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John Prentice of Warwick, Queensland, Australia.

John Prentice of Warwick, Queensland, Australia.
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2006 and Revised 30 Jun 2012

Update of 30 Jun 2012: This article is replaced by our Spring 2011 article entitled John William Prentice of Australia.

1. John Prentice was b. c. 1825-1835 at an unknown location and d. 1861. No birth record for a John Prentice appears in NSW BMD in an appropriate time frame, so one might infer he was b. other than in NSW, Australia, and perhaps in another country.

He m. Johanna Cotton Landry on 26 Sep 1854 in the Church of England, OJ District, Drayton, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia (per IGI). She was b. in Ireland and d. 1869. Children (per NSW BMD and Judith Dickson, email, 4 & 6 Sep 2006; see Footnote 1 )

  1. Frank Theophilus Prentice, b. 27 Apr 1855, Darling Downs, Drayton, New South Wales (bdm Qld 1855/BBP1191 ), Christened 13 May 1855 and died March 6 1878 in Gayndah, QLD, Australia (bdm Qld 1878/C183)
  2. Georgiana Prentice, b. 5 Sep 1857, Warwick, Queensland (Ref: 1857/001901; also in NSW BDM as being born in Warwick District 11584/1857) and d. 13 Oct 1860 (Ref: 1860/000339).
  3. (dau.) Prentice, b. 16 Dec 1858, Warwick, Queensland (Ref: 1859/002055; Also in NSW Records as being born in Warwick District 13275/1859) (There is a note on the Qld records saying that this child could have assumed the name of Sarah Ann). She d. 29 Mar 1919.
  4. John Prentice born 26 Jan 1861, Warwick, Queensland (Ref:1861/000853) and d. 28 May 1950, Brsbane, Queensland (Ref 1950/B27203).

Footnote 1: By email of 6 Sep 2006, Judith Dickson provides the following additional information:

    All of John Prentice and Johanna Cotton Landey’ s children I have listed were born in Queensland, Australia. Warwick is in Queensland. The first three however have both a Queensland Index and NSW index reference number which means you can get a copy of the certificate from either the Queensland State Registry or the NSW Registry. This is because before the formal separation of the States the Colony of NSW held many of the records. I understand that these were separated out in formation of each State register of BDM’s but the NSW register still shows the early registered events. I have read an article on this somewhere, will try and track in down for you. The place where they married, that is at the Church of England, Drayton, Toowoomba is also in Queensland.

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Tammy prentice
2012-06-18 02:17:45
Hi Joe, I can tell you that the information you have below for some of the Prentice's is incorrect. i. Frank Theophilus Prentice was born in April 27 1855 in Darling Downs, Drayton, New South Wales (bdm Qld 1855/BBP1191 ), Christened 13 May 1855 and died March 6 1878 in Gayndah, QLD, Australia (bdm Qld 1878/C183) ii. Georgiana Prentice was born 5th September 1857 iii. Sarah Ann Prentice died 29th March 1919 iv. John Prentice was born Jan 26 1861 in Warwick, Queensland and died May 28th 1950 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.(Ref 1950/B27203). The John Prentice as mentioned at No iv. is my Great Great Grandfather. It is true about them having access to both Qld and NSW certificates. Also Australia is spelt Australia not Australiaa as you have spelt in the second line of your paper. Hope this helps Tammy Prentice
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