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Prentices of Northamptonshire, England

Prentices of Northamptonshire, England

By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2007 and Revised 9 Nov 2010
Updates in progress -- Feb 2024

We are working with Wendy Prentice, Karen Raspin, Susan Mawson and Ian Prentice in tracing the ancestry of the Prentices who lived in the Oundle area of Northamptonshire, England. Using their information, and census records from 1841 through 1901, we have gathered information about the folks below.

1.  Samuel Prentice, son of Thomas Prentice and Mary Rawlins, b. 1747 and d. 1805.

Profile consolidated in the article Thomas Prentice of Aldwincle, Northamptonshire, England

10.  Thomas Prentice, son of Thomas Prentice and Mary Rawlins, b.c. 1753 in the Oundle area of Northamptonshire, England. He was age 55 when he died and was bur. at Oundle, Northamptonshire on 17 May 1808. Thomas was a Clerk and appears on the Militia List for Oundle in 1781. He also was at one time Deputy Steward to a Dr. William Walcot, (local land owner and Lord of the Rectory Manor at Oundle).

Thomas m. Dorothy Bland on 25 Dec 1781, Christmas Day at Oundle (per Wendy Prentice, email, 2 Feb 2007). She was b. 1760 and buried at Oundle, Northamptonshire on 17 Oct 1836. Dorothy appears as a stamp dealer, West Street, Oundle in Pigot's directory of 1830.
Children of Thomas and Dorothy:

  1. John Prentice, b. in Oundle, Northamptonshire in 1784. . . . . [11]
  2. Biddy Prentice, bap. at Oundle on 17 Mar 1782 and buried at Oundle on 1 Aug 1839. Appears as a tea dealer, West Street, Oundle in Pigot's directory of 1830)
  3. Susannah Prentice, bap. at Oundle on 9 Feb 1786 and bur. 5 Mar 1786.
  4. Thomas Prentice, bap. at Oundle on 21 Nov 1787.
  5. Susannah Prentice, bap. at Oundle on 14 Aug 1791.
  6. William Prentice, bap. at Oundle in 1797.

11.  John Prentice, son of Thomas Prentice and Dorothy Bland, bap. 14 Oct 1784 in Oundle, Northamptonshire. John d. in 1862 and was bur. at North Walsham on 31 Jan 1863. He enrolled into Oundle School in 1796 where he received an exhibition from Dr. William Walcot. Was lead to Norfolk by a young Art teacher at the school by the name of Thomas Dix. John presumably came home with Thomas Dix and met his sister, Mary Amelia Dix.

John m. Mary Amelia Dix (called "Martha" in 1841 census) who was b. at Smallburgh, Norfolk, on 26 Nov 1789. They married at Smallburgh Church on 24 Jun 1807. Mary d. in 1875 and was bur. on 29 Dec 1875.

John trained probably via an apprenticeship as a Doctor (in Medical Register it states: "in practice prior to 1815" - indicating that he had not trained at University). The couple lived at Southrepps, Norfolk until around 1820 when they moved to North Walsham, Norfolk where John was a General Practitioner and sometimes the Parish Doctor with responsibility for treating the poor). He appears in the 1851 North Walsham census.

In later life John went into partnership with his son, Edward - in fact John left the contents of his surgery, his books, horse, gig etc etc. to Edward upon his death in 1862. He was buried at North Walsham on 31.1.1863. His wife, Mary was buried on 29 Dec 1875.
Children of John and Mary Amelia Prentice:

