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Alvin S. Prentice, Canastota, NY

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Alvin S. Prentice, Canastota, NY
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 1997 and Revised 1 Mar 2004

Update of 11 Jun 2001: This article has now been replaced and superceded by our Summer 1998 article on Alvin S. Prentice of Canastota, Madison Co., NY

Alvin S. Prentice was born in 1813 and died in 1870. He married Minerva Laughton and had:

. . Easter Mary Prentice, b. 1848.
. . Sarah Jane Prentice, b. 1853.
. . Milton Emery "Emery" Prentice b. 1856 in Canastota, NY, which is about
    15 miles ENE of Syracuse on the south shore of Oneida Lake. He married a
    Miss Feely in Amsterdam, NY.

Although we do not yet have confirmation, there are perhaps four possibilities for Alvin's parents:

1.     An unidentified son of LYMAN PRENTICE, who died in 1864 in Canastota, NY at the age of 73. If he married, it would have likely have been about 1710-13, a time frame which nicely brackets ALVIN's 1813 birth. Since ALVIN had a son, MILTON EMERY, born in Canastota in 1856, that would be consistent with ALVIN’S father living in Canastota near his own father.

2.     Another possibility is LYMAN’S brother, SILAS PRENTICE, who died in 1867 in Canastota at the age of 77. His wife was LYDIA BUMP. we have no marriage date for them, but it was likely 1710-12. They had at least 2 sons, SANFORD and MARTIN. We have no information whether he had additional sons, but ALVIN’S 1813 birth would be consistent with their likely marriage date.

3.     A third possibility is that ALVIN might be a previously unidentified brother of LYMAN and SILAS.

4.     A fourth possibility is that ALVIN might be an cousin of LYMAN and SILAS. Their father had at least two brother, SHUBAEL and THADDEUS, and perhaps more, for whom we have no further information. Since families tended to move together in those days, It would not be surprising if SHUBAEL and THADDEUS were found to be living in, or near, Canastota also.

There are also a number of other PRENTICE families living within a radius of 25 miles of Canastota.

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