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Medieval Occupations

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Medieval Occupations
Summer 2001 and Revised 6 Apr 2001

We found the following partial list of medieval occupations on the internet. If you know of any not included in this list or have corrections, please let me know.

    ACATER - supplied food provisions, e.g. a ships chandler 
    ACCIPITRARY - falconer 
    ACCOMPTANT - accountant 
    ACCOUCHEUR / ACCOUCHEUS - one who assisted women in childbirth 
    ACCOUTREMENT MAKER / ACCOUTRE - supplier of military accessories 
    ACKERMAN / ACREMAN - ploughman, an oxherder 
    ACTUARY - kept public accounts of business 
    ADMINISTRATOR - directed the affairs of another 
    ADVERTISEMENT CONVEYANCER - sandwich board man 
    ADVOCATE DEPUTE - Scottish law officer who could act a public prosecutor 
    ADVOWEE - normally a nobleman, who had the right to present a clergyman 
	to a benefice 
    AERONAUT - balloonist or a trapeze artist in the circus or music halls 
    AFFEEROR - official in the manorial courts who assessed the monetary 
	penalty and also collected taxes
    and dues and were also called Assessor 
    AGISTER - official of the Royal Forests or in the New Forest it is 
	the title for the one in charge of the
    ALABASTERER - worked with alabaster 
    ALBLASTERE - crossbow man 
    ALCHEMIST - medieval chemist who claimed to be able to turn base 
	metals into gold 
    ALDERMAN - senior councillor one position down from Mayor in the 
	local council 
    ALE-CONNER / ALE FOUNDER - official who tested quality and measure 
	of ale served in public houses 
    ALE DRAPER - seller of ale 
    ALE TASTER - tested ale and beer for quality first recored in 1377 in 
	London. Appointed by the Manor
    and forerunner of the Inspector for Weights & Measures 
    ALE TUNNER - employed by the brewery to fill ale casks (tuns} with ale 
    ALEWIFE - woman who keeps an alehouse or tavern 
    ALL SPICE - name for a grocer 
    ALMANAC MAN - official appointed by the Court of Sewers who warned 
	the inhabitants of the Trent River
    area of higher than normal tides 
    ALMONER - gave out alms or charity to the poor on behalf of the parish 
    ALMSMAN - received alms 
    ALNAGER - official who examined the quality of woolen goods and 
	stamped them with the town seal of approval 
    AMANUENSIS - secretary or stenographer 
    AMBER CUTTER - cut ambergris 
    AMBER & JET CUTTER - cut and polished amber for jewelry 
    AMBLER - officer of the Royal Stable who broke in horses 
    AMEN MAN - parish clerk 
    ANCHOR SMITH - made anchors 
    ANCHORESS - female hermit or religious recluse 
    ANCHORITE - male hermit or religious recluse 
    ANILEPMAN - smallholder (tenant of the manor) 
    ANGLE IRON SMITH - made angle iron ie. flat iron bars bent at right 
	angles lengthways 
    ANKLE BEATER - young person who helped to drive the cattle to market 
    ANNATTO MAKER - worked in the manufacture of dyes for paint or 
    ANTIGROPELOS MAKER - made waterproof leggings 
    ANVIL SMITH - made anvils and hammers for blacksmiths 
    APIARIAN - beekeeper 
    APOTHECARY - prepared and sold medicines or drugs; pharmacist 
    APPARITOR - official who summoned witnesses in the ecclesiastical 
    APPRENTICE - was bound to a skilled worker for a specified time to 
	learn a trade 
    APRONEER - term used in London for a shopkeeper 
    APRONMAN - mechanic 
    AQUARIUS (EWAR) - waterman 
    AQUAVITA SELLER - sold alcohol 
    ARCHIATOR - physician 
    ARCHIL MAKER - made a violet dye from lichens, used in the textile 
    ARKWRIGHT - skilled craftsman who produced "arks" (wooden chests 
	or coffers) 
    ARMIGER - squire who carried the armour of a knight 
    ARMOURER - made suits of armour or plates of armour for buildings 
	or ships etc. 