  1. Elizabeth Prentice, born 1810 at Southrepps, Norfolk, married a local farmer from Walcot, John Clarke in 1833. He was b.c. 1808 in Newton St. Faiths, Norfolk. They appear in the 1851 census in North Walsham, Norfolk. Not in 1861 and later census.
    They had 2 or more children, including:
    1. Ellen Clarke, who was a beneficiary of her grandmother Mary Amelia Prentice.
    2. George Clarke, b. 1828, North Walsham, Norfolk, and d. 8 Jun 1904, Scarborough, Yorkshire. He m. Susan C. Chapman in Dec 1853, Erpingham, Norfolk. She was b. 1834, Gresham, Norfolk, and d. Jan 1902, Scarborough, Yorkshire. Children per ancestry.com [bad url].
      1. William J Clarke 1855.
      2. Lucy Caroline Clarke 1859-1878.
      3. Daniel Clarke 1862.
      4. Rowland Clarke 1865-1871.
      5. George Clarke 1866-1938.
      6. Walter Clarke 1870.
  2. Susanna Prentice, b.c. 1814, Southrepps, Norfolk. She m. Thomas Dry, widower, curate of the parish of North Walsham and Headmaster of Paston Grammar School, North Walsham on 6 Jan 1851. They appear in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census in North Walsham, Norfolk. Not in 1881 and later census.
    Children per census records:
    1. Sarah Dry, b.c. 1831, Hackney, Middlesex. At home in 1851 and 1861. Stepdaughter.
    2. Ellen M. Dry, b.c. 1835, Hackney, Middlesex. Not home in 1851. At home in 1861 and 1871 census.
    3. Fanny Dry, b.c. 1836,Walthamston, Essex. At home in 1851 and 1861. Stepdaughter.
    4. Marian Dry, dau., b.c. 1837, Walthamston, Essex. At home in 1851. Stepdaughter.
    5. Emily B. Dry, b.c. 1838, Walthamston, Essex. At home in 1851 and 1861. Stepdaughter.
    6. John F. Dry, b.c. 1840, Walthamston, Essex. At home in 1851. Stepdaughter.
    7. George H. Dry, b.c. 1852, North Walsham, Norfolk. At home in 1861 and 1871.
    8. Arthur Dry, b.c. 1853, North Walsham, Norfolk. Not home in 1861. At home in 1871.
    9. Alice M. Dry, b.c. 1855, North Walsham, Norfolk. At home in 1861.
  3. Emma L. Prentice, b.c. 1812, Northreppes (per 1851 census) and d. 1875 at North Walsham. At home in 1841 census. Living with her parents in the 1861 North Walsham census, probably a widow. In 1871 living with her mother who was then a widow.
    She m. James Pegg who was b.c. 1785, Weston, Norfolk and d. before 1861. They lived in North Walsham. They also appear in the 1851 census in Salhouse, Norfolk; no children shown.
    They had at least one child:
    1. Eda M. Pegg, born 1853 at North Walsham, Norfolk. At home in 1871.
  4. John Prentice, b. in Southrepps, Norfolk in 1815. . . . . . . . [12]
  5. William Bland Prentice, b.c. 1818, Southrepps, Norfolk and d. Quarter June 1893, Croyden. He m. c. June 1850, Scarborough, Yorkshire but the name of his wife is unknown. In the 1861 census he was an Assistant in St. Marylebone, Middlesex. In the 1881 census he lived at 21 Kent House, Lewisham, Kent. In the 1891 census he lived at 3 Nixon Villas, Lewisham, London His occupation was Grocer and Tea Dealer (per Kerry Prentice, email, 17 Jun 2002). Not in 1901 census.
    1. Jane Dowker Prentice, b. 1852 Scarborough, Yorkshire. Living with her aunt and uncle, Frances and Thomas Bidwell in 1861 in Trunch. She was living with her father in the 1881 and 1891 census.
  6. Frances Prentice, dau., b.c. 1820, Sourhrepps, Norfolk. At home in 1841 and 1851 census. She m. Thomas Braxland Bidwell, a farmer from Trunch, Norfolk on 2 Apr 1856. He was b.c. 1822, Swafield, Norfolk. They appear in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 census in Trunch, Norfolk. Children per 1861 and 1871 census:
    1. Frances Rosa Bidwell, dau., b.c. 1850, Trunch, probably a stepdaughter. At home in 1871 and 1881.

    Living with Frances and Thomas in 1861 in Trunch was a niece, Jane D. Prentice, b.c. 1853, Scarboro/Scarborough, Yorkshire. Living with Frances and Thomas in 1871 and 1881 in Trunch was a niece, Helen Prentice, b.c. 1866, North Walsham, dau. of Edward and Ann, #11-1, below.

