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Abraham C. Prentiss, Noble Co., Indiana

We are helping Albert E. Good of Cincinnati, OH in his efforts to identify his Abraham/Abram Prentiss. For convenience, we will refer to him as Abraham.

Update: 1 Dec 1998 Abraham's roots have now been identified. He is the son of George C. Prentice of NY, and a descendant of Valentine Prentice.

1.    Abraham C.[1] Prentice, son of George C. Prentice and Unknown. Born,
6 Dec 1821, in Unk., Grand Isle, VT[1]. Died, 1906, in Toledo, OH[2]. 
Census: 1860, in Metamora, Fulton, OH.
      He married Catherine Fisher, 21 Sep 1849, in Avila?, Noble, IN. 
Marriage(2): 21 Oct 1849, in Avila? Noble, IN. Died, 1906. Children:   
   2       i.  Orrin[2] Prentice.
   3      ii.  Henry Edgar Prentice.
         iii.  Celia Prentice. Born, 1853. Died, 1858, in (matches play).
          iv.  Alice E. Prentice[3]. Born, 19 Aug 1855, in Metamora, 
               Fulton, OH. Died, 1881. She married Mr. Russell.
           v.  May E. Prentice. Born, 22 Aug 1858, in Metamora, Fulton, 
               OH. Died, 1936. Burial in Nowata, OK. She married Lincoln 
   4      vi.  Rollin M. Prentice.
   5     vii.  Charles Wilford Prentice.
   6    viii.  Marvin Butler Prentice.
   7      ix.  Ernest B. Prentice.
   8       x.  Clifford Prentice.

2.    Orrin[2] Prentice (Abraham C., 1). Born, 29 Apr 1851, in Ligonier, 
Noble, IN. Died, 1936, in Napoleon, OH.
      He married Eva Patten. Children:
   9       i.  Sadie[3] Prentice.
          ii.  Orlie Prentice.
         iii.  Leon Prentice.

3.    Henry Edgar[2] Prentice (Abraham C., 1)[4]. Born, 19 Oct 1852, in 
Angola, Steuben, IN[5]. Died, 4 Jul 1927, in Bristol, Powers, CO.
      He married, first, Amelia Eleanor Vrooman, 28 Jun 1874, in Unk., 
Fulton, IN. Children:
  10       i.  Mabel[3] Prentice.
          ii.  Cora Prentice. Residence in Toledo, OH.
         iii.  Mildred Prentice. Residence in Toledo, OH.
  11      iv.  Florence E. Prentice.
      He married, second, Unknown. 
      He married, third, Olive Van Horn, 4 Jul 1900.       

4.    Rollin M.[2] Prentice (Abraham C., 1). Born, 25 Mar 1860, in 
Metamora, Fulton, OH. Resided, 1906, in Toledo, OH. Census: 1910, in Unk.,
Osage, OK.
      He married Ida. Children:

           i.  Albert R.[3] Prentice. Born, circa 1891, in OK. Census: 
               1910, in Unk., Osage, OK.
          ii.  Leon C. Prentice. Born, circa 1895, in MI.

5.    Charles Wilford[2] Prentice (Abraham C., 1). Born, 10 Dec 1867, in 
Metamora, Fulton, OH. Died, 26 Mar 1930, in Delta, OH.
      He married, first, Edith Helen Brooks, 19 Jan 1888, in Unk., 
Williams, OH. Children:
  12       i.  Lelia Mary[3] Prentice.
      He married, second, Caddie C. Weeks, Apr 1904. Born, 1878. Died, 
1962. Children:
          ii.  (5 children) Prentice. Died in (died young).
  13     iii.  Mary Louise Prentice.
  14      iv.  Robert Lyle Prentice.

6.    Marvin Butler[2] Prentice (Abraham C., 1). Born, 25 Jun 1870, in 
Metamora, Fulton, OH. Died, 3 May 1953, in Nowata, OK. Occupation: 
      He married, first, Minnie Clendenning. 
      He married, second, Blanche Leone Marshall. Born in (of Adrian, MI).
  15       i.  Harley Merton[3] Prentice.
  16      ii.  Harry Leverne Prentice.
      He married, third, Grace Sage. Died, 1933, in Nowata, OK. 
      He married, fourth, Lenore[6]. Died, 1965, in Miami, FL. 

7.    Ernest B.[2] Prentice (Abraham C., 1). Born, 25 Apr 1872, in 
Metamora, Fulton, OH. Died, 1937, in Rochester, NY.
      He married, first, Emma Day. Children:
  17       i.  Glenn B.[3] Prentice.
          ii.  Velma Prentice.
      He married, second, Unknown. 

8.    Clifford[2] Prentice (Abraham C., 1). Born, 12 Nov 1876, in 
Metamora, Fulton, OH. Died, 1949, in Toledo, OH.
      He married Neva Jessup, 11 Aug 1901. Children:
  18       i.  Stanley[3] Prentice.
  19      ii.  Kenneth Prentice.
         iii.  Earla Prentice[7]. Born, 29 Jun 1907. She married Robert 

9.    Sadie[3] Prentice (Orrin, 2).
      She married John Frybarger. Children:
           i.  Wayne[4] Frybarger.

10.   Mabel[3] Prentice (Henry Edgar, 3).
      She married Oates Whitney, 1897. Occupation: Doctor. Children:
           i.  (child)[4] Whitney. Died in (died young).
          ii.  (child) Whitney. Died in (died young).

