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William Prentiss of Moreton, VT

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William Prentice of Moreton, VT
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Summer1997 and Revised 14 Jun 2009

Update of 14 Jun 2009: This article has now been replaced by our Fall 2009 article of the same name.
Update of 15 Jan 2003:   William Prentice of Moreton is almost certainly connected to the unpublished "Hoggs as Prentices" article in our Summer 2001 issue because of frequent letter exchanges between the wife of Robert's son, Austin, and Luther Prentice.

William's father has not yet been identified with certainty, but he may be William Prentiss, #3ii, in the Hogg-Prentice line who has a son, William, with an as-yet unknown birth date. So also, He may also be the brother of Robert Prentice of Moreton, VT .

Original Article:   William Prentice, born c. 1798 in MA, and his wife, Lucinda, born c. 1808 in MA, are shown in the 1850 Moreton, Washington Co., VT census. Their children include:
  • Emeline Prentice, b. c. 1826 in VT.
  • John Prentice, b. c. 1830) in VT.
He may be related to Robert Prentice (born c. 1794) and his wife, Mary, also in that same Moreton census.

If you have any information about their roots, or about their descendants, please contact us.

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