  7. Charlotte Prentice, b.c. 1821, probably Southrepps, Norfolk, died 1822.
  8. Thomas Henry Prentice, born 1822, North Walsham, Norfolk. He appears with his wife in the 1851 census in Scarborough, Yorkshire.He appears in the 1861 census in Scarborough, Yorkshire, with his wife, Hannah, b.c. 1825, Scarboro/Scarborough, Yorkshire. They later appear in the 1871 and 1881 census in West Ham, Essex. Apparently a widower, Thomas appears with his children in the 1891 census in Little Ilford, Manor Park, Essex. Known children per census records:
    1. Marianne Amelia Prentice, b.c. 1853, Scarboro/Scarborough, Yorkshire. At home in 1861.
    2. Frederick Watson/William Prentice was b.c. 1854 (per 1881 and 1901 census) or 1834 (per 1891 census) in Scarboro/Scarborough, Yorkshire, England. There is some uncertainty as to his middle name: the 1861 census says his middle name is "Watson" while the 1891 census says his middle name is "William". He appears in the 1881 census in Bow, London, as a Carpet Planner, living at 2 Gawthorne St., London, Middlesex, with his wife and family. He appears in the 1891 and 1901 Little Ilford, Essex, census with his wife and family. He m. Rachel who was b.c. 1854, Lynn, Norfolk, England. Children:
      1. Florence M. Prentice, b.c. 1880, London, Middlesex. At home in 1891 and 1901.
      2. Harry S. Prentice, b.c. 1882, London, Middlesex. At home in 1881 and 1901.
    3. Edward Plummer Prentice, b.c. 1855, Scarboro/Scarborough, Yorkshire. At home in 1861. In 1871 he was a Servant in St. George Hanover Square, London. Not in 1881 and later census.
    4. Fanny Coultas Prentice, b.c. 1860, Scarboro/Scarborough, Yorkshire. At home in 1861, 1871 and 1881.
    5. Susan Prentice, b.c. 1862, Scarboro/Scarborough, Yorkshire. At home in 1871, 1881 and 1891.
    6. Harry S. Prentice, b.c. 1864, St. Pancras, West Ham, Middlesex. At home in 1871. Not in 1881 and later census.
    7. John D. Prentice, b.c. 1866, St. Pancras, West Ham, Middlesex, At home in 1871, 1881 and 1891. He may be the John Pentice shown in the 1901 census in Poplar, London, as b.c. 1864, Middlesex, London, with his wife, Mary, b.c. 1864, Middlesex, London, and children:
      1. Elizabeth/Lizzie, b.c. 1886, Tilbury, Essex. At home in 1901.
      2. Alfred Prentice, b.c. 1894, Middlesex, London. At home in 1901.
      3. Walter Prentice, b.c. 1897, Middlesex, London. At home in 1901.
      4. Arthur Prentice, b.c. 1900, Middlesex, London. At home in 1901.
    8. Arthur W. Prentice, b.c. 1868, Bromley, West Ham, Middlesex. . . . . . . [11a]

    Living with Thomas in 1891 was a grandson, Bernard Larner, b.c. 1890, MD, Stratford.

  9. Marianne (Mary Ann?) Prentice, born 1825, North Walsham, Norfolk. At home in North Walsham, Norfolk, in 1841 census. In 1851 census she was a visitor in Colby, Norfolk. She m. William Partridge Cubitt, a farmer from Bacton, Norfolk on 14 Apr 1856. He was b.c. 1819, Bacton, Norfolk and d. bef. 1891. They lived in Bacton Grange from at least 1871 through 1891 where she appears as a widow. In the 1901 census she is listed as a widow aged 76, living with her son Arnold (then aged 41) and two servants. William d. 1884 and she d. 20 Apr 1919, age 93. Both are buried in Bacton Churchyard (per Kirsten Barr, email, 7 May 2004, the current owner of their home). Known children per 1871 and later census records:
    1. Marian Cubitt, dau., b.c. 1853, Bacton, Norfolk. At home in 1871.
    2. Wlliam Partridge Cubitt Jr., b.c. 1854, Bacton, Norfolk At home in 1871 and 1881.
    3. Hannah/Annie M Cubitt, b.c. 1855, Bacton, Norfolk. At home in 1871 and 1881.
    4. Florence E. Cubitt, b.c. 1857, Bacton, Norfolk. At home in 1871 and 1881.
    5. Arnold Cubitt , b.c. 1860, Bacton, Norfolk. At home in 1871. Living with his widowed mother in 1891.
    6. Bernard Cubitt, b.c. 1868, Bacton, Norfolk. At home in 1871.
  10. Edward Prentice, born 1830 at North Walsham. . . . . . . . . . . [11-1]

11a.  Arthur W. Prentice, b. 27 Dec 1868, Bow, London, and d. 18 Jan 1938 per Shelley Regan, email, 8 Nov 2010 and Ref: Ancestry.com )

He m. 1st Lydia Ann Horne in Sep 1895. She was b. 1877, Bow, daughter of William Horne (b. Hackney, London) and Ann Merry (b. Mill End). Children:

