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William James Prentice of Ireland and Vernon, CT

William James Prentice of Ireland and Vernon, CT
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 2002 and Revised 10 Jul 2018

Update of 10 Oct 2003: William is a brother of Joseph Prentice who is discussed in our Winter 2003 article. William might also have a sister, Agnes who m. John McKenna; see discussion under Margaret Prentice, #2, below.

B. John Prentice, b. c. 1795-1806, perhaps Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland. Name of John Prentice per the marriage record of his son, #A Adam, below.

He m. Anne Dogherty on 27 Mar 1826, Dromore Parish, Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland per Ireland Marriages, 1619-1898, LDS

  1. Adam William Prentice, b. 25 Mar 1830, Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [A]

  2. (Perhaps) John Prentice, b. c. 1846-7, and m. Jane Magrady on 12 Feb 1846, 1st Presbyterian Church 0519, Dromore Parish, Co. Down, Ireland, per LDS . Children:
    1. William Prentice, b. 1850, Dromore, Co. Down. 1851 at home.

A. Adam William Prentice was b. 25 Mar 1830, Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland, and d. Apr 1914 in Auckland, or Durham, Durham Co., England, at the age of 84 per Ancestry.com . 1881 census in Witton Le Wear, Durham, England, as an "Laborer in Iron Works." 1891, 1901 in Escomb, Durham. 1911 in Auckland St. Helen, Durham.

He m. Mary Dugan on 20 Feb 1852, Dromore, Co. Down. She was b. c. 1830-1832, Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland, dau. of Charles Dugan (or William Dugan per Ireland Marriages, 1619-1898) and Annie Grant. Children per Ancestry.com, above:

  1. William John Prentice, b. 7 Aug 1857. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [1]
  2. Joseph Prentice, b. c. 1860.
  3. Agnes J. Prentice, b. 1863, Ireland. She m. John McKenna, b. 1861, Northern Ireland. Children per Ancestry.com :
    1. Agnes Jane McKenna 1883 –
    2. Alexander McKenna 1886 –
    3. Mary Ann McKenna 1888 –
    4. Andrew McKenna 1893 –
    5. Ellen Jane McKenna 1896 –
    6. Patrick Joseph McKenna 1899 –
    7. Brigid McKenna 1902 – 1954
  4. Joseph Prentice, b. c. 1860.
  5. Robert Prentice, b. 1 Jun 1865, Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland, per LDS, Census .
  6. Mary Anne Prentice, b. 31 Oct 1866, Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland.
  7. Sarah Jane Prentice b. 26 May 1868, Co. Down, Ireland. 1881 in Witton Le Wear, Durham, England.
  8. Ellen Maria Prentice, b. 1 May 1870, Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland. 1881 in Witton Le Wear, Durham, England.
  9. Mary Prentice, b. c. 1875, in Witton Le Wear, Durham. She moved 2 times during her lifetime. She lived in Witton Le Wear, Durham, in 1881 and moved to Durham, by 1901.

1. William John Prentice was b. 7 Aug 1857, Gallows St., Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland, and d. 27 Jun 1945 in York, Yorkshire at the age of 86, or perhaps d. in Talcottville, CT. 1905 in Belfast at the time he and his family emigrated to the United States aboard the "Majestic", departing from Liverpool, England. 1881 census in Witton Le Wear, Durham, England, as a "Shingler in Iron Works." Photo on Ancestry.com , probably taken c. 1930-1938.

William and his family arrived on 13 Apr 1905. Ellis Island records show that his expressed purpose was to visit his son, William {#3, below), in Talcottville, CT. The 1920 census indicates that William was naturalized 13 Jun 1913 in the court in Rockville, CT, and was then living in Talcottville, CT..

