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Rev. Thomas House, Cape Porpoise, Maine, 1730

Photos (taken in 2000) provided by Deborah Nye Corgan (thanks Deborah!).

The following was loosely extracted from "History of Kennebunk Port", by Bartholomew Gosnold, 1837.

June 27, 1730, Mr. Thomas Prentice was voted, by the town, to give him "a call to be the settled Minister in the town of Arundel." After some negotiation, he was given a yearly salary of £120, 100 acres of land, and a new house.

Owing to the poverty of the town, and the difficulty with which he collected his salary, Mr. Prentice asked for his dismission. The town voted to dismiss him on Nov. 7, 1738, "upon the condition that he made a Deed of his House, Barn, and land whereon they stand," and 150 acres of land, the town paying him therefore £150.

First Congregational Church, Kennebunkport, Maine.

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