  1. Stanley Arthur Prentice, b. 24 Feb 1897, 78 Belgrave Rd., Txteth Park, Liverpool, and d. 26 Rintoul St., Wellingtonl, NZ. He m. Ivy Muriel Dorris Mouat. She was b. 7 Jul 1896 and d. 1961, Wellington Hospital. Son:
    1. Son Prentice. He m. Miss. Middleton. Children:
      1. Carl Prentice. He m. 1st Unknown. He m. 2nd Christine Hobbes. Son.
        1. Adam Prentice.
      2. Mark Prentice. He m. Luisa Sueter. Children:
        1. Corey Prentice
        2. Melodee Prentice
        3. Natalee Prentice
      3. Paula Prentice She m. 1st Mr. Esdaile. She m. 2nd Mr. Esdaile. She m. 3rd Paul Weatherell. Children:
        1. Tanya Esdaile
        2. Maree Weatheral
        3. Samuel Weatheral
        4. Simon Weather
  2. William Ralph Prentice, b. Dec 1899, ad d. Liverpool on 27 Feb 1957 where he had been living at 72 Mulgrave St;, Liverpool.
  3. Frederick H. Prentice, b. 28 Feb 1903,Toxeth Park. He m. Marjorie Miller. Children:
    1. Alan Prentice. He m. Barbara Brady. Children:
      1. Elwyn Prentice, daughter.
      2. Nigel Prentice. He m. Christine Rielly.
      3. Randall Prentice. He m. Yvonne Harris. Children:
        1. Ariel Prentice, daughter.
        2. Isaac Prentice
        3. Jeremy Prentice
        4. Jessica Prentice
        5. Teresa Prentice
    2. Frederick G Prentice. He m. Helen Hayward Taucher.
    3. Terry Prentice, son. He m. Andre Louvat.
    4. Ngaire Prentice, dau., b. 4 Dec 1921. (Pronounced "Nigh-re.") She m. Richard Montgomery. They had childen and grandchildren per Ngaire Montgomery, email, 9 Jul 2010. Children per Ngaire Montgomery, email, 10 Jul 2010:
      1. Graham Montgomery married 1st Sherryn. Children:
        1. Lance Montgomery
        2. Julie Montgomery
        Graham m. 2nd Charlotte Raroa. Children:
        1. Lucy Montgomery
        2. Mutu Montgomery
        3. Ngaire Montgomery
      2. Richard Montgomery married Julie. Children:
        1. Darryl Montgomery
        2. Jason Montgomery
        3. Sheree Montgomery
        4. Wendy Montgomery
      3. David Montgomery married Rose. Children:
        1. Terry Montgomery
        2. Tony Montgomery
        3. Selena Montgomery
      4. Andrew Montgomery married Pamela. Children:
        1. Aaron Montgomery
        2. Bryce Montgomery
      5. Selena Montgomery
  4. Eric Prentice, b. 26 Nov 1907, Liverpool, and d. Hampstead, London, c. 1958-1960.
  5. Florence Ida Prentice, b. 13 Nov 1911, Toxeth Park, and d. 15 Jul 1998. She m. Stanley Franklin. He d. 17 Jul 1998.

Arthur m. 2nd Annie Kenny in 1918 in Toxteth Park. She was b. 25 Aug 1897 in Drumaglough, Roscommon, Ireland, and d. Jan 1969. She was the dau. of Patrick and Margaret Kenney. Daughter:

  1. Freda May Prentice, b. 20 Mar 1924, Oswestry, Shropshire. She m. Vivian Rowlands "Jim" Regan on 6 Sep 1942, Seven Kings, Essex. He was b. 9 Nov 1917, Norwich, Norfolk, and d. 2008, Queensland, Australia. Children"
    1. Linda Regan b. 1944, Clacton on Sea. She m. Mr. DeVries. In 2010 they live in Victoria, Australia. Daughter:
      1. Michelle DeVries, b. 1973 Boscombe, Bournemouth. She has a son and daughter. In 2010 they liave in Victoria, Australia.
    2. Howard Regan, b 1946, Clacton on Sea, and d. in 2003 in Queensland, Australia. He m. Sandra Burdett in 1971, Victoria, Australia. Children: He m. Sandra Burdett and had a son and daughter.
      1. Shelley Regan, dau., b. 1973, Melbourne, Austalia. She has a daughter per per her email of 1 & 8 Nov 2010)
        1. Erin.
      2. Adrian Regan, b. 1975, Melbourne, Australia. He has 2 sons per Shelley Regan, email of 8 Nov 2010):
        1. Sonny Regan.
        2. Bodee Regan.
    3. Redvers Paul Regan, b. 1947, Clacton on Sea.