William m. Mary Jane Walker on 8 Aug 1880, Lisburn, Antrim, Northern Ireland. She was b. c. 1858-9 in Belfast, Ireland. They appear in the 1920 Vernon, Tolland Co., CT census, Children (per emigration and census records):

  1. Eliza Jane Prentice, b. 17 Dec 1876, Banbridge, Co. Down, per LDS .
  2. Thomas Richard Prentice, b. 20 May 1879, Dromore, Co. Down, per LDS, Census
  3. Margaret/Maggie Prentice, b.30 Sep 1882, Co. Down. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[3]
  4. William Henry Prentice, b. c. 1880. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[4]
  5. Lillian "Lillie" J. Prentice, b. c. 1885, Ireland and d. 1944 in Talcottville, CT. Emigrated with parents. 1910 and 1920 at home in Vernon, Tolland Co., CT. Burial record in her maiden surname so she apparently did not marry.
  6. Isabella Prentice, b. c. 1887, Ireland and d. 13 Jan 1973, Manchester, Hartford Co., CT. Emigrated with parents in 1905. She m. Raymond Ashland Jewell on 20 May 1908. He was b. 26 May 1887, CT, and d. 14 Apr 1954, Bolton, Tolland Co., CT. Bur. Manchester CT. 1910 in Vernon, Tolland Co., CT. An Ancestor Chart for him can be found at Ancestry.com . Children per Ancestry.com :
    1. Nellie Lillian Jewell, b. c. 1910, CT. 1910 at home in Vernon, Tolland Co., CT. She may be the same person as Lillian, below, shown in the 1930 census.
    2. Samuel J. Jewell, b. 5 Dec 1910, Manchester, CT, and d. there 17 Jun 1988. 1940 at home in Manchester, CT. He m. Violet Josephine Cole, twin, b. 2 May 1907, Ireland, and d. 13 Aug 1999, Glastonbury, Hartford Co., CT. Son:
      1. Bill Jewell, b. ? and d. TN.
    3. Lillian L. Jewell, b. 1910, CT. 1930 in Manchester, Hartford Co., CT.
    4. Raymond P. Jewell, b. 2 Aug 1913 and d. 1 Jul 1990, Volusia, FL. He m. Pearl, b. c. 1918, CT. 1940 in Vernon, Tolland Co., CTp an Insurance Salesman with 1 year of High School. Children:
      1. Dau. Jewell.
      2. Dau. Jewell.
      3. Raymond T. Jewell, b. 16 Feb 1939, CT, and d. 19 Feb 1991, Windham, Windham Co., CT. 1940 at home in Vernon, Tolland Co., CT.
    5. Edmond D. Jewell.
    6. Thelma Jewell, b. c. 1917, CT. 1930 at home in Manchester, Ct.
    7. Bernard W. Jewell.
    8. Dorothy A. Jewel, b. c. 1920, CT. 1940 at home in Manchester, CT.
  7. Winifred Ruth Prentice, b. 27 Mar 1888, Ireland, and d. 19 Jan 1977 in Manchester, Hartford Co., CT, age 88. Bur Manchester, CT. Emigrated with parents. She m. Alfred Elmer Rivenburg . He was b. 4 Dec 1890 in CT, and d. 16 Nov 1959 in Manchester, Hartford Co., CT. Bur. there.An Ancestor Chart for him can be found at Ancestry.com . Children:
    1. Doris W. Rivenburg, b. c. 1919, CT per 1930 census. She m. Mr. Kennedyand had 3 sons:
      1. John.
      2. William.
      3. Stewart.
    2. William Alfred Rivenburg, b. 1 Apr 1912, CT, and d. 30 Mar 1975, New England Deaconess Hosp., Boston, MA. He m. Edna May Monaghan on 22 May 1937, Talcottville, CT. `She was b. 23 Jun 1913, CT, and d. 13 Aug 2006, Arlington, MA. They had 2 sons:
      1. David Rivenburg.
      2. Charles Rivenburg.
  8. Mona Prentice.
  9. Norman A. Prentice.
  10. Samuel J. Prentice, b. c. 1892, Ireland, Ireland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [5]
  11. John Alfred Prentice, b. c. 1894. Ireland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [6]
  12. Jessie Prentice, female, b. c. 1897, Ireland , and d. 20 May 1990, Windham, CT, age 75. She m. Mr. Trueman, who does not appear in the household, but present was her daughter:
    1. Beatrice A. Trueman, b. c. 1918, CT, and d. 2011.
  13. Joseph A. Prentice, b. c. 1901, Ireland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [1.1]

1.1 Joseph Alexander Prentice, b. 9 Jun 1900, Ireland, and d. 7 Aug 1980, Manchester, Hartford Co., CT, age 80, and bur. there. Emigrated with parents. He is probably the Joseph Prentice who appears in the SSDI as b. 9 Jun 1900 and d. Aug 1980 in Manchester, Hartford Co., CT. 1940 in Manchester, CT, a Police Officer with 1 year of High School.

