c. 1842, USA, and children:
    1. H. Frederic Prentiss, b. c. 1871, Quebec.
    2. Martha A. Prentiss, b. c. 1873, Quebec.
    3. George Prentiss, b. c. 1874, Quebec.
    4. Charlotte Prentiss, b. c. 1879, Quebec.

Thomas m. 2nd on 23 Jul 1838 Hannah Folsum Weymouth, dau. of Geo. W. Weymouth of Tunbridge, VT and a relative of Mrs. Grover Cleveland. Children by his second wife:

  1. George W. Prentiss, b. 26 Dec 1839, Chelsea, Canada. Physician. He appears in the 1880 West Bloomfield, Ontario Co., NY census. Binney says that in 1882 George lived in Grenville, Canada. He m. Ann/Jeannie Yaple, b. c. 1836 in NY, both of whose parents were also b. in NY (per 1880 census) Binny says she is of German origin from Deleware Co., NY. George's principal practice was surgery and midwifery. Children:
    1. Jennie Josephine Prentiss, b. 20 Dec 1864, Chelsea, Quebec, Canada.
  2. Saloma Chamberlin Prentiss, b. Sep 1841, Old Chelsea, Canada; m. John Aylin, M.D., B.C.L., of Aylmer, Canada. He was b. c. 1834 and in the 1881 census lived in Aylmar, Ottawa, Canada. Children:
    1. James Aylin, b. c. 1864, Quebec. At home in 1881.
    2. Walter Aylin, b. c. 1866, Quebec. At home in 1881..
    3. May Aylin, b. c. 1869, Quebec. At home in 1881.
    4. Ernest Aylin, b. c. 1872, Quebec. At home in 1881.
    5. Arthur Aylin. (per Binney and not shown in 1881 census)
  3. Josephine H. or Hannah Josephine Prentiss, b. 26 Aug 1844, Old Chelsea, Canada. Lived at home in Aylmer, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada. She was living with her parents in the 1881 Canada census.
  4. Thomas Daniel Prentiss, b. 24 Feb 1851, Lower Chelsea, Canada. About 1883 lived in Port Gratiot, Michigan; engaged on a railroad. He m. 15 Aug 1872 Elizabeth Swanson Sutherland (per IGI) of Scotch origin by whom he had a son, name unknown. He does not appear in the 1880 US or 1881 Canada census or the IGI.

6. Byron W. Church, b. c. 1848, MI. At home in Richmond in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census. He appears in the 1880 Richmond census with his wife and family. 1900 census inSchoolcraft, Houghton Co., MI. 1910 census in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. Not in 1920 census.

He m. Jennie E. (Cairus?) (called Jane in 1900 census) who was b. c. 1855, MI, with both parents b. in NY. Children:

  1. Mabel E. Church, b. c. 1876, MI. At home in Richmond in the 1880 census. At home in Schoolcraft in 1900. At home in Detroit in 1910.
  2. Clarence Church, b. c. 1879, MI. At home in Richmond in the 1880 census. At home in Schoolcraft in 1900. At home in Detroit in 1910. Not in 1920 or 1930 census.

Living with Byron's family in 1880 was L. Humphrey Church, b. c. 1810, VT, an uncle, and Hattie L. Cairus, b. c. 1870, MI, a sister in law.

Who are Robert Prentice's Parents?

Since Robert Prentiss 13 Oct 1770 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH, near Northfield, MA, and m. Susannah Wright there in 1792, we checked the 1790 census to see what other Prentiss families were living there.

We didn't find any listing for Winchester, but we did find the folloiwng families in Cheshire Co., NH:

  • Sartle Prentice, Alstead, Cheshire, NH.
  • Joseph Prentice, Chesterfield, Cheshire, NH
  • John Prentice, Langdon, Cheshire, NH: 2
  • Jonathan Prentice, Lempster, Cheshire, NH: 2
  • Reuben Prentice, Surry, Cheshire, NH
  • Stephen Prentice, Walpole, Cheshire, NH

    Investigation is continuing.

    Correspondence:   If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

    Caution: If you don't use the above email link, your email to us may be deleted as spam by our email filter.

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