11-1.  Edward Prentice, born 1830 in North Walsham and d. 6 Aug 1870, aged 40, in 1870 and was buried in the family plot at North Walsham Cemetery, Norfolk. At home in 1841 North Walsham census. Trained as a Surgeon, gaining his M.R.S.A. and L.S.A. in London in 1853. His Death Certificate says "diseased heart 1 year, exhaustion 7 days" as the causes of death

He m. Ann Wortley, b.c. 1837, North Walsham, Norfolk. They lived in North Walsham.Ann died 19th November 1870 (aged 33) of "diseased lungs". The sudden death of both parents meant that their four children had to be billeted with friends or relations which is where they are recorded for the 1871 Census. Their children were:-

  1. Mary Wortley Prentice, b. 1860, North Walsham, Norfolk. At home in 1861. In 1881 census she was living with her grandfather, John Wortley, in Felmingham, Norfolk.
  2. Helen Prentice, b. 1866 in Trunch, Norfolk, England. . . . . . . . . . [11-2]
  3. Anna Prentice (born 1863). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [11-3]
  4. John Edward Prentice, b. 1864. In 1871 census living with his sister, Anna, in the home of Mary and Sarah Brown; his relationship to them, if any, is unknown. In 1881 census a Boasrder in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Not in 1891 or 1901 census.

11-2.  Helen Prentice (Edward) was born 1866 in Trunch, Norfolk, England.

She married Robert Radcliffe Mawson 15 April 1890 in Trunch Parish Church, Erpingham, Norfolk, England, son of John Mawson and Jane Hayton. He was born 1864 in Windermere, Westmorland, England, and died Bef. 1929. Both bur. Bowness Cemetery (per Susan Mawson, email, 5 Sep 2002). Robert was a partner in the Mawson Brothers' Lakeland Nurseries in Windermere, Cumbria. Children:

4 	i. 	Alec Robert Mawson, born Bet. 1891 - 1897 in England; died Abt. 1950.
+ 5 	ii. 	Jane Mawson, born 28 March 1892 in Kendal, Ambleside, Westmorland, England; 
		died 24 January 1984 in Corwen, Denbighshire, North Wales.
6 	iii. 	Gladys Ethel Mawson, died Abt. 1900 in Lincolnshire, England.
7 	iv. 	Ronald Mawson, Adopted child.

11-3.  Anna Prentice (Edward), b.c. 1863, North Walsham, Norfolk. In 1871 census living in the home of Mary and Sarah Brown (Principal and Assistant Teacher respectively); her relationship to them, if any, is unknown. In the 1881 census, Anna was living at 13 Beaulieu Villas Homsey, Middlesex. Her occupation was given as Housemaid Domestic for Marcus and Charlotte Zambra. Both Anna and Thomas are bur. Bowness Cemetery (per Susan Mawson, email, 5 Sep 2002).

She married Thomas Hayton Mawson on 1 August 1884 in Trunch Parish Church, Norfolk., son of John Mawson and Jane Hayton. He was born 1861 in Scorton, Lancashire, England, and died 1933. He became a noted garden designer and landscape architect, writing several key books on the subject including 'The Art & Craft of Garden Making' (five editions, 1900-1925) and 'Civic Art' (1911). Children:

 8 	i. 	Frances Mawson, born 1890 in England.  She married Marshall.
 9 	ii. 	Helen Mawson, b. 1888.
 10 	iii. 	Edward Prentice Mawson, b. 16 Jul 1885, Windemere and d. 22 Dec 1954 at 
		4 Lonsdale Rd, Hest Bank.
 11 	iv. 	Thomas Hayton Mawson, born 1899; died 1992.
 12 	v. 	James Radcliffe Mawson, d. 24 Apr 1915 in Ypres, West Vlaanderen, Belgium.
 13 	vi. 	Millicent Mawson, d. c. 1978.
 14 	vii. 	Dorothy Mawson, b. 13 Mar 1896, Windemere.
 15 	viii.	John William "Jack" Mawson, b. 1886.
	ix.	May Mawson, b.c. 1901 and d. 1901.  Bur. Bowness Cemetery, Windermere.

11-5.  Jane Mawson (Helen Prentice, Edward) was born 28 March 1892 in Kendal, Ambleside, Westmorland, England, and died 24 January 1984 in Corwen, Denbighshire, North Wales. She married Frank Gordon Walley c. 1918 in England, son of Frank Walley and Jessie Beswick. He was born 7 May 1892 in Tilstone Fearnall, Bunbury, Cheshire, England, and died 1 October 1963 in North Wales. Children:

16 	i. 	Frank Radcliffe Walley, born 28 February 1919; died 13 July 1989.
17 	ii. 	Helen Elizabeth Walley, born 1 October 1920 in England.
+18 	iii. 	Brian Stephen Walley, born 2 July 1922 in Tilstone Hall, nr.
		Tarporley, Cheshire, England.
19 	iv. 	Alec Gordon Walley, born 2 May 1924 in England.
20 	v. 	Honor Mawson Walley, born 23 October 1926 in Cheshire, England.