He m. Blanche, b. c. 1904, CT, and d. 1996, at the age of 92.. Children:

  1. Priscilla Prentice, b. c. 1938, CT. 1940 at home in Manchester, CT.

2. Joseph Prentice, b. c. 1863 in Ireland, perhaps County Down. 1901, 1911, Moira, Co. Down.

He m. Ellan Hanna. He was probably living in County Down when his daughter, Mary Ellen, married there in 1915. Children:

  1. Mary Ellen Prentice was b. 1887, Lurgan, Ireland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [7]
  2. (son) Prentice. Said to have emigrated to America where he later drowned.

3. Margaret/Maggie Prentice, b. 30 Sep 1882, County Down, Ireland, and d. 14 Oct 1939, Sprucefield, Alberta, Canada. See Amcestry.com In 1902 at the age of 21 she emigrated from her residence in Belfast aboard the ship "Teutonic" which departed Liverpool and arrived in the US on 15 May 1902. Ellis Island records show she was then single, and that she intended to join her Aunt, Mrs. John McKenna of Talcottville, CT who has paid for her passage. In 1903 she was still single and lived in Talcottville, CT.

The family Margaret was visiting was that of John McKenna who emigrated from Belfast, sailing from Liverpool and arriving in NY on 23 May 1901. Ellis Island Records list the family members as:

  1. John McKenna, b. c. 1861.
  2. Agnes McKenna, wife, b. c. 1863
  3. Agnes Jane McKenna, daughter, b. c. 1883.
  4. Alexander McKenna, daughter, b. c. 1886.
Their destination was to join John's son, J. W. McKenna of Talcottville, CT. It is unclear whether Agnes McKenna, the aunt visited by Margaret Prentice, has a Prentice maiden name. If so, that would make Agnes a sister to Margaret's father, William James Prentice. On the other hand, Agnes may be related to William's wife, Mary Jane.

Margaret m. Thomas Lawrence Jewell in 1901 or 1902 in Talcottville, CT. He was b. 21 Jun 1883, Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY, and d. 4 Mar 1945 in Sprucefield, Alberta, Canada. His Ancestor Chart is at Ancestry.com . Children:

  1. (dau.) Jewell
  2. (dau.) Jewell
  3. Harold Prentice Jewell , b. 5 Oct 1904, CT , and d. 3 Dec 1963, Kamloops, British Columbia. 1910 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT. 1916 in Sprucefield, Alberta. He m. (unknown). Childen:
    1. Leslie Jewel, b. 1937 and d. 2008. His obituary reads, in part, as follows:

        Leslie Jewel...b. 8 Aug 1937, Darling, Alberta, and d. d. May 20, 2008 ibn Kamloops, B. C. . .He is survived by his living wife of 50 uears, Margaret, and by his 4 daughters, JoAnn, wife of Larry Sherman of Prince Rupert, Sandra, wife of Tony Mott of Kamloops, Lorna, wife of Mark Hendrickson of Chase, and Maureen, wife of Don Gibb of Kamloops, and 4 grandchdildren. . .He leaves 2 sister, Brenda, wife of Eddie Smith, and Alice, wife of Mr. Rex, both of Vernon. . . He was predeceased by his parents, Harold in 1963 and Ruby in 1965, and 2 brothers, Malcolm in 1988 and Bob in 1992. He was b. 8 Aug 1937, Darling, Al;berta and grew up in Athabasca. The family moved to the Winfield area of B.C. when Les wasd 12. They lived in Rutland, Enderby and then Kamloops. . .He worked his entire career, 36 years, for B.C. Hydro as a Lineman. . .
  4. Mary Jane (May) Jewell, b. 8 Jul 1906, CT. 1910 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT. 1916 in Sprucefield, Alberta.
  5. Thomas G. Lawrence Jewell, b. 14 May 1908, CT. 1910 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT. 1916 in Sprucefield, Alberta.
  6. Louis Edgar Jewell, b. 4 May 1911, Sprucefield, Alberta, and d. 28 Sep 1996, Athabasca, Alberta.
  7. Margaret Gertrude Jewell, b. 1 Apr 1914 Sprucefield, Albnera, and d. 2002.
  8. Kenneth Raymond Jewell, b. 22 Sep 1920, Sprucefield, Alberta, and d. 19 Oct 2004, Edmonton, Alberta.
  9. Clifford Elwin Jewell, b. 6 Jun 1922, Sprucefield, Alberta, and d. 1943, Italy, perhaps in WW II.
  10. Joseph Alexander Jewell, b. 12 Oct 1924, Tacottville, CT, and d. 16 Sep 1997, Atabasca, Alberta, Canada. He m. Julia Monson. She was b. 26 Apr 1928 , Calling River, Alberta, and d. 28 Feb 2008, Athabasca, Alberta. An Ancestor Chart for her can be found at Ancestry.com . They had 3 sons and 3 daughters.