    ARTIFICER - soldier mechanic who does repairs 
    ASHMAN - dustman 
    ASSAYER - determined the proportions of metal in ore 
    ASSAY MASTER - determined the amount of gold or silver to go in coins 
    AUGER MAKER - made the carpenters augers (used for boring holes in wood) 
    AULNAGER - see Alnager 
    AURIFABER - goldsmith 
    AVENATOR (PLANTIFENE) - hay and forage merchant 
    AVOWRY - term for the lord of the manor 
    AXEL TREE MAKER / AXEL TREE TURNER - made axels for coaches and wagons 
    BACKMAKER - made "backs", vats, tubs, a Cooper 
    BACK'US BOY - kitchen servant (from "back of the house") 
    BACK WASHER - employed to clean the wool in the worsted manufacturing 
    BADGER - licensed pauper who wore a badge with the letter P on it 
	and could only work in a defined area (the term "Badgering comes 
	from this"). A corn miller or dealer or an itinerant food trader 
    BADGY FIDDLER - boy trumpeter in the military 
    BAGMAN - travelling salesman 
    BAGNIOKEEPER - n charge of a bath house or brothel 
    BAILIFF / BAILIE / BAILLIE / BAILLEE - officer of the sheriff, a 
	land steward acting on behalf of the
    Landowner or Landlord and in Scotland a magistrate of the burgh, 
	also looked after the fishing rights on
    certain rivers 
    BAIRMAN / BAREMAN - pauper or beggar 
    BALER - bales hay and in the mills one who bailed wool or cotton goods 
    BALISTER - archer most commonly a crossbowman 
    BALLAST HEAVER - loaded ballast into the hold of empty ships 
    BALLARD MASTER - in charge of loading the ballast into the hold of 
	empty ships 
    BALLER / BALLER UP - assisted the potter by measuring out the balls 
	of clay 
    BAL MAIDEN - female mine worker who worked on the surface (also a 
	Pit Brow Lass) 
    BAND FILER - metal worker in the gun making industry 
    BANDSTER - bound the wheat sheaves after harvest 
    BANG BEGGAR - officer of the parish who controlled the length of 
	stay of any stranger to the parish 
    BANKER - dug trenches and ditches to allow drainage of the land, 
	placing the surplus earth in banks
    around the edge 
    BANKSMAN - employed in the mining industry being in charge of the 
	cages at the pit head (sometimes
    known as a bank manager) 
    BARBER / BARBER SURGEON - a barber also also a surgeon (an Act was 
	passed that limited Barbers to hair-cutting, shaving, dentistry 
	and blood letting in the 18th century) 
    BARD - poet or minstral 
    BAREMAN - beggar or pauper 
    BARGEE / BARGEMAN - worked on or owned and operated a barge 
    BARGE MATE - Naval officer 
    BARILLA MANUFACTURER - made barilla, a substance obtained from 
	burning saltworts, the resulting
    mixture of sodium salts being used in the glass and ceramics industry 
    BARKEEPER - another name for a tollkeeper 
    BARKER - tanner 
    BAUER - farmer 
    BAXTER - baker 
    BELHOSTE - tavern keeper. 