11-9.  Helen Mawson, b. 1889 and d. 1958. She m. William Smethurst. Children:

  1. Honor Smethurst.
  2. Bunty Smethurst, b. 1917.
  3. Pip Smethurst.

11-10.  Edward Prentice Mawson, b. 16 Jul 1885 in Windermere, and d. 22 Dec 1954 at 4 Lonsdale Road Hest Bank. He was bap. 11 Oct 1886 at St. Mary Chuyrch, Applethwaite, Windermere.

He married Hilda Bowhill on 9 Apr 1913. She was born at an known date and d. 28 Jul 1974 at Morecambe, Lancashire.He was cremated and his ashes are bur. in the family grave at Bowness. Children:

  1. Andrew Prentice Mawson, b. 1917, and d. 2001. He m. Daphne Freda Mackness (1921-1987) in 1949. Children:
    1. Helen Elizabeth Mawson b. June 24th, 1956
    2. Christopher Edward Bowhill Mawson b. 21st May 1965
  2. Elizabeth Prentice Mawson, b. 1920 and d. 15 Aug 2010 per Chris Mawson, email, 31 Aug 2010.
  3. Thomas Prentice Mawson, b. 1925 and d. 2023, aged 97. He m. Marwin Mary Oates who was b. 14 Jan 1923 in Oldham, Lancashire, England. Children:
    1. Gerald Thomas Prentice Mawson, b. January 31, 1946.
    2. Andrea Leslie Prentice Mawson, b. February 27, 1947.
    3. Robert Edward Prentice Mawson, b. February 8, 1950, Hest Bank Lancaster Lancashire England; m. Susan Finch, June 26, 1971, St Andrews Church Longton Lancashire England; b. October 29, 1951, Chorley Lancashire England.
    4. Eileen Rose Prentice Mawson, b. September 9, 1954; m. Jeffrey Radcliff.
    5. Edward Fitzgerald Prentice Mawson, b. July 1, 1957; m. 1st Hazel Taylor, St Johns Church, Morecambe. He m. 2nd Karen Sterritt, Peterborough England. Son
      1. James Kenneth Prentice Mawson, b. 5/6/1988 in Akrotiri, Cyprus, while Edward, his father, was posted there as an RAF squadron leader (per J. K. P. Mawson, email, 28 Nov 2005).

      Edward m. 3rd. Jenny Baker, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

11-11.  Thomas Hayton Mawson, b. 1899. He married Barbara Holmes. Children:

  1. Margaret Mawson, b. 1932. She m. Mr. Leslie. Children:
    1. Edward Leslie.
    2. Robert Leslie.
    3. Esther Leslie. She m. Gordon Steel who was b. 27 Jan 1963.
  2. Christine Mawson, b. 1936. Children:
    1. Jane.
    2. Charity Helen.
  3. Frances Mawson, b. 1939. Daughter:
    1. Claire

11-15.  John William Mawson, b. 1886. He m. Gussie Bond. Children:

  1. David Mawson.
  2. Anne Mawson.

11-18.  Brian Stephen Walley (Jane Mawson, Helen Prentice, Edward) was born 2 July 1922 in Tilstone Hall, nr. Tarporley, Cheshire, England. He married Mair Williams, 2 February 1946 in Bethania, Ruthin, Clwyd, Wales, daughter of Hugh Williams and Anne Evans. She was born 21 February 1924 in Vale of Clwyd, Wales. Children:

  1. Bryan David "David" Walley, born 2 Nov 1946 in Bangor, Wales. David is the person who has provided information about the descendants of Helen Prentice (11-2) and Helen Prentice (11-3). He m. Suzanne.

12.  John Prentice, b. 23 Jun 1815 at Southrepps, Norfolk. John died in December 1876 at Lowestoft. John was a Surgeon who gained his M.R.C.S. in 1840 and L.S.A. in 1841. John also performed several post mortems, indicating that he was interested in pathology as well as medicine.

(Photo, of John Prentice, #12, from Jan van der Wal, email, 11 Feb 2009)

John m. 1st Sophia Sheppard from Earl Soham, Suffolk at St. Margaret's Church, Lowestoft, Suffolk on 13 Sep 1838. Sophia was b.c. 1810, Earl Scham, Suffolk, and d. 13 May 1866. They appear in the 1861 census in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Children of John and his first wife, Sophia Sheppard:

  1. Ellen Prentice, b.c. 1843, Lowestoft, Suffolk. At home in 1861.
  2. John Alexander Prentice, d.o.b. 1844, Lowestoft, Suffolk He trained as a Brewer's Assistant but died young aged 19 in July 1863.
  3. Charles William Prentice, d.o.b. 1846 or 1858. . . . . . . [12-1]
  4. George Everitt Prentice, b. 20 Oct 1847 in Lowestoft, Suffolk. . . [13]

John Prentice m. 2nd Elizabeth Harriet Hughes, a carpenter's daughter from Lowestoft, Suffolk, with an illigitimate son, John W.E. Hughes. Elizabeth Harriet Prentice died 27 Jan 1909. They do not appear in the 1781 and later census and the couple had no children together.