4. William Henry Prentice, b. 5 Oct 1880, Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland per LDS . He emigrated from his residence in Belfast , Ireland, in 1903 at the age of 22, arriving in the Port of NY on 5 Mar 1903. Ellis Island records show he was then single, that he was going to visit his sister, Miss Maggie Prentice of Talcottville, CT, who paid for his passage. In 1905 William lived in Talcottville at the time his parents emigrated to the United States.

William Henry Prentice appears in the 1910 census in Vernon, Tolland Co., CT, as b. c. 1881, Ireland (the 1930 census says Northern Ireland), with his wife, Sarah, b. c. 1883, CT. It says he immmigrated in 1894 at the age of 13. He was then a Grocery Store Clerk. No children are shown.

He appears in the 1920 Manchester, Hartford Co., CT census as b. c. 1881, Ireland, and immigrated in 1890. His occupation was "Travelling (salesman?)". Also shown are his wife and children.

He appears in the 1930 Manchester census as b. c. 1881 in Northern Ireland, as were his parents. It says he immigrated in 1903, perhaps a confusion with his Naturalization year. His occupation was "Commercial Travel, Biscuit Specialty Co."

1940 census in Manchester where he is a "Beater" in a paper mill with an 8th grade education.

He m. Sarah Wood, b. c. 1883 in CT. Since William appears in the 1910 census in Vernon, Tolland Co., CT, she is likely the Sarah Wood shown in Ancestry.com as b. Dec 1882 and in 1900 living in Vernon,Tolland Co., CT. Childen per 1920 census and Ancestry.com :

  1. William Henry Prentice Jr., b. c. 1911, CT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [4.1]

  2. Mildred Prentice, b. 31 Aug 1915, CT, and d. 9 May 1994, El Cerrito, Contra Costa Co., CA. At home in 1920 and 1930. She m. Leonard C. Johnson and had 2 daughters:
    1. Ferne Johnson, b. c. 1938, CT. 1940 at home.
    2. (dau.) Johnson.

  3. Russell Everett Prentice, b. 23 Sep 1920, CT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [8]

  4. Stuart G. Prentice, b. "stuart g. prentice""stuart g. prentice"c. 1923, CT. At home in Manchester, CT in 1930 and 1940. b. 21 Jul 1922, obtained his SS# in CT,and d. Jan 1974 at an unspecified location per SSDI. He m. Dorothy H, b. c.1923, Manchester, CT, and d. 7 Feb 1997, Lakeland, FL. Her obituary reads as follows:

      Times Union, The (Albany, NY) - Tuesday, February 11, 1997: DOROTHY H. PRENTICE

      LAKELAND, FL -- Dorothy H. Prentice, 74, died February 7, 1997, at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. She was born in Manchester, CT. She worked as a Banker and Accountant in Latham prior to moving to Lakeland in 1987. She was a member of the Presbyterian Chapel in The Grove, Lakeland, FL and a member of the O.E.S., Latham. She was the wife of the late Stuart G. Prentice. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Joseph (Patricia D.) Marshburn, Alpharetta, GA and several nieces and nephews. Services will be private.

4.1 William Henry Prentice Jr., b. 9 Oct 1912, CT, and d. 10 Feb 2006, Olmsted Falls, Cuyahoga Co., OH per the SSDI. He is likely the William H. Prentice shown in the 1930 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH census as an unmarried bachelor, age 19, whose father was born in Ireland and his mother in CT.