    BARTONER - in charge of the monastic farm, also known as a barton 
    BASIL WORKER - worked with sheep and goat skins 
    BASKETMAN - made baskets and furniture from wicker, and also employed 
	to empty the basket of coal
    being offloaded from the colliers into the barges 
    BASS / BAST DRESSER - employed in dressing fibre or matting 
    BATHING MACHINE PROPRIETOR - owned and hired the changing huts used 
	at the seaside in the by bathers 
    BATMAN - officers servant in the army 
    BATT MAKER - made the wadding used in quilt and mattress making 
    BATTLEDORE MAKER - made the beaters used on clothes carpets etc to 
	remove the dust (later made the paddles used in washing machines) 
    BAYWEAVER - who wove bay (a fine woollen fabric also known as baize) 
    BEADLE / BEDEL / BEDELL - officer of the parish whose principle duty 
	was to keep order, also was the town crier 
    BEADMAN / BEADSMAN / BEDESMAN - employed to pray for his employer, 
	inhabitant of an almshouse / poorhouse / hospital or tenant 
	employed by the manor for a specific service 
    BEAD PIERCER - employed to drill the holes in beads 
    BEAMER - winds the warp on the roller before putting it on the loom 
	in the textile industry 
    BEARER - worked undergrpound carrying the coal to the bottom of the 
	pit shaft and placed it in the
    containers for uplifting to the surface 
    BEATER - cleansed and thickened the cloth by treading it underwater 
	with fullers earth (aka Fuller) 
    BEAVER - made felt used in hat making 
    BEDMAN - sexton 
    BEDRAL - in Scotland a minor church official 
    BEDWEVERE - made the webbing for bed frames and also a one who wove 
    BEESKEPMAKER - made beehives 
    BEETLER - operated a beetling machine, used in the textile trade for 
	embossing fabric 
    BELLEYETERE - bellfounder 
    BELL HANGER - installed bells in churches 
    BELLMAN - employed as a watchman or town crier or who worked for the 
	post office and collected letters
    for the mail coach by walking the streets and ringing a bell 
    BELLOWFARMER - responsible for the care and maintenance of the church 
    BELLOWS MAKER - made bellows used for organs or blacksmiths fires 
    BELLY BUILDER - built and fitted the interiors of pianos 
    BENDER - cut leather 
    BESSWARDEN - appointed by the parish to look after its animals 
    BESOM MAKER - made brooms 
    BIDDY - female servant usually of Irish stock 
    BILLIER / BILLYMAN - operated a Billy Roller, a machine used in the 
	cotton industry to prepare the cotton for spinning 
    BILL POSTER - put up notices, signs and advertisements 
    BINDER - bound items, e.g., books, hats etc . 
    BIRD BOY - employed to scare away birds from crops 
    BIRD CATCHER - caught birds for selling 
    BIRDS NEST SELLER - sold bird nests collected from the wild complete 
	with eggs which were then hatched by domestic birds and sold 
	as pets 
    BIRLYMAN - in Scotland a ground officer or parish arbiter 
    BLACK TRAY MAKER - made Japanned trays 
    BLACKING MAKER - made polish for shoes 
    BLACK BORDERER - made black edged stationery for funerals 
    BLADESMITH - swordmaker or knife maker 
    BLAXTER / BLEACHER - bleached cloth or paper pulp 
    BLEMMERE - plumber 
    BLENTONIST - water diviner 
    BLINDSMAN - employed by the Post Office to deal with incorrectly 
	addressed letters and parcels 
    BLOCKCUTTER / BLOCKER - made wooden blocks used in the hat trade or 
	laid down the blocks on which a ships keel was laid 
    BLOCK MAKER - engraved the blocks used in the printin 
    BLOCK PRINTER - printer who used wooden blocks for printing 
    BLOODMAN / BLOODLETTER - used leeches for letting blood, this was 
	thought to be a cure for many ailments 
    BLOOMER - produced iron from ore, a bloom smithy 
    BLOWER - glass blower, one who operated a "blowing machine" used 
	to clean and separate fibres in the textile trade, one who 
	operated the bellows at a blacksmiths 
    BLOWFEEDER - fed the fibres into a "blowing machine" 
    BLUESTOCKING - female writer 
    BLUFFER - innkeeper or landlord of a pub 
    BOARDING OFFICER - inspected ships before entering port 
    BOARDMAN - truant officer who checked school attendance. a tenant 
