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Search PrenticeNet for Names, Places etc.

Alta Vista, is one of the many search engines available on the Internet. Most people use it to search the entire web for specific words or combination of words.

However, it also has little-known feature which enables a person to search any specific website, such as PrenticeNet, for names, places, etc.

Scott Prentice, Webmaster of PrenticeNet, has been working to adapt that specific website search feature for PrenticeNet viewers so as to make that feature available on the PrenticeNet website without the necessity of going to Alta Vista.

Here is how you you will be able to use the forthcoming feature:

  • To search for a phrase (a specific group of words) which appear anywhere on PrenticeNet, use the underscore character to join the words. For example, to search for the phrase "descendants of henry prentice", you should enter descendants_of_henry_prentice in the 'Find' box.

  • To search for words near each other (within 10 words), use a tilde (~) to separate the words (no spaces). For example, to locate all pages that have the word 'henry' near the word 'joane' enter henry~joane in the 'Find box.

I've used the protype version and it's great!

Scott has invited everyone to take a test drive at the test site. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

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