The SSDI also shows he m. Eleanor H., b. 8 Aug 1917, obtained her SS# in MA, and d. 21 Feb 2003 in Olmsted Falls, Cuyahoga Co., OH.

5. Samuel James Prentice, b. c. 1892, Ireland, per the 1930 census and Ancestry.com. He emigrated with parents. (per 1930 census). His occupation was given in the 1930 census for Manchester, Hartford, CT as a Water Company Clerk. 1940 in Manchester as a Milk Dealer and showing 2 y ears of High School educ ation. (Ref: The following material was published in the Daily Courier, Connellsville, PA, on 31 Dec 2003:)

He m. Ida E. Roberts in 1912. She was, b. c. 1894, NJ. She lived in Bolton, Connecticut, in 1920 and moved to Manchester, Connecticut, sometime between 1920 and 1930. Children:

  1. Eleanor R,. Prentice, 11 Jun 1914, CT, and d. 30 May 1996, Manchester, CT. She m. "Hap" Palmer. Son:
    1. Gordon Palmer, b. c. 1948. 2014 living in Manchester, CT.
  2. Janet W. Prentice (1916-1920). She d. at age 4 after being run over by a truck while walking on the sidewalk in Manchester per Samuel Prentice, email, 11 & 15 Feb 2014.
  3. Samuel James Prentice Jr., b. 8 May 1921. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [5.1]
  4. Gordon Alan Prentice, adopted, b. c. 1933 and d. 9 years later in 1943. He died in a sled riding accident when he was struck by a car per Samuel Prentice, email, 11 & 19 Feb 2014.
  5. Blair A. Prentice, adopted, b. c. 1936 and in 2014 living in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

5.1 Samuel James Prentice Jr. was b. 8 May 1921 and d. 28 Dec 2003, age c. 82, in Penn Hills, PA. His obituary reads as follows:

    Journal Inquirer (Manchester, CT) - Saturday, May 22, 2004:

    Samuel James Prentice , Jr. (Pater, Jimmy), 82, a Manchester native who lived most of his adult life in Pittsburgh, Pa., was laid to rest this spring in East Cemetery, Manchester. He passed away after a short illness on December 28, 2003.

    This great man is sorely missed by his wife of 61 years, Lucinda Gray; son Samuel J. Prentice III and his wife, Kathryn, of Andover; grandchildren Katrina and Samuel J. Prentice IV; brother Blair of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; and extended family and friends. He was predeceased by parents Samuel J. Prentice, Sr. and Ida Roberts of Manchester, sisters Eleanor Palmer and Janet, brother Gordon, and his beloved son, David Gray Prentice, who was killed in Vietnam.

    He as born on May 8, 1921, on Manchester Green. As a young boy, he was fond of the horses and dogs raised by his family and was racing horses at the age of 4. As a young teenager, he worked as the business manager running the family milk delivery business. A successful high school athlete, he was offered a full scholarship for football at the University of Mississippi but was unable to accept this award due to the needs of his family. Following graduation from Manchester High School in 1938, he proudly represented America's Greatest Generation in WWII, serving as a captain and B-26 pilot in the Army Air Corps. He bravely led his crew through 65 missions during which he was awarded 17 Special Citations for valor and courage in combat.

    He spent his career working for Travelers Insurance, The Hartford, Gulf Oil Corporation, and Marsh and McLennan. An avid and accomplished golfer throughout his life, shooting his age at 82, he also loyally served as warden of St. James Episcopal Church, a Republican committeeman, and as an adult commissioner for the Boy Scouts. His life served as a tribute to all who knew him.

Samuel m. Lucinda Gray). Her obituary reads as follows:

    LUCINDA GRAY PRENTICE: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) - Monday, February 21, 2011.

    Deceased Name: LUCINDA GRAY PRENTICE: Age 90, of Penn Hills, on Saturday February 19, 2011; beloved wife of the late Samuel J. Prentice, Jr., loving mother of Samuel J. Prentice, III and the late David G. Prentice; mother-in-law of Kathryn T. Prentice & Kathleen Marks; grandmother of Katrina M. & Samuel J. Prentice, IV; special aunt of Scott Ryczek, Brian & Adam Marks and Julianna Helt; sister of the late William D. Gray; sister-in-law of Blair Prentice.

