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97.2.11 Update on Zuba Prentice

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Update on Zuba Prentice: Zuba Prentice is a descendant of Henry Prentice and is No. 29.40.
We've been trying to help Marion Emmons of Columbia, CT identify the ancestry of her ZUBA PRENTICE, father of her HENRY F. PRENTICE who was born about 1842. By letter of 29 Oct 1996, she advises that HENRY settled in St. Regis Falls, Franklin Co., NY as reflected in their family burial there at the Forest Cemetery.

His death record calls him JUBA. He's likely (1) the same person as TUBA PRENTICE shown in the 1840 census index for Westville, Franklin Co., NY and (2) the INBA PRENTICE shown in the census index for Brandon, now a part of Dickinson Center.

It now seems probable that he is the same person as the ZUBA PRENTICE shown in the VT IGI; that person was born 22 Feb 1803 in Townshend Twp., Windham Co., VT, son of ELIJAH PRENTICE and his wife, ABBIE.

Other children of Elijah and Abbie, and probably siblings of ZUBA PRENTICE, listed in the VT IGI as born at Townshent are: (1) LYDIA (b. 1805), POLLY BOUTWELL (b. 1809), BLAKE (b. 1810) and LIBERTY (b. 1812).

Another probable brother of ZUBA is ISAAC JOY PRENTICE who was living next to ZUBA in Brandon and who was born c. 1822 in Vermont.

The foregoing birth dates suggest ELIJAH was born about 1780. No IGI VT birth is listed for him, and the 1780 date suggests he was likely born in CT or MA. He is also likely the same Elijah Prentice shown living in Brandon at the time of the 1840 census.

In checking the 1840 and 1850 Franklin County, NY census, we find the following persons who may be related to ZUBA.

Amos Prentiss
He is shown living in Dickinson. The present town of Dickinson is about 4 miles north of St. Regis Falls. He might be the AMOS who appears in Binney96 on pg. 460, #4, born roughly 1795-1810 and the son of PEREZ PRENTICE. AMOS' sister, HARRIET (pg. 460, #3), lived in nearby Brush's Mills in Franklin County as well as a sister, EMILY (pg. 460, #6) who lived in nearby Dickinson.

Orlando Prentiss
He appears in the 1820, 1830 and 1840 census at Bangor, about 16 miles NE of St. Regis Falls. It is a little more conjectural whether he is closely related to ZUBA. (See Binney96, pg. 472) ORLANDO PRENTISS may be the same person as the ORLANDO PRENTISS in Binney96, pg. 56, #57xi, b. 25 May 1797.

If you have information to help, please contact us.

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