12-1.  Charles William Prentice. We have conflcting information on his date of birth. One of our correspondents says that Charles was b.c. 1846. However, English census records place his birth date at c. 1857-8, Whitechapel (per 1881 Shoreditch, London, census and 1891 St. George in the East, London, census).

Appears with parents on Census returns until mother Sophia's death and also appears as beneficiary in grandmother - Mary Amelia Prentice's Will.

Karen (Prentice) Raspin's email of 16 Jul 2002 provides additional information.She indicates that both her grandfather and great grandfather were showmen and also high ranking officers in the Masons. Charles was called "Professor Johnson" on stage and was regarded as a "leading exponent of the Black Art" (comments made by the World's Fair newspaper on the death of Charles John). Wendy Prentice's email of 7 Mar 2006 indicates that Charles appears in the 1901 census in Leamington Priors, Warwickshire, aged 55 (indicating he was born in 1846) as a Racing Official.

Charles m. Catherine Mary Roseburg on 2nd July 1877 (per her marriage record and marriage record of her son, Charles. (Curiously and likely erroneously since census records show her name as Catherine, above, Charles birth and death record identify Charles' mother as Caroline Mary Farrell.) Whatever her maiden surname, the 1881 census says that Catherine was b.c. 1861 at Mile End, Middlesex while the 1891 census says she was at St. George in the East, London. In the 1891 census they were living in St. George in the East, London. They seem not to appear in the 1901 census. Charles and Catherine had 1 or more children, including:

  1. Charles John Prentice, b. Oct 1878, Whitechapel, Middlesex.. . . . . [12-2]
  2. Annie V. Prentice, b.c. 1881, Hoxton, London. At home in 1891.
  3. Emma R. Prentice, b.c. 1883, St. George in the East, London. At home in 1891.
  4. Joseph Prentice, b.c. 1886, Mile End, London. At home in 1891. Not in 1901 census.

12-2.  Charles John Prentice, son of Charles and Catherine, was b. Oct 1878 at 2 East Mount Terrace, Whitechaple (but the 1891 census says he was b. Hoxton, London), d. Jun 1946 and is bur. in Easter Road Cem., Edinburgh.

He traveled throughout the British Isles with his parents joining the "act" at the age of 14. He settled in Edinburgh, Scotland, around 1900 and married the love of his life, Emily Burton in 1906. She d. 1952, 6 years after Charles.

Emily's family were also show and fairground people, with her father being Alfie Burton of Galloper fame. Emily came from a large family and is said to have 7 sisters and 1 brother. Charles served in WW I with distinction with the Royal Marines He later became Secretary of the Scottish Section of the Showmen's Guild in 1920. Children of Charles and Emily:

  1. Alfred Prentice. Born after 1906. He d. of tuberculosis in 1936.
  2. William Prentice. Born after 1906. He d. before 2001.
  3. Walter Prentice. Born after 1906. He d. before 2001.
  4. Charles Prentice, Born after 1906. He d. before 2001.
  5. Hugh Prentice. Born after 1906. He d. 2001.
  6. Leslie Prentice. Born after 1906. He is Karen (Prentice) Raspin's father.

13.  George Everitt Prentice, (son of John and Sophia) b. 20 Oct 1847 in Lowestoft, Suffolk. At home in the 1861 census. We believe George left home when his mother Sophia died on 13 May 1866 (his father's new wife, Elizabeth Harriet (nee Hughes) was some 20 years younger than his father). In 1871 he was a single resident in Lowestoft. Not in the 1881 census. He appears in 1885 in Hackney, London in 1885 as a Shipping Clerk. George and his wife appear in the 1891 census in Heigham, Norfolk, and later, in the 1901 census, again in Lowestoft. In the 1890s he was working as a Chemist's Assistant in Lowestoft. George worked as a railway porter at Lowestoft Station in Suffolk until his death in 1930.

He m. Emily Couchman c. 1890. She was b.c. 1851, Kildown, Kent (per 1891 census) and d. 1918. In the 1881 Census appears to have been married to an Edwin Couchman and had two children, but what happened in the years 1881 to 1885 we do not know. George appears on his son's birth certificate as the father but his surname is not given, and when we found the son's entry of birth in national records he appears as Ernest Everitt Couchman Prentice.