    Lucinda was an active and long time member of St. James Church, 11524 Frankstown Rd., Penn Hills; where a Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday at I I a.m.; Arrangements entrusted to TRENZ FUNERAL HOME INC. Send condolences at post-gazette.com/gb

By email of 11 Feb 2014, Samuel Prentice III provides the following additional information:

    My Mom's side came over in the late 1920's and we still have many family contacts on her side (Gray and Sands) in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. My Dad's Mom (Ida Roberts) traces her roots like you back to the 1600s. On this list it shows her as coming from NJ but our family records show her as being from Tarrytown, NY and we have visited there and found relatives (Roberts and Jewell's) buried in Sleepy Hollow cemetery.

Children of Samuel and Lucinda:

  1. David Gray Prentice, b. c. 1946. David was killed in Vietnam on Flag Day, 14 Jun 1970, at the age of 24, per his brother, Samuel James Prentice III, email, 11 Feb 2014.
  2. Samuel James Prentice III, b. 1951 and living in 2014 per his emails of 10 & 19 Feb 2014. He m. Kathryn Theodora Drosjack. Children:
    1. Samuel James Prentice IV.
    2. Katrina Michelle Prentice. She m. Mr. Kashurba.

Samuel is called the father-in-law of Kathryn T. Prentice and Kathleen Marks (William). He is also called the grandfather of Katrina M. and Samuel J. Prentice IV and uncle of Geoffrey and Kevin Gray

6. John Alfred Prentice, b. 10 Dec 1894 (per WW I Draft Registration). Northern Ireland, and d. 13 Dec 1980, Manchester, CT. Emigrated from Belfast, Ireland in 1905 with parents, William and Mary Jane Prentice. He is almost certainly the John A. Prentice who m. Ada L. Candlish mentioned in the Berkshire Eagle of Sunday, 19 Mar 2000 telling about their son, Harry.

He m. Ada Lena Candlish, b. 23 Apr 1895, Preston, Lancashire Co., England, and d. 5 Jun 1966, Manchester, Hartford Co., CT. She was the dau. of John Candlish and Selina Emily Candlish. She emigrated to New York from Liverpool, arriving 8 Oct 1903 aboard the Aurania Children:

  1. John Candlish Prentice , b. 22 Mar 1919, in Manchester, CT, and d. 23 Jun 1992 in Putnam, CT, at the age of 73. He m. Dorothy Louise Trask in Feb, 1943, CT. She was b. 5 Apr 1923, in CT and d. 25 May 2007, in Celina, TX at the age of 84. No known children.
  2. Harry Walker Prentice. b. 14 Jun 1920 at Norwich, CT and d. 18 Mar 2000 at the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, Bennington, VT. He was educated in Talcottville, CT and was an Army World War II veteran. He was employed as a machinist at Carlyle & Johnson Machine Co. in CT for many years. A member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1332 in Bennington, he enjoyed boating, fishing, and working on cars. At the time of his death he was a resident of the Vermont Veterans Home, Bennington, VT. Burial was in the family lot in East Cemetery, Manchester, CT.

    He m. Marion Derby on 18 Mar 1941 in Manchester, CT. She was b. 16 Mar 1925 in Hartford, CT, and d. 19 Aug 2009 at the Vermont Veterans Home, Bennington, VT. She was the dau. of John M. Derby and Mary Hattie Derby of Hartford, CT. Her obituary in the Bennington, VT, Bennington Banner of 21 Aug 2009 reads as follows:

      Marion Derby Prentice

      Marion D. Prentice 1925 - 2009 BENNINGTON Marion Derby Prentice, 84, passed away on Aug. 19, at the Vermont Veterans home after a long illness. She was born on March 16, 1925 in Hartford, Conn., to John M. Derby and Mary Hattie Derby of Hartford, Conn.

      She received her education in Manchester, Conn. Marion was employed at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company with over 25 years of service, retiring in 1990. Her main interest was her family and her yard. Marion loved knitting and crocheting. She made many of her own clothes as well as gifts for others.

