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Reuben Prentis of Washington Co., New York

Reuben Prentis of Washington Co., NY

By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Summer 1997 and Revised 14 Jun 2009

Update of 14 Jun 2009: This article has now been replaced by our Fall 2009 article of the same name.

1. Reuben Prentis appears on page 550 (or 560) of the 1800 Washington Co., NY census as follows:

  • Reuben Prentis, under 45 (b. after 1755)
  • Female, under 45, (b. after 1755)
  • Son, under 10 (b. 1790-1800)
  • Son, under 10 (b. 1790-1800)
  • Son, under 10 (b. 1790-1800)
  • Daughter, 10-16 (b. 1784-90)

If his daughter were about 12, and he married at the age of 22, that suggests Reuben's birth date was about 1765, give or take 2-3 years.

Reuben is likely the same person as the Reuben Prentice who, with his wife, Sarah, were living in Grafton, Windham Co., NY from 1793 to 1797. He may also be the same person shown in our 1996 Edition of Binney's PRENTICE book on pg. 16, #16v who was born 20 Nov 1752 at Grafton, MA, although that person may be too old.

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Kathryn Ogrodnik
2020-02-25 22:03:20
This could be the same Reuben Prentice/Prentis from Somers, CT. He was a shoemaker and farmer. I have been researching this family hoping to find my Great-grandfather's family. I recently realized that there are no Connecticut census records on this family for these years. Reuben was born in 1767.
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