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Cartoons and Games

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Cartoons and Games

A few years ago our Editor, Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., decided to try his hand in drawing cartoons with a genealogy theme. Set out below are some of what we think are his best. If you like them, please let him know. If you don't like them, bit your tongue. We have also included some of the games he likes.

Oliver: Spell Checking
Oliver: Green Cards
Oliver: Bull Fighter
Oliver: Halloween
Oliver: Pumpkin
Oliver: Hanged
Oliver: New Design Chart
Oliver: IGI Mistake
Oliver: Fine Line
Oliver: Quitting
Oliver: No Friends
Oliver: Carbon footprint
Oliver: Life is good
Oliver: Ring tone
Oliver: Free Range Ancestors
Oliver: Slot Machine
Oliver: World W/O Prentices
Oliver: Unemployed
Oliver: Bad Chart Day
Oliver: Leaders
Oliver: Mistakes
Oliver: New Tricks
Oliver: Obituaries
Oliver: Vegetarian
Oliver: Algebra
Oliver: Nitrogen Oxide
Oliver: Football
Oliver: Quiz
Oliver: Getting Along
Oliver: GM's Trainer
Oliver: Abolished
Oliver: Fine Line
Oliver: Hipper Ances.
Oliver: Profit Sharing
Oliver: Quitting
Oliver: Hanged
Oliver: Image Infomercial
Oliver: Anabolic Steroids
Oliver: Cereal Cards
Oliver: Child Memories
Oliver: If Loved Me
Oliver: Photo ID
Oliver: Research Stress
Oliver: Spring Thaw
Swimsuit Contest
Halloween Costumes
Ted: Oliver Tailgate
Ted: Oliver Chestnut
Ted: Oliver TV
Oliver: More to Life
Oliver: Mayflower
Charts: Good Old Days

Chart: IRS Genealogist
Chart: Antiques Roadshow
Chart: Lawyer's Idea
Chart: Glass Ceiling
Chart: IRS Genealogist
Chart: Better Roots Chart
Oliver: Begin Again
Oliver: Computer Crash
Oliver: Computer Crashed
Oliver: Fire Marshal
Oliver: Chart: Free Range
Oliver: Chart: Venture Capital
Oliver: Chart: Yoyo
Oliver: Grandma TV
Oliver: Chart: IRS
Oliver: Chart: Lift Lines
Oliver: Chart: Technology
Oliver: Chart: DNA
Oliver: Chart: DSL Link
Oliver: Chart Victrola
Oliver: Chart Similarity
Oliver: Plastic Surgeon
Oliver: Chart Rotation
Oliver: Dumbed Down
Oliver: Spring Thaw

Contributors: We welcome suggests for, and comments about, his genealogy cartoons. Please send your suggestions and comments to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of the his article in the Subject line of the email.

Caution: If you don't use the above email link, your email to us may be deleted as spam by our email filter.

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