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Joseph Prentice of County Down, Ireland

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Joseph Prentice of County Down, Ireland
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 2003 and Revised 14 Jan 2012

Update of 14 Jan 2012: This article is now replaced by our Winter 2002 article entitled William J. Prentice of Ireland and Vernon, CT .

Update of 10 Oct 2003: Based on information contained in this article that Charles Hull, #3, is a nephew of Mary Jane Prentice of Talcottville, CT, we conclude that Joseph Prentice, #1, is a brother of William James Prentice who is discussed in our Winter 2002 article. For a sister, or sister in law, Agnes McKenna, see that same article.

Original Article: We are helping Kenneth Hull in tracing his Prentice roots. Here is what we have so far:

1. Joseph Prentice may have been b. c. 1850-65 in Ireland, perhaps County Down. He m. Ellan Hanna. He was probably living in County Down when his daughter, Mary Ellen, married there in 1915. Children:

  1. Mary Ellen Prentice was b. 1887. . . . . . [2]
  2. (son) Prentice. Said to have emigrated to America where he later drowned.

2. Mary Ellen Prentice was b. 1887, perhaps County Down. and d. 1957. She m. John Hull, on 12 Jul 1915 in Moira Presbyterian Church, Moira, County Down. John was b. 1885 and d. 1967. Son:

  1. Charles Hull, b. 1921 and d. 2003. . . . . . . [3]
  2. Lelia Hull. She m. Mr. Dunn and lives in Lurgan, Ireland.
  3. Thomas/Tommy Hull. Died "a few years ago" in South Africa.
  4. Joseph/Joe Hull. Lives in north England.
  5. (perhaps child) Hull, died yuoung.
  6. (perhaps child) Hull, died young.

3. Charles Hull, b. 1921 and d. 2003. He was in the RAF and in May, 1942 visited relatives in Talcottville, CT and Manchester, CT, USA. A newspaper cutting, which was in the possession of Charles' sister, says that:

    "Mr. Hull's mother (Charles mother, Mary Ellen Prentice, #2 is a neice of Mrs. Mary Jane Prentice of Talcottville but this is the first time that any member of the two families have met since the Prentice family left Ireland about 38 years ago."

Looking at the relationship another way, Mary Jane Prentice of Talcottville is an aunt of Mary Ellen Prentice, b. 1887 in Ireland. Mary Jane is also said to have emigrated from Lurgan, Ireland (now Northern Ireland) to Talcottville with her family in 1904.

Charles had 1 or more children, including:

  1. Kenneth Hull.

Who is Mary Jane Prentice?

If Mary Jane Prentice of Talcottville is an aunt of Mary Ellen Prentice who was b. 1887, that would suggest that Mary Jane was perhaps 20-30 years older and probably born before 1867. That would msuggest that Mary Jane birth date may have been 1857-1867 and that she was perhaps 37-47 when she emigrated to Talcottville. Her age would suggest that in 1904 she was married and had children accompanying Mary Jane and her husband to the United States.

A review of our 1920 CT Prentice census records did not show any Prentices in Talcottville, but we did see the family of William J. Prentice , b. c. 1858, and his wife, Mary J., , b. c. 1859, which emigrated in 1904. The name "Mary J." in that period was usually "Mary Jane, and her 1859 birth date is within the expected 1857-1867 birth range of Mary Jane of Talcottville.

Although further investigation and documentation is needed, it seems reasonably clear think that Mary Jane Prentice of Talcottville is the wife of William J. Prentice.

We also located, in the 1920 census, the family of Samuel J. Prentice, b. c. 1893, and his wife, Ida, which emigrated in 1905. In 1920 they lived in Bolton, CT. See our PRENTICE NEWSLETTER, Winter 2002 article entitled Samuel J. Prentice of Ireland . There is a chance that Samuel might be a son of William J. Prentice.

What is the Relationship between William Prentice
and his wife, Mary Jane, to John A. Prentice?

The reference to Talcottville, CT suggests there may be some relationship between Mary Ellen Prentice of Talcottville and John A. Prentice whose son, Harry, was educated in Talcottville and who is discussed in a Spring 2000 article.

There is also a chance that Samuel, or William's son, Joseph, might be the father of the John A. Prentice of Talcottville, b. 1920.

Who are Joseph Prentice's Parents?

For a discussion as to the possibility identity the parents of Joseph Prentice and his brother William, see our article about William James Prentice who is discussed in our Winter 2002 article.

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