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George R. Prentiss of Chelsea, Orange Co., Vermont

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George R. Prentiss of Chelsea, Orange Co., Vermont
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Summer 2010 and Revised 21 May 2010

The following information about George R. Prentiss was gathered primarily from Vermont Death Records and then augmented with census information.

1. George R. Prentiss was b. c. 1828 and d. 1 Dec 1912, age 84 years, 7 mos. and 14 days, in Randolph, Orange Co., VT. He was single.

George's place of birth is not known. His Death Record contains the following information:

    "Birthplace: Tunbridge(?) Vt [question mark in the original record]. Foster father was Gilman Longer of Tunbridge, VT. He was brought up by Mr. and Mrs Longer and no one knows about his own parents. . . Disease Causing Death: Acute Senile Pheumonia. Contributing Disease: Very feeble old age."

Gilman Longer is likely the Gilman Longer shown in the 1850 census in Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT, as b. c. 1789, NH. Also shown is his wife, Martha and 4 Longer children ranging in ages from 9-17. George, who would then have been about 22, is not shown in the household. Gilman Longer does not appear in the 1860 or 1870 census and may then be deceased.

George seems not to appear in the 1850, 1860 or 1870 census. He appears in the 1880 census in Chelsea, Orange Co., VT as George Prentice, a single Laborer. The census indicates both of George's parents were born in VT, but there is a chance that the reference is to George's foster parents.

He appears in the 1900 census as George Prentice, in Randolph, Orange Co., VT, age 72, as b. Aug 1827 in VT. He was a Boarder in the home of James and Mary Putney. Again, it indicates his parents were both b. in VT.

He appears in the 1910 census as George Prentis in Randolph, Orange Co., VT, age 81, as b. c. 1829 in VT. He was a Boarder in the home of Charles T.; and Emma S. Mcpheters. Both parents are shown as b. in VT.

Who are George R. Prentice's Parents?

We cannot be sure of the spelling of George's surname since it appears in his death record and in census records with various spellings: Prentice, Prentis and Prentiss.

W also cannot be sure where George was born since his death and census records suggest it might be Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT, since that was the 1850 residence of his foster father who was b. in NH. However, there is a chance that his foster parents took him in while still living in NH, in which case George might have been b. in NH.

Investigation is continuing.

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