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Mississippi Prentices

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We are attempting to identify a number of folks named PRENTICE, PRENTIS and PRENTISS who appear in U. S. Land Records for Mississippi. Below is a table showing those persons who we have yet to identify. For convenience the single spelling, PRENTICE, is sometimes used.

Where there are entries in the far right column, we have identified their roots. If there is no entry there, we need your help in identifying their their roots. And, whether or not we have identified their roots, we need your help in identifying their descendants.

	CODING:	In edb 	= edb.(record #)
				        1883 Binney	= 83b. (pg#)		
                                        1996 Binney 	= 96b.(pg. #)		
                                        1997 Prentice	= book/page


John A. Prentis			Greene, MS	Greene, MS
Joseph L. Prentice	1906	Greene, MS	(not given)
Sarah Prentice		1905	Greene, MS	(not given)		Fn. 1
Seargent S. Prentiss		Yazoo, MS	Warren, MS		142/228


Fn. 1:  She is probably the Sarah Prentice who. m. Joe Peacock in Greene Co., MS in 1904.

Microfilm copies of the original Bureau of Land Management documents may be viewed at http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/.

For additional Mississippi Prentices, see Mississippi Marriages .

If you have information which can help us identify any of these folks who are not identified, or only tentatively identified, in the right column, please contact this newsletter at dewald@prenticenet.com.

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