      She was pre-deceased by her husband of 59 years, Harry, who died in March of 2000, a son William who died in October of 1953 and a brother Randall E. Derby who died in 1948. Marion leaves two sons, Ronald H. Prentice and his wife, Barbara, of Eugene, Ore., and Robert G. Prentice and his wife, Dolores J. Kimball, of Shaftsbury, Vt.; granddaughter, Sara P. and her husband, Aaron Manela, of Eugene, Ore., and a great-grandson, Gabriel Herman Avraham Manela, step-grandson Brian Eric Kimball of East Greenbush, N.Y., brother, John M. Derby Jr. of Cedarville, Mich.; two sisters, Elizabeth and her husband, Donald Peterson, of South Paris, Maine, and Natalie and her husband, Neil Sedlak, of Staffordville, Conn, and many nieces, nephews and cousins.

      FUNERAL NOTICE: The funeral will be held from the All Faiths Chapel at the Vermont Veterans Home 325 North St. in Bennington on Monday, Aug. 24, 2009, at 2 p.m. with Chaplain Kenneth Coonradt officiating. The internment will take place at East Cemetery, East Center St., Manchester, CT on Tuesday Aug. 25, 2009 at 10 a.m. If friends desire contributions in memory of Marion D. Prentice may be made to either the or the Vermont Veterans Home Activities fund through the office of the MAHAR AND SON FUNERAL HOME 628 Main St. Bennington, VT 05201. Published in Bennington Banner on August 21, 2009

    Children of Harry Prentice and Marion Derby per her obituary:

    1. William Prentice, b. 12 Oct 1941 and d. 10 Oct 1953 after a long battle against cancer.
    2. Ronald Harry Prentice, b. 21 Jul 1943. He m. Barbara Ann Johnson on 12 Jun 1965, In 2018 they lived in Eugene, OR. In 2009 they lived in Eugene, OR. Daughter:
      1. Sara Hattie Prentice per Ronald Prentice, email, 9 Jul 2018. She m. Aaro Manela of Eugene, OR, on 24 Jun 2001. In 2018 they lived in Cleveland, OH. Son:
        1. Gabriel Manela, b. Aug 2006. 2018 in Cleveland, OH.
    3. Robert G. Prentice, b. 19 Jul 1948, Manchester, CTm and d. 4 Jun 2018 of Cancer at SW VT Medical Center, Bennington, VT. Army in Vetnam. In 1988, at the time of his marriage, Robert's address was PO Box 348, Pownal, Bennington Co., VT. He m. Dolores J. Kimball on 21 May 1988 in Pownal, Bennington Co., VT. She was b. 25 May 1954, VT, and whose address in 1988 was PO Box 349, Pownal, VT. 1994 moved to Shaftsbury, VT, She was the dau. of Daniel Kimball Jr., b. MA, and Dolores Phillips, b. MI. Ref: Vermont Marriage Records . In 2009 they lived in Shaftsbury, VT.
  3. Marjorie Prentice , b. 1 Feb 1923, in CT, and d. 21 Sep 1993, Windham, CT, age 70. She m. Mr. Scott.
  4. Edith May Prentice, b. March 16, 1927, in Manchester, CT, and d. 6 Dec 1961, St. Petersbnurg, FL, at the age of 34. She m. Frank F. Chobot was born on April 23, 1915. He died on May 20, 1990, in Windham, Ct. age 75.

7. Mary Ellen Prentice was b. 1887, Lurgan, County Down. and d. 1957 per Ancestry.com .

She m. John Hull, on 12 Jul 1915 in Moira Presbyterian Church, Moira, County Down. John was b. 1885, NY, and d. 1967. Son:

  1. John L. Hull, b. c. 1906, NY. 1930 in Queens, Queens Co., NY.
  2. Harry Hull, b. c. 1908, NY. 1930 in Queens, Queens Co., NY.

    Note: . Some web pages show additional children for Mary Ellen and John, but that appears to be an obvious error since only John and Harry,. above, appear in census records in 1910, 1920 and 1930. In 1900 both Mary Ellen and John would have been only 13 and 15 respectively, almost certainly too young to have had children.

8. Russell Everett Prentice, b. 23 Sep 1920, obtained his SS# in CT, and d. 22 Nov 1986 in Collier, FL per the SSDI and Ancestry.com. At home in Manchester, CT, 1930.

