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James Monroe Prentice of Tennessee
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Revised 19 May 1999

Aubrey "Buzz" Prentice is trying to trace his Prentice roots. Here is what we have so far:

1. James Monroe Prentice was born 14 Apr 1884 at Buffalo Valley, TN and lived near Ramer, TN. He died 11 Mar 1969 at Silver Point, TN and is buried in the Cookeville City Cemetery at Cookville, TN.

Buffalo Valley lies about 10-15 miles north of Smithville where Robert Prentice was living at the time of the 1840 and 1850 Dekalb County, TN census. Also appearing on the same page with Robert in the 1840 census is Jackson Prentice. Such proximity suggests the possibility that James may be kin to Robert and Jackson.

Family tradition has it that James came from South Carolina but that is unconfirmed.

He married Susan Frances Coleman (1885-1952) on 8 May 1903. She was the daughter of Zachariah Taylor Coleman and Susan J. Stewart. James had a number of occupations. He was a farmer, did carpenter work, worked in the cotton mills in Atlanta, GA, was a proprietor of a store in Baxter, TN, and ran a Grist Mill at Silver Point, TN. Children:

  1. Fred Ray Prentice, b. 19 May 1904 at Selmer, Tennessee and d. 11 Jan 1977.
  2. Arby C. Prentice, b. 24 Mar 1906 at Reverie, TN and d. 15 Jun 1988. He married Edith Laverne (surname unknown) in early 1920's. She died June 15, 1988, at age 82. They had six children:
    1. Doris Pauline (Mendenhall) Prentice
    2. Bobby Glenn Prentice (deceased)
    3. Mildred Carmine (Sanders) Prentice
    4. Jimmie Earl Prentice
    5. Arby C. Prentice, Jr.
    6. Patsy Nelle (Warren, Page) Prentice
  3. Mary "Eileen" Prentice, b. 17 Oct 1907 and d. 20 Sep 1985. She m. Mr. Walker.
  4. Carmel Prentice, b. 1 Nov 1909 and d. 6 Jan 1934.
  5. Paschal "Pat" Lamar Prentice, b. 24 May 1911 and d. 2 Feb 1951.
  6. James "Henry" Prentice. b. 14 Jun 1915 and d. 6 Feb 1996.
  7. Dulcie Modema Prentice, b. 11 Feb 1921 and d. 25 Aug 1922.
James Monroe Prentice married, second, Maggie May Delaney on 2 Nov 1932 and lived in Silver Point, TN. They had no children.

Maybe his father was patriotic and named more of his sons after Presidents. If so, he might be related to the George Washington Prentice, b. 1863 in TN, sought by Debbie Chalifant.

If you have any information which can help us identify any of the folks mentioned above, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com..

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