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Judith Poyner
2012-10-29 09:04:17
I am the granddaughter of William John London who was the son of Walter and Elizabeth London from Offton, Suffolk

Prentice Queries

• I'm looking for info on my gr-grandfather and his siblings. My gr-grandfathers name was BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PRENTICE, I've been told that he had 5 brothers and 7 sisters, the brothers names were JOS... (more)
» claudia Potter [2000-07-24]
• Hi All, Apologies to everyone but I made a mistake in my post of 13 May. The children I had listed for John and Hannah are incorrect. They actually had 7 children:- Hesther, Jabez, Jane, Willia... (more)
» Tanya Sanders [2006-05-16]
• Seeking further info on Jane or Jean Prentice married to William Watson on April 28, 1789 in Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
» Sheila Massi [2005-03-27]
• my partner has been left by his mother a beaded belt type cord on it is written Mrs Prentice. . . . Park End Cottage. . . . Wishaw. . . August 11 1877 0n the page 3 Joseph Prentice ( father) we have xi Jessie Prentice b. c. Aug 1877 and d 1 July 1878 age 11mos now our question is how did it get to my friend Ross Heron Nelson New Zealand . . would love to find the history thank you Violet I will send a picture later
» Violet Tasker [2016-08-28]

Recent Comments

• Glenn McDonnell: The link to the "Thomas Prentice of Oundle" page para 2 line 1 appears broken.
» Visit page [2018-07-29]
• Glenn McDonnell: Re: Thomas Prentice born 1787 son of Thomas Prentice and Dorothy Bland. I believe he is cited in a Poor Law Removal and Settlement Record of 14 Mar 1832 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England as follows: &qu... (more)
» Visit page [2018-07-29]
• Ronald Prentice: Ronald Harry Prentice, son of Harry Walker Prentice and Marion (Derby) Prentice, was born on July 21, 1943. He married Barbara Ann Johnson on June 12, 1965. They still live in Eugene, Oregon in 2018.... (more)
» Visit page [2018-07-10]
• Ronald Prentice: Robert G. Prentice, husband of Dolores Kimball of Shaftsbury, VT., brother of Ronald H. Prentice of Eugene, OR, died peacefully on June 4, 2018 at SouthWestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington, V... (more)
» Visit page [2018-07-10]
• Kathryn Ogrodnik: I am Sheldon Prentice's daughter. Charlotte, Sheldon & Evelyn should only be listed under Charles. They are Albert's grandchildren not children that is why there is no record of them in the earli... (more)
» Visit page [2018-05-08]

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» J.I. Prentiss & Co. invoice, 1888 - Invoice for cases of Pickles and Catsup. Sold to Terrell Bros.
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» Becker Prentiss Inc. delivery truck 1920-1944 -
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» J.I. Prentiss & Co. envelope, 1901 - Envelope from the Pan-American Exposition. Addressed to H.E. Goodell, Irving, N.Y.
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