He m. Joyce McMeekin. She was b. 4 Nov 1923, Dumbarton, Scotland, and d. 26 Feb 2010, Manchester mem. Hospital. Her obituary in the Hartford Courant of 1 Mar 2010 reads as follows:

    Joyce (McMeekin) PRENTICE

    PRENTICE, Joyce (McMeekin) Joyce (McMeekin) Prentice, 86, of Manchester, formerly of Marco Island, FL, wife of the late Russell Prentice, passed away Friday, (February 26, 2010) at Manchester Memorial Hospital after a brief illness. She was born November 4, 1923 in Dumbarton, Scotland, daughter of the late Thomas G. and Edith (Frost) McMeekin.

    Joyce has resided in Manchester for over 40 years as well as Marco Island, FL for over 28 years. Prior to retiring in 1980 she was employed as a Secretary with United Technologies Research Division for over 30 years.

    Joyce is survived by her brother, John "Jack" McMeekin and his longtime companion, Barbara Fazzino of Andover, her niece, Andrea Ozment of New Haven and her daughters, Amanda Ozment of Bristol and Emma Ozment of Sacramento, CA. Besides her husband and parents she was predeceased by her sister-in-law, Theresa McMeekin.

    Memorial calling hours will be Thursday, March 4, 2010 from 4-7 pm at Holmes Funeral Home 400 Main St. Manchester with a prayer service at 6:30 pm. Burial will be private in East Cemetery, Manchester. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the 538 Preston Ave. PO Box 1004, Meriden, CT 06450.

Daughters of Russell and Joyce, per her obituary, above:

  1. Amanda Prentice. She m. Mr. Ozment of Bristol, (CT?).
  2. Emma Prentice. She m. Mr. Ozment of Sacramento, CA.

Who are William James Prentice's Parents?

The 1881 British Census shows a William J. who might, or might not, be this person. That possibility is the 22 year old shown in the 1881 census of Witton Le Wear, Durham, England, in the household of Adam Prentice, b. c. 1831 in Ireland, and his wife, Mary who was b. c. 1832 in Ireland.

Adam's occupation was given as "Labourer In Iron Works" Children shown in the household were:

  1. William J. Prentice, b. c. 1858-9 in Ireland. He was a "Shingler In Iron Works."
  2. Sarah J. Prentice, b. c. 1869 in Ireland.
  3. Ellen M. Prentice, b. c. 1881 in Witton Le Wear, Durham, England.

If William lived in England in 1881 and was then single, that would be consistent with his later marriage, birth of children, and emigration in 1905 from Liverpool.

On the other hand, the 1881 residence in Witton Le Wear, Durham, England, of William and his family makes it seem a bit unlikely that William would have moved to Belfast, Ireland, from which he emigrated to the United States in 1905.

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Ronald Prentice
2018-07-10 04:54:25
Ronald Harry Prentice, son of Harry Walker Prentice and Marion (Derby) Prentice, was born on July 21, 1943. He married Barbara Ann Johnson on June 12, 1965. They still live in Eugene, Oregon in 2018. Their daughter, Sara Hattie Prentice, married Aaron Manela of Eugene on June 24, 2001 and currently live in Cleveland, Ohio, with their son, Gabriel Manela, born in August of 2006. William Prentice, Ronald and Bob's brother, was born on October 12, 1941 and died on October 10, 1953 following a long battle against cancer. Bob also died of cancer.
Ronald Prentice
2018-07-10 04:46:13
Robert G. Prentice, husband of Dolores Kimball of Shaftsbury, VT., brother of Ronald H. Prentice of Eugene, OR, died peacefully on June 4, 2018 at SouthWestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington, VT., following a long illness. Born in Manchester, Connecticut on July 19, 1948, he was the son of the late Harry Walker and Marion (Derby) Prentice. Bob received his education in the Manchester schools and was a 1966 graduate of Manchester High School. Bob enlisted in the U. S. Army after graduating high school and was deployed to Vietnam. Following his discharge Bob went to college in Manchester, N.H. where he attended Manchester College. Bob married Dolores “Dolly” Kimball at the Pownal Methodist Church on May 21, 1988. They resided in Pownal until 1994, then moved to Shaftsbury, Vermont.
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