	of manorial land who paid rent by
    maintaining the manor's table 
    BOARDWRIGHT - made tables and chairs aka carpenter 
    BOATMAN - worked on a boat, predominately on rivers and canals also 
	the name given to a boat repairer
    BOATSWAIN - ship's officer in charge of riggings & sails 
    BOBBER - who polished metals one who helped to unload fishing boats 
    BOBBIN CARRIER - worked in spinning and weaving sections of the mills 
    BOBBIN TURNER - made the bobbins used in the spinning and weaving 
    BOBBY - policeman usually of constable rank 
    BODEYS / BODY MAKER - made bodices for womens garments 
    BODGER - craftsman who made wooden chair legs and the spars and 
	usually worked in the actual woodland that they cut the timber in 
    BOILERMAKER - worked with metal in any industrial setting 
    BOILER PLATER - made rolled iron plate used to make boilers for 
	steam engines etc 
    BOLL - looked after power looms in the weaving industry 
    BOLTER - sifted meal 
    BONDAGER - female worker on a farm who was bonded 
    BONDMAN - bonded to a master for the purpose of learning a skill or 
    BONDSMAN - stood bond or surety for another where a bond was required 
	by law 
    BONE BUTTON TURNER - made buttons using a lathe 
    BONE LACE MAKER - made pillow lace 
    BONE MOULD TURNER - made the moulds for button manufacturers 
    BONE PICKER - collected rags and bones aka Rag and Bone Man 
    BONESETTER - set broken bones 
    BONIFACE - keeper of an inn 
    BOOK GILDER - decorated books with gold leaf 
    BOOKHOLDER - prompter in the theater 
    BOOK KEEPER - looked after the accounts for businesses 
    BOOKMAN - student 
    BOONMASTER - surveyor of roads with the responsibilities of maintaining 
	and repairing the road 
    BOOTBINDER - employed to operate the machines which bound footware 
    BOOT CATCHER - servant at inn who pulled off traveler's boots 
    BOOT CLOSER - worked in the shoe trade stitching together all the parts 
	of a shoe upper 
    BOOTHMAN - corn merchant 
    BORLER - who made cheap coarse clothing 
    BORSHOLDER - regional name (Kent) for a constable 
    BOTCHER - tailor or cobbler 
    BOTTILER / BOTTLER - made leather containers for holding liquids eg 
	wine flasks or water bottles 
    BOTTLE BOY - pharmacists assistant 
    BOTTOM MAKER - moulded the bottoms for saggers in the pottery 
    BOTTOM KNOCKER - sagger makers assistant in the pottery industry 
    BOTTOMER - worked down the pits moving the ore etc to the bottom of 
	the shaft for removal 
    BOWDLER - worked with iron ore 
    BOWKER - bleached yarn. A local term in some parts of Lancashire 
	for a butcher 
    BOWLER - made bowls and dishes and also a term used for those who 
	made the rounded part of spoons before casting 
    BOWLMAN / BOWLWOMAN - dealer in crockery 
    BOWLMINDER - in charge of the vats used for washing raw wool before 
    BOWYER / BOWER - made bows used in archery 
    BOZZLER - parish constable 
    BRABENER - weaver 
    BRACHYGRAPHER - shorthand writer 
    BRAIDER - made cord by twisting threads or strips of leather 
    BRAILLER - made girdles 
    BRAKEMAN / BRAKESMAN - operated the winch at the pit head or operated 
	the braking mechanism on trains and trams 
    BRASILER - dyer 
    BRAZIER - worker with brass 
    BREWSTER - female brewer or brewer 
    BRIGHTSMITH - metal worker 
    BROOM SQUIRE - broom maker 
    BROW GIRL - female employed at the pit head 
    BROWNSMITH - works with copper or brass 
    BUCKLER / BUCKLESMITH - made buckles 
    BUCKLE TONGUE MAKER - made the metal points that go in the holes of 
	a belt 
    BUCKRAM MAKER - worked with buckram (used in stiffening materials) 
	e.g. belts, lapels and collars 
    BUCK WASHER - laundress 
    BUDDLEBOY - employed to use and maintain the vats used in the lead 
	and tin mines for washing the ore 
    BUFFALO SOLDIER - soldier serving in a black regiment in the US Army 
	in the West 
    BULLWHACKER - oxen driver 
    BUMBOAT MAN - met ships at anchor with goods for passengers and crew 
	to purchase 
    BUMMER - army deserter 
    BUMMAREE - middle man between the wholesaler and the retailer at 
	the fish markets 
    BUNTER - female rag & bone collector 
