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Margaret Prentiss of North Carolina

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Margaret Prentiss of North Carolina
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2013 and Revised 8 Mar 2013

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1. Margaret Prentiss was b. c. 1789 in NC and d. 11 Aug 1868 in Holt, MO.

She m. Valentine Peter Worley, son of Jacob and Catherine Worley. Valentine was b. 1787, Rowan, NC,, and d. 21 Mar 1870, Forbes, MO. He was the son of Jacob Worley (1760-1707) and Catherine Kee (1760-1805). They may have lived in KY from 1813 to abt 1830. They had 10 children, Including:

  1. Lucinda Elizabeth Worley, b. 1813 and d. 1884
  2. Christine Worley, b. 1815 or 1823 and d. 1911.
  3. Jesse Franklin/Frank Worley, b. 1817 and d. 1901.
  4. John Worley, b. 1820.
  5. Catherine Worley, b. 1822 and d. 1906.
  6. Michael Worley, b. 1828.
  7. Malvina Worley, b. 1833.
  8. Eliza Ann Worley, b. 1833 and d. 1875.
  9. James Worley, b. 1834.
  10. Valentine Peter Worley, b. Morgan Co., KY.

Who are Margaret Prentiss' Parents?

We found the following information in our eBook, "No Immigrant Ancestor":

1. Solomon Prentice (son of the immigrant Henry Prentice) and his wife, Sarah.

He married, 1st in 1770 Anna Holbrook of Bellingham, MA; from there he went to Hull, MA where his father was preaching, and where Solomon Jr. was constable; and in 1775 he returned with his parents to Grafton, MA and next Alstead NH where his wife d. in March, 1778. He closed up his affairs there and moved to Edenton, NC where he again married and died there in 1805.

Margaret Prentiss' 1789 birth would fit nicely as a daughter of Solomon Prentice.

In addition, C. J. F. Binney's 1852 book contains the following additional information which is omitted from his 1883 edition:

    He is reported to have married a widow with property (per letter of Mr. Solomon Prentice,Skeneatales, Onondaga Co., NY, March 4, 1850) His son, Solomon, of Skeneatales, NY, in his 77th year, wrote me -- "I have heard that my father, in company with others from South Carolina, searched for 'Capt. Kidd's money,' but it did not amount to much. When I was in Grafton, last year, I was surprised that so many f their descendants living nearshould have neglected to place a marble slab, or monument, over the remains of our respected grandparents, [Rev. Solomon and wife.] I will do something towards it."

    We have no information as to the identity of Solomon's second wife, nor whether he had any additional children born in NC. However, since was only 30 when he moved to NC, it seems likely that he would have had additional children born in NC.

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