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Spring 2017

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T H E   P R E N T I C E   N E W S L E T T E R

Spring 2017 Issue
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor

If you have any information about the ancestry or descendants of any of the folks mentioned in any of the articles listed below, or in any of our earlier issues , we would like to hear from you. You may contact us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of the article in the Subject line of your email.

And finally, if you don't find what you are looking for, please email me at Dewald@Prenticenet.com with as much information as you have.


See the Fall 2008 for 1852, 1901 and 1911 listings.
Prentice, Harry Houston of Canada & MD

Prentice Family History: Bury St. Edmunds & Sudbury
Prentices of Halton, Buckinghamshire See /f Summer 2006
Prentice, Joseph of S. Benfleet, Essex

Prentice, James, 1816, Ireland

William Prentice of Biggar: see Summer 2005

Prentiss, Alfred James, Chautauqua, NY
Prentiss, Armand Emanuel, Louisiana
Prentiss, Betty Diann (Thompson), Norfolk, VA
Prentice, Daniel of NY & Canada, 2017
Prentiss, Edward S., Texas
Printis, Frank, Bibb Co., AL
Prentiss, Harold C., North Haven, CT
Prentice, Harry B., Leaf River, IL
Prentiss, John T. of CT and NY, Summer 2000
Prentiss, Judith A. (Lange), of Lancaster, MA
Prentice, Leo J., Brothertown, WI
Prentiss, Noble, OK
Prentiss, Patricia of Norfolk, VA
Prentice, Ralph Gordon, Orange Co., CA
Prentiss, Richard H., Key Largo, FL
Prentiss, Robert H. of TX
Prentiss, Nelson of Franklin, MI Winter 1998
Prentice, Samuel of Millville, MA
Prentiss, William McKinley, Norfolk, VA
Prentiss, William of NH


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Murder of Amy Michelle Prentiss c. 15 Sep 2015.
See #11.1 in our Winter 2008 article at
William Prentice, NY and MS .

If you would like to contribute material for an article, or if you have any information about the ancestry or descendants of any of the folks mentioned in any of the articles, we would like to hear from you. You may contact us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of the article in the Subject line of your email.
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Prentice Queries

• While wandering around the net today, I found a query looking for my grandfather, Earl E. Prentice. I am willing to provide what information I have, and would like to know how i can find out mor... (more)
» Gail Arnold Lang [2003-03-18]
• I would appreciate any information on WALTER PRENTICE. Who would have been born late 1800's Thank You Karin
» Karin [2001-01-16]
• Am trying to get in touch with the Henning Webb Prentice family - descended from Frances Brown Morrison, Rev. Samuel Brown, John Rice McNutt. Am working on Brown family papers and have informatio... (more)
» Lonnie Dobbs [2005-02-25]
• I am looking for information on a Prentiss and ran across your site. I would like to know the Prentiss that a logging town was named after and the bay it sat on. It was in the upper penninsula of M... (more)
» beth [2005-05-27]

Recent Comments

• Kathryn Ogrodnik: I am Sheldon Prentice's daughter. Charlotte, Sheldon & Evelyn should only be listed under Charles. They are Albert's grandchildren not children that is why there is no record of them in the earli... (more)
» Visit page [2018-05-08]
• Jerry Prentice: Vicki Prentice was married to Jerry L Prentice on 11/21/1962. Jerry L. Prentice is the son on Frank R. Prentice. Vicki and Jerry were divorced in 1979.
» Visit page [2018-04-16]
• J. Young: It now appears to me that the son of Mary Prentice and John Clark above named David Ellis Clark who is shown as father of Massey Mercy Ann Clark is more likely her older brother instead . M M A Clark... (more)
» Visit page [2018-01-25]
• Scott Bergeson: There is a town called Prentice, Wisconsin, founded by Alexander Prentice. Some information about the town is here: http://vil.prentice.wi.gov/historywalk/ , and the second or third red dot on the ma... (more)
» Visit page [2017-11-19]
• Maryfrance Mccauley: I'm looking for a phantom James Prentice form Ireland that came to Canada in 1855 (ish) he had three children Maryanne Dougal and Daniel with the Widow Jane Moore (muir) I want to find his Irish root... (more)
» Visit page [2017-11-15]

Featured Museum Items

museum item thumbnail
» George Prentice signed note - 1945 -
museum item thumbnail
» Prentiss General Store, Folsom, Maine, 1930s - Photo of Folsom Maine showing the Prentiss General Store.
museum item thumbnail
» 1783 State of Connecticut Pay-Table Draft - Issued to Capt. Eleazar Prentice in 1783, signed by Eleazer Wales and William Moseley as members of the Committee.
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