    BURGESS - represented a borough at official levels BURELER - made 
	borel, a woollen cloth with a
    coarse feel 
    BURGOMASTER - mayor 
    BURLER - quality inspector for clothing 
    BURMAIDEN - chambermaid or lady-in-waiting 
    BURNEMAN - carrier of barm or water for brewers 
    BURYE MAN - grave digger 
    BUSHEL MAKER - cooper 
    BUSHELER - tailor's helper 
    BUSS MAKER - maker of guns 
    BUSKER - hair dresser 
    BUTNER - button maker 
    BUTTER CARVER - made imprints in butter pats 
    BUTTON BURNISHER - button polisher 
    BUTTY - negotiated mining contracts and supplied the labor 
    CADDY BUTCHER - butcher that dealt in horse meat 
    CADDIE - messenger or errand boy 
    CADGER - beggar 
    CAFENDER - carpenter 
    CAFFLER - rag and bone collector 
    CAINER - made walking sticks 
    CAIRD - another term for a tinker 
    CALCINER - burnt bones to make powdered lime 
    CALENDER - one who listed documents 
    CALENDERER / CALENDERMAN / CALENDER WORKER - operated a machine which 
	pressed using
    two large rollers (calender) used to press and finish fabrics or paper 
    CALICO PRINTER - dyed and colored calico 
    CAMBRIC MAKER - made a fine linen or cotton fabric called cambric 
    CAMISTER - minister of the cloth 
    CANDLE MAKER / CANDLER - who made and sold candles 
    CAMBIST - banker 
    CAMERIST - lady's maid 
    CAMLET MERCHANT - seller of camlet, cloth used to make cloaks & 
    CANDY MAN - traveling candy salesman and also slang name for a baliff 
    CANCELLARIUS - chancellor 
    CANER / CHAIR BOTTOMER - one who made the seats for chairs out of 
	woven cane 
    CANNALLER - canal boat worker 
    CANTER - religious speaker who uses cant 
    CANT`ING CALLER - auctioneer 
    CANVASER - one who made canvas 
    CAPER - cap maker 
    CAPILLAIRE MAKER - one who made orange flavored syrup 
    CAPITALIST - investor 
    CAPPER / CAP MAKER - made caps usually worn by the working class 
    CAPTAIN - in charge of a ship or a group of soldiers and also term 
	for an overseer 
    CARDROOMER - term for anyone who worked in the carding room of the mills 
    CARDER - cards wool 
    CARDMAKER - maker of cards or instruments for combing wool 
    CARMAN / CHARMAN / CARTER / CARRIER - one who drove a vehicle used 
	to transport goods 
    CARD NAILER / NAILORA - maintained the teeth (nails) on the carding 
	machine used for preparing wool and cotton for weaving 
    CARNIFEX - butcher 
    CARPENTARIUS - carpenter 
    CART WHEELER - one who made cart wheels 
    CARTOGRAPHER - map maker 
    CARTOMANCER - fortune teller who used cards 
    CARTWRIGHT - maker of carts & wagons 
    CASHMARIE - one who sold fish usually at inland markets 
    CASTER / CASTORA - made small bottles used for sprinkling salt, 
	pepper, sugar etc 
    CASTRATOR - who castrated farm animals aka gelder 
    CATAGMAN - cottager 
    CATCHPOLE / CATCHPOLLA - sheriff's assistance or bailiff 
    CATECHISTA - teacher of religion 
    CATTLE JOBBER - buys and sells cattle 
    CAULKER - filled up cracks (in ships or windows) or seams to make 
	them watertight 
    CEILER - puts up the ceilings in buildings 
    CELLARMAN - looked after the beer, wines and spirits in public houses 
	or the warehouse 
    CEMMER - hand combed the yarn before weaving 
    CHAFF CUTTER - made chaff by cutting straw 
    CHAFFERER - dealer in chaff 
    CHAIR BODGER - traveling chair repairman 
    CHAISE MAKER - made carts from wicker 
    CHALONER - dealer in shalloon, a material made in Chƒlons 
    CHAMBERLAIN - steward to either royalty or nobility, in charge of 
	the household 
    CHAMBERMAID - female servant attending to bedrooms in houses or inns 
    CHAMBER MASTER - shoemaker that worked from home as an outworker 
	or \	selling direct 
    CHAUNTER - street entertainer who sung ballads 
    CHEESE FACTOR / CHEESEMAN / CHEESE MONGER - dealer in cheeses 
    CHANDLER - candle seller, grocer, provisioner, usually associated with 
	provisioning ships 
    CHANTY MAN - sailor that led the singing of shanties on board ship 
    CHAPELER - made and sold hats CHAPMAN / COPEMAN / PETTY CHAPMAN 
	/ CEAPMAN - dealer or peddler of goods usually itinerant going from 
	village to village. 
