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Prentiss Vise Company

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1868, March 17Patent issue date; issued to Mason Prentiss
1871, April 11Patent dated
1872EAIA "Directory of American Toolmakers" (DAT) start date for Watertown, NY factory. [1]
1876-1912+Contracted with the Bagley & Sewall Company in Watertown, NY to produce vises
1877, Feb. 6Patent dated
1877, Nov. 1American Machinist article. Mfd by Hall Manufacturing Co. Office at 23 Dey St., NY
1883Office at 23 Dey St., NY (dated receipt; "formerly Hall Mfg.")
1893Office at 44 Barclay St., NY (postmarked envelope)
1903Office at 44 Barclay St., NY (dated reciept)
1909Office at 44 Barclay St., NY (magazine ad)
1910, Feb.Office at 44 Barclay St., NY (magazine ad)
1910, Nov.Office at 106-110 Lafayette Street, NY (magazine ad)
1912Office at 110 Lafayette Street, NY (magazine ad)
1913, April 1Office at 106-110 Lafayette Street, NY (magazine ad)
1941Office at 302 Broadway, NY (loose leaf folder; mentions factory at Watertown)
1948EAIA "Directory of American Toolmakers" (DAT) end date for Watertown, NY factory. [1]
1950sChas. Parker Co. bought out Prentiss. For a few years, the Prentiss vises continued in production, as 'Prentiss Vise Co., a division of the Chas. Parker Co.'. [2]


1: Pracical Machinist Forum (2006-10-15)

2: Pracical Machinist Forum (2006-10-14)


John Ruth (Practical Machinist forum):

  • The EAIA "Directory of American Toolmakers" (DAT) gives dates of 1872-1948 for Prentiss of Watertown NY. "The New York City location was a headquarters or sales office; their factory was in Watertown"
  • Prentiss is credited with the tradenames Magic, Bull Dog, Rapid Transit, Monarch, Rex, Gipsy, Star, Yankee and Eclipse. They also used patent holder's names Shepard, Bingham, Blake, and Lewis as trade names.

New York, NY, Headquarters locations (1880s-1940s)

  • #1 - 23 Dey Street, New York (?-1883-?) - locate
  • #2 - 44 Barclay Street, New York (?-1893-1903-?) - locate
  • #3 - 110 Lafayette Street, New York (?-1912-?) - locate
  • #4 - 302 Broadway, New York (?-1941-?) - locate

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