11.   Florence E.[3] Prentice (Henry Edgar, 3). Born, 1882, in Metamoro, 
OH. Died, 1971, in Sylvania, OH.
      She married Clyde Garfield Gormley. Children:
           i.  Meredyth Clara[4] Gormley. She married Mr. Gobba.
          ii.  Winifred Gormley. She married Mr. Shelton.
         iii.  John Mara Gormley.
          iv.  Alice Gormley. She married Mr. Schafer.
  20       v.  Prentiss David Gormley.
          vi.  Joanna Gormley. She married Mr. Lancaster.

12.   Lelia Mary[3] Prentice (Charles Wilford, 5). Born, 31 Mar 1890, in 
Tecumseh, Lenewee, MI. Died, 9 Dec 1969.       
      She married Joseph Franklin Good, 14 Oct 1917. Children:
           i.  Josephine Edith[4] Good.
          ii.  Albert Edward Good.
         iii.  Robert John Good.
          iv.  Barbara Anna Good.
           v.  Arthur Allen.

13.   Mary Louise[3] Prentice (Charles Wilford, 5). Born, circa 1910. 
Residence in Tucson, AZ.
      She married Mr. Stoltsen. Children:
           i.  Caroline[4] Stoltsen.

14.   Robert Lyle[3] Prentice (Charles Wilford, 5). Born, 8 Mar 1922. 
Died, 26 Jan 1983.      
      He married Hazel Eleanor McArthur. Children:
  21       i.  David L.[4] Prentice.

15.   Harley Merton[3] Prentice (Marvin Butler, 6). Born, 17 Oct 1892, in 
Metamora, Fulton, OH. Died, 26 Dec 1959, in Mayo Clinic. Burial in Nowata,
      He married Flo/Florence B. Shirey, 17 Feb 1922. Children:
  22       i.  Marguerite Blance[4] Prentice.

16.   Harry Leverne[3] Prentice (Marvin Butler, 6). Born, 17 Oct 1892, in 
Metamora, Fulton, OH.
      He married Alma R. Roberts. Born, 30 Aug 1892, in Unk., Hampton, SC.
           i.  Kathryn Blanche[4] Prentice. Born, circa 1935. Residence in
               SC. She married James Denmark.

17.   Glenn B.[3] Prentice (Ernest B., 7). Resided, 1980, in Chicago, IL.
      He married Dorothy. Children:
           i.  Virginia[4] Prentice. She married Gaither Newman.
  23      ii.  Rae Prentice.
         iii.  William Prentice.
          iv.  Glenn B. Prentice Jr. 
           v.  Larry Prentice.

18.   Stanley[3] Prentice (Clifford, 8). Born, 24 Jul 1902.      
      He married Mildred Slicker. Children:
           i.  Jean[4] Prentice.
          ii.  Marilyn Prentice.

19.   Kenneth[3] Prentice (Clifford, 8). Born, 22 May 1904.      
      He married Gertrude Kodor. Children:
           i.  Michael[4] Prentice.

20.   Prentiss David[4] Gormley.
      He married, first, Doris Eileen Lassey. Children:
           i.  David[5] Gormley.
          ii.  Daniel Gormley.
         iii.  Sandra Gormley.
          iv.  Michael Gormley.
           v.  David Gormley.
      He married, second, Louise Cartwright. 

21.   David L.[4] Prentice (Robert Lyle, 14). Residence in Unk., Fulton, 
OH. Occupation: Farner.
      He married Elaine. Children:
           i.  Charles/Chuck[5] Prentice (adopted).

22.   Marguerite Blance[4] Prentice (Harley Merton, 15). Born, 14 Jan 
1923, in Yale, Payne, OK.
      She married Arthur Meyer. Occupation: Attorney. Children:
           i.  Gary Prentiss[5] Meyer. Born, 6 Nov 1934, in Wellington, 
               TX. Residence in Kansas City, KS. He married Beverly Keck.
  24      ii.  Nancy Flo Meyer.
         iii.  Judy Kay Meyer. Born, 16 Sep 1953, in Nowata, OK. Died, 7 
               Oct 1979, in St. Louis, MO.

23.   Rae[4] Prentice (Glenn B., 17).
      She married Mr. Ladd. Children:
           i.  Bruce[5] Ladd.
          ii.  Brian Ladd.

24.   Nancy Flo[5] Meyer. Born, 20 Feb 1947, in Roosevelt,OH. Residence in
Nixa, MO.
      She married Earl S. Kimbell Jr., 1966. Children:   
           i.  Earl Shadden[6] Kimbell III.
          ii.  Dana Lynn Kimbell.

                           NOTES AND REFERENCES

  [1] Al Good. Other places of possible birth have been mentioned, but this 
	is the most likely.
  [2] Living with son, Rollin.
  [3] Had several children, all apparently dying young.
  [4] Children listed may be those of either 1st and/or 2nd wife.
  [5] Al Good, 30 Nov 1998.
  [6] No Children.
  [7] No children.

If you have any additional information which can help us identify any of the folks mentioned above, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com..

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