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Prentiss/Whitman Bible Details

This bible was purchased by PrenticeNet, in July 2012.

Prentiss/Whitman Bible title page

Holy Bible, Old and New Testaments, published in Philadelphia by Samuel D. Burlock Co.

No print date, but assumed to be mid to late 1800s. Includes four pages of hand-written records. Memoranda page indicates that the bible was a present to Henry W. Prentiss from his uncle Henry F. Whitman. A note in the front pages, reads:

Ethel L. Prentiss - her Book - from her father Henry W. Prentiss

All inscriptions (other than the note on the front pages) are written in the same hand and possibly at the same time. It appears that these records were added, then they weren't updated.

It appears that Henry W. Prentiss was Henry Whitman Prentiss (#36), born in 1862, son of Dea. Harris Prentiss and Mary Lavinia Ruggles. He died 19 Feb 1891 and was buried in Prentiss-Whitman Cemetery, New Albany, NS. The family apparently later lived in Westmorland Co., NB, possibly in Amherst. He was a descendant of Rev. Oliver Prentice (Harris Prentiss, Harris Prentiss, Oliver Prentice, Oliver Prentice) of Stonington, New London, CT.

Henry married Amy Dixon. His daughter, Ethel Lavinia Prentiss later owned the bible, which was passed on to her daughter, Madeline Bell.


Prentiss-Whitman bible - marriages

Harris Prentiss and Sophia Tupper - December 29th 1814
A[u]gusta Prentiss and Henry F. Whitman - September 30th, 1836
Eunice Prentiss and Jacob Whitman - July 1837
Harris Prentiss and Henrietta Johnson - September 24th 1844


Prentiss-Whitman bible - births/deaths


Eunice Prentiss - Nov 28th 1815
Augusta Prentiss - August 22nd 1817
Harris Prentiss - September 28th 1819 (could be 20th)
Henry F. Whitman - April 1st 1809


Harris Prentiss - Oct 22nd 1819
Sophia Prentiss - July 1849
Eunice Whitman - Jan 18th 1875
Jacob Whitman - August 1846
Henry F. Whitman - February 3 1878
Henrietta Prentiss - (no date)

How are these people related?

It seems that Henry Whitman Prentiss was given the Whitman middle name from his mother's (Mary Lavinia Ruggles) first husband's (George Craft Whitman) name.

Note: Not all children for each generation are listed. Please visit the source sites (listed below) for complete information on these families.

Prentiss family

- Harris Prentiss (b. c.1785 at Horton, NS; d. 22 Oct 1819 at Liverpool, NS)
  m. 29 Dec 1814 to Sophia Tupper (b. 4 Sep 1793; d. 29 Jul 1849)
  3 children:
  1. Harris Prentiss (b. 28 Sep 1819 at Liverpool, NS; d. 27 Apr 1884, New Albany, NS)
     m.1st 24 Sep 1844 to Henrietta Johnson (b. c.1825, Dalhousie, NS; d. c.1852-1856, New Albany, NS)
     m.2nd Mary Lavinia Ruggles (b. 1824; d. 14 Jul 1887)
     5 children:
     3. Henry Whitman Prentiss (b. 1862; d. 19 Feb 1891)
        m. Amy Dixon
        2 children:
        1. Ethel Lavinia Prentiss
           m. _____ _____
           - Madeline ______
  2. Eunice Prentiss (b. 28 Nov 1815; d. 18 Jan 1875)
  3. Augusta Prentiss (b. 22 Aug 1817; d. ?)

Whitman family

- Edward Whitman (b. 6 Aug 1752, at Stow, MA; d. 15 Jan 1829, at Nova Scotia)
  m. 6 Feb 1747 to Dorothy Gates (b. 1749; d. 10 Feb 1829)
  12 children:
  1. Oldham Whitman (b. 30 Apr 1777; d. 1848)
     m. c.1812 to Nancy A. Fairn (b. 8 Dec 1778; d. 5 Jun 1854)
     7 children:
     7. Henry F. Whitman (b. 1 Apr 1809; 3 Feb 1878)
        m. 30 Sep 1836 to Augusta Prentiss (b. 22 Aug 1817, at Liverpool, NS; d. ?)
  3. Jacob Whitman (b. 1782, Rosette, NS; d. 25 Dec 1850)
     m. 1814 to Elizabeth Langley (d. Sep 1850)
     4 children:
     3. Jacob Whitman (b. 18 Jun 1816; d. Aug 1846)
        m. July 1837 to Eunice Prentiss (28 Nov 1815; d. 18 Jan 1875)
  7. Charles Whitman (b. c.1783; d. 13 Mar 1850)
     m. c.1809 to Lois Dykeman (b. Abt 1784; d. 25 Mar 1861)
     5 children:
     1. George Craft Whitman (b. 2 Jul 1817, Annapolis Co, NS; d. 15 Jan 1850)
        m. 10 Sep 1844 to Mary Lavinia Ruggles (b. 1824; d. 14 Jul 1887)
        2 children.

Sources: Entries and information in bold are referenced in this bible. Other information was found here:

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