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Elisha Prentice of Preston & Griswold, New London Co., CT

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Elisha Prentice of Preston & Griswold, New London Co., CT
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2007 and Revised 11 Feb 2007

We are seeking descendant information for Elisha Prentice of Preston & Griswold, New London Co., CT. He is #80 in our John-3 eBook. Here is what we have so far:

80. Elisha Prentice (Elisha, 24). Born, 30 Aug 1764, in Preston, N.L., CT. Died, 1 Apr 1841, in Griswold, N.L., CT. Burial in Geer Cemetery, Griswold, N.L., CT.

Revolutionary War pension files show Elisha applied for a pension based on service as a "minute man under Capt. Morgan for a period so long as he should continue to live within the bounds of the company and was called out at various alarms from May, 1779 to June 1789." The only specific service identified was a term of two months at Groton Fort (while he) served the same as waiter to Ensign Josiah Witter in Capt. Eleazer Prentice's company in Col. McClellan's Regiment." The pension application was denied on the basis of insufficient active duty to qualify. Elisha's applications said he had always lived at the same place where he was born, Preston, known in 1833 as Griswold.

He married Deborah Weeden, 6 Apr 1786, in Preston, N.L., CT. Born, circa 1765 (?), in Preston?, N.L., CT [43]. Died, 16 Oct 1803, in Preston, New London, CT (epilepsy) [57]. Binney, pg 427, gives a birth date of 31 Jan. 1818 for her son, John Perdy Prentice. However, Griswold church records recite that, "Deborah, w of Capt Elisha Prentice" died of epileptic fits at age 38. In addition, the 1818 birth date is suspect because it would have been long after the rest of her children were born.

In any event, Deborah Weeden was the daughter of Elijah Weeden Sr. and Evy/Edye Rude. An extensive Ancestor Chart can be found for Deborah at Charlotte's Web at Ancestry.com which traces her roots back to Alice Freeman and shares common ancestors with Hannah Chesebrough, wife of Joseph Prentice, #2 above..

Children of Elisha Prentice and Deborah Weeden:

  1. Nancy Prentice. Born, 22 Jun 1787, in Preston, N.L., CT [12].
  2. Abby Prentice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [204]
  3. Daniel Prentice. Born, 11 Oct 1790, in Preston, N.L., CT [3]. He m. Catherine Dowers on 17 Oct 1849, Ripley, IN. They had 1 or more children, including:
    1. Daniel E. Prentice, b. c. 1828, OH, and d.1857, Ripley Co., IN. He m. Sarah L. Skeen on 30 May 1850, Ripley, IN. She was b. 7 Jul 1831, IN, and d. 12 Apr 1896. Ancestor Chart: Ancestry.com . Children per Ancestry.com :
      1. James L. Prentice, b. 29 May 1851, Versailles, IN, and d. there 29 Feb 1912. He m. Elizabeth Borders on 1 Dec 1894, Versailles, IN. She was b. 30 Nov 1869, Elrod, IN, and d. 23 Aug 1952, Versailles, IN. Ancestor Chart at Ancestry.com . 1900 and 1910 in Johnson, Ripley Co., IN. Children:
        1. Philip C. Prentice, b. 27 Aug 1897, Versailles, IN, and d. 16 Oct 1958, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN. 1900, 1910 and 1920 at home in Johnson, Ripley Co., IN. 1930 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, with his wife, Opal M., b. c. 1904, and children:
          1. Phyllis J. Prentice, b. c. 1925. 1930 at home in Indianapolis.
          2. James L. Prentice, b. c. 1928. 1930 at home in Indianapolis.
        2. Gerald Prentice, b. & d. the same day, 10 Aug 1899, Versailles, IN.
        3. Lula May Prentice, b. 14 Oct 1900, Versailles, IN, and d. there 18 Jun 1944. 1910 census at home as "Mary Printice." 1920 at home as May Prentice.
        4. James Edward Prentice, b. 15 Feb 1903, Versailles, IN, and d. 26 Nov 1925. 1910 and 1920 census at home as "Edward Printice."
        5. Walter Calvin Prentice, b. 20 Sep 1906, Versailles, IN, and d. 2 Jun 1960, Hamilton, Hamilton Co., OH. 1910 census at home as Walter C.Printice. He m. Sylvia Reed. She was b. c. 1905, IN, and d. 1 Jun 19667 in Fort Hamilton, Hughes Memorial Hospital. She was the dau. of Bert Reed (b. 1875) and Rosetta (b. 1877). They had a son who m. Miss Konishi and had a daughter who m. (1) Mr. Dreisbach and had 2 daughters and m. (2) Mr. Ray.
      2. William C. Prentice 1853 –
      3. Salora or Lenora Prentice 1855 –
  4. Elisha Prentice. Born, 22 Jul 1792, in Preston, N.L., CT [3]. See John Perdy Prentice, following.
  5. Deborah Prentice. Born, 5 Sep 1794, in Preston, N.L., CT [3], and d. 16 Mar 1879, Griswold, New London Co.,CT. She m. Elisha Burton who was b. 1792 and d. 1864.
  6. Sally Prentice. Born, 28 Jul 1796, in Preston, N.L., CT [3].
  7. Charles Prentice. Born, 27 Jul 1798, in Preston, N.L., CT [3]. Died, 6 May 1805, in Preston, New London, CT (fits) at the age of 7 years [57]. Burial in Geer Cem., Griswold, N.L., CT.
  8. Frederick Prentice. Born, circa 1800 (?)[176]. No birth record for a child of Elish & Deborah by such name has been located. See John Perdy Prentice, below.
  9. Mary Prentice. No child of Elisha & Deborah by that name has been found. See John Perdy Prentice, below.
  10. John Perdy Prentice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [205]

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