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Spring 2005

T h e   P r e n t i c e   N e w s l e t t e r

Spring 2005 Issue
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor

If you have any information about the people mentioned in this Issue, please contact us at the Prentice Newsletter.

Prentice, William G., Churchill, Aust.

Prentiss, Belg. & Grand Rapids, MI

Prentice, Alex., Scot., Can., MI, CA
Prentice, Clare M., Monteagle, Hastings, Ont.
Prentice, James S., Ont. & Defiance, OH
Prentice, McClaren, Mayo, Hastings, Ont.

Prentice, Geo., Warwick & Peatling Parva
Prentice, Harriett Prentice of Needham
Prentice, John of Carluke, Scotland
Prentice, John of Scot. & Hebburn, Eng.
Prentice, John J. of London and Coventry
Prentice, Joseph, Stratford/Avon & Birmingh.
Prentice, Thomas, Shudy Camps, Camb.
Prentice, William F. of Whitley, Warwick

Prentice, Robert of Ire. & Racine, WI

Prentice, Alex., Scot., Can., MI, CA
Prentice, John, Scot. & Hebburn, Eng.
Prentice, William, Gallowgate, Glasgow

Prentice, William Albert Chas. of Tasmania

Prentice, Mr. of Snohomish, WA
Prentice, Alex., Scot., Can., MI, CA
Prentice, Amos, VT & Dane Co.,WI
Prentice, Benjamin, Worcester, MA
Prentice, Clifford F. of IN
Prentice, d'Arcy Charles
Prentiss, Elizabeth
Prentice, Emily (Mrs.), Cleveland, OH
Prentice, Frederick Wm., Columbus, OH
Prentice, George, OH & Ecorse, MI
Prentice, Gertrude E.
Prentice, Glasier of Benton, IA
Prentiss, Hannah of Del. & Mich.
Prentice, J. W., Maine & ND
Prentice, James S., Ont. & Defiance, OH
Prentice, John of Beaver Co., PA
Prentiss, John of Camden, NJ
Prentiss, John of Lincoln, Mid., MA
Prentiss, John of NY & Finninore, WI
Prentice, John H., NY & Finney Co, KS



Prentice, Joseph, Cheshire Co., NH
Prentiss, Joseph, Stoneham, MA
Prentice, Lee of OK and Geneva, OH
Prentiss, Lewis of Belg. & Gr. Rapids, MI
Prentiss, Lewis of Independence, KS
Prentice, Miller of Louisville, KY
Prentice, Orson of PA & MI
Prentice, Pearl of Detroit, MI
Prentice, Robert of Chicago, IL
Prentice, Robert of Ire. & Racine, WI
Prentice, Sartell
Prentice, Steven S., Independence, KS
Prentiss, Thomas, DE & Seneca, NY
Prentice, Wilbur Robert of NY & AZ
Prentice, William Prentice
Prentice, William of NY & Detroit, MI
Prentiss, William C., Clare, MI
Prentice, Zachariah

Chart: Any Similarity
Chart: Grandma: Plastic Surgeon
Chart: Rotation



If you would like to contribute material for an article, or if you have any information about the ancestry or descendants of any of the folks mentioned in any of the articles, we would like to hear from you. You may contact us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of the article in the Subject line of your email.

Caution: If you don't use the above email link, your email to us may be deleted as spam by our email filter.

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