    CHARCOAL BURNER - made charcoal usually in the woods where the trees 
	were cut 
    CHARTMASTER - middleman that negotiated mining contracts and suppiled 
	the labour 
    CHARWOMAN - cleaning woman 
    CHATELAINE - mistress of a castle or house 
    CHIFFONIER - wig maker or ragpicker 
    CHILDBED LINEN WAREHOUSE KEEPER / DEALER - hired bedlinen for childbirth 
	as most children
    were born at home 
    CHIMNEY SWEEP - chimney cleaner 
    CHINGLOR - rooftiler who used wooden shingles 
    CHIP - shipwright or carpenter 
    CHIPPERS LABOURER - assistant to a shipwright or ships carpenter 
    CHIROPODIST - treats diseases of the feet & hands 
    CHIRUGION or CHIRURGEON - apothecary or surgeon 
    CHOWDER - fish monger 
    CHRONOLOGIST - recorded official events of historical importance 
    CINDER WENCH - female who collected the cinders from gas works and sold 
	them door to door 
    CLAKER - magician/astrologer 
    CLAPMAN - town crier 
    CLARK - clerk 
    CLASSMAN - unemployed laborer 
    CLAVIGER - servant 
    CLAY CARRIER - assistant to the shot firer in the pits 
    CLAYMAN / CLEYMAN - worked in the clay pits usually preparing the 
	clay for making bricks and also one who coated the outside of 
	buildings with clay to make them water proof 
    CLERICUS - clerk 
    CLERK - clergyman or cleric 
    CLICKER - worked in the shoe trade cutting out the uppers made the 
	shoelace holes and one in charge of
    the final stage of layout before printing in printing industry 
    CLIPPER / CLIPPER ON / CLIPPER OFF - attached the coal carts to the 
	wire or rope which was used to
    drag the carts to and from the coal face 
    CLOD HOPPER - plowman 
    CLOGGER - maker of wooden shoes 
    CLOTH LAPPER - took the cloth from the carding machine readied it 
	for the next process 
    CLOTH LINTER / CLOTH PICKER - removed unwanted threads and lint from 
	the finished material 
    CLOTHIER / CLOTHESMAN / CLOTHMAN - who made or sold clothes 
    CLOUTER / CLOWER - made nails also another term for a shoemaker for 
	the former term 
    COACHMAN / COACH DRIVER - drove any coach 
    COAL BACKER - carried the sacks of coal from the coal barge to the 
	coal wagons 
    COAL BURNER - made charcoal 
    COAL DRAWER - worked in the mines pushing or dragging the coal carts 
	the the bottom of the pit 
	sold coal usually
    from a horse and cart, house to house. 
    COALMETER - measured the coal 
    COAL RUNNER - attended the coal carts underground 
    COAL WHIPPER - unloaded coal from ships using baskets attached to a 
	simple form of crane 
    COAST SURVEYOR / WAITER - customs officer who watched over the 
	ofloading off goods on the coast 
    COBBLER - shoemaker 
    COBLEMAN - used a flat bottomed boat for fishing 
    COCUS - cook 
    COD PLACER - put fire proof containers which held the pottery for 
	firing into the kiln 
    COINER - worked at the mint stamping out coins 
    COLLAR MAKER - made horse collars and one who made shirt collars 
    COLLIER - coal miner, a coal merchant or one who worked on the coal barges 
    COLONUS - Latin for farmer or husbandman 
    COLPORTEUR - traveling Bible or religious book salesman 
    COLOURATOR / COLORATORA - worked with dyes 
    COLOUR MAN - mixed the dyes in the textile trade and also assistant 
	to a house painter 
    COMBER or COMBERE - combs wool 
    COMB MAKER - made combs either for the textile industry for combing 
	wool etc. or the maker of hair
    COMPOSITOR - set the type ready for printing 
    CONDER / CONNER - gave steering instructions to the steersman and also 
	gave directions to inshore
    fisherman of fish movements on shoals (usually from the top of cliffs 
	or rocks) 
    CONEY CATCHER - rabbit catcher 
    CONFECTIONER - candy maker 
    CONNER - inspector or tester 
    COOPER or CUPER - maker of barrels 
    COPEMAN / COPER - dealer in goods and also dishonest dealer in horses 
	in the latter case 
    COPPERSMITH - worked with copper 
    CORACLE MAKER - made coracles, a small round boat used for fishing 
    CORDINER / CORDWAINER / CORVINER / CORVISOR - originally term used 
	for one who worked with Cordovan (a special leather from Spain) 
	but later term used for shoemaker 
    COSTERMONGER - fruit seller 
    COSTER WIFE - female fruit seller 
    COTILER - cutler 
    COUPER - one who buys & sells 
    COURANTEER - journalist 
    COWHERD - cow tender 
    COXWAIN - ship or boat helmsman 
    CRIER - law court officer, auctioneer, town announcer 
    CRIMPER - member of navy press gang 
    CROFTER - tenant of a small piece of land 
    CROPPER - tenant who is paid with a share of the crop 
    CROWNER - coroner 
    CUHREUR (CUNREUR) - currier 
    CURER - cures tobacco 
    CURRETTER - broker 
    CURRIER - cures or tans hides 
    CUSTOMER - customs tax collector 
    CUTLER - knife seller or sharpener 
    DAGUERREOTYPE ARTIST - early name for a photographer (from the 
	Daguerreotype method) 
    DAIRYMAN - worker or owner of a dairy farm or seller of dairy products 
    DAMSTER - builder of dams for logging purposes 
    DANTER - female overseer in the winding rooms of a silk mill 
    DATELER / DAY MAN / DAYTALEMAN - casual worker, usually employed 
	by the day 
    DEATHSMAN - executioner 
    DECIMER / DOZENER - elected by the householders in a street to act 
	as their representative at the borough's Court Leet 
    DECOYMAN - employed to decoy the wild fowl, animals etc into a trap 
	or within shooting range 
    DECRETIST - knowledgeable in decrees, decretals 
    DEEMER / DEEMSTER / DEMSTER / DEMPSTER - judge, usually in the 
	Channel Isles or Isle of Man 
    DELVER - dug ditches 
    DEPATER - precious metal refiner 
    DEPUTY - safety officer for the pit crew in the mining industry 
    DERRICKMAN - worked on an oil well handling the tubes and rods used 
	in drilling 
    DEVIL - printer's errand boy 
    DEVILLER - operated the devil, a machine that tore rags used in the 
	textile industry 
    DEXTER - dyer 
    DEY WIFE - female dairy worker 
    DEXTER - dyer 
    DIKEMAN / DYKEMAN - hedger or ditcher 
    DIPPER - who worked in the pottery trade and was responsible for 
	the glazing of items 
    DISHER / DISH THROWER - who made bowls and dishes 
    DISH TURNER - who made wooden bowls or dishes 
    DISTILLER - maker of alcoholic beverages 
    DISTRIBUTOR - parish official attached to the workhouse / poorhouse 
	who looked after the secular needs
    of the poor 
    DOCKER / DOCK WALLOPER - dock worker, longshoreman 
    DOCK MASTER - in charge of a dockyard 
    DOG LEECH - veterinarian 
    DOMESMAN - judge 
    DOMESTIC - household servant 
    DONKEY BOY / DONKEY MAN - driver of a carriage for passengers 
    DOOR KEEPER - guard, janitor, or porter 
    DOUBLER - who operated a machine used to twist together strands of 
	fibre (cotton, wool etc) 
    DOWSER / DIVINER - water finder 
    DRAGMAN - fisher man who fished by dragging a net along the bottom 
	of the water 
    DRAGOMAN - who acted as interpreter or guide in Turkish or Arabic 
    DRAGSMAN - driver of a small stage coach or carriage used for public 
	transport or private hire 
    DRAGOON - mounted infantryman 
    DRAINER - who made drains 
    DRAPER - dealer in fabrics and sewing needs 
    DRAWBOY - weavers assistant in the shawl making mills , they sat 
	atop the looms and lifted the heavy
    DRAYMAN - cart driver 
    DREDGERMAN - one who in a boat to collect the bits and pieces that 
	had fallen overboard from other
    vessels which then were sold (London occupation) 
    DRESSER - one who dresses another, surgeon's assistant and also one 
	who operated a machine which prepared threads in the textile 
    DRESSING MACHINE MAKER - who made sewing machines 
    DRIFT MAKERA - who made drift nets, used in the fishing industry 

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