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Williamson Family

The Williamson Family
Prepared by: Linus Joseph Dewald Jr.
Date: 1 Jan 2018 and Revised 1 Jan 2018
Source: From an email to Tara Coulter, 20 Dec 2017

1. James Williamson. Almost nothing is known about his life and his ancestors. Your input would be much appreciated.

The Perron Family Tree website at Ancestry.com shows shows that James Williamson was born in Ireland and had 2 daughters:

  1. Susanna Mary Williamson, born August 1865 in Armagh, Armagh County, Northern Ireland, and (
  2. Mary Williamson, born 23 November 1868, Dungannon, Tyrone Co., Northern Ireland.

Then, going to the "Maxwell/Black Family Tree" at Ancestry.com we find the following information:

1. James Williamson may have been born 1800-1820 and died before 1896.

He married Unknown. He had 1 or more children, including:

  1. James Williamson, born c. 1841 in Ireland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2]

2, James Williamson,, born c. 1841 in Ireland

He m. Ann/Anne Wylie/Wiley (1842-1894) on 10 Sep 1865 in Ireland. Children:

  1. William Williamson, b. 1860, Ireland.

  2. Susanna Mary Williamson, b. Aug 1865 in Armagh, Armagh Co., Northern Ireland. . . . [3]

  3. Margaret Williamson, b. 1867, Ireland, and d. 1935, Glasgow, Scotland, age 68. She m. Robert Simpson on 18 May 1883. He was b. c. 1861, Ireland, son of William and Olive(?) Simpson. Children per Ancestry.com:
    1. James Simpson
    2. Robert Simpson
    3. Margaret Simpon
    4. William Simpson

  4. Mary Williamson, b. 23 Nov 1868, Dungannon, Tyrone Co., Northern Ireland. Note that this the same date and place as shown in the Perron tree, above. She m. Duncan Campbell who was b. c. 1866. Children:
    1. William Campbell, b. 1891, Glasgow, Lanarkshire.
    2. Thomas Campbell, b. c. 1893, and d. 11 Aug 1896, age 3.

  5. Elizabeth Jane (Jeanie) Williamson , b. 1 Feb 1871, Glasgow, Lanarkshire.

  6. James Williamson, b. 17 Mar 1874, Glasgow, Lanarkshire.

  7. Thomas Williamson, b. 1877, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and d. 8 Jan 1897, Glasgow, age 20.

  8. David Williamson, b. 1879, Glasgow, Lanarkshire.

3. Susanna Mary Williamson, b. Aug 1865 in Armagh, Armagh Co., Northern Ireland, and d. 6 Sep 1904, age 39.

There is no daughter named Susanna, b. 1865, in the "Maxwell/Black Family Tree." However, there is a 7 year gap between William and Margaret which would cover Susanna. Since Mary is shown, above, with the same date as the Perron tree, that strongly indicates that Susanna was just missed.

Susanna married Clement Perron on 9 May 1892, Detroit, MI. Shey had 6 children per Ancestry.com..

  1. Florence Perron (1892-1989)

  2. Ernest A. Perron (1893-1975)

  3. Henry Oscar Perron (1896-1976)

  4. Walter Clement Perron (1898-1966)

  5. Lucien Z. Perron (1900-????)

  6. Albert Leon Perron (1901-1902)

Additional information about descendants of Susanna and Clement will be found in the Perron genealogy. Contact Dewald@Prenticenet.com.

A note from L. J. Dewald, Author: If you are interested in the Williamson surname, we hope you will find helpful information here. We would be pleased to use our resources to help you trace your roots.

Our Williamson Website is updated frequently, please check with us from time to time, and tell us about any errors, omissions or new information.

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