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Leonard Prentice, Anita, Cass Co., IA

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Leonard Prentice, Anita, Cass Co., IA
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 1997 and Revised: 3 Mar 2004

Update: 9 Sep 1999: The L. Prentice who married Lucy Ellen Lees is Lawton Prentice. See the updating article about Lawton Prentice in the Winter 1999 Prentice Newsletter.
The following information is based on a Group Sheet, submitted to the LDS Salt Lake City Family History Center:

1. Charles/Charley Prentice was b. 30 Nov 1889 at Anita, Cass Co., IA. He married Maude Ham. He later appears in the 1920 Lincoln Co., WA census. Their children are:

  1. Bernard Prentice, b. 24 Mar 1912 at Fishtrap, Lincoln, WA.
  2. Maynard Prentice, b. 20 Dec 1916 at Fishtrap.
  3. Leonard Prentice, b. 25 Jul 1918 at Fishtrap.
  4. Zelna Prentice, b. 27 Jan 1920 at Fishtrap.
  5. Carol Prentice, b. 17 Dec. 1928 at Rosaha, Whitman, WA.

Charles' parents are identified by the Group Sheet as "L. Prentice" and Lucy Ellen Lees. It seems likely that "L." may stand for "Leonard," the name of Charles' 3rd son. If so, then Leonard Prentice might be one of the following men:

  1. Leonard Prentice, b. 12 Apr 1867 at Oakland Mills, Henry Co., IA. He is the son of John Roland Harris Prentice. Anita lies about 150 miles west of Oakland Mills. We know this Leonard married Mary F. Garrett but have no further information about her. Leonard died in 1907 at Manzanola, CO. We have no information whether Leonard had any children, or whether he might have remarried.
  2. Leonard Prentice, b. 1827 at Worthington, Hampshire Co., MA. He is the son of Leonard Prentice and Fanny Francis (or maybe Fanning). We have no information about any marriage, family, or death.
  3. Leonard Prentice, b. c. 1830-35, m. Mary Esther Hyde on 8 Feb 1855 at Greenville, (Norwich), CT. We have no further information about them.

One clue: in the 1900 Iowa census, Charles is identified as the nephew of Henry Lee. He would be the brother of Lucy Ellen Lees. That may rule out the Worthington Leonard, above, since his two known sisters had husbands with different names. The Oakland Mills Leonard, above, had sisters whose husbands are not known. We have no sibling information on the Greenville Leonard, above.

Another possibility is that Charles may be the Charles Prentice identified as a son of Joseph Prentice in the Winter 1999 article about Joseph Prentice of Pottowattomie Co., IA since that Charles' mother was Mary Lee.

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