Children of George Everitt and Emily Prentice:

  1. Charles W. Prentice, b.c. 1887, North Walsham, Norfolk. He appears in the 1901 census, age 15, as an Upholsterer Worker and living at 15 Stevens St., Lowestoft, Suffolk (per Wency Prentice, email, 7 Mar 2006). He met an Italian Countess and the young couple emigrated to Canada where we are told they both died young in floods.

  2. Ernest Everitt Couchman Prentice, b.c. 1886, Homerton, Middlesex. . . . . [14]

14.  Ernest Everitt Couchman Prentice, b. 12 Jul 1885.Homerton, Middlexex (per 1891 census) and d. 24 Apr 1961. He is bur. at Tharston Church near his wife. At home in Lowestoft in 1901.

Ernest m. 1st Fanny Maude Brown on 7 Mar 1907 in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Fanny Maude Prentice died of a T.B. related disease on 5 Jun 1913. They had 2 sons:

  1. Ernest George William Prentice, born July 1907 in Lowestoft, Suffolk.
  2. Arthur Claude Prentice, born at Lowestoft in 1909.

Ernest Everitt Couchman Prentice married 2nd Annie Elizabeth Cheek at Lowestoft's Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on 15 Jun 1918 after Ernest returned from the First World War. The couple lived at Lowestoft for a while and then moved to Tharston, Norfolk and also Long Stratton, Norfolk.

Annie Elizabeth Prentice died on 14 Aug 1969 and is bur. at Tharston Church near her husband. Children of Ernest Everitt Couchman Prentice:

  1. Reginald Prentice, born 18 May 1919, married a Gladys Weston. They and had eight children:
    1. Ernest Prentice,
    2. Richard Prentice,
    3. Ruth Prentice,
    4. John Prentice,
    5. Carol Prentice,
    6. Robert Prentice,
    7. David Prentice,
    8. Monica Prentice.
  2. Benjamin R.C. Prentice, born 1920, died 1921.
  3. Mabel Prentice, born 16 Nov 1923.
  4. Rosemary Prentice, born 1927, married a Harold Wilson and had two daughters:
    1. Ethel Amm "Ann" Wilson.
    2. Sheila Wilson.
  5. Robert Frank Prentice, b. 1 Sep 1925. . . . . . . . . . . [15]

15.  Robert Frank Prentice, born 1 Sep 1925 in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

He m. Sheila May Larkins on 21 Mar 1959, lived at Bunwell in Norfolk and had one son:

  1. Andrew Prentice, b. 21 Apr 1960 in Bunwell, Norfolk. He m. Wendy Jayne Brown at Long Stratton on 14 Aug 1982. They live at Long Stratton in Norfolk. Andrew works for an irrigation company based at Barnham Broom, near Wymondham, Norfolk. Wendy works at the local High School with 600 teenagers as a Finance Officer. Children:
    1. Rebecca Louise Prentice, b c. 1987.
    2. Scott James Prentice, b. 1988.

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Glenn McDonnell
2019-03-19 07:25:55
Ancestor #11 John Prentice's father-in-law Richard Dix was also a surgeon as is recorded on his headstone in Smallburgh churchyard, Norfolk: Sacred // to the Memory of // RICHARD DIX // Surgeon // who departed this life // June 1 1828//Aged 62 The family were clearly proud of his profession as it is also memtioned on the headstones of his wife Elizabeth and several of his children: SACRED // To The Memory Of // ELIZABETH WIFE OF // RICHARD DIX // Surgeon // who departed this Life // September **th 1821 // aged ** years … In // affectionate remembrance of // Anne Charlotte Dix // fourth daughter of Richard Dix // Surgeon // ob. February xx [?] mdccclxiv [1864] // Ael. Lxv // the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. 1 John i.7. // Also Fanny her sister // … ber 1. In Memory of // MARIA DIX // DAUGHTER OF // RICHARD DIX // SURGEON // WHO DIED SEPTR 25TH 1892 // AGED 91 YEARS.
Glenn McDonnell
2019-03-10 10:14:18
Thanks to the recent ThruLines application at ancestry, I find I have DNA connections through the Oundle line to the Prentice families of Oundle and North Walsham, as well as to the Mawson family through Robert Radcliffe Mawson who married Helen Prentice at Trunch, Norfolk in 1890. I would be happy to share notes with anyone interested in these families either here at prentice.net or via my personal email address anonymac@yahoo.co.uk.
Glenn McDonnell
2018-07-29 19:39:09
The link to the "Thomas Prentice of Oundle" page para 2 line 1 appears broken.
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