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all things Prentice/Prentiss/Prentis/Prentys/...

Prentice Trivia

Various scraps of trivia about the Prentice/ss/s name. Please add comments or send in information that you find.

US Census data (U.S. Census Bureau)

  2000 Census 1990 Census
PRENTICE 4,212th (7799 individuals) 3,928th
PRENTISS 12,511st (2271 individuals) 8,890th
PRENTIS 64,186th (290 individuals) 45,831st

It looks like we are all becoming more rare!

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Prentice Queries

• My g-g-grandfather, William H. Prentice, was born in New York about 1830. Came to Alabama about 1850. He married Eliza Jane Bates in Bibb County, Alabama, in 1853. They had one child, James ... (more)
» Jo Ann Prentice [2002-06-28]
• Nicholas Prentice (d 1740) of Diss, Norfolk (= Ann Downing) left innumerable descendants but his origins remain a mystery. The UK Register of Duties paid for Apprenticeships (see www. ancestry. co. uk) records that Nicholas Prentice (hosier of Diss) became master to Thomas Leech 20th March 1717. Clearly, Nicholas Prentice of Diss was a Master Hosier. Possible origins include • Son of John 18 November 1651 in Stradishall • Son of John (1622-1682) Junior (9. a in Ian’s well researched tree at http:/ / www. prenticenet. com/ pnet/ news/ ?/ news/ 2011/ prentices_palgrave_england. htm The Nicholas Prentice buried at Palgrave May 6th 1675 may be him, however. • Another possibility: Nicholas Prentice (probably aged ca 14) was bound apprentice 8 March 1663/ 4 to a Stowmarket worsted weaver. Also:3 April 1661 Mary, daughter of Nicholas Prentice the younger, husbandman, apprenticed to Nicholas Prentice, the elder, tailor of Stowmarket (18 miles away from Diss) . The occupation of worsted weaver can be linked to that of hosier (who would often use worsted to make leg wear) and could be interchangeable. Coincidence aside, this raises the possibility that these two men were one and the same. If Nicholas of Stowmarket or Stradishall became Nicholas of Diss, he married late in life (possibly his 1699 marriage to Ann Downing was not his first marriage) and when he died in 1740 he would have been a man of ca 90 years old – and 67 when he became the Master to young Thomas Leech. It may sound a little far-fetched but not impossible. And so my questions: Does anyone have any information about the Stowmarket branch of the Prentice family ? Also does the register make it clear that the Nicholas Prentice who d May 1675 was, indeed, the son of John the hairweaver? Any information/ thoughts on the above will be gratefully received. Thanks for your time Best regards Peter
» Peter W [2016-03-21]
• I wish to find the birthplace in New York State for my great grandfather Michael Prentice, born about 1811, Roman Catholic. He crossed into Canada about 1832 at Ogdensburg, NY with a travelling sh... (more)
» Eileen Campbell [1999-10-23]
• Looking for any info onJane, wife of James Prentice b. 1812 Lanarkshire Scotland father John Prentice, grandfather James Prentice. James left Scotland we think with wife Jane for US about 1834-1... (more)
» Donna Weisman [2011-09-14]

Recent Comments

• J. Young: It now appears to me that the son of Mary Prentice and John Clark above named David Ellis Clark who is shown as father of Massey Mercy Ann Clark is more likely her older brother instead . M M A Clark... (more)
» Visit page [2018-01-25]
• Scott Bergeson: There is a town called Prentice, Wisconsin, founded by Alexander Prentice. Some information about the town is here: http://vil.prentice.wi.gov/historywalk/ , and the second or third red dot on the ma... (more)
» Visit page [2017-11-19]
• Maryfrance Mccauley: I'm looking for a phantom James Prentice form Ireland that came to Canada in 1855 (ish) he had three children Maryanne Dougal and Daniel with the Widow Jane Moore (muir) I want to find his Irish root... (more)
» Visit page [2017-11-15]
• Maryfrance Mccauley: Are there any List on any Prentice Irish Families
» Visit page [2017-11-15]
• Jennifer Hanson: Gilbert Prentis is mentioned several times in a list of deed abstracts from Delaware Co. between 1804-1808. The list can be found at the attached link.
» Visit page [2017-10-24]

Featured Museum Items

museum item thumbnail
» Prentice Troupe of Comedy Acrobats - Postcard from Sidney (member of the troupe) to his mother in Cape Town, South Africa.
museum item thumbnail
» Prentice's Petroleum Remedies - trade card - 1880 trade card advertising petroleum syrup and petroleum compounds as remedies for an array of ailments.
museum item thumbnail
» JIPCO Label - Pure Cane and Maple Syrup. Packed for J.I. Prentiss & Co.; Buffalo, N.